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Insaf Ali – Best teacher June 2018

Insaf Ali Elsayed

From Alex, Egypt

She was born on September 24th 1986

She studied English commercial

She had 2 IGAZA :

One for HAFS and one for SHOABA She has been teaching Quran online for about 3years She can teach Quran for all ages


I am Insaf Ali. I graduated from the faculty of commerce, English section. However, my passion to the Holy Qura’an got me out of the accounting field to Teaching Qura’an, which pushed me to continue my studies. I received 2 Ijazas; Hafs An Assem, and Shoba An Assem. I am still working on getting the rest of Ijazas.

Online teaching of Qura’an and Islamic studies is my favorite hobby which I am enjoying so much. Now, it is also my job that I was, and I am still in love with.

Thanks to Allah, I am a talented teacher who can deal with any students; old or young, beginners or advanced. My wish is to spread Qura’an all over the world. One thing that will help me with this commitment is teaching Qura’an online.

I have been teaching Qura’an for 3 years and will still teach it to the last day of my life. I wish to see my students accomplished the memorization of the Holy Qura’an and understood all the details of the Islamic Religion.


Assalamo alaikum wrwb It is pleasure studying with Ustada Insaaf.

Ma sha Allah she teaches with full concentration and corrects my mistakes in a very gentle way.

She encourages to memorise the Quran.

She explains the rules and uses diagrams.

She is well prepared for the lesson.

Barak Allah feeha.

I pray that may Allah make me learn from her the beautiful recitation and knowledge she has.


Hello, I just wanted to let you the know that the teacher that gives us lessons is a really wonderful lady. She is patient, kind and incredibly intelligent as well as always pushing us to do our best, I have become a lot better in recitation and reading and it has not even been that long so my feedback is that she is a really great teacher and I cannot wait to learn even more with her. Thank you. A happy teacher is a happy student 🙂

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