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Eman Moustafa

– Eman Mustafa
– New Cairo
– Studied commerce
– Had Igaza in Hafes & Assem
– Years of experience ( 10 )
I`m Eman Mustafa .I graduated from the faculty of commerce .
I have compleleted Qura`an memorization in 2009 .
I started teaching Qura`an in 2008 , first in class (face to face ) ,then online .Idealt with all ages .
Every student represents an achievement to me .
watching my students read and memorise Qura`an is a great blessing for me .
My dream is to spread Qura`an all over the world .I`m working hard to reach it .
My Name is Eman Moustafa. I am from New Cairo, Egypt. I have graduated from the Faculty of Commerce. Since Qura’an is a way of life, I chose it as my career that I love that much.

I started my Qura’anic studies to be more professional. I have completed Qura’an Memorization in 2009.

I have also received an Ijaza from Hafs An Assem.

I started teaching Qura’an in 2008; first face to face, then online.

I dealt with all ages (adults and children). Every student for me turns to be an achievement.

Watching my students read and memorize Qura’an is a great blessing for me that got me to dedicate all my life to it.

My dream is to spread Qura’an all over the world. I am working hard to achieve that dream,
whatever it takes. Thanks to Allah, I am on the right track with Eaalim Institute.

Years of Experience: 10
Ijaza: Hafes An Assem
Gender: Female
Languages: Arabic (Native), English ( Very Good)


Assalamo alaikum wrwb It is pleasure studying with Ustada Insaaf.

Ma sha Allah she teaches with full concentration and corrects my mistakes in a very gentle way.

She encourages to memorise the Quran.

She explains the rules and uses diagrams.

She is well prepared for the lesson.

Barak Allah feeha.

I pray that may Allah make me learn from her the beautiful recitation and knowledge she has.


Hello, I just wanted to let you the know that the teacher that gives us lessons is a really wonderful lady. She is patient, kind and incredibly intelligent as well as always pushing us to do our best, I have become a lot better in recitation and reading and it has not even been that long so my feedback is that she is a really great teacher and I cannot wait to learn even more with her. Thank you. A happy teacher is a happy student 🙂

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