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Enriching answer of Islam: Worship, part 17″quran classes near me”



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Q 1: What did the prophet  [PBUH] once say ?


Ans : He once said ,” the comparison of the one who remembers his Lord and the one who doesn’t remember his Lord is that of the living and the dead”.





Q 2: What are some of the many benefits of Zikrullah ?


Ans : They are : 

1- It drives away Satan . It is pleasing to Allah It removes the worries of the heart and bring happiness to Allah,and joy to it 





Q 3: What illuminates the face and the heart ? 


Ans : Zikru Allah .





Q 4: Does Zikru Allah give life to the heart ?


Ans : Yes, it does , in fact it is  to the heart like water is to the fish .





Q 5: What does Zikr nourish ?


Ans : It nourishes the heart and the soul ?





Q 6: What if someone  is deprived of it ?      


Ans: It is as his body was deprived of food .





Q 7: What else does Zikr do ? 


Ans : It erases sins , delivers one from Allah’s punishment .





Q 8: What is a good way to help tongue from evil things ?


Ans : Zikr is a good way to  spare the tongue evil things, backbiting , lies and vain talk . 





Q 9: What is each specific form of Ibadah or acts of worship?


Ans : Each specific form of act is a different form of Zikr .





Q 10: What is the Quran in fact? 


Ans :  In fact the Quran is our guide , light and our leader.





Q 11: So what must the Quran be ?


Ans : It must be our constant companion .





Q 12: What did the prophet [PBUH] say about the two statements which are light for the tongue , heavy in the scales [of deeds] and dearer to the Most Merciful ?


Ans : They are : Subhan -Allah wa bihamdihi , Subhan -Allahil-Azeem.Glory be to Allah. His is the praise , Glory be to Allah the Most Great .





Q 13: What did the prophet [PBUH] say to Abu Musa? 


Ans : He said to him : “ Shall I not direct you to one of the treasures of paradise “?I said ,“Yes O Allah’s Messenger “ He said , ” Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah.

There is neither power nor might except with Allah .





Q 14: What did Abu Huraira narrate ?  


Ans : He narrated that Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] said, “ whoever says , Subhan allah wa bihamdihee

[Glory be to Allah ,His is the praise ]one hundred times a day will forgive all his sins even if they were as the foam of the sea .”





Q 15: What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] tell Abu Huraira to say ? 


Ans : He said to him : Subhanallahi walhamdulillaahi   

Wa laa ilaaha illallah wallahu akbar . 

Glory be to Allah , praise be to Allah , there is no god but Allah and Allah is the Most Great is dearer to me than that over which the sun  has ever risen”




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Q 16: What did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] also say?


Ans : He said ,” whoever says : 

Laa ilaaha illallahu wahdahu la shareeka lahu , lahul- Mulku walahul -hamdu wa huwala kuli shai’i qadeer .    

There is no god but Allah Alone , He Has no partener , His is the dominion and his is the praise , and He is capable of all things .|

whoever says it He will have the rewards that are given for freeing ten slaves. 





Q 17: what will be written in his account ?


 Ans : One hundred rewards will be written in his account .





Q 18: What will be removed from his account ?


Ans : One hundred sins will be removed from it .





Q 19: What will this saying be for him ? 


Ans : It will be  a shield for him from Satan on that day till night .





Q 20: What did Ali [MABPWH] , narrate ? 


Ans : He narrated that Allah’s Messenger told him and to his wife Fatimah [MABPWH] “ when you go to bed , say :

Allahu Akbar , thirty -four times 

Al- Hamdu -lillah , thirty – three times .

Subahan Allah , thirty – three times .





Q 21: What does Du’a mean ?


Ans : It means calling upon Allah and seeking His help .





Q 22: Why do we call Allah and seek His help ?    


Ans : We call him for worldly benefits such as wealth and health , or for religious benefits .





Q 23: What are the religious benefits which we call  Allah for?


Ans : They are : forgiveness and everlasting happiness in the hereafter ? 





Q 24: How did Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] recite du’a ?    


Ans : Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] has recited it as being the marrow of worship .






Q 25: What’s Du’a in fact ? 


Ans : In fact du’a is a believer’s response to Allah’s words in the Quran .





Q 26: What does Allah say in the Quran concerning du’a ?


Ans:  He says: “ and your Lord says : “Call upon Me and I will answer your prayers “ (40:60 )  





Q 27: What is a great tool in the hands of  a Muslim ?


Ans :   Du’a.





Q 28: What’s du’a for a Muslim?


Ans : It is his strength .





Q 29:May a Muslim supplicate to Allah in his own words ? 


Ans : Yes, He may do so .





Q 30: What’s better to use ?


Ans : It is better to use the beautiful duas the prophet [PBUH] taught us .




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Q 31: Why is it important to observe the following etiquette of du’a ? 


Ans : So that we may get benefits from them .





Q 32: What are the blessed times we have to seek for du’a ? 


Ans : Friday [between the adhan and the iqamah, when it is raining , the last third of the night , upon breaking fast , while prostrating in the prayers , on the night of Al-Qadr [Decree] and on the Day of Arafah .





Q 33: Which state should we be in ? 


Ans : We should  be in a state of purity .





Q 34: Where do we direct our face ? 


Ans : We face the direction of qibla and raise the hands  .





Q 35: How do we implore Allah ?


Ans : We implore Allah with humility and reverence.





Q 36: How do we insist to Allah in one’s supplication ?


Ans : We insist on him by repeating the du’a many times .





Q 37: How do we invoke Allah ?


Ans : We invoke Him by His Names and Attributes .





Q 38: How  should you  be ?


Ans : I should be fervent in prayer and hopeful of the answer . 





Q 39: What do we begin with ?    


Ans : We begin it with the mention of Allah ,before asking Him .





Q 40: What do we ask and entreat Him?  


Ans : We ask and entreat Allah to send His blessings and peace upon the prophet [PBUH]






Q 41:  What do we have to make sure of ?


Ans : We have to make sure that our income is lawful , invoke Allah alone and be sure that He will answer our prayer . 





Q 42: What do we supplicate on sleeping and waking up ?


Ans : Before you go to sleep , say : 

Bismikallahumma amutu wa ahya a .

In your Name O Allah , I die and I live .





Q 43: What do we say when we wake up ?


Ans : Alhamdulillahil ladhee ahyana ba’da ma amatana wailaihi nnushoor .

All praise is for Allah who has brought us to life after causing us to die, and to Him is the return on [after death].





Q 44: What did the prophet [PBUH] use to do when he goes to bed each night ? 


Ans :  He would cup his hands together and gently blow into them ,then , he would recite into them :” say : He is Allah , the one (surah112)

“ I seek refuge in the Lord  of the Day break (surah 113). 

“ I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind “ (surah 114 ) .





Q 45: where would he pass then ? 


Ans : He would pass them as much as his hands could reach .




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Q 46: Which part would he begin with ?


Ans : He would begin with the head and the face , then the entire parts of his body .





Q 47: What did Allah’s Messenger say when you have made your bed ? 


Ans : He said . “ When you have made your bed , then recite Aya- tul- kursee until you complete it .





Q 48: What will Aya-tul- Kursee continue to do ?


Ans : It will continue to be from Allah protection for you and no devil will approach you until you come upon the morning .





Q 49: What do we say when entering the toilet ?


Ans : Bismillah, Allaahumma-innee a’ oothu bika minal- Khubuthi wal – Khabaa’ith .O Allah . Iseek protection for you from the male and female devils.





Q 50: What do you say when you come out of the toilet ?


Ans: Ghufranaka . I seek your forgiveness (O Allah ) .





            Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. The word Zakat means purification. So Zakat purifies one’s money and capital. Zakat is the right of the poor in the money and wealth of the rich. So it is not the advantage of the rich to be rich. Also it is not the fault of the poor to be poor. Islam has set a magical solution and cure to the crisis of poverty and wealth distribution in the society. There is a difference between Zakat and Sadaqa. .Sadaqa includes all kinds of good deeds. A smile is considered as a Sadaqa. Removing dirt and harmful things from people’s way is a Sadaqa. It is a voluntary good deed. While Zakat is a pillar of Islam without which a Muslim’s faith is not complete or sound, It is compulsory to pay Zakat. Zakat has its terms, conditions and specifications. It has many kinds. There are Zakat of the capital, Zakat of trading goods, Zakat of crops and the real estate Zakat. Also before the end of Ramadan, Muslims pay Zakat Ul Fitr. The first war waged after the death of the prophet was  the War of Reddah when some Arabs refused to pay Zakat. Abu Bakr didn’t hesitate to wage such a war for such a reason. Zakat is a huge pillar of Islam and a significant way of worship as well.

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