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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Admin | Views:

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

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ash’hadu an LA ilaha illallah wahdahu la

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when ashhadu anna muhammadan Abdullahi

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alladhina coulee wa kafa billahi shahida

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam artists

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illallah Muhammad al-amin alladhina

amanu aminu Allah had what I was her

will Huck what I was over a menial

banana mean in today’s hood by

insha’Allah Allah I want to share with

you just some things about a very heavy

concept in our Deen something that has

talked about a lot in the Quran and

unfortunately at least in my own

observation Allah Azza WA knows best in

my own observation the average Muslim is

very confused about this particular

issue that has to do with our faith

because it comes up in conversation and

it’s something that actually a lot of

people get hurt by because they don’t

understand it properly

and the subject of the whole but today

really is you know why bad things

why do bad things happen and if we don’t

understand the issue properly as a

matter of faith then sometimes we say

things to other people who are suffering

from bad things and we end up saying

things that can really mess them up like

for instance just recently I was with

some you know distant family and we were

talking and we were talking about our

late grandmother and she passed away

rahi Mahalo and you know she had some

difficulty before she passed away and

one of the cousins in the family

somewhere thinks you know this she had

these difficulties because when she was

younger she used to be really mean to

some other aunt or somebody and that’s

why Allah put her through this at the

end of her life you know and they just

say these things they just say them but

actually these things are very very

hurtful to say first of all and to speak

about the fact that Allah is punishing

someone especially someone who’s passed

away but actually I came to realize that

in our conversations among each other we

see we say these kinds of things to each

other all the time you know why this is

happening to you because Allah is very

angry with you and actually I’ve even

seen sometimes parents use this against

their children you know why you fell

down the stairs because yesterday I told

you to finish your breakfast you didn’t

finish there’s almost punishing you this

is why bad things happen to you because

you didn’t listen to me

husbands and wives use this against each

other they’ll use it against each other

and these are matters of Iman so we have

to really properly understand and now

back when I say bad things I’m not just

talking about small little things right

I’m talking about small things but I’m

also talking about big things and I’m

not just talking about things that

happen to us as individuals because as

individuals my Allah somebody may have

been in a car accident somebody may have

been diagnosed with a difficult disease

somebody may have had to go for surgery

or something somebody may lost a family

member or somebody ended up in the

hospital or something or somebody lost a

job and their financial difficulty or

they lost their house because you know

we went in foreclosure or something like


but there also did you know problems and

calamities at the level of communities

and towns a flood comes in hits the city

you know and the entire city is

devastated or an earthquake comes and

hundreds of thousands of people are

devastated or war breaks out between

nations or civil war breaks out and what

used to be a peaceful neighborhood is


under fire is completely burnt to the

ground you know you wouldn’t recognize

the place from the day before and the

day after so these things are at the

level of the individual on a daily basis

and also at a higher level now I want to

start at the individual level and

probably in this club but we’ll only

really get to talk about the individual

level and that’s important because even

in casual conversation not just about

others I’ve even heard Muslims might

with my own ears will be driving or you

know we’re get late for work or

something you know Allah is just in a

bad mood with me today

Allah is putting me through some you

know I don’t know what I’ve done and

Allah is just angry at me and people say

talk like this a lot of lots of Hannah


you know you didn’t get up early enough

you took the wrong Highway even you

didn’t listen to the news report about

there’s an accident on this Highway and

now you get to blame Allah Azza WA JAL

for what’s happening to you so now in

this regard first of all it’s a complex

issue second of all there are tons of

ayat not one or two ayat there are

literally dozens of ayat on the concept

of Alma Seba and masih by and I’ll

describe what that is I think or do

speakers here

assume they know what it means we’ll see

by is like a calamity or a terrible

thing that happens or photography I tell

Marcia I’d won in a stat millou haka if

you have the humanity we use the word in

the similar meaning in Arabic and you

have the he mercy but this is a big

disaster there’s a calamity but in old

Arabic actually let’s start with the

definition of this word

mosy becomes from the Arabic verb asaba

and asaba is to hit a target when you

hit the target perfectly then that

hitting of the target and hitting

exactly where it was supposed to at is

called swab which is why another word

for correct in Arabic is so of sahi

right so hitting the correct target is

the act of asaba now the word mu Seba is

something that hits you and hit you

exactly where it was supposed to hit you

so the first thing we learn from allah

azza wa jal using this term to describe

what happens to us it’s a Khadija it’s a

Haditha it is a walkie it is something

bad that happened something terrible

that happens sooo happened Allah doesn’t

use those terms most of the time uses

the term alma Seva why because Allah is

describing that as far as his cutter is

concerned as far as his planning

is concerned this was like an arrow that

was shot and it was supposed to hit you

exactly when and where and how and how

deep and how badly it was all decided it

is perfect hit perfect hit

then the Tama Huata also at the end of

this word we don’t say Moo Siebe we say

Moo Seba by adding a Tama Huata it adds

the concept of a hadith meaning every

single issue every single thing you know

how you think well first thing that

happened was my transmission went bad

then the next thing that happened as a

result was I was late to the meeting

then the next thing as a result of being

late to the meeting I lost my job then

as a result I got divorced and as a

result and as a result and as a result

there was a brother I met that too long

ago who had some issue with his passport

and as a result of his issue he lost his

passport as a result of that he got he

lost his job and as a result of that he

got into arguments with his wife and he

blames the passport company although the

people that were applied for his visa

they cost me my marriage they cost me my

job they cost me everything

so they tie all of these strings

together caused an effect cause and

effect cause and effect all of it is

because of this one thing and we do this

too but a lot as a widget is calling

each and every difficulty each and every

difficulty individual they are not a

result of each other they are a result

of Allah’s allowance Allah I thought

that allows every single one of those

events to happen there are people who go

through exactly the same situation as


but the same things don’t happen that

chain of events doesn’t happen a lot

decrease something else for them so

that’s the first thing to note about the

word we’ll see by this specific it is

targeted to you the two iaat of the of

the dozens of ayah the two ayah that we

should never ever forget about the word

will Siva Allah Azza WA JAL first of all

says in this these ayat that I recited

to you in baqara he says well but shade

is slobby deen congratulate the people

who have suffered what strange language

Allah is the way that uses when you and

I have a difficulty we’re supposed to

have supper you don’t have southern when

you’re happy you’re supposed to have

someone when you’re upset when something

is wrong when something goes badly you

were supposed to graduate it got delayed

you didn’t pass a class you’re supposed

to have a little bit of supper you got

sick you’re supposed to have suffered

some some some bad thing happened and

you’re supposed to have something now

you tell me you and I

and we speak to each other and somebody

is in a situation when they’re supposed

to have supper like you’re in a

situation or I’m in a situation where

the advice is I should have supper you

don’t go to that person and say

congratulations you know it doesn’t make

any sense it doesn’t make any sense okay

I feel terrible about what happened

I pray Allah gives you suffer you don’t

smile at them you don’t congratulate

them now when do you congratulate

someone you congratulate someone when

there’s a happy occasion when things

went according to plan

you applied for the job and that job

came through and you got the job

you applied for a raise and you got a

raise you were looking to get married

and the thing is settled when things

work out then you congratulate each

other look at the language of Allah Azza

WA JAL he says rubbish it is Lobby Dean

congratulate the people who have someone

so had Allah why because of the belief

for a believer the attitude is entirely


the in maybe the whole ordeal the entire

trouble you are going through the goal

of it all was one thing so you could

have suburb because if you can have

suburb you are worthy of congratulations

we think the goal was this thing you

were going to get in dunya maybe I

thought the goal was to get the job

maybe I thought the goal was to make the

sale but maybe to Allah the real goal is

you were going to learn suburb that’s a

bigger goal than anything else so hon

Allah and if you got that goal you

should be congratulated so we have goals

in our head that we think we want to

accomplish we have things in a heart our

heart we want to accomplish and Allah

says there is something much more

valuable in your heart if you accomplish

that you don’t even realize what it’s

worth and I will tell you what it’s

worth it’s worth congratulations

and then after right after this


Allah Allah says Allah denied al-sabah

Tomasi Burton Carlo and none unless you

and I Leahy lodge your own who should

you congratulate these patient people

who whenever a specific target calamity

difficulty hits them the first thing

that comes out of their mouths gollu not

even fuck-all

not even full Mikado no no no no no not

then they say if this happens or when

this happens then they say there’s a

there’s a when and there’s a then

there’s not even time for a

and in the ayah there’s not even a

fuckwad oh it’s not there why not

because it’s supposed to be an immediate

response you know how you have in in

physics or even in medicine in biology

are supposed to have action and reaction

right and for a doctor that checks your

physical reactions they’ll tap your knee

and the leg kicks up a little bit right

they check for these reflexes this ayah

is teaching us that when difficulty

comes to you and when difficulty comes

to me there supposed to be a reflex and

in a reflex you don’t delay it just

happens it just comes out and what comes

out in Nally llaha in melee heal on your

own no doubt about it we belong to Allah

no doubt about it we belong to Allah

when I lay here our girona no doubt

about it we are only going to be

returned to him meaning we are going to

be returned to our owner why why is this

statement important when something

difficult happens we have to think about

the hikmah of why different when the

difficult thing comes why do we say in

ala llahi when I lay here on your own

when you hear about some bad news on the

phone why is it the first time the

moment you say in man alayhi wa inna

ilayhi loud your own first of all

understand that if you do that there’s a

real gift in it for you in the quran

there’s a gift in it for you first i

want to share this gift with you you

know what that gift is in this ayah

Allah Azza WA JAL in the ayah before

when I told you he commanded to

congratulate the believers I am a film

Offred laa Bashir ooh asabi lean Kaaba

she lobbied in film Offred it’s singular

congratulate the ones who have suffered

and that congratulations is singular

when Allah commands in the singular it

is actually a direct direct comment and

a b allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam

meaning rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam from his mouth is supposed to

congratulate those who have summer and

Allah Azza WA JAL now and by the way

after this ayah whoever says in the

lillahi wa inna ilayhi wrote your own

they may Allah make us of them when we

are standing on yom al qiyamah

maybe we wiii be among them who the

rasul of allah salallahu alaihe salam

congratulates because this ayah is about

the Rasul congratulating anybody who

does this alayhi salatu salam and

want to earn his congratulations you

know when when your families has

congratulations to you it means one

thing when the principal of the school

congratulates you is something else when

the Dean of the school congratulates you

at the inaugural ceremony did something

else when rasulullah salallahu alaihe

salam will congratulate us lobby Dean

and the allah has commanded him to do so

then we want to be from these people

that’s the gift in this ayah now let’s

go back to in Idol anyway in nail a heel

at your own let’s give some examples I

know some of your problems may be much

much bigger than what I can give it in

my limited imaginations you have to

think about yourself as I give these

examples so I’m driving and I just got a

new car I’m driving and I had some car

trouble and it just stalled and I’m it’s

pulled over to the side now I’m angry I

paid good money for this car how could

this happen I’m missing so much work

stuck here in the middle of the heat the

heaters not you know the a/c is not even

working it’s sunny and you know all of

this I’m thinking all this stuff first

thing I think to myself as a believer in

a lillahi wa inna ilayhi logic on why

because i remind myself i’m meg angry at

this car because i own it

i own it i am the owner but i’m

reminding myself actually I own nothing

I myself am owned

allows me I no doubt belong to Allah how

can I complain about anything because

I’m not an owner of anything you see

people get mad when their entitled when

it was your turn you deserved it when it

was your phone York your phone’s not

working your car is not working the

lights aren’t turning on when you

deserve something then you get angry

when you don’t get it but in the ayah in

Allah you first acknowledge I deserve

nothing I belong to Allah Allah deserves

I don’t deserve it puts things at ease

everything you get in this life and is

then a gift it’s not something you

earned it’s a gift so when you don’t

have it then you realize well it wasn’t

mine anyway it wasn’t mine anyway we

take our hands for granted we take our

eyes for granted we take our nose for

granted we take our tongue for granted

the fact that I’m standing here speaking

before you I take the fact that I can

speak to you for granted but this tongue

it doesn’t belong to me

I didn’t pay for it it belongs to Allah

so when it starts stuttering in Allah in

that Allah and what and the second part

of this problem how Allah gives salut

in our faith the wisdom of the

statements Allah gave us when difficulty

comes the second statement is why in la

here are your own no doubt about it to

him alone we’re going to be returning

why is that important because whatever

problem you’re having right now isn’t

permanent whatever problem you’re having

isn’t permanent

whether it’s money problems or health

problems or family problems or it’s

emotional problems or physical problems

it doesn’t matter

none of them are permanent you know why

because you and I are not permanent even

you and I aren’t permanent how can our

problems be permanent we have to be

returned to a large cells this problem

is nothing forget this problem I will

leave not only will this problem not be

around I won’t be around I will be

returned back to Allah things are put in

perspective putting things in

perspective makes you worry about what

really matters when you don’t put things

in perspective you can focus on the

wrong thing my teacher used to always

give the example if you’re standing in a

building and the building is on fire and

you’re in that building and you’re

debating which color should we paint

this wall I think blue goes better with

the grey guy the buildings on fire you

need some water first take the fire out

get out of the building there are

priorities you understand when you

understand the bigger picture there’s a

larger problem and the larger problem is

we have an acknowledge that we belong to

Allah maybe sometimes you and I go

through difficulty just so a luck and

put it back in your heart that you and I

belong to Allah maybe you and I are

going through some challenges just so

Allah would give us the gift that we

would be able to not just say with our

tongue but say with our heart in that

Ilayaraja our own that’s a gift in and

of itself and that that is if we can

internalize that that makes somebody

easy and if you and I can have subtle

homage on them in a submarine if we can

have summer then the congratulations of

the Rasul salallahu alaihe salam is for

us in the few minutes that I have left

with you I wanted to address so this was

at least one of the two ayat that I

wanted to talk to you about about our

attitude towards amoeba in the lillahi

wa inna ilayhi later on but in these

last few minutes i want to highlight

something else about about messiah about


and about difficulty about challenges

that happen in life and that is in the

Quran there are two kinds of ayat in one

set of ayat allah azza wajal says

whatever happens to you ma asaba me

mostly but in fill a fisherman fil ardi

wa da face amma in la villita beam in

public and navaja fish a little Hadid

there is not a single calamity that ever

happens anywhere to anyone there isn’t

one in existence

what rather even on the earth or in the

sky it doesn’t matter where it happens

it is already recorded in a book that

we’ve decreed meaning is from the cuddle

of Allah it was supposed to happen you

don’t get to say about somebody who died

yet at a young age oh he had his whole

life ahead of him he didn’t there’s no

such thing it was done it was decreed

this is how long his his journey was on

this earth my journey on this earth is

decreed yours is decreed some you when

you go to the graveyard you find some

people lived or they were born 1901 died

2013 and you go to the graveyard you

find somebody born 2013 died 2013 you

find those graves too you know and this

is decreed by Allah it is decided how

long each of us will stay on this earth

it is decided this is you don’t get to

say oh if you were still alive today no

no no that’s that it’s decreed it’s laid

down the other thing Allah so Allah says

massa formats are by my mercy but in a

lobby if Nilda no difficulty no calamity

no target will strike you except by

Allah’s permission by Allah’s permission

and look at the people of Iman this is

such a beautiful thing

Kaleo savannah in la catabolic ooh Lana

when let me have Kuno Elena

it’s incredible the believers are told

no difficulty will hit us except for

what Allah has written for us they could

have said what Allah has written against

us because when you talk about

difficulty you think in the terms of

against this difficulty is hitting

against me the is has marketable ahoo

lana for us who a Madonna who am Allah

Subhan Allah Allah Azza WA Jalla tells

teaches the believers that way even when

difficulties come it is

not against us but it is written for us

in the ayah it is written for us and

that is the attitude of a believer in

regards to difficulty even it is for him

but now finally there are ayat in the

Quran not one several in which whatever

happens to you from Al Sabah home say

yeah at Miami Lu the what hit them was

the evil of what they did from Saba kuma

Musa but in fabbi mikasa but ad kuma

Yahoo and Kathy whatever you did

whatever challenge hit you whatever

difficulty hits you it is because of

what you did all this is your fault

when difficulty happened to you in some

ayat Allah says is not just because of

Allah Allah decided is because of you

it’s your fault

and he’s forgiving a lot how do we

reconcile those two is it because of

Allah or is it because it’s your fault

first thing a tea of advice here number

one Allah never says cool cool

it’s your say it’s your fault except in

one place in Ali Imran who have been nd

unfussy calm in other words we are not

supposed to say to someone this is

happening to you because it’s your fault

you know why you got diagnosed with

cancer because you don’t pray five times

a day that’s why you have cancer you

don’t get to say that you don’t get to

say that and on the other hand in the

Battle of ohad the law school was told

some allahu alayhi wa sallam tell them

it’s your fault when they say how come

this happened when the believers say how

come this happen tell them this is

because of you in other words in this

specific case of ohad what happened the

believers were winning they were winning

and they were at an advantageous

position and the enemy was running then

some of the archers left their position

and when they left their position the

tide of battle turned everything

happened and now you don’t get to blame

allah you left a strategic position you

have to take responsibility for your

actions what we are learning in that

ayah is you don’t get to put everything

on allah you are driving over the speed

limit you got in a car accident and then

you say allah decree that i should you

know ma saw by my mercy but in familia

no no no no no you were speeding you

were driving like a maniac

this has been an indian fousey comb this

because of what you did you put you know

you’re supposed to

an oil change you put like you know key

inside your car or something and your

car is not running and then you say

nothing lucky when I hear about your own

what can we do fada hobbit amoeba :

Delilah he no no no no no no this is who

I mean Indian fuzzy comb you have to

take responsibility you can’t just put

everything on Allah you’re not applying

for a job you’re sitting at home all day

no job is coming to you Allah is not

sending an angel with a would offer

letter to your house and you’re like

allah so when he decides you know until

then you know in Allah he went hey hey

hey Roger only know there’s this balance

in the Quran when things happen to you

that are out of your control when things

happen to you that are out of your

control they are from Allah a flood is

out of your control

somebody else’s car hit you that’s out

of your control you got diagnosed with a

genetic disorder some kind of disease

that was out of your control but if that

same disease came to you because you’re

smoking four packs a day and if your you

know your your doctor keeps telling you

you’re heading towards diabetes and you

you put a little bit of tea in your

sugar you know you’re that kind of guy

then you don’t get to blame Allah this

is Mindy and Fujiko the Quran is such a

balanced approach to this problem the

believer has to understand how to take

responsibility how to take

responsibility but in either of those

cases whatever came to you unless it is

death unless it is death it is a gift

from Allah so you can learn your lesson

and move on and do better you know there

are people who lose their job and

there’s only two kinds of people who

lose their job either they blame

themselves or they blame allah right and

sometimes it’s because of economic cuts

or whatever but if you’re coming to work

late every single day you’re not

finishing your work you’re behind in

communications there are 30 emails every

day you don’t answer them and then you

get fired don’t blame Allah that what

you were supposed to get fired and when

you get fired that is a gift from Allah

because the next time you do get a job

you’re not going to make the same

mistakes you learn from it sometimes

these difficulties they make us better

human beings they make us better

believers they make us stronger as

people they make us more responsible so

I pray that Allah as I’ve done first and


a recap of everything in these two

minutes recap of everything first of all

the first thing when difficulty happens

train your tongue train your heart in

Natalja here when I lay here watch your

own that’s number one number two don’t

say to other people that something is

happening to them because of Allah don’t

say this to people do not say this to

people if you want to say that to people

before you think of anyone else think

about yourself you don’t get to decide

something happen from the vibe

something happened from Allah and you

don’t get to decide why did Allah do

this that he didn’t offer his

explanation to you you don’t have that

license and when it comes to ourselves

we have to make the distinction between

things that are out of our hands you

can’t control them then we say in that

Allah he when I lay here on your own and

the things that are within our control

we have to take our own responsibility

we have to acknowledge the fact that we

were the ones who messed up we were the

ones who should have done done better

this is as a result of our own

misbehavior may Allah so it’ll make us

responsible believers especially in the

things we say may Allah so I’ll include

us among those who are congratulated by

his niece Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam

as a sabi Dean may Allah make us a

people of Indonesia in melee he large a

own from our tongue and from our heart

whenever a calamity occurs may allah

azza will make our hearts strong and

make us of those who can navigate the

tests of this life in every kind of test

that comes our way

may allah azza wajal make us of those

who pass all of these tests and our

meeting with him with light in our chest

and light coming out of our right hands

on the day of judgement barakallahu li

walakum Coronel Hakim when a funny idea

Campbell IIT was decreed hakim al hamdu

lillahi wa kafa masala – assalam o allah

a body he ladino stafa ho susana valley

him Muharram in the being Muhammad

al-amin Valley he was happy he ajma’in

Yahoo Allah Azza WA JAL vaquita BLK him

vada Nakula arundo billahi min

ash-shaytaan-i’r rajeem

inna llaha la mala kata who uses Luna a

lender be

yeah a un latina amanu sallu alayhi

wasallam muslima allahumma salli ala

muhammadin wa ala ala muhammad Kumasi

later allig rahim were a Libra

haemophilia I mean

naca Hamidah Majid allahumma barik ala

muhammadin wa ala ali muhammad gamma

barik alaa rahim allah Ali Ibrahim

Afellay al-amin in naka Hamidah Majid

ibadan la or AHIMA como la eat tabouleh

in allaha ya’muru bil-adli wa lee

sang-hwa ETA y del cobre Vienna and in

fashio evil moon curve

voila dhikrullah he akbar allahu allah

ma ma Tostan

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He is from the islamic scientists in America from a pakistani origins , He has a lot of videos and articles about different branches in Islam , Especially in interpretation , He started his life by teaching arabic in mosques then he moved to a lot of mosques in America , Then he established “Albiena” , It’s a center for teaching arabic , Quran and islamic studies , After that ,He founded a web site called after his center “Albiena”, It’s specialized in teaching arabic , Quran , Tajweed , Interpretation , Islamic studies , Hadith Online , and all what is muslim interested in .

All of this is considered to be from the most powerful important steps in spreading of islamic culture all over the world.

In the past , Muslims had to travel to arabic countries to learn arabic , Quran and islamic studies , And to understand from their religion what can help them To establish their worship properly.

The learning of Quran and islamic studies online came as a catalyst in achieving this goal from home , Where the student is staying at home can obtain this science without any cost .

Learning online has helped in:

1- Saving time : As the student want to be before the lecture by one minute , then begin the lecture .

2-The substitutes: As the student will find another companies for learning Quran that will help him in achieving his goal from home .

3- Saving money: As learning Quran and arabic do not required from you travelling to here or there or anyplace for learning .

4- Stability: In the past , who wanted to learn Quc arabic needs to leave his work and travel to arabic countries , but now with learning Quran and arabic online , he don’t need to leave his work and family to learn , but can learn at any time.

5- Flexibility in time:As you can attend your Quran and arabic online lectures  at any time , day or night , After or before work .

6- Flexibility in place: As you can attend your Quran and arabic online lectures from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet . “ and also Qurantown “” and Dar Albayan…..

It is so easy for you to get one thousand from these sites by so simple words in google for example

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Kaif Ameen
1 year ago

Ask the prayers to call for the patient at the six specific times to supplicate for Allah to heal him sooner not later. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Aman Daiyan
1 year ago

The legal Ruqyah protects from an Evil that descends from the sky and from an Evil which ascends to and from an Evil on the Earth. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Faisal Khair
1 year ago

Iseek refuge by all the words of Allah from what He has created. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Aqib Basit
1 year ago

having any other heavy meal after the Maghrfib prayer .””

Ali Atif
1 year ago

appropriation putting hand during the Recitation in the part or on the pain’s position. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Dawer Kaleem
1 year ago

we should wakeup early enough to eatand finish Sahoor before dawn so as to avoid any chance of eating after the break dawn

Dani Dawood
1 year ago

“protect your self by your self”barak Allahu Feeeka, May Allah accept your deeds :

Fida Ahmed
1 year ago

the purpose of fasting is that Muslims fast to seek nearness of Allah and his pleasure

Baba Fahim
1 year ago

significance of deliberation of the Exorcist and the sick one for the texts of the Exorcism, Imean the Exorcist shouldn’t say precipitately with their meanings and doesn’t speculate them. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Fuzail Anas
1 year ago

May Allah Bless you with Success Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Faizan Kabeer
1 year ago

Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Atif Khaled
1 year ago

“protect your self by your self”barak Allahu Feeeka, May Allah accept your deeds :

Aban Kaleem
1 year ago
Burhan Chacha
1 year ago

there are two kinds of fasting a compulsory fasting and voluntory one

Farman Chan
1 year ago

I seek refuge by the complete words of Allah from His wrath and His punishment and and evil of His servants and from the prods of the devils and to
come Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Arab Kareem
1 year ago

Amuslim is recommended to food and drink before dawn (which is called Sahoor)

Dani Fawaz
1 year ago

for the patient’s interest it’s alright to repeat both
The Dawn and the Mankind owing to their great impact on decompile the enchantment sweep harm
By permission of Allah . Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Khair Aftab
1 year ago

May Allah bless us all with success, Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Kabeer Coman
1 year ago

the fast brgins on the following the sighting ofthe new moon of the month of Ramadan

Khalil Aamir
1 year ago

therefore all what Allah be He Exalted and Glorified has created on the Earth and the inflicts of the day and night the Rugyah keeps us safe from them. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Ashar Aasim
1 year ago

tells the patient that sticking with patience and keeping on the prayer are fruitful ways to gain the entire recuperation. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bilal Farhad
1 year ago

I seek refuge by the complete words of Allah from His wrath and His punishment and and evil of His servants and from the prods of the devils and to
come Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Arab Bilawel
1 year ago

because Islam has urged us to make the Exorcism for every muslim wether a male or a female the sticking with it has become significant affair. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Fayaz Azlan
1 year ago

The legal Ruqyah protects from an Evil that descends from the sky and from an Evil which ascends to and from an Evil on the Earth. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bin Bari
1 year ago

according to the Islamic teachings , they mustn’t deal with those that are quite far from the True Religion. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Chan Chamali
1 year ago

Many are those who fast but get nothing as thethe prophet [PBUH]said, some say it refers to those who fast but donot keep away from backbitihg ,lying.

Bader Kashan
11 months ago

when there are sudden severe circumstances Muslims also are allowed to break their fast

Azaan Kehkashan
4 months ago

the fast brgins on the following the sighting ofthe new moon of the month of Ramadan

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If Allah makes you stand up you will never fall, and if he lets you fall and leaves you to yourself, you will always fall.

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