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Allah dua cry

Published on September 11th, 2012 | by Admin | Views:


Thinking Good of Allah (The Most High)

Sometimes, what we wish for seems far away or we are faced with what we fear. Only when the reality or the truth of being attached to Allah (SWT) is revealed some people leave off dua (supplication) thinking that their requests will never be fulfilled, or they leave off dua, thinking that their affliction or hardship will not be taken away.

But who still keeps supplicating?

It is the one who thinks good of Allah (SWT)!

What does thinking good of Allah (SWT) mean?

It’s not what may be initially understood; which is that Allah is Merciful and this is not enough. Thinking good of Allah (SWT) is firstly knowing that Allah is able to do all things, and then to know that Allah   (SWT) is the Most Merciful. So first, you have to know that Allah is able (to do all things) because during a hardship, anyone who sees you will have mercy on you, So the issue here is not mercy, the issue is that this person cannot help you or alleviate your affliction.

The key to thinking good of Allah (SWT) is to know that nothing  can stop Allah (SWT) from doing what he wishes, be it in this earth or the heavens!  For one to have this truth  firm  in  his  heart this cannot be read   in books or taught in universities nor is it given in lectures. This only comes from reciting the Quran or like the one who passed by a town while it had tumbled over its roofs.

He said: “oh! How will Allah ever bring it to life after its death?”

So, Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then raised him up (again). He said: “how long did you remain (dead)?” He   (the men) said :“( perhaps) I remained (dead) a day or part of part of the day”.

He said:“ nay , you have remained (dead) for a hundred years, look at your food and your drink they   show no change;   and look at your donkey. And thus we have made of you a sign to the people.  Look at the bones, how we bring them together and clothe them with flesh; When this was clearly shown to him, He said: ‘I know (now) that Allah is able to all things.”](2:259)

This is the greatest key to being a true slave of Allah – to know that Allah (SWT) is able to do all things! If this certainty is firm in the heart who amongst the creation will you worry about asking, or will you stand in front of Allah to beg for his help?

There is nobody (who can help)!

If you are sure and certain that only Allah (SWT) is able to do all things, Only then, when your wishes and aspirations seem far away and you are faced with problems you will know that Allah is able to remove your afflictions and complete his favour on you and bestow his blessings on you.


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