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Children blind Muslim boy

Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Admin | Views:


The Blind Boy’s Love for Quran – Subhanallah!

Interviewer: If you went to your Sheikh and you needed to review, a section of the Quran, for example, and you went all that way, and made ONE mistake. While you are travelling to him! By the way, Sheikh Muath (Young Boy) Travels to his Sheikh, and his sheikh does not live nearby him, nor does he come to him he travels a long way!

Boy: Imagine! I used to travel to my Sheikh while I was halfway in memorizing the Quran! Guess how many days?

Interviewer: How many days?

Boy: 3 Days

Interviewer: 3 days out of the week?

Boy: 3 days only! I used to try REALLY hard for the first two days to Trick him into at least giving me 3 days to Study! and he would stop me to show me certain meanings, Powerful Meanings! and he would only allow me ONE verse

Boy: Only!

Interviewer: Only!

Boy: Only!

Interviewer: All that distance, only to give you One verse?

Boy: By Allah, He used to do that!

Interviewer: Allah O Akbar

Boy: Sometimes, I would never get the chance to play. Ever!

Interviewer: But I also heard you used to be quite the troublemaker

Boy: I thank Allah for this gift upon me, he took away my sight from me, SubhanAllah. I praise and thank Allah for this mercy. In my prayer, I never hope for Allah to give me my sight back

Interviewer: You don’t want Allah to return your sight?

Interviewer: Why?

Boy: So hopefully I might have a case in front of Allah on the Day of judgement. So he may lighten to me a portion of the punishment when I stand in front of Him, afraid and shaking and He will ask me, “What did you do with this Quran? So perhaps Allah may make things easier on me and Allah enters into his Mercy whomever He wills. But Allah has gifted me with this Quran, and when I want to go anywhere, I would like to go by myself. By myself only, without anyone with me but my father fears for me

Interviewer: It was at this moment that I realized the situation of many Muslims who have their sight both fall short and become lazy in memorizing the Quran Ya Allah…. What will be their argument in front of Allah?

Boy: I Thank Allah in any and every situation

Interviewer: MashAllah oh Sheikh Muath, I learned that you have the principle of Ibn Al Qayyim (RA). What is the principal?

Boy: Ibn Al Qayyim (RA) said: “Allah does not close a door to his slave, out of his wisdom, except that he opens two others to him.”

Interviewer: Don’t you ever get upset among your friends because your Blind? Not even a slight decrease in your Self-Confidence?

Boy: No! Never! Only when I was younger, I used to get upset, I won’t lie to you but now Alhamdulilah, I don’t get upset, this is the decree and destiny of Allah

Interviewer: The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) said: “If I deprive my slave of his two beloved things (i.e his eyes) and he remains patient, I will let him enter Paradise in compensation for them”

Boy: We ask Allah to make us among the inheritors of the Highest Level of Paradise, Al Firdaws

Interviewer: Allahumma Ameen

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