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Dua sujood

Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Admin | Views:


She Died in Sujood **A Beautiful End -inshAllah-**

A sister from Madina memorized the entire Koran in two months.

Last Friday she prostrated in thanks to Allah for completing the Koran and died in that same sajadah.

She die on Friday

After Completing the Koran

In Medina

In Sujud

Subhan Allah

The Prophet Muhammad (sallah Allahu Alieh Wasalam) said:

((When Allah loves a servant of His, He will Assalaho (sweetens him), so he was asked what is Assalaho? The prophet (sallah Allahu Alieh Wasalam) said: He will be guided to perform a good deed when he is close to be dead, then Allah takes his soul while offering it))

-In a second narration instead of (Assalaho -sweetens him) it’s (Istamalaho -use him), and in a third narration it’s (tahharaho – purify him).

رواه ابن حبان في صحيحه والحاكم والبيهقي من طريقه وغيرهما

May Allah elevate her to ferdous and grant us a beautiful end.

~Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril


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