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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 9 “learn arabic online”


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The Year of Deputation:


Q1: What was year 9 known as?


ans: It was known as the year of deputations.




Q2: How many delegations came to him?


ans: More than 70 delegations came to him.




Q3: How did he meet the Najran Christians?


ans: He met them kindly and made a pact with them.




Q4: When did the prophet do pilgrimage?


ans: In the year 10 AH.




Q5: What did the prophet do in the last pilgrimage?


ans: He gave a supreme sermon.




Q6: What happened after he had returned?


ans: He got an illness from which he died.




The Prophet’s Illness and Death:




Q7: What did he do during the last days?


ans: He appointed Abu Bakr to lead the prayer.




Q8: How long did his illness last?


ans: It lasted for ten days.




Q9: When did the prophet die?


ans: On Monday 12th Rabee al-Awal 11AH.




Q10: How old was the prophet when he died?


ans: He was 63 years and four days old.




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Q11: Where was the prophet buried?


ans: Where he died in Aisha’s room.





Q12: Who buried him?


ans: Ali and others who prepared him for burial.





Q13: Who was buried in the same room later?


ans: Abu Bakr & Omar were buried there later.





Q14: What was Omar’s reaction to the news?


ans: He didn’t believe it.





Q15: How was Abu Bakr elected  as a Khalif?


ans: He was unanimously elected as a  Khalif.





Q16: What is most remarkable about Mohammad?


ans: It is that he is just a human.





Q17: What is his character like?


ans: His character was the Holy Quran.





Q18: Why was Mohammad sent as a prophet?


ans: He was sent as a mercy for all creatures.





Q19: What was his mission’s aim?


ans: It was to perfect good morals.





Q20: How was his character harmonious?


ans: His privacy was the same as his publicity.




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Q21: How do we know the details of his life?


ans: Through his detailed Sunnah & Serah.





Q22: What did he never do?


ans: He never lied, drank wine,  did improper things, or shameful acts.





Q23: How was he to the poor, weak, orphans and the needy?


ans: He was affectionate and tender.





Q24: What did he devote himself utterly to?


ans: He devoted himself to worshipping Allah.



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         In perfection lies defection. This means that when everything is complete and perfect, the next step is that it begins to decrease, collapse and ruin. When the moon is full, the next night, it begins to wane and decrease. When the fruit is ripe, it begins to go soft and rot. When a person reaches their prime and strongest, they begin to grow old and decline. When his message and mission were complete and perfect, Mohammad’s role and part was over on this earth. Muslims had grown countless in number. Islam had grown undefeatable. The revelation had completed. The teachings of Islam had reached the horizons, and were clear in the minds and hearts of Muslims, and even in the hearts and minds of non Muslims. But Mohammad was so great and influential that there were many aspects of his character that need careful study and shedding light on. First, his domestic life and marital relations with his wives provide the most useful guidance for the domestic life of Muslims, men and women alike. His character and dealings with the Muslims and the non- Muslims, the amicable the hostile people took good care for justice and mercy towards them. In short, Mohammad incarnated the values and virtues of mercy on earth. When she was asked about the prophet’s character, A’isha said, “ his character was the Holy Quran.

Like  all mortal humans, Mohammad died on the 12th.,of Rabi al Awal, 11 Ah. He was buried by Ali ibn Abi Talib, his kin and cousin, and son in law, in the apartment chamber of A’isha. The Muslims were too shocked to believe the news. Abu Bakr pacified them saying, “who worships Mohammad, Mohammad has died; Who worships Allah, Allah is all- Living; and He never dies”.



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