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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 7



Q1: What was made obligatory during it?

ans: The five prayers were made obligatory.

Q2: Where were these journeys mentioned?

ans: They are mentioned in Surah al- Israa and Surah al-Najm.

Q3: How long did it take them for Jerusalem?

ans: It took a month to go, and a month back.

Q4: What was Abu Bakr’s reply to the event?

ans: He replied, ‘If he says so,then it is true’.

Q5: Why was Abu Bakr named al Siddiq?

ans: As he believed whatever the prophet said.

Q6: How many Madina men accepted Islam?

ans: Six men embraced it.

Q7: How far is Madina from Makkah?

ans: It is about 400 kms from it.

Q8: How many converts came the next year?

ans: 12 converts came the following year.

Q9: What did they pledge to do?

ans: To be Muslims and obey him.

Q10: Who did he send with them? Why?

ans: He sent Mus’ab ibn Umayr, to teach them.

Q11: How many men came in the third year?

ans: 73 men and 2 women came to Makkah.

Q12: What did they pledge to do?

ans: They pledged to host and protect him.

Q13: Why did the prophet encourage his followers to migrate to Madina?

ans: As Makkah was no longer a safe place for them.

Q14: Who didn’t migrate till the last moment?

ans: Abu Bakr and Ali didn’t .

Q15: Why did Quraish try to stop the migration?

ans: As they knew the power of Islam.

Q16: How did Madinna threaten Makkah?

ans: It was on their trade routes.

Q17: What was their only way to stop Islam?

ans: It was to kill Mohammad.

Q18: What was their wicked plot?

ans: It was to take a man from each clan and kill him altogether at the same time at one blow.

Q19: Why did they plan so?

ans: To evade the responsibility of killing him.

Q20: How did the prophet know that plot?

ans: Through angel Jibreel.

Q21: When did the prophet go to Abu Bakr?

ans: He went to him at midday.

Q22: Why did he go to Abu Bakr?

ans: To prepare for the journey.

Q23: Why was Abu Bakr happy?

ans: For being the prophet’s companion.

Q24: What was Ali’s role in the migration?

ans: It was to stay behind to return the safeguarded money to its owner Makkans.

Q25: How did they camouflage the Makkans?

ans: Ali slept in the prophet’s bed covered by his green cloak.

Q26: How did the prophet come out that night?

ans: He came out openly with confidence and unseen by the miraculously blinded Makkans.

Q27: Where did they head at first?

ans: They headed southwards.

Q28: What did the prophet say to Makkah?

ans: He said, ‘ Hadn’t your people griven me out of you, I wouldn’t have left you’.

Q29: What prize did they offer for whoever brought him dead or alive?

ans: They offered a hundred she-camels.

Q30: How long did they hide in Thwr cave?

ans: They hid for three days.

Q31: How were they in danger in the cave?

ans: They were almost caught up.

Q32: Who guided them on the journey?

ans: Abdallah bin Oraiqit guided them.

Q33: Who brought them provisions?

ans: Asmaa bint Abu Bakre brought it to them.

Q34: What route did they take to Madina?

ans: They took the seldom used coastal route.

Q35: What did Suraqa want?

ans: He wanted to capture the prophet to win the prize, the hundred she- camels of Quraish.

Q36: What happened to him as he got closer?

ans: His mare fell twice

Q37: What did Suraqa learn then?

ans: He learnt that the prophet was protected by a divine force.

Q38: What did Suraqa realize at last?

ans: The prophet’s cause would be victorious.

Q39: What did the prophet ask Suraqa to do?

ans: To keep their whereabouts secret.

Q40: When did Suraqa embrace Islam?

ans: It was on the conquest of Makkah day.

Q41: When did Suraqa die?

ans: He died in 24 AH.

Q42: When did the prophet reach Madina?

ans: At noon time, 1st Rabi Awal, 1 AH.

Q43: How did the people of Madina await him?

ans: They waited eagerly for his arrival.

Q44: Who was the first to see him arrive?

ans: A Jew who happened to be on his house roof saw him first.

Q45: How did the people of Madina feel?

ans: They were very happy to receive him.

Q46: How long did he stay at Qibaa?

ans: He spent four days there.

Q47: What did he do at Qibaa?

ans: He built the mosque of Qibaa.

Q48: Who was the prophet’s first host?

ans: Abu Ayyoub al- Ansary hosted him.

Q49: Who owned the open land in Madina?

ans: It belonged to two orphan boys there.

Q50: What did the prophet do on that spot?

ans: He built the grand Madina mosque there.



        As if  Waraqa’s eternal words still sounded all the time, life grew more and more impossible for Mohammad and his followers in Makkah. When his followers complained that they were persecuted, he permitted them to emigrate to Yathrib,  later known as Madinah. Whenever Abu Bakr asked for such a permission,  the prophet said to him, “Be patient, Allah may select a fellow mate- traveller.” The prophet meant himself by these words. So the epic journey began.  No one would notice a couple of Arabs being chased by their fellow clan people. But this journey made history really. It was the most important event in the history of Islam. Without it, Islam would have been strangled and buried at its birth place and cradle of Makkah. Without it, Islam wouldn’t have spread or set up a flourishing state, stretching from China to the Atlantic coasts in Morrocco and West Africa. As his habit was, the prophet planned for the journey very well. He chose the right time, just as the Quraish were plotting to kill him. He chose and hired a well versed guide for the mission. He chose the closest friend and companion to accompany him on the way. He used camouflages, to disable the Quraish to follow him. However, he left Ali ibn Abi Talib to sleep in his bed, and stay behind to return the entrusted money and things of the Quraish, which they left with him as assets.

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