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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 5



Q1: What did Waraqa predict?

ans: He predicted Mohammad’s people would drive him out of Makkah.

Q2:When did Waraqa die?

ans: He died before the preach of Islam.

Q3: What do scholars count Waraqa?

ans: They count him as an early believer.

Q4: What did the prophet say of Waraqa?

ans: He said Waraqa is a dweller of paradise.

Q5: Why was there a pause of revelation?

ans: To relieve the prophet of the cave awe.

Q6: How did Jibreel come to him again?

ans: While walking he saw him on a throne between the sky and the earth.

Q7: What happened after this?

ans: Revelation came to him over and over.

Q8: What was the prophet asked to do?

ans: To preach Islam.

Q9: How was the call for Islam in Makkah?

ans: It was secretly the first stage.

Q10: How long did the message last?

ans: It lasted for twenty-three years.

Q11: How did the prophet carry it out?

ans: He carried it out vigorously & relentlessly.

Q12:How did he comply with His commands?

ans: With unique vigor, energy and dedication.

Q13: What two stages was the call?

ans: They were the secret & public stages.

Q14: How long was the secret stage?

ans: It was for the first three years.

Q15: How long did the public stage last?

ans: It lasted till his death.

Q16: Who were the first converts to Islam?

ans: They were Khadeeja, Ali,Abu Bakr & Zaid.

Q17: How did Abu Bakr accept Islam?

ans: Without delay or hesitation.

Q18: Why did people turn to Abu Bakr?

ans:For advice for his knowledge & experience.

Q19: What happened throughout his effort?

ans: Many people embraced Islam.

Q20:What wrong impression is there about the early converts to Islam?

ans: It is wrongfully thought they were slaves.

Q21: Who were the first to be warned?

ans: They were his close relatives.

Q22: What did the prophet do as a result?

ans: He went to al-Safa and warned them.

Q23: What did his uncle Abu Lahab say?

ans: He said ‘Perish you for the rest of the day’.

Q24: How was their response?

ans: It was disappointing & dismaying.

Q25: How did Allah comfort the prophet?

ans: He promised hell to Abu Lahab & his wife.

Q26: What did he call them to do?

ans: To worship none but Allah alone.

Q27: Who Is Allah?

ans: He is The Creator, the Provider & the Master of the whole universe.

Q28: Where  and when is Allah’s will fulfilled?

ans: It is fulfilled everywhere and every time.

Q29: What do His knowledge & mercy encompass?

ans: They encompass everyone & everything.

Q30: How does He care for His creatures?

ans: He forgives sins, relieves stress, removes woes and guides the astray.

Q31: What should a Muslim surrender to Him?

ans: They should surrender everything to Him.

Q32: What does the word Islam mean?

ans: It means the total submission to Allah.

Q33: What signifies the religion of Islam?

ans: Peace, security & submission to Allah do.

Q34: How does Islam guarantee liberity?

ans: No man can subject fellow humans.

Q35: What did the prophet tell them?

ans: He told them there is another life.

Q36: What should they do concerning it?

ans: They should prepare themselves for it.

Q37: Why did Quraish reject the call of Islam?

ans: As it shook their society’s foundations.

Q38: What did they live under?

ans: They lived under their whims & false gods.

Q39: Where was polytheism ingrained?

ans: It was in their minds, hearts and souls.

Q40: Why had they become materialistic?

ans: As they believed in no divine revelation.

Q41: What did they care for only?

ans: They only cared for worldly welfare.

Q42: Where did Arabs come to Makkah from?

ans: They came from all over Arabia.

Q43: Why did Arabs come to Makkah?

ans: They came for pilgrimage.

Q44: What reputation did Quraish enjoy?

ans: They had a high reputation of hospitality.

Q45: What’d happen if Arabs converted to Islam?

ans: Quraish’d lose authority and power.

Q46: What did they fear most?

ans: They feared Islam’d end their well-being.

Q47: What did Makkans get from polytheism?

ans: They got many economic benefits.

Q48: What were the Makkans in charge of?

ans: They were in charge of the Kaaba.

Q49: How many idols did the Kaaba have?

ans: It had 360 idols.

Q50: What did the Makkans call Mohammad?

ans: They called him a poet, a soothsayer and a man possessed.


                 Seeing honesty and good morals and devotion at work, Khadeeja didn’t hesitate  to express her desire to marry the youngman, Mohammad. she was about forty years old. He was about twenty – five years old. She  was wise enough to choose him as a suitable husband for her. At her company, Mohammad found the safety and stability he lacked a lot. He began to enjoy seclusion and meditation. He liked to spend many days and nights in the cave of Hira, at the mount of Thwr outside Makkah. Then he began to have dreams which came as true as he had them. During that time, Khadeeja bore Mohammad his children. She bore him four daughters. They were; Roqqaya, Zainab, Umm Kulthum and Fatima. She bore him also two sons, al – Qassim and al- Tahir. Then, at the age of forty and while he was all alone in the cave Gabriel appeared to him. He asked him to read. Mohammad was so shocked and dismayed that he went straight home asking Khadeeja to cover him as he was shivering hard. After a while, Khadeeja took him to her cousin, Waraqa ibn Nawfal who used to read in the ancient Holy scribes. After hearing their story, Waraqa assured them it was the revelation that had come to Moses long ago.

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