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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 4



Q1: What did the marriage prove to be?

ans: It proved to be one of love & affection.

Q2: How many children did she bear him?

ans: She bore him six children, 2 sons, 4 girls.

Q3: What were the sons’ names?

ans: They were al- Qassem and Abdullah.

Q4: What were the daughters’ names?

ans: They were: Zainab, Ruqqayyah, Umm Kulthum and Fatima.

Q5.1: What happened to the two sons?

ans: They died in infancy.

Q5.2: Where is the best games online?

ans: penny slots for free.

Q6: What happened to the four daughters?

ans: They, except Fatima, died in his lifetime.

Q7: When did Fatima die?

ans: She died six months after his own death.

Q8: Who had descendants of his daughters?

ans: Only Fatima did, al-Hassan & al Husein.

Q9: Who did Fatima marry?

ans: She married Ali ibn Abi Talib, the prophet’s cousin and the fourth rightly guided caliph.

Q10: How old was the prophet at rebuilding al-Kaaba?

ans: He was thirty-five years old.

Q11: How was al-Kaaba at that time?

ans: It was a man’s height, with no roof.

Q12: How did the Kaaba get burnt?

ans: A woman was burning incense, set fire on the building causing great damage to it.

Q13: Why did they decide to rebuild it?

ans: Owing to the robbery of its treasures.

Q14: Why was the Kaaba often flooded?

ans: As it lies in the lowest place in the valley.

Q15: How did they feel about rebuilding it?

ans: They were afraid to demolish it.

Q16: Who ended these fears and doubts?

ans: Al Waleed ibn al-Mughira did.

Q17: Who took part in the rebuilding?

ans: Four major clans rebuilt it.

Q18: Where did they get the wood needed?

ans: From the wreckage of a Roman ship.

Q19: Who helped them in the rebuilding?

ans: A Roman mason, a survivor of the wreck.

Q20: How high’d they put the Black Stone?

ans: At an average man’s height.

Q21: What was putting the stone like?

ans: It was a great honour and privilege.

Q22: What happened as a result?

ans: A great disagreement broke out.

Q23:  What could the dispute develop into?

ans: It could develop into a serious conflict.

Q24: What did an old chief suggest?

ans: The first man to enter would be a judge.

Q25: Who was that man?

ans: He was Mohammad.

Q26: What did he suggest?

ans: He suggested putting the stone in a cloak, lifted by a clan representative and he’d put the stone in place himself.

Q27: How was this act in Mohammad’s life?

ans: It was the 2nd.,largest after his marriage.

Q28: What was his habit at the age of forty?

ans: He spent more time in retreat.

Q29: Where did he do that?

ans: He  did that at the cave of Hira, Makkah.

Q30: How far is Hira from Makkah?

ans: It is two miles northeast of the city.

Q31: Why was it called the mount of light?

ans: As the first revelation happened there.

Q32: What did he do in the cave?

ans: He prayed for long days and nights.

Q33: What happened on his way to the cave?

ans: He’d hear ‘Peace be upon you!’

Q34: Who would say it?

ans: A certain rock in the mountain would.

Q35: What was the first kind of revelation?

ans: It was the true dream during his sleep.

Q36: How long did this last?

ans: It lasted for six months.

Q37: What is the relation between dreams and the Quran?

ans: No verse was revealed during his sleep.

Q38: When was the Quran revealed to him?

ans: It was revealed while he was awake.

Q39: When was the first revelation?

ans: It was when he was forty years old>

Q40: What day, what month was it?

ans: It was on the 21st., of Ramadan.

Q41: What happened that day?

ans: The angel Jibreel appeared to him.

Q42: What did Jibreel tell him?

ans: He said ‘read’,three times.

Q43: What did the prophet answer?

ans: He said ‘I can’t read’, three times.

Q44: How did the prophet feel?

ans: He trembled with fear and went home.

Q45: What did he ask Khadeejah to do?

ans: To wrap him up.

Q46: How did Khadeeja support him?

ans: She assured him of Allah’s support.

Q47: What  qualities made her say so?

ans: Mohammad was good to the kinsmen, the weak, the poor, guests and the distressed.

Q48: Who did she take him to?

ans: To her cousin Waraqa ibn Nawfal.

Q49: What did Waraqa say?

ans: He said it was the same revelation angel sent down upon Moses.

Q50: What did Waraqa wish?

ans :He wished he were younger to support him.


 POST     COMMENTARY                    

There came a very important event in which Mohammad took part. It was the war

of Fijar. He was about fifteen years old. He picked arrows and returned them to his uncles who participated in that war. At this age, the prophet said that he once wanted to listen to music which was to be played at a wedding in Makkah, like any other youngman of his age. Reaching the town at night, he sat on a step outside a house. The prophet said that he slept so fast that night that he missed the wedding, awaking only by the heat of the rising early morning sun of the following day!  Now, Mohammad had developed into a young man, well known for his honesty and truthfulness. His uncle, Abu Talib took him on his first business trading trip to Syria. On that trip they meet a Christian monk who realized the symptoms of prophethood about Mohammad. The monk advised Abu Talib to return home with his nephew, for fear of the Jews. Now that he took his first step in trade, Khadeeja sent for the honest and truthful young Mohammad to work for her. Khadeeja was a wealthy widow of about forty years old desired by many Makkam influentials for marriage. Yet she rejected all of them and focussed on her trading business.

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