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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 3



Q1: How was Abu Talib financially?

ans: He had many mouths to feed, his business was not going very well.

Q2: What did tending the sheep provide him?

ans: It gave him the chance to work in peace. 

Q3: What did he enjoy there?

ans: Nature’s beauty & contemplating it.

Q4: What did being a shepherd help him to?

ans: To deal with people later on.

Q5: What does prophethood require?

ans: It requires patience, humbleness, bravery, mercy , compassion and hard work.

Q6: What lesson did he teach his followers?

ans: It is the value of lawful hard work.

Q7: What should a caller to Islam Be?

ans:They should be independent of all humans.

Q8: What is the best food eaten?

ans: It is the outcome of hard work.

Q9: Why did the prophet take up such a job?

ans: As any job is a good job.

Q10: When did Abu Talib take him to Syria?

ans: When he was twelve years old.

Q11: Who did they meet in the city of Busraa?

ans: They met Baheera, the monk.

Q12: What did Baheera say about Mohammad?

ans: He said he was the master of mankind.

Q13: What did Baheera foresee?

ans: He foresaw that Mohammad’d be a prophet, a great mercy.

Q14: How did Baheera know that?

ans: As every rock & tree fell in prostration.

Q15: What sign was there in his body?

ans: There was an apple-like seal of prophethood below his shoulder bones.

Q16: What did Baheera advise Abu Talib?

ans: He advised him to go back to Makkah.

Q17: Why did he give such advice?

ans: Due to the danger of the Romans & Jews.

Q18: Why was that trip important?

ans: As he saw another land’ trade centre.

Q19: What experience did he get?

ans: He knew a society different from his.

Q20:What did the prophet take part in, as a young man?

ans: He took part in Hilf al- Fudul, the alliance of virtue.

Q21: What was this alliance in fact?

ans: It was a league against injustice.

Q22: What did it aim at?

ans: It aimed at helping the poor & the needy.

Q23: What categories did it target helping?

ans: It targeted helping the oppressed, widows, slaves, orphans, travellers, the poor & elderly.

Q24: How old was the prophet at that time?

ans: He was in his early twenties.

Q25: Why was  the War of Fijar so called?

ans: As the fighting parties didn’t respect the Holy House, al-Ka’ba.

Q26: How long did the war last?

ans: It lasted for three or four years.

Q27: What was the prophet’s role in it?

ans: He picked arrows and handed them to his uncles.

Q28: How old was the prophet at that time?

ans: He was about twenty years old.

Q29: Why was it a war of wicked people?

ans: As they committed a wicked act by violating Makkah.

Q30: What did the prophet learn during it?

ans: He learnt about war and chivalry.

Q31: How was the prophet divinely protected?

ans: He distanced himself from the bad habits.

Q32:Why was the Age of Ignorance so called?

ans:As it was a period of social & moral decline.

Q33: What did he think of the idols?

ans: He hated & didn’t respect them.

Q34: What were his qualities as a youngman?

ans: He was sincere, truthful and trustwor.

Q35: What did people use to do?

ans: They used to put their valuables with him.

Q36: Who was Khadeejah:

ans :She was from the noblest & richest women.

Q37: What were her characteristics?

ans: She was intelligent, resourceful, discreet, affectionate and of a noble character.

Q38: Who did she conduct trade with?

ans: With active partners for a share in profit.

Q39: Why did she send Mohammad a message?

ans: To work for her in trade in Syria.

Q40: Who did he travel to Syria with?

ans: With Maysarah, a servant of hers.

Q41: How was his first trade trip?

ans: It was a great success.

Q42: What won him the hearts of men there?

ans: His good conduct and mild temper did.

Q43: What did Maysarah see on the trip?

ans: He saw his good character.

Q44: How did such qualities affect Khadeeja?

ans: She wanted to be Mohammad’s wife.

Q45: To whom did she express her heart?

ans: To her friend ‘Nafeesah’.

Q46: What did ‘Nafeesah’ do?

ans: She proposed on Khadeejah’s behalf.

Q47: How did Mohammad feel about it?

ans:He was so glad & asked his uncle’s advice.

Q48: What did his uncles think?

ans: They all agreed to this marriage.

Q49:How old was Khadeeja at that time?

ans: She was forty years old.

Q50: How old was Mohammad at that time?

ans: He was twenty- five years old.



          History is made at the hands of everyday ordinary events. The story is so simple, An orphan was returned to his natural mother at the age of four. His grandfather, Abdel Muttalib took him in his custody. It was his grandfather who gave him the name of Mohammad; to be praised both on the earth and in the heavens above. Amina decided to take Mohammad to visit her relatives in beni al-Najar in Yathrib, Madinah. There, the boy Mohammad learnt how to swim in a bond. However, life is full of events and surprises. Life goes on in spite of everything., even in spite of ourselves. Amina died on the way home to Makkah. The six year old orphan, Mohammad returned home without his deceased mother who was buried in the vicinity of Yathrib. He directly went to the custody of his grandfather Abdel Muttalib who kept his company everywhere, and used to call him “ my son”.

           The aging grandfather was soon to die, leaving the orphan, Mohammad, to the care of Abu Talib, Mohammad’s uncle and Abdel Muttalib’s son.  Now the blossoming young Mohammad was to take up his first job, as a shepherd, tending goats and sheep for some Makkan. From this job, Mohammad adopted patience, and learned how to care for the things and  people who would be under his responsibility later on.

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