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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 2



Q1: Why was Mohammad sent to the desert?

ans: As it was the Arabs’ custom to do so.

Q2: What did the children benefit from this?

ans: They grew up in the free & healthy area.

Q3: What  did they develop there?

ans: They developed strong bodies & language.

Q4: Who was the prophet entrusted to?

ans: He was entrusted to Halima al- Sa’edia. 

Q5: Who was Halima’s husband?

ans: He was al-Harith ibn Abd al- Uzza.

Q6: What happened to them when Mohammd was with them?

ans: Strokes of good fortune happened to them.

Q7: Why did the wet women refuse to suckle the baby Mohammad?

ans: As he was an orphan, whose parents wouldn’t pay much, they thought.

Q8: Why did Halima take Mohammad?

ans: As she found on one but him.

Q9: What happened to her on taking him?

ans: Her breasts overflowed with milk.

Q10: What happened to the old she-camel?

ans: Its udder was full of milk too.

Q11: What did her husband tell her?

ans: He told her she had a blessed child.

Q12: What happened to their barren land?

ans: It sprouted with lush grass.

Q13: How did the baby Mohammad grow?

ans: He grew pretty well.

Q14: When did Halima return him to Amina?

ans: When he was two years old.

Q15: What did Halima hope for?

ans: She hoped to keep the baby longer.

Q16: How did her hopes come true?

ans: His mother gave him once more to her.

Q17: How long did he stay with Halima?

ans: Till he was four or five years old.

Q18: What strange thing happened then?

ans: An angel split his chest & removed a blood clot from his heart and threw it away.

Q19: What happened next?

ans: The angel cleansed his heart & replaced it

Q20: What was that blood clot?

ans: It was the portion of Satan.

Q21: How did Jibreel wash the heart?

ans: With Zamzam water in a basin of gold.

Q22: What did his play-mate children do?

ans: They  ran to their mother, saying he was murdered.

Q23: How did they find him?

ans: They found him pale and shaking.

Q24: What did Anas remark?

ans: He said he’d seen the stitch marks on his chest.

Q25: What can this incident be considered?

ans: It is a sign of his prophethood.

Q26: Why was he purified from Satan’s effect?

ans: To protect him from all evil of every sort.

Q27: What did Mohammad never do?

ans: He never bowed down to an idol or sinned.

Q28: What did this incident show us?

ans: It showed us how much Allah protected him and prevented Satan from influencing him.

Q29: How old was he when he returned to Makkah the last time?

ans: He  was six years old.

Q30: What did his mother decide then?

ans: To visit her relatives in Madina.

Q31: How old was Amina at that time?

ans: She was in her early twenties.

Q32: How far is Madina from Makkah?

ans: It is about five hundred kilometres away.

Q33: How long did she spend in Madina?

ans: She spent a month there.

Q34: What happened on the journey home?

ans: Amina fell ill & died and buried at Abwaa’. 

Q35: Who brought the boy back to Makkah?

ans: Umm Ayman did.

Q36: Why did she do everything to ease him?

ans: As he lost both parents.

Q37: Who took  complete charge of him?

ans: His grandfather, Abdel- Muttalib did.

Q38: Who was Abdel-Muttalib?

ans: He was the foreman chief of Makkah.

Q39: Describe Abdel-Muttalib?

ans: He was tall, handsome, generous & kind.

Q40:How did he show his love to Mohammad?

ans: He accompanied him everywhere.

Q41: When did Abdel-Muttalib die?

ans: When Mohammad was eight years old.

Q42: How did Mohammad feel then?

ans: He wept as he followed the coffin.

Q43:How old was Abdel-Muttalib at his death?

ans: He was eighty-two years old.

Q44: To whom was Mohammad entrusted?

ans: To the care of his uncle, Abu Talib.

Q45: What did Abu Talib do?

ans: He continued to love & be kind to him.

Q46: How did he treat Mohammad?

ans: Like one of his many sons

Q47: What did his wife, Fatima do

ans: She treated him like a mother does.

Q48: How did Mohammad remember her?

ans: By saying she’d let her children go hungry and fed him.

Q49: What was Abu Talib like?

ans: He was dignified, honoured and respected.

Q50: What was Mohammad’s first job?

ans: He tended sheep and goats.


              Fifty- five days after the failure of the Abraha campaign and expedition, Mohammad was born. But who was Mohammad? and what was this unfamiliar name? Mohammad was an orphan baby boy whose father died before his birth. His mother was a virtuous, upper- middle class widow. It was the tradition of women at that time to hand their children to wet nurses to suckle them. So she did. She sent Mohammad away to be brought up in the sands nearby, in bani Saad to be suckled by Halima,a very poor wet nurse, who was an eyewitness of the blessings Mohammed brought about. After completing two years  with Halima, Mohammad was returned to his mother. Being keen on having good health and sound language for her infant, Amina, the prophet’s mother prefered Mohammad to stay a little longer in the company of Halima. Halima, on her part, rejoiced as the blessed infant would live a little longer with her. So Mohammad was sent again to beni Saad. One day, while playing with his playmates, Mohammad had a strange experience. The children saw a stranger approach Mohammad the boy, lay him down, take off his upper part’s clothes and open up his chest. The terrified children ran off to Halima, telling her that Mohammad was killed. In fact it was Gabriel who came, took off Mohammad’s heart, washed it and put it back in its original place. Full of fear for Mohammad, Halima returned him home to his natural mother Amina, in Makkah.

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