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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 1



Q1: Where was the prophet born?

ans: He was born in Makkah.

Q2: What was his birthdate?

ans: It was on Monday morning,the 12th of Rabee’ al-Awwal, in the year of the Elephant,571 CE.

Q3: What happened 55 days before that?

ans: There was an unsuccessful expedition of Abraha against Makkah.

Q4: Who ruled Yemen at that time?

ans: It was under the rule of Ethiopia.

Q5: What did Abraha build in Sanaa’?

ans: He built a grand cathedral there.

Q6: Why did he build it?

ans: To replace Makkah as a pilgrimage place.

Q7: What did an Arab do one night?

ans: He defiled the church.

Q8: What did Abraha do as a result?

ans: He swore to raze the Kaaba in revenge.

Q9: How many warriors did his army include?

ans: It included 60,000  warriors.

Q10: What was in front of this army?

ans: A colossal elephant was in front of it.

Q11: How many elephants did the army include?

ans: It included between 9 to 13 elephants.

Q12: What happened at al-Muhassir valley?

ans: The elephant knelt down to the ground.

Q13: What did the soldiers try to do?

ans: They tried to bring it to its feet.

Q14: What did the elephant refuse to do?

ans: It refused to head for Makkah.

Q15: What sign was this?

ans: It was the clearest forewarning.

Q16 :What was the army warned not to do?

ans:  Not to move one step forward.

Q17: Why didn’t Abraha understand this?

ans: As he was blinded with his ambition.

Q18: What was the first sign of torture?

ans: The western sky grew dark.

Q19: What did they hear?

ans: They heard a sound in the distance.

Q20: What happened after the strange sound?

ans: Darkness covered the army.

Q21: What was the air above them full of?

Ans: It was full of sparrows- like birds.

Q22: What did each bird have?

ans: It had three pebbles, dried pea size.

Q23: What did the birds do?

ans: They flew over and pelted the army.

Q24: What happened to the soldiers?

ans: As soon as they were hit, their flesh rotted.

Q25: What happened to the rest of the army?

ans: They, including Abraha, died in Sanaa’.

Q26: How was this event to the Arabs?

ans: They attached great importance to it.

Q27: What importance was it?

ans: They dated their calendar from it.

Q28: When did it occur in the Christian calendar?

ans: It happened in the year 571.

Q29: Who was the Prophet’s father?

ans: He was Abdullah ibn Abdul- Muttalib.

Q30: Who was his mother?

ans: She was Aminah bint Wahb.

Q31: What tribe was he born into?

ans: He was born into the best tribe on earth.

Q32: What lineage was his?

ans: He was of the best lineage.

Q33: Where can his ancestry be traced back?

ans: It can be traced back to prophet Ibrahim.

Q34: What did his mother do on his birth?

ans: She sent a word to his grandfather.

Q35: What did she inform his grandfather?

ans: She informed him of her baby boy.

Q36: What did she ask Abdul-Muttalib to do?

ans: She asked him to come and see him.

Q37: What did Abdul-Muttalib do?

ans: He took him to the Ka’bah, thanking Allah.

Q38: Who named him Mohammad?

ans: Abdul-Muttalib did so after returning home.

Q39: Was ‘Mohammad a familiar name ?

ans: No, it was a rare name to them.

Q40: What do we know about Abdallah?

ans: We do not know much about him.

Q41: How was Abdallah to Abdul-Mttalib?

ans: He was his favourite son.

Q42: How long did Abdallah’s marriage last?

ans: It was extremely short-termed.

Q43: When did Abdallah die?

ans: He died on a trading expedition to Syria.

Q44: Where did he die?

ans: In Madina, on his way home to Makkah.

Q45: Where was Abdallah buried?

ans: He was buried in Madina.

Q46: How old was Abdallah at his death?

ans: He was twenty- five years old.

Q47: Why didn’t the prophet have a brother?

ans: His parents begot none but him.

Q48: Who was the first mother to suckle him?

ans: She was Thuaybah, Abu Lahab’s maid.

Q49: What was Abu Lahab’s real name?

ans: It was Abdul-Uzzah ibn Abdul-Muttalib.

Q50: Why was he nicknamed Abu Lahab?

ans: Due to his beauty & glowing face.


          Arabia lies among many significant countries and great past civilizations. In the north, there was the Byzantine empire and state. In the south was Yemen conquered by Ethiopia. In the east was Egypt with its glorious civilization. In the east was Persia with its magnificent  palaces, temples and great works of architecture. However, the sands of Arabia contained the Holy Shrine, the Kaba, the House of Allah. This Kaba has always been an object of respect for the Arabs. It is strange that the pagan Arabs who worshipped stone idols never tried to worship the Kaba. This interest in and high respect for the Kaba nourished  in the heart of the Ethiopian leader Abraha who had built a colossal church in Yemen city  of Sanaa. Yet, the Arabs ignored such a church, and continued their respect to the Kaba. Such an attitude forced Abraha to wage a campaign with the objective of destroying this Kaba, especially as he knew well that the Arabs were surely defenseless. At this crucial and historical moment of complete darkness, the light and illumination of Mohammad shone.

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