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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Admin | Views:

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learning Quran online classes


Spiritual Conversation” learning Quran online classes “

the final level feed the papa


we’ve actually done this before we done

this in London and I think it was very

beneficial for a lot of the people so

some of the topics that we plan on

discussing in this sofa talking Sharla

are topics that relate with every single

one of you I know that many people for

example would like to get married that’s

a topic in Sharla we will be touching

upon the topic for today’s discussion

was the remembrance of Allah and all of

these things we will notice lead back to

the remembrance of allah subhanho wa

taala so my first question Mufti would

be you spoke in your talk masha’Allah

about spiritual if meant about

remembering allah subhanaw taala in

different situations i wanted to ask you

that many a time us as muslims we all

know the purpose of life we all know

that we need to worship allah subhanaw


we know this is our purpose of life but

many a times in our lives how our life

is filled with work with gym with

studies and the time that we purely and

solely dedicated for Allah is very less

in our days is there a way that we can

make all of these things that we do for

the sake of Allah definitely there is a

way to make everything that we do in our

daily lives for the sake of Allah it’s

one word intention when your intention

changes and becomes correct its

rectified then you can earn reward even

while you’re eating even while you’re

sleeping you know even when you go to

the gym even when you’re for example

driving whatever it is where are you

going and why are you going so when I’m

eating it’s not easy

initially especially when you’re

enjoying some dessert from one of the

classic dessert places here to think I’m

doing this for the sake of Allah you

know because I’m enjoying a big and by

the way people are becoming more

health-conscious now so those of you who

have desert places you might want to

consider I’m sure you already are

considering the health health factor you

know but with me I have a power

I’ll eat it and I’ll just say I need to

cut down that’s the password the need to

cut down does not mean I’ve cut down it

just means I need to cut down yes I do

but I will munch this right now but

let’s go back to what you were saying

you you say look Allah has allowed you

to eat Allah has allowed you to think in

fact you have to eat and drink but what

sorry we’re gonna need to change the

battery here sure soon what you need to

know is you say oh Allah I thank you for

what you’ve bestowed upon me I will

Salaam so so we’re we’re saying that you

know what I I’m going to eat this and

I’d like to ensure that number one I’m

not doing Haram you know when you’re

eating no matter what you’re eating the

fact that you’re eating halal and you’re

conscious of it is a great act of

worship it’s an e badda many of us don’t

think of it so when I put something in

my mouth I’m eating the first thing I

should know what my bismillah is that

this thing is halal yesterday I was in a

town known as Bolton some of you most of

you will know it obviously right and

there was a brother across the road from

the Masjid he had a little caffee and

when I went in there I told him brother

the fact that you are providing halal

food to people is already an act of

worship the fact that you’re providing

halal because you are worried about what

you’re buying you’re buying halal

because you want to provide challah

that’s an act of worship on its own but

many of us haven’t even thought of that

yet we say right I’ll open a cafe or

make some money and inshallah we’ll earn

okay but you don’t realize I’m making it

easy for people to eat halal they have

to eat anyway the same applies to your

dessert your icecream

people might say it’s indulging in dot

okay but it’s halal isn’t it I was

conscious of Allah that’s what made me

eat the halal

so do you see how I’m getting a reward

because I’m eating I’m eating halal the

same applies when you’re for example

going to the gym yes you must try and

look for an environment that is decent

you can’t say okay I’m going you know

that there’s a male going toward all

females gym you know and then he’s

saying but you know Allah says you must

keep your body fit you know you must

list you hang on hang on hang on

you need to rectify one or two basics

and then you say yes indeed I need to

look after my health many of us you know

I’m gonna let you in on something

personal two days ago my son who’s about

11 one of my sons but 11 he looks at his

mum and he says dad’s belly starting to

pop up and wallahi I overheard this I

won’t lie to you and I said what you

really want to see a belly I can show

you a few guys with bellies but deep

down I thought to myself I went back and

started looking he’s this guy right you

know I got to do something but then

again it’s all British food you know

mashallah that Allah make it easy for us

but the bottom line is yes indeed to

look after yourself

your shape to make sure you exercise is

good not only for your mind but for your

spirituality as well when you feel good

you you enjoy your Salah because you

feel good you look good you look good

for who for myself because I want to

feel good I want to be a person who

appreciates this body that Allah is

given me so instead of me doing it in

order to show off with it which is

actually wrong I just cleared my

intention to say I’m going to do this so

that I feel good because it has been

proven that if you spend about 45

minutes to an hour everyday with some

form of exercise by the will of allah

subhanahu wata’ala

you will feel much better

psychologically you feel better and if

you feeling better you’re going to be a

happier person you’re going to make the

people around you not feel miserable

because when you’re miserable you want

everyone else cycles subconsciously to

be miserable so in that way you can

actually convert everything you’re doing

into the remembrance of allah you know I

took ok I was in Cape Town and a brother

had a Lamborghini that he he gave me he

” learning Quran online classes “

told me it was a very nice one but this

is about two three years old the story

he says brother you you can drive this

thing I said ok now there is a way of

driving it

and basically I’ve done it so I know

right I told him is it okay if I rip it

he says repeat and I said you told that

to the wrong man okay so basically we

kicked off and then I told myself hang

on I need to correct my intention I’m

just appreciating the gifts of Allah I’m

just trying to check I’m just trying to

” learning Quran online classes “

see what Allah has given us as humankind

such advancement that we have a little

contraption of this nature and I’m gonna

be testing its guts in order to praise

Allah for what he’s given although it’s

not me but to humankind

he tells me he’s stretching it a bit

meaning you’re trying to convert this

into a good deed anyway and we were out

and the sound was Wow we came into Cape

Town Airport with such a big noise such

a big noise and I enjoyed the you know

dropping the gear as we just entered and

everyone just turned around and he sells

me I don’t think that was an act of

worship at all subhanAllah but may Allah

forgive us may Allah forgive us at least

I try it right and I’m not trying to

justify but all I’m doing is showing you

that we should try to try and I’ll open

the doors but the strange thing brother

Musa is when we don’t remember Allah at

all a day passes two days past three

days pass and we haven’t even thought of

Allah we haven’t spent the moment with

Allah but we spent hours on end at work

and doing so and so whatever else we’re

doing without remembering Allah that’s

what’s scary I think every one of us

today this reminder should make us from

those who put back Allah into the

equation put him back even if it’s your

driving Subhan Allah alhamdulillah

mashallah Tabarrok Allah Allah Allah

Subhan Allah in Hamdi is from Hanna Lila

Dean that’s a powerful remembrance of

Allah and that’s the topic today

powerful remembrance of Allah say these

words learn their meanings because they

will they will be more powerful when you

know the meaning of what you’re saying

people ask me you know I’m feeling sad

what should I read I say read surah Taha

but don’t read it without reading its

meaning as well

you read surah Tauba how a lady either

Sajha many of us know exactly what that

surah is but we don’t know its meaning

you say what loja they’ll say well

laylee either said yeah straightaway

even the kids

wow what a caribou koala do you know

what that means your Lord has not

forsaken you know is he upset with you

no easy angered with you

many of us feel Allah is upset with us

perhaps he’s angry with us perhaps we’ve

done something if whatever has happened

has drawn you slightly closer to Allah

it’s not the anger of Allah it’s the

pleasure of all it’s the gift of Allah

upon you so in each other we can

increase that remembrance of Allah upon

all conditions and everything we do

don’t let anyone discourage you you know

some people also say that you know I

feel so discouraged because I feel like

I’m very far from the mercy of Allah and

when I sit and talk to them a lot of the

times it’s someone who’s outwardly more

pious having said something that makes

them very very negative you know if I’m

already in hell what’s the point of

doing any goodness who says you’re

already in hell the people who said that

they’ve got to be there to have seen

who’s in hell forget that if someone

says you’re in hell well that means they

they they’re already watching who’s

there and who’s not

you know it’s like the guy says I saw

you in the nightclub well how did you

see me you were there right exactly so

how did you see these guys in hell so

stop saying that

stop discouraging people Charla we we

all would like the pleasure of Allah may

Allah make it easy for us Baraka love it


we’re gonna share today move the intro

so one of the things that actually

caught my attention during your speech

was you mentioned something that when

the hadith of the prophet sallallaahu

Silom that when allah subhanho wa taala

once good for his slave he afflicts him

of his trials many people I’m sure you

get messages on a daily basis I get

these messages of people in in in

problem people going through different

things depression anxiety maybe mental

health maybe physical health maybe they

feel very very far from Allah maybe for

example I got a message once from a

sister she said she’s in a very far

place and she cries and she she she

wants to be close to allah subhanaw

taala but because of her past she finds

it very difficult a lot of people

because they have made the environments

for themselves they’re not in good

environments they find it so difficult

to become closer to allah subhanaw taala

and they are being afflicted with trials

on a daily basis what advice could we

give to these people because we know

that the prophets may peace and blessing

be upon all of them were the most

afflicted people how can we put that

into our minds and actually not only put

it into our minds but put it into

practice the way they did I think it’s

extremely important for us to make

” learning Quran online classes “

mention of the term hope hope hope is a

gift of Allah such a great gift of allah

subhanahu wata’ala

that we need to speak about it

constantly and we need to instill hope

within others by speaking to them by can

I try this I’m hopeful brother don’t

worry ok the registration plate is here

pl/1 7y HJ I can’t believe brother you

haven’t got a few guys to just carry the

car deal with it the African way bro

pl/1 7 that means please oh that means

please 17 times so pl/1 7 we can repeat

it if you need y HJ and this is going to

be all over the world so your car is

just increased in value

masha’allah imagine people are gonna say

that’s the car Wow just spoken about

Mela bless you and give you good use of

your car please can you get up brother

or sister and it’s a blue vehicle it

looks like a what’s the make of the car

Vogue’s all mashallah and there there

goes mashaallah parked exactly halfway

on the pavement and on the road

hamdulillah can see it found Allah Allah

bless you tell me when the guy comes

back and we’ll make another dua for him

don’t worry we’re hopeful that he will

get up or she will get up and go it’s

not bad you know to make a mistake is

very human when you don’t rectify it

then it says more about you then the

mistake did may allah subhanahu wa make

it easy for us all that looks like

you’re gonna beat me up

ok so we’re getting back to what brother

Musa was asking before the little

distraction and that is many people want

to turn to Allah they know that they’re

in a bad place so far away but I promise

you my brothers you have to build the

hope you have to know that the most

merciful is Allah without understanding

the mercy of Allah you’re not going to

be able to help yourself do you know

that when you don’t have water Allah

tells you you can do to your mum tell

you means I’m just I’m not going to

clean myself with water because I don’t

have it or I cannot use it so Allah is

basically telling you I don’t need you

to use the water if there’s a reason why

you don’t or you cannot use it so Allah

is telling you you can still pray and

you don’t even have that who do

according to the proper way that’s

supposed to be doesn’t that show you the

mercy of Allah I had someone who had

severe OCD and I told them Allah is not

really going to punish you if you’ve

made a mistake or two in your will do

with this condition that you’re in right

now and they were like no way I have to

add this will do it takes me eight hours

to make what what did you just say how


you set yourself 3 minutes whatever

you’ve done in the interim you’ve done

it and Allah will forgive you what now

obviously this is an extreme case but we

were starting we were trying to stop you

know to help them out of it and then I

said look a lot doesn’t even punish

those who don’t make wudu if there’s a

reason why they cannot do it and I was

referring here to tell you mum

but they were like I don’t think that’s

right I said I know what I’m talking

about so going back to what I’m saying

if you’re if you don’t understand the

mercy of Allah

you’re never gonna come out of your mess

Allah loves you and the love will

continue loving you and Allah made you

and Allah knows about you and he knows

your struggles he knows where you’ve

been and he knows where you want to be

and he knows that you might be moving

very slowly and he also knows that your

graph might dip now and again on its way

up let’s not become like cryptocurrency

you know it kept me it went up it gave

everybody hope and suddenly it started

coming down you know and now it’s just

looking so gloomy am i right I didn’t

hear so many yeses because the guy’s

already so gloomy but in sha allah we we

need to have the hope in the mercy of

allah that’s number one number two is

there are two ways of changing either

you do it instantly by shifting your

your area your location your house your

suburb go into a place perhaps where

there are better people perhaps a whole

new area a whole new town you start

afresh with new company new everyone you

start choosing them properly that helped

a lot of people as well especially who

have bad habits it’s a lot we’re gonna

need to change this as well wrong don’t

worry I won’t get cross this is this is

martial arts perhaps it’s the base if

the base is a little bit too far you

know brother Musa is oh it’s right there

then there’s a problem with the battery

mashallah third time shaman

testing Oh third time lucky definitely

this thing looks like it’s legit you

know mashallah yeah and by the way this

happens in marriage as well if you have

things are broken down communications

broken down once it’s okay hamdulillah

if you happen to go through a divorce

you’re not a bad person I know of a lot

of brothers and sisters who are divorced

and they are way better than some of

those who haven’t yet been married I

want to repeat that I know of brothers

and sisters who are divorced and they

are way better

or someone didn’t like that they’re way

better than those who are sometimes not

yet married and sometimes they try again

and they’re divorced again and they try

a third time and guess what they get

something legit hamdulillah and then

they can hold it carefully and say your

mind mashallah now Allah bless you Allah

grant you ease brother let’s go back to

what we were saying what was it it was

about coming out of the the deep end


so let me explain I remember I wanted to

say something so we spoke about the

mercy of Allah we spoke about change of

environment right sometimes that’s not

possible so what you do step by step

start changing things bit by bit

and don’t give up the day you give up

that’s the day that you’ve lost a lot

never gives up never for Allah no matter

how bad you’ve been no matter where you

have gone it’s a flick you need to ask

Allah forgiveness he’s wiped out all the

bad all of it completely gone and if you

make an error and go back and slip again

come back and seek the forgiveness of

Allah again never give up

so either you correct yourself overnight

and you’ve changed or you build brick by

brick you build such that inshallah you

will come out and if you will be in a

better place by the mercy of allah

subhanahu wata’ala so inshallah we won’t


hope in the mercy of Allah now we’re

going to share this particular

microphone inshallah that too is the

mercy of Allah Baraka lovak it’s

definitely legit so one of the one of

the things that actually came into my

mind Mufti well while you were talking

was about many of the things that you’re

mentioning attained and relate to a good

thought of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala

and there’s actually a hadith that I

came across the other day about a man

that was doomed and he was destined for

Jahannam and something happened to him

could you tell us a little bit about


so the hadith where the no man’s

basically he’s lived a life and he’s

done wrong and he’s being dragged to

Jahannam and as he’s being dragged to

Jahannam he looks up at a loss of Hanna

to Allah and Allah asks him what did you

think of me what did you think of this

situation what did you think I would do

and allah subhanaw taala and the man

responds to allah subhanaw taala and

says o allah i thought you would forgive

me i thought you would forgive me

so just because that man had good

thought of allah subhanaw taala Allah

forgave him and from him going to

Jahannam allah subhanaw taala put him

into Jannah the hadith says Anna in

divinely MDB the prophets wa sallam

tells us that Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

says I will treat each one of my slaves

as he or she perceives me so how you

think Allah is going to treat you

that’s not going to be treated because

if you think that Allah won’t forgive

that is an insult to Allah it’s an

insult to Allah how do you expect to be

treated then when you believe that he

was not the most forgiving most merciful

but when you believe Allah is forgiving

allies merciful and you keep trying

remember when you want the mercy of

Allah one thing that is required of you

is the trial you need to try even if you

falter and dilly-dally you need to try

and you need to keep trying you cannot

say I’m

commit all the sins on earth and you

know I firmly believe allows me to

forgive me because that again is playing

into the hands of the devil

that’s what shaitaan wants you to do to

have a false hope but the prophet

mohammed salah salem says whoever wants

to enter jannah will enter in fact in

one narration he says all of you will

enter paradise except he or she who

refuse or refuses the reason is when the

Sahaba of the allahu anhu asked him well

who would refuse he says whoever follows

me will enter jannah and whoever refused

whoever doesn’t has refused whoever

doesn’t has refused and what is the

following of a line his Rasool Salah

Lara Salam you will obey the obligations

you will stay away from the prohibitions

and you will seek forgiveness for the

mistakes you’ve made as simple as that

so when we seek the forgiveness of Allah

and we have firm conviction that Allah

is Gafoor rahim when allah says Ghaffar

you know the meaning of the term afar is

so amazing that if you were to ponder

over it it would rejuvenate your Eman

how far actually means the one who

constantly forgives again and again and

again because before is one who forgives

often and how far is the one who

forgives so much subhanAllah every time

you sin he forgives you every time you

falter he forgives you every time you

make a mistake he forgives you so I want

to tell you something today if you have

made a mistake or committed a sin the

first step is to believe that Allah is

most forgiving you believe that Allah is

most forgiving and you believe that

Allah is purifying you the moment you

seek forgiveness one of the plots of

Shaitaan is to make you think that your

Toba is rejected your repentance is

rejected that’s a plan of the devil he

makes you lose hope in the mercy of

Allah when Allah tells you only I embody

an Levine

you see him lot upon Illuminati

in wild zone imagine me in Naju and tell

my worshipers who have transgressed

against themselves that indeed never

lose hope in the mercy of Allah for he

is most forgiving most merciful he will

forgive all your sins

that’s a verse of the Quran it’s called

the verse of Hope Allah says he will

forgive all your sins so when you lose

hope you’ve played straight into the

hands of the devil who promises you

Allah won’t forgive you so stop thinking

that Allah won’t forgive you Allah will

he will forgive you he loves you he

cares for you but don’t give up keep on

trying and keep trying and try to make

today better than yesterday and tomorrow

better than today if that happens in

your relationship with Allah you’re

heading in the right direction even if

you’re a tortoise even if you are so


it’s okay you’re still heading towards

Jenna the hadith says when a person

intends to do a good deed

they are already rewarded with the

intention and then when they do it it’s

multiplied ten tenfold and more than

that perhaps so who the minute I have

intended to go for salat al-fajr or for

example if an obstacle comes in my path

and I didn’t manage do you know what I

was already rewarded via my intention so

if I’ve intended to get to Jenna to get

to the pleasure of Allah and I’m trying

and I’m on the path and I die in that

condition do you know what’s going to

happen I’m convinced that Allah will

take me to paradise convinced and I

invite you to enjoy that conviction

because definitely Allah is most


Jessica la fameuse T now moving on to a

different topic actually but still

pertaining to the remembrance of Allah

of course in many Islamic events what

we’re trying to do is remember allah

subhanaw taala

sure you will come my Sheikh will come

he’ll give a talk and you know it’s all

good mashaa allah

but but why are some people charging for

these events fall why are people

charging to spread knowledge why are

people charging for events you know I

think I think there might be someone

here who had had that question okay

some friendly banter mashallah so what

why is this going on why why are people

charging are you taking advantage of the

Muslims okay putting me in a spot

mashallah my brothers and sisters you

see obviously there is an expense to do

a lot of things and many times people

cover it you have a sponsor who donates

I remember in Nigeria there was an event

that they had to they had to they wanted

to do for the on my and who for the

young the boys and the girls those who

don’t normally you know attend and you

know religious functions and for the

Ummah even people who do attend everyone

is allowed to come and they wanted to

have it at a good venue they wanted to

you know do proper arrangements make

everything up to standard because people

look at Islam and they think well it’s

such a backward religion you know you

just got to go there and sit and

nothing’s gonna is gonna be you know

there’s nothing up-to-date about it and

so on so we’re catering for a different

category of people and they were

charging about two or three dollars two

or three dollars per person and there

were so many thousand who were going to

attend one sister may Allah give her

Jena Allah give agenda a sister

contacted the organizers and said

brothers how many seats do you have they

said so many thousand I’d like to

purchase all those tickets and then you

can give them free to the people who

want to come you know my head was

standing when I heard that in Nigeria

precisely in Abuja Subhan Allah that was

something amazing this was sometime back

right and I learned that there are

people who want their wealth to be used

in a good cause they wanted it’s a sign

of acceptance when Allah takes away your

money for a good reason

Allah loves you some people don’t vote

dear so we do it for them by force by

the way we tell them five pound guys so

at least at least you can thank Allah oh

wow they took it they took it but it’s a

good cause it’s not a bad cause it

should be an honour for us it should be

an honour or lie because things are not

free personally handle I must clear

something I don’t charge a penny by the

will of Allah I can also tell you

something about this venue they haven’t

charged a penny hamdulillah so we’re

fortunate that’s why it’s just a fiver

they asked me before they did it and

they have their reasons they have their

you know their costs and so on things

are not free people have come people

have done things you can see right and

from the people who are here a lot a lot

may have been complimentary tickets for

whatever reason I would like to think

that if we did have a few guys who

actually got up and said you know I want

to give you another beautiful

encouragement recently I was in Nigeria

again this is a country that people

think all these guys you know you gotta

watch out and so well la he one of the

best places I’ve been to Nigeria the

northern part of Nigeria absolutely

amazing awesome people whom I have found

to be so religious and so good and

really if you speak Arabic the chances

of them speaking back to you in Arabic

are almost 90% and I was sitting and

explaining something about a project and

wallahi wallahi a brother comes to me

and this project was like huge meaning a

huge thing he told me

inshallah I’ll sponsor that whole

project and I was like what subhanAllah

I want to give you another example there

was a television station a Muslim

television station about to close down

and they needed so many million and they

made an announcement some of you might

know the station they made an

announcement to say look it’s our last

broadcast because we don’t have money we

have to pay X amount we have so much so

much one brother phoned in from Nigeria

he says brother

write you a check what amount do you

need X amount the brother says the next

day he flew over he was just an ordinary

man walking with his slippers with his

hat he came and gave them the whole

amount so many million and he told him

Salam alaikum anonymous I’m out but now

if I were to pay five pounds 10 pounds

20 pounds you know if someone is asking

me but 20 pounds you know that that book

you know it’s it’s for a charitable

cause that’s what it is we should have

said guys 30 pounds to pay for

attendance and the book is included some

people do that but no five pounds what’s

five pounds it’s not much to be honest

with you a lot of us spend that on the

same dessert we were talking about

moments ago subhanAllah five pound is we

spend it on anything and everything but

when it comes to religion we need to be

reminded a lot took it from you even if

you didn’t like it initially change that

intention and said I love it next time I

paid ten Sharla what did it go for what

did you gain you gained more than five

pounds do you agree

and so yes we could have had the

function at the Masjid but trust me it

wouldn’t have appealed to the same crowd

of people perhaps it would have

overlapped yes it would have

but not everyone another thing is we

wouldn’t be able to sit and laugh the

way we do because a Masjid has its own

sanctity there are so many other we

wouldn’t have Iman channel for example

record and say we’re gonna have it live

or we’re gonna have it replayed on Iman

channel or on YouTube and on everywhere

else it may not have been so there are

so many costs involved Habibi for me

while some people consider it an honor

to spend five pounds others would

actually look at it as a punishment they

wouldn’t be ready to spend it no I’m not

going why so hon Allah and remember it’s

not about the speaker like I said with

me I haven’t ever charged no way in fact

if anything I wouldn’t mind I honestly

wouldn’t mind and I have spent my own

resources in a lot of cases to do the

work of the deed but not every speaker

can do that and not every venue can

provide it free I would think a venue of

this nature if we were to pay I don’t

even know some

suck probably 10 grand I don’t know I’m

thinking aloud maybe more maybe a little

bit less

I don’t know but who paid it someone

just gave it we make dua for them why

not if they didn’t we would have still

had it here we would have paid for it

and then it would have been ten quid you

see so the other five someone paid it

for me and you so Hannah I’m very lucky

but please look at it from this angle

that Allah has taken your money for a

good cause so I was speaking to someone

about the same thing that’s why I was

pointing to a friend of mine because we

were discussing this matter it is a

matter I think for black men it’s

something new right it may be something

new well get used to it the next time

there is an Islamic event come out and

volunteer to give money to donate let’s

have someone similar to the sister in

Nigeria how many seats do you have mm

what’s it 5 quid 10,000 I’m going to

deposit just let everyone come in free


in that case we would say just give us

15 we can give the guys 5 pounds as

they’re walking out subhanAllah for

having attended my cellar maybe we can

have some free drinks and all that but

to be very honest my alhamdulillah we we

do have costs and I think the bulk of

the people really don’t mind you know if

you look at the attendance here it’s to

that capacity did you see the people

putting in more chairs here Subhan Allah

may Allah accept it from all of us so I

thank Allah whenever my money is used in

the right direction because that same 5

quid could have been used for something

wrong and it could have been used for a

waste but Allah says no I’m going to

take it from you through something and

that’s why when I was standing in the

front I thanked you to have attended

didn’t I say that I thanked everyone

because why

if you don’t thank the people you can’t

thank Allah so I thank everyone I really

do I appreciate it because this is how

things will operate and it will go and I

am enjoying myself simply because we’re

remembering Allah and we are earning the

mercy of Allah and the angels are making

to our for us right now because what

we’re talking about is the remembrance

of Allah this setup may not be

absolutely ideal but it’s brilliant

because none of us are living in an

ideal environment a lot of the times

I’ve had programs where people say but

you know the sisters saying we couldn’t

see this

speaker we couldn’t concentrate we

couldn’t see even if it’s on a screen

sometimes you know what you we have to

be realistic it may not be ideal we may

get there one day

but subhanAllah if you notice the the

people that we aim for are people like

you and I who are struggling to get

closer to Allah someone said but you

know the pious won’t come I said I don’t

want to preach to the preached I want

people like you and I who are going

through real-life issues they’ll come to

us and they’ll hear a thing and we will

hear from them and we inspire each other

to become better people I don’t want

someone who’s going to look at me from

the top as though they preaching down my

throat no way I want someone to talk to

me that’s why we’re having a sofa talk

at hamdulillah

jazakallah in mufti and yeah i really

relate with that you know because even

me I went from being in an environment

where I know people that spend hundreds

of pounds on designer clothes and etc to

knowing alhamdulillah brothers that will

call up on a show on a fundraising show

and they were ok one often fifteen

minutes later the same guy another

orphan and I’m thinking wow like that’s

a lot of money to pay per month but I

think those people that do things like

that have really understood that sadaqa

does not decrease you in wealth and I

think they’ve seen that and experienced

that and they believe that and that may

be a motivation that also keeps them

going to keep donating moving on here

you know when we pay towards a good

cause even if it’s a ticket to an

Islamic event don’t ever think that that

is a fine or it is like someone

snatching your money away if your

intention going back to the previous

question you’d asked if your intention

is inshallah I’m gonna give it to make

it easy for them to hold more events of

this nature then inshallah you’ve

contributed to a Sadiq Acharya because

you’ve started the trend that it will

catch like wildfire by the will of allah

subhanahu wata’ala so look at it as an

honor you know I have so many examples I

could give but I think let’s move on to

let’s move on to the neck to something

else each other so

I mean we see a lot of young faces here


and I think Mufti knows where I’m going

here don’t worry I’m not gonna ask any

controversial questions but look a

marriage you know a lot a lot of young

people want to get married we get

learning Quran online classes “

messages abaya on a daily basis people

want to get married sister’s want to get

married they go through struggles trying

to get married brothers go through

struggles trying to get married and I

mean we don’t need to explain as to why

they’re going through this I mean we all

live in the society and we all know

what’s going on but one question and I

feel like it’s a really important

question to ask is before a young person

and this is like to the 17 18 19 20 or

even above yours out there who seemed to

want to give their heart to another

human being and they want to fall in

love with another human being but they

haven’t fallen in love with allah

subhanaw taala yeah and they don’t they

haven’t truly found themselves yet what

advice key advice could you give to

people like that should they get married

without finding themselves what kind of

problems can they find themselves in you

know the difficulty we face now is you

have 15 years 15 year-olds and 16

year-olds will tell you I need my Dakkar

done I need my Nakata and you say but

why because I don’t want to commit Haram

come on come on you don’t want to commit

her arm so now you want to get your

Nakata so be strong be patient you know

stay away from sin because like you say

now people need to find themselves and

by finding themselves they will

definitely find allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala I always say you will not even

know that your choice of a spouse shapes

your future until you get married in a

lot of cases your choice of a spouse

actually determines a lot of your future

so choose well and if you don’t know how

to don’t choose with your hormones I

promise you that’s what people do they

just choose with their hormones it’s a

fact it might have sounded a bit you

know direct but it’s

fact people choose with their emotion

sometimes but wait go back to the hadith

go back to the Prophet peace be upon him

and I’ve always said the two most

powerful organs the heart and the mind

don’t ever give anyone the control of

those two because they will hurt you

they will hurt you you give that to

Allah and you give it to anyone after

that within what Allah has ordained but

we’ve seen thousands of people get

abused and used because they’ve given

their heart and their mind in someone

else’s hand that’s it they’ve given it

away give it in the hands of Allah your

heart and mind and whoever else you’re

gonna love you can love them more than

anything but if Allah has allowed it and

it’s ordained and for this reason we say

be very careful my beloved brothers my

sisters my children sons and daughters

you know we sometimes are not even the

people whom we should be for those whom

we would like to marry let me wear it

again in a different way

we are not whom the person who we want

to marry would even want to marry do you

understand that the qualities I have do

you really think that guy I want to

marry is looking for those qualities no

way oh the girl who I want to marry is

looking for those qualities so I haven’t

even built my qualities to the point

where the person I would like to marry

would even be interested in would even

be if you get what I’m saying and and I

want to get married and that’s it and

that’s it there there goes so learn to

develop yourself learn to get closer to

Allah look at people look at others who

are married talk to them see what it’s

all about and this is why I say my

brothers and sisters do you know when

you go to school and you’re growing

you’re still finding yourself you’re

still setting your foot on the ground

sometimes we make big mistakes as we’re

growing up

we’ll forgive you but the people who

know about it will not forgive you Allah

will forgive you for the mistakes you’ve


but unfortunately the people even your

best friends will be the biggest

sellouts because they are not a photo

Brahim Allah is men and this is why you

were not allowed to spy in Islam do you

know one of the reasons if you were to

spy on each one of us we would lose hope

in humanity we’re sinful human beings

you spy on me you may find things that I

might be embarrassed okay everyone’s on

a different level some are really major

and some are not so major but it’s still

embarrassing if we were to spy on each

other and we were to announce it all

over the world we would lose respect for

everybody everybody but Allah says you

know what we’re going to keep that’s why

we say to Allah ya Maharaja Mila was

settled to be oh you who has made

apparent that which is nice beautiful

and you covered that which is evil and

embarrassing you’ve covered it it’sit’s

part of the qualities of Allah he’s

merciful that’s His mercy he covered

your sin he covered mine because he

wants humanity to have faith in humanity

once again but the reality is when we

spy on someone and we find something out

they may have already sought forgiveness

of Allah and come out of it and we will

still be just finding that thing out and

start exposing it in a way that we don’t

realize the guy who’s here is the best

possible person at this particular point

in his life but I am taking him back to

something that happened in the past

because I just found it out now I give

you one example there was a guy who came

to me and told me you know I thank Allah

I have had six affairs this is a true

story right and I’ve got the best wife


ever ever and unfortunately shapen came

to me and made me have six different

affairs and I thank Allah that my wife

didn’t find out and I repent to Allah

and I ask Allah forgiveness and you know

today I am a person who

ever do that and I said brother why are

telling it to me because if that’s the

case he might have told it to others as

well and if you’re gonna tell it to

others your wife’s gonna get to know and

even if your wife gets to know six years

later I don’t think she’s got photo

brahim subhanAllah

that’s Allah she’s gonna hold it against

you and say I’m out of here and by the

way that’s the wrong advice to say I’m

out of here people say just get out no

don’t work on it help them you didn’t

marry in order to just destroy when you

find out one or two things no you have

to help yes when it becomes unbearable

there is a way out definitely but up to

that point you help each other come on

you know but I asked the brothers why

are telling me you know what he told me

he says I’m only ever telling you so

that you can relate it to the people

that’s what I’m doing here you can tell

people that sometimes a person he has

done evil without you knowing they’ve

come out of it they’ve sought the

forgiveness of Allah they mended their

ways you didn’t ever know and you won’t

know subhanAllah but they did worse than

what you can ever imagine but they’re

gone it’s out of it that meaning they’re

out of it so learn not to look at the

past in a way that makes you determine a

person’s present you know you might hear

like it happens a lot these days

sometimes you want to marry someone and

you end up asking a person you know I’d

like to get married what do you think of

this person and they tell you something

that person did in grade five when they

were at school and something they didn’t

inform one I said I wouldn’t I really

ought be careful you know what I’d

advise you otherwise that was such a

long time back look at what happened to

their lives thereafter okay it depends

the magnitude of the issue you got to

look into it but you need to be careful

what you say about people is it really

what they are today is it really

something that happened recently is it

something that you really think they’re

involved in right now if that’s the case

you have to be honest to say you know

what I know one or two things and so on

but otherwise what we should

learning every one of us if we were to

be exposed even the people we are

married to now would probably leave a

lot of us they’d leave us

sorry guys don’t nod your heads please

because that’s quite bad but it’s a fact

it’s a fact that this is what happens

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help us

all and may Allah open our doors and

grant us goodness marriage is a topic

that everyone wants to talk about the

only thing I do know about

Blackburne and marriage is when you when

it does happen this is a good venue to

hire in Charlotte I like the plug there


so going from the topic of marriage as

well now there’s a thing that we

commonly see and it relates to a lot of

the things that you talked about Mufti

where let’s say there’s a brother he

he’s struggling to practice Islam he’s

struggling to outwardly

look like a Muslim and inwardly as well

and as a sister she’s struggling with

the same thing she’s inwardly you know

working on herself and outwardly she

doesn’t look like a Muslim as well how

important is it that both of those

things are in check your outward

appearance and your inward appearance

and which is more important they are

both equally important to be honest with

you whatever Allah has made easy for you

to start with you start with it you work

on it I tell you why inward and outward

you pay a price for it not being in

order that price is either digestible by

some or not say for example and I’ve

known this in a lot of cases I’m going

to give you the example even though it

may offend some say for example let me

wear it in a nice way

right say there’s a brother who’s not

really practicing he’s not practicing

outwardly inwardly he’s quiet and he

chooses to get married for example and

he makes a choice of someone who’s

similar to him I tell you what as time

passes you draw closer to Allah but the

problem is both of you may not draw

closer to Allah at the same pace so you

start having a conflict because one is

drawing closer to Allah you know quicker

than the other

so now there’s a problem because I’m

paying a price of who I was not because

a lot didn’t forgive me Allah doesn’t

love me but it’s one of those things I

had a brother who had a huge tattoo and

he says I regret it but it’s permanent

and I cannot remove this what should I


” learning Quran online classes “

I said brother Allah will forgive you

Allah probably has already forgiven you

but the price you’re gonna have to pay

for what you did is that physically it’s

going to be there and Muslims

unfortunately will look at you and say

hurrah hurrah brother what you doing and

so on so it was a mistake he made in his

own jahiliya in his own ignorance but he

came closer to Allah he’s gonna have to

pay a certain price for it if you

chopped your hand off because it was the

trend to only have one hand you know

human beings are quite silly that trend

might come one day so everyone’s moving

learning Quran online classes “

around with one hand you know in

Capetown there was a time when there was

a trend that you don’t have your front

teeth so they actually used to go and

surgically remove them so if you see a

certain age group of people now they’re

about 60 65 and the people from Capetown

who may be here or who may watch this

are gonna laugh at it because they know

what I’m talking about when they smile

at you the one four teeth are missing

that was a trend you were like gangsta

you know that’s what it was you know

they don’t have those teeth subhanAllah

but later when you understand it’s too

late what are you gonna do you’re gonna

you’re gonna need dentures which are

very very uncomfortable or something

else that’s expensive and to remove it

was so easy so sometimes we do things we

pay a price we pay a price for that and

this is why I say as you grow older try

to control yourself try to have a good

reputation when you send sin in private

that’s that’s a sign that you are still

conscious of allah the prophet saww

salem says people will still remain upon

goodness for as long as they don’t

openly and proudly commit the sin

remember that hadith when your friends

know about your sin I promise you it’s a

sign according to the hadith of the

Prophet SAW sallam that your

consciousness of Allah needs attention

right but when you sinned in private and

you’re too embarrassed even for your

best friends to know it it’s a sign that

u.s. you still consider that thing Haram

and taboo see why I say this is like I

said if your friends know what you did

and yo your buddies all know one day you

have a little fallout that happens to

everyone and the next thing it’s

announced on GBC whatever that is but on

a big broad broadcasting cooperation

it’s just announced why because they you

are you announced it people knew about

it so therefore if you have a weakness

if you’ve committed a sin

the hadith says do it in private well

the hadith doesn’t encourage you to

commit sin but how its worded is it’s

the Prophet SAW solemn says that people

there is still hope for the people for

as long as they don’t commit sin openly

and proudly openly you’re committing the

sin if that’s the case how do you expect

the mercy of Allah so may allah

subhanahu wa to add i have mercy on all

of us and you know what sometimes we the

price we pay for things we’ve done in

the past is there i think a lot of us

would relate to this it’s not like it’s

gonna go away forever but it’s sometimes

it’s the mercy of allah maybe I lost

protecting you from something perhaps

Allah knows something that you don’t

know always believe that in the broader

picture whatever is going on is better

for you in the long run whatever Nick

whatever seems negative today is

actually better for you may Allah make

it easy for us I mean I mean Jessica

laughs Aaron chef so mostly another

thing that came into my head while you

were talking about this issue of public

sinning and private sinning I’ve noticed

one thing that when people publicly

sinned not only does it affect them in a

very bad way but it also affects other

people you know like I was speaking to

one brother and this is a practicing

brother in fact he’s a brother that

gives Dawa and many of you may even know

him and he mentioned how just going on

Instagram and watching someone’s video

and there’s this song going around and

someone posted it and now because of

that person’s public sin he goes I can’t

get out of my head it’s just stuck in my

head and it’s a thing we imagine every

single person every single person that

comes across this bad thing that you’ve


public is affected by it all of those

sins you know who are they going to if

you don’t repent it reminds me of the

hadith of the Prophet Salaam whoever

sets a good example will have the reward

of all those who follow it and whoever

sets a bad example will have carry the

sin of all those who followed it so when

you’re talking to people when you’re

encouraging people meaning you must

encourage people and when you do things

let it be such that people learn a good

thing from you not a bad thing if

they’ve learnt a bad thing from you you

don’t realize how the sin will be

clocking in while you’re busy at home

because you taught them how to do the

bad and they it keeps on going one

example of the remembrance of Allah is

when you receive a whatsapp message

that’s filled with nudity pornography

something dirty unacceptable I started

doing one thing delete them the reason

is I started thinking if I forward this

clip and I’m talking of jokes that

sometimes are the meaning of a

particular person or a race or something

you know or sometimes it’s something

that’s not worth sending it’s a bad joke

sometimes it’s a dirty job to be honest

with you some people actually forward

” learning Quran online classes “

things not realizing I may be on that

list you know it happens to people they

just forward it to all their friends

because they had a good laugh and they

don’t realize hey there are a few people

you sent it here who would actually you

know take offense but excuse the guys

but you have no excuse delete the thing

don’t forward it because if you forward

something dirty from your phone to

another phone that moment of loss of

remembrance of Allah this is what it

does to you you earn the sin of what you

did and you earn the sin for every time

that message was forwarded thereafter so

much so much why should that happen just

delete it it didn’t cost you anything so

what if they didn’t have such a laugh at

such a dirty thing big deal they can

laugh at our little jokes about the guy

who’s whose vehicle was parked in front

of the tire place by the way is he back

did you come back brother well if you

did we have a prize for you so Sharla

call on you just now

you can walk up the ramp here come forth

you know mashallah

so there are other ways of you know

letting people perhaps laugh and joke

etc but may Allah make it easy for us

you know we’re living in in a world

where we do get affected by these things

all of us let’s speak realistically to

each other

remind each other inshallah not to do

things like these and we wiII become

better as the days pass we improve

ourselves and I am not excluded in what

I am saying myself I’m the first I need

to start with myself and then everyone

else and in that way inshallah we’ll

increase the love and we we definitely

will learn to love each other you know

when we sit like this

in a gathering of this nature in the

Masjid or anywhere ask yourself what

what do you feel towards those whom you

have met today those whom you have seen

those whom you look at those who are

seated next to you if there is no love

you have a lot of work to do you need to

feel the love you need to make sure you

put it in your heart I was flying to

Hong Kong a few weeks ago and you know

they’re celebrating 100 years of Nelson

Mandela in South Africa so I was flying

on South African Airways and the pilot

makes an announcement you’re not going

to believe what announcement and they

made it so many times when we were going

when we were coming back and even on

some of the shorter flights

he says ladies and gentlemen were

celebrating 100 years of Nelson Mandela

living his legacy we’d like each

passenger to greet and introduce

themselves to the passengers seated next

to them have you ever heard that on an

aircraft the last time I jumped him

somebody just did that you know like

they didn’t even want to sit next to us

yeah but the non-muslims are telling you

this Islam says it from a long time ago

when you read in your Salah Salam or

aleikum wa rahmatullah assalamu alaykum

wa rahmatullah what are you doing you’re

greeting the people and the angels on

this side and that’s said did you ever

know that did you ever know that but if

we could it says Salam are they not

sorry Salam alaikum warahmatullah that’s

it we would do so if I were to tell you

that each other before you leave you

know introduce yourselves to the person

sitting next to each other we can do it

right now

exercise shake the hand of the person

next to you for as long as they’re not

of the opposite sex each other say your

name who you are don’t ask for a

business card masha’Allah

and yeah you get to know each other you

shake hands you smile you greet

mashallah Baraka Lavie may Allah bless

you guys and a lot of the times a lot of

the times people don’t do this you know

they you attend the function and you’re

all alone

I know I know sisters who’ve attended

our functions in London who work or

study in London all alone for whatever

reason I’m not there to pry into their

personal lives but when they come into

the function sometimes they say

sometimes they say that in other

functions we feel so alone because we

come in we walk out no one’s greeted no

one’s shown an interest just because

maybe the color is slightly different

maybe they didn’t know you whatever else

it may be they might not have been

dressed according to the way you wanted

them to be dressed all of these are part

of the test of Allah how’s your heart

how’s your heart

will you still greet will you still make

them feel important will you still smile

will you still offer help even if the

person is not exactly how you wanted the

person to be if you have got to that

level alhamdulillah you’ve achieved a

lot and this is why when we had Eid in

in London we’ve had it a few times now

right but they eat in the park this was

the first time the last time we had eat

in Excel in London and what llahi people

wrote us feedback I received feedback as

well of people who work alone

you know London’s a city there are so

many people from all over the world

whose families are not there and they

say it’s the first time we had eat

together as an Ummah families there was

places to eat and everyone was together

and the stalls and everything happened

we felt together as an Ummah there are

so many reverts whom we never reach out

to a lot of people are Yvette wants to

marry your daughter

” learning Quran online classes “

Norway is not Pakistani

you cannot do that my brothers and

sisters we need to rise above all of

this we need to come if we are not going

to reach out to these people who will

banana ignore Abba was from Africa he

was from Habersham if he came and asked

for your daughter what would you do

but the professor sullen says ya belong

I heard your footsteps engine are you

ready to give your daughter to someone

who’s gonna take your daughter to

paradise I don’t want to think what the

lot of us would say may Allah forgive us

that’s why the hadith says you look at

the Deen you look at the o’clock the

rest of the things that have come and

cropped up they’re all secondary by the

way people use them as excuses to abuse

their children and by the way children

don’t belong to you they belong to Allah

Allah is just given them to you for a

period of time as a token to feel good

” learning Quran online classes “

by calling them my child but they

actually belong to Allah evidence of it

is in allele a he what in LA here are J

own we belong to Allah and we are all

going to return to Allah we belong to

Allah your child can go just like Allah

gave you the child may Allah bless those

who don’t have children with children

say I mean we don’t realize it there are

a lot of people who don’t have kids they

want to have kids but they don’t when

Allah gives them the child it’s not your

ownership it’s very temporary it’s the

ownership of allah on earth you have a

duty to fulfill regarding those kids and

that Duty shall be as per the

instruction of Allah not as per your

whims and fancies

so masha’Allah that was a beautiful

topic I seize the opportunity to to

speak much you know on a much wider

scale about the same thing but may Allah

bless us all and grant us that love and

that goodness and that beautiful feeling

and may Allah restore the the the beauty

of this this Ummah one more thing I can

add chef if you don’t mind you know I

Allah has granted me the opportunity

like some of you as well to travel to a

lot of places and interact with Muslims

is a very very dangerous trend that we

need to address if you ask me what I’ve

noticed as I travel you know what I’ve


hatred amongst the pious externally

within the Muslim Ummah did you hear

what I said and I have to say loud and

clear when we become more pious

externally and we’re obeying Allah

externally through physical means our

hearts are becoming dirtier dirtier at

times I’ve noticed hate they don’t even

want to talk to others and this is

happening not just with them but it’s

more with those people who I see

mashallah this person is outwardly pious

and it’s extremely important it’s

extremely important to be outwardly

pious like you were saying what is more

important is both of them are important

whatever Allah has given you the

opportunity to start when you start with

but take the hate out of you man come on

we are brothers and sisters someone

might be struggling don’t make don’t

embarrass them because the outwardly

they may not be according to your system

talk to them in a way that the next time

they’re so encouraged and motivated that

they were not prejudiced against simply

because of what they looked like come on

whether it’s color whether it’s whatever

they struggling with you don’t know

their lives some people have done so

well so well mashallah for me a person

who made an effort to attend a function

like this one here Subhan Allah is a

sign of the love of Allah it’s

definitely the sign of the love of Allah

if Allah brought you along here whatever

it was and however you were it’s a sign

that Allah loves you and I tell you I

tell my brothers here and even the

sisters who might be attending or who

might have visited messages whether it’s

in Mecca Medina anywhere else anyone

who’s in the Masjid is a guest of Allah

make him feel that way anyone who’s in

the Masjid is a guest of Allah make them

feel that way

subhanAllah don’t make them feel

uncomfortable I remember a guy in London

walked into the machine and he had his

three quarters you know like we called

him bermudez and three quarter shorts

right and this is old uncle whose

ever ever absent he’s always in the

first stuff and he looks at this young

boy who’s got his cap the other way

around with his 3/4 is stuck with a lot

you have to share an idea you know

that’s like or do it means no shape and

himself has come here today and you know

what subhanAllah what would you tell an

uncle like that you tell me who is

better and who is worse in that case I

don’t even want to say because they both

needed help but the one who commented

needed more help

the other one was already helping

himself meaning he was halfway through

he was going to the hospital I mean

you’re at the hospital you can’t say

look the sick guys are here you can’t

say that because the hospital is for

those who are not well at least the guys

in the hospital as for you what are you

doing being the doctor the way you’re

commenting if you were anyway

may Allah make it easy I hope you’ve

understood that example and may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala forgive all of us
01:05:04,550 –> 00:00:00,000

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Chabuk Cyrus
1 year ago

The Exorcism might continue for a week and may be less than that or more according to the patient’s condition and the degree of his response, Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Aman Aftab
1 year ago

Many are those who fast but get nothing as thethe prophet [PBUH]said, some say it refers to those who fast but donot keep away from backbitihg ,lying.

Chanda Falak
1 year ago

The Exorcist has to remember the prayers to give their good calls for the patients generally and privately. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Ali Aasim
1 year ago

-the Exorcism has to conclude covertly and overtly and the overtness is most preferable. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Abbas Farhad
1 year ago

Iseek refuge by all the words of Allah from what He has created. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Changez Khalifa
1 year ago

obstaining means something usually you want to do ,you delibrately do not do it

Falak Danish
1 year ago

the value of fasting can be loweredby lying , and Backbiting

Abbas Babu
1 year ago

the legal Ruqyah could contribute in recovery from some problems which are caused by some people particularly those who practise the black art.
Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Aaron Chabuk
1 year ago

It is necessary for AMuslim to avoid sameful acts the value of fasting

Darek Arshad
1 year ago

significance of deliberation of the Exorcist and the sick one for the texts of the Exorcism, Imean the Exorcist shouldn’t say precipitately with their meanings and doesn’t speculate them. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bashir Ayaan
1 year ago

The legal Ruqyah protects from an Evil that descends from the sky and from an Evil which ascends to and from an Evil on the Earth. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Azlan Feroz
1 year ago

May Allah Bless you with Success Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Chahal Chamali
1 year ago

Many are those who fast but get nothing as thethe prophet [PBUH]said, some say it refers to those who fast but donot keep away from backbitihg ,lying.

Daiyan Fuzail
1 year ago

lest not to spoil our fast we have to finfish Sahoor early

Diar Abbas
1 year ago

Thus the Islamic Religion represented in the holy Quran , that has warned and forbidden all muslims to stay clear from magicians and augurs Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Kenan Faris
1 year ago

The Exorcist has to remember the prayers to give their good calls for the patients generally and privately. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Darek Didar
1 year ago

the companions were encouraged by the prophet [PBUH] to take this meal eve if it is only adrink of water

Baris Dani
1 year ago

-the Exorcism has to conclude covertly and overtly and the overtness is most preferable. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bilawel Burak
1 year ago

for the patient’s interest it’s alright to repeat both
The Dawn and the Mankind owing to their great impact on decompile the enchantment sweep harm
By permission of Allah . Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Farhan Kafi
1 year ago

telling the patient that Allah Be Exalted and Glorified has promised the patient servants to fulfill their reward without account. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Azlan Darwish
1 year ago

Iftat is an Arabic wordmeans the breaking of the fast

Coman Faliq
1 year ago

offering Taraaweeh prayer is strongly recommended for Muslims to perform it afer Isha prayer

Deniz Azhaan
1 year ago

The legal Ruqyah protects from an Evil that descends from the sky and from an Evil which ascends to and from an Evil on the Earth. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Aban Kehkashan
1 year ago

Amuslim should break his fast as soon as the sunsets on that day.

Abbas Dabeer
1 year ago

other evils are also make people get nothing from their fast but hunger

Billal Arish
1 year ago

fasting is ashield as Allah messenger said ,this means when we fsat we shouldnot use foul or foolish talk

Danish Aayan
1 year ago

significance of deliberation of the Exorcist and the sick one for the texts of the Exorcism, Imean the Exorcist shouldn’t say precipitately with their meanings and doesn’t speculate them. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Cenk Danish
7 months ago

remembering him that all what happened to him is an act of Allah and Allah isn’t unaware of what people do. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

1 auther


If Allah makes you stand up you will never fall, and if he lets you fall and leaves you to yourself, you will always fall.

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