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Published on December 6th, 2018 | by Admin | Views:

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Muslim’s Attitudes Towards The Materialistic World !!!” online quran majeed “


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh smile al-rahman al-rahim in

the name of allah subhanahu wata’ala

most gracious most merciful

alhamdulillah wa salatu was-salam ala

rasulina hew ila allah he was happy vine

or braces indeed due to allah subhanahu

wata’ala blessings and salutations upon

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

household his companions may allah

subhanahu wa ta’ala blessed them all and

bless every one of us and grant us all

goodness my brothers and sisters I’m

delighted to be here and although I

haven’t been too well the last few days

but I think Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

that he has given me this opportunity to

stand in front of you in order to remind

us all about our duties unto Allah and

the challenges that we face on earth so

my brothers and sisters I want to start

off by saying every one of us

every one of us

faces challenges difficulties hardship

pain sickness disease death death of

loved ones around us why does that


because in surat al-baqara allah says it

will definitely happen he says while

honorable one condition

Seung Hyun Joo Won Apple soon my Lucy

with some heart indeed I will test every

one of you I will test every one of you

I will try all of you without a single

exception with a few things and they are

mentioned in that verse Allah says with

hunger with fear with hunger with loss

of wealth so therefore some people are

scared some people are scared to the

degree that it becomes a challenge and a

test look at the walls that are taking

place across the globe allies testing

many types of people those who are the

guilty ones those who are the innocent

ones and those who are like you and I

watching from a distance it’s a test for

everyone it’s a test for mankind at

large what do you do for us the bare

minimum is to feel that this is wrong it

should not be happening

when we see two people fighting should

we become happy you see one person punch

another you shall handle in LA can you

do that can a Muslim who believes in

Allah ever thank Allah when he sees one

Muslim punch another Muslim can then

ever happen if you’re a true believer

you will not want to thank Allah for any

form of violence you would not say

alhamdulillah to that at all in fact you

would think of ways to resolve the

matter you would pray to Allah Subhanahu

WA Ta’ala Allah help these brothers sort

the matter out Allah grant goodness and

ease to them help them so that they can

live in peace and harmony and so on but

you would never be a person if you have

belief in you who would thrive on the

fact that people are fighting each other

and become happy as a result or you see

people dying and you say yes and

hamdulillah how many people see others

die and they say yes that’s good would

you do that if you have belief you would

never do that so my brothers and sisters

part of that test is for us never become

happy at the loss of another person

never and never become sad when someone

gains something that’s also a test from

Allah you are competing with someone in

the classroom you come second they come


you know we’re children we are young we

might say no I’m I should have come

first and so on someone needs to be

first someone needs to be second

if you are true to yourself you would

” online quran majeed “

say congratulations masha’Allah mabrook

you worked hard you did well I’m going

to try harder next time

so that competition will actually be in

good spirits it won’t be in bad spirit

when you have two teams play one thing

I’ve never understood maybe someone can

explain it to me

everytime you have these major football

teams that play when one gets bounced

and then they’re lost they fire the

coach have you seen that or the coach

designs but someone needs to knows it

doesn’t mean that that team was it was

bad you have to watch the way they play

perhaps but if you have two brilliant

teams playing the coaches were the top

coaches why do they fire the guy once

the one team loses he might have been

the best coach ever I don’t understand


well when it comes to us competing with

one another even in our businesses if I

have a business I am selling something

someone has exactly the same business

next door what is my reaction do I

believe firmly that sustenance comes

from Allah do I believe firmly that it

is the almighty who will provide for me

do I believe that if I do I will help

them I will assist them I will go out

and at least make a dua that o Allah

grant them and grant me to

sometimes people work in the wrong way

they come out and they start thinking

evil they say bad words they go and send

you know I remember there were two

supermarkets one next to the other so

they had a competition with each other

not written one was there for many years

the new one came in and it was a big big

chain store but also a supermarket and

they were competing for product certain

products and at the time butter was

obviously in demand so the butter the

cost of it was $3 the cost of it was $3

they were selling it at about for 450 so

they had on the price list their prices

so that people know whether to go into

the shop or not so the price is outside

and sometimes in the adverts so they had

an advert saying $4 for butter


and the other brother this is 395 so

when this guy says 395 he says 380 now

they are going below the cost imagine

they are they are taking a knock they

are taking a knock

because they want to win customers so

their idea must have been that if we

sell this below cost we will cover it

with some other goods when the customer

walks in so until the one brother sees

butter two dollars done so this big

chain store decided you know what we

can’t do this anymore let’s call for a

meeting let’s call for a meeting and so

he called the other brother in for a

meeting the guy the manager of the other

store or the owner and he says you know

what we’ve been at each other’s throats

for two years and butter for

one-and-a-half years you have been

selling it below costs so this brother

says no it’s you who’s selling it below

cost this is what do you mean he says

the day I saw you hit the cost price I

stopped selling it but I had the price

there for you

imagine he stopped selling it he says so

when I said 390 UN to 380 I used to buy

from you but you didn’t know and I

brought it right down to 2 dollars to

give you one slap this type of behavior

I hope I have not given ideas to some of

you but this type of behavior is not the

behavior of a true believer you are

supposed to be happy they have a

business mashallah if you don’t want to

really get along so well with them

because you’re in competition with them

well you know what there is a limit to

it there is a limit to it may Allah

subhana Allah Allah grant us good

relations I know when I go to the Middle

East I always see whether it is in the

UAE or in Saudi Arabia or or some of the

other countries if they have an abaya

store they are 20 or 30 or 50 or 100 of

them all on the same street or in the

same area if they are selling mobile

phones they are all piled up in one

place so you actually know I am going to

buy computers I’ve got to go to this

area there are 5060 shops same thing

with us we think the other way if there

is one store the other one must be in

meribella which by the way is only a few

kilometers away from here I was told

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us keys

I was unable to make it for Salah to

Jemile at meribella and I felt really

bad mashallah but I made the drama Allah

bless all those who attended because

obviously they attended for the sake of

Allah and may Allah grant them ease in

” online quran majeed “

their issues in their matters and grant

them Baraka and blessings and the same

to everyone of you and the same to the

entire Ummah we have to have a heart

such that we care for our brothers and

sisters no matter where they are no

matter who they are so let’s get back to

what I was saying Allah says he will

test you

he will test you with fear Kove he will

test you with hunger sometimes people

may go hungry because they cannot afford

food sometimes there is no food to buy

they can afford it I’ve seen that

happening in some parts of Africa where

people had a lot of money nothing in the

stores and sometimes there is food

and there is money but your health does

not permit you to eat that’s a test from

Allah Subhan Allah Allah how many of us

we’ve just got to look at the chocolates

these days see our kids eating them say

was it nice dad it was lovely /

mashallah do you enjoy it enjoy even

your mind you think I just wish I could

have a chocolate you know but it’s your

sugar right sometimes your gout

sometimes your cholesterol so you’re

watching everyone grilling their beef

and they’re you know we call it whacking

their whacking their sausages you know

one after the other subhanAllah and

we’re just watching so nice or so juicy

man you don’t know what you’re missing

out on that’s a test of Allah hunger

high cholesterol met allah subhanahu

wata’ala grant as is so Allah says he’s

going to test you he just wants to see

what you’re going to do you know one

thing we’re all guilty of myself

included well not maybe there might be

some of us who take it a little bit more

seriously but this issue of our health

we take it lightly those of us who go to

the gym or we exercise or we run or

without going to the gym we exercise

remember when I say going to the gym I’m

not talking of a gym where you’re going

to break your marriage

no I’m talking of a legitimate place

that you’re going to actually work out

and you’re going to be coming back in

one piece allah subhana allah tala

you’ve got us

the understanding of this because there

is a difference you know I always say if

that’s coming in the way of your

marriage drop it to something else if

you really care for your spouse choose

another place you know do this elsewhere

make sure that you’re happy so we take

our health for granted we do and

sometimes we just don’t exercise not at

all and we start gaining and gaining and

gaining it’s a different thing if you’re

gaining because heredity or because

you’ve given birth and so on but even

after that you need to make sure you

have tried your best

you need to sweat we are so fortunate in

tell her that I’m standing in front of

you and I’m sweating subhanAllah


we need to sweat without sweat you’re

not going to gain no pain no gain you

have to do something my brothers and

sisters I am encouraging you as a

religious duty upon me you let you owe

your body health for the sake of Allah

make sure that you are fit make sure you

are healthy make sure that you walk or

run or exercise or do your stretches and

what have you so hon Allah make sure you

do it and I am Telling You this in a

religious talk because it’s a serious

matter a lot of us take it lightly and

when we do it do it so that you will be

able to feel better your mind will be

better healthy body healthy mind you

will get more enjoyment when you fulfill

Salah so hand Allah your family members

your spouse looks at you and they just

say Wow mind you know how many of us

have a bad habit you look at others and

you say wow and when it comes to your

wife to your wife you know what we say

something else

you see there is a Wow in the Arabic

language did you know about it just

before the one who there is a known

subhanAllah just before the Wow there is

a known so we are quick to go to the Wow

when it comes to the wrong people Hey

and we even wallow here I’ve seen this

with the men

okay the met the women because my

interaction with them may be limited

that’s why I wouldn’t be able to say

what happens but with the men they will

nudge each other I mean generally you

know even respectable people then

magically you see what I see see what I

see what are you talking about may Allah

forgive us he is a test from allah

subhanallah wa taala

appreciate what is yours consolidate

work on it you have your family you have

your children welcome them give them the

best upbringing give them the best

relationship such that when you die they

will pray for you I had a dad I had a

mum the best person that I’ve ever known

dedicated towards the children towards

the life

let’s see your circle is closed close it

and work on it rather than wanting to

this to be in that circle and this

circle and the other circle and your big

circle is gone that’s it you’re not

happy at all because you’re never happy

you never content you jumping from

pillar to post that’s not how it’s

supposed to be rather it is supposed to

be such that when you have your family

when you have what is yours

be happy be content work on it it’s part

of the test of allah subhanahu wata’ala

work on it

spend time go out of your way to praise

your spouse go out of your way to take

your family somewhere to take them on

the little perhaps picnic or wherever

else you’d like to go it is a gift of

allah subhanahu wata’ala make sure that

you appreciate it before it is too late

so my brothers and sisters Allah says we

will test you

fear with hunger then he says with a

loss Nazi mineral I’m worried well

unforce two types of loss loss in terms

of wealth every one of us there will

come a time when we suffer a loss that

lost for a very wealthy person it might

be a large amount but it may not have

the effect that it would have if it was

a pure person you and I we were to lose

for example a thousand dollars it’s too

much you might have a very wealthy man

loses a million and it’s not really too

much but he suffered the loss didn’t he

it was a loss how does he react does he

start swearing all the big swear words

and does he want to fix this guy and

that guy or does he take it in his

stride and he says in the Illinois in

the alien Rajesh Allah we work harder a

lot of the times when you suffer

financial loss you’ve got to go back and

check if you’ve paid your zakat or not

did you hear what I just said I’m

repeating that a lot of the times if

you’ve suffered financial loss you’ve

got to go back and check if you’ve paid

your zakat or not I did not say all the

time but a lot of the times when you

haven’t given a lot the dude that is old

he takes it away in other ways

he takes it away in other ways it’s

possible that you suffer the loss

because you were miserly when it came to

working out your zakat remember give and

you shall receive

you don’t give you don’t receive


remember this also above zakat learned

to be charitable

do not become too attached to your

wealth in the way that you’ve not

prepared for the hereafter through that

wealth some people have earned paradise

two different deeds someone through

their salah their prayer someone through

their dress code someone to something

else someone through their good

character and conduct someone through

fasting properly and so on obviously

it’s a package some people through their

wealth Allah bless them with something

they keep spending and they spend on

this one and on that one and they give

here and give there and Allah blesses

them in so many ways because they’ve

give sorry they’ve given and they get

Jenna as a result they get paradise as a

result of the fact that they gave they

helped people Allah helps you for as

long as you help others so remember when

we become too attached to our wealth

we cannot give we should change people

and you know what the sad reality is

what I’m about to say does not apply to

everyone but it’s a lot of people the

more they get the more miserly they

become so if I was dealing with a young

poor man and he asks me how much is this

and I say it’s fifty thousand he will

say here is the fifty but when I’m

dealing with a very very wealthy man he

says how much is this I say 50 says I’ll

give you 30 and he has the wealth and he

can give you but AlA`TH Clah doesn’t want you

to have that money maybe there’s

something wrong with it perhaps maybe

like I said this is not a general rule

but it is the case with a lot of people

I’d like to think the majority because

I’ve seen it with my eyes we’ve

interacted and we’ve arbitrated in cases

where you have a super rich guy on one

side being difficult for five dollars

five bucks I promise you and you have a

poor person who’s ready to give an extra

ten and say for as long as you’re happy

I’m happy

why because that’s the test of Allah my

brothers my sisters when you get

do not become attached to it I had to

fight myself I stopped wearing a pen

because each pin was three four or five

hundred dollars I gave a pin to someone

not too long ago he told me he sold it

on eBay for five hundred dollars you

might want to know what type of a pen it

was I won’t tell you but I stopped

wearing a watch look at this

because each watch was getting more and

what I was getting so attached to it

something happens in your upset

subhanAllah the time is on your phone oh

the best thing just tell them you have a

pin someone has a pain use the pin give

it back or what’s the time 20 people

would say what the time is

subhanAllah I’m not saying you need to

give up your phones and your watches and

everything else because if that was the

case either had a bag here for everyone

to come and drop it in but what I am

saying is don’t get too attached to it

if you notice what I’ve been wearing

I’ve been coming to Trinidad for a few

years and we time I come I’m wearing the

same thing do you realize that has

anyone picked it up probably my Footwear

hasn’t really changed I’ve got two sets

I’ve got a pair of sandals and a pair of

shoes and my coding I promise you it’s

been years just yesterday I was telling

one of my children who’s with me and you

know what this has been with me for

about ten years

set of clothing Wow saying that’s what

it is

it’s not like I’m miserly this guy’s so

miserly he doesn’t even buy clothes

that’s not true but


you can use your wealth in a better way

you don’t have to waste things you don’t

have to waste things my brothers and

sisters why I’m saying this is because

when we get too attached to that which

is material we lose focus we lose focus

of the hereafter which is our main aim

what’s the point of working hard you

know today I was coming from I don’t

know the name of the area I think it’s

called Hastings that what it is no the

the area somewhere well far away okay

and I was coming into this area here

it took us 45 minutes and I’m thinking

without an effort you cannot achieve

anything but this is for the world

worldly effort we work we work hard we

go to work in the morning we come back

in the evening we would go for a

business trip to China or to anywhere

else and we would go and buy things what

are you prepared to do for the Hereafter

that’s my question

it also requires an effort masha’Allah

you earned a lot of money you bought

your house you bought your car you built

your right as they say what are they

coat in the low wheels that you see here

in terms of that solo that I think the

driver must be tiptoeing when he’s

driving have you seen those vehicles how

do they work


I was shocked I landed here and I

started seeing these cars with all these

wheels that up so huge they’re like ten

ten just like when I was a kid amazed

where my dad’s shoes that’s what it

reminded me of but it’s the inking

people doesn’t roll see that I think

soon you might be wearing shoes in a

bigger bigger than your size and

everyone will say oh look at these kids

looking cool man

now I’m not forgive us but anyway that’s

the trend I don’t want to pick on it if

you are happy with it al hamdulillah let

it be but we are so attached we made

sure we had our chrome plating on it we

made sure we had the low profiles we

made sure we had that the large 19 21

inch 24 inch rules whatever they were we

and we bought we saw we put we were

delighted but what did you do for the

Hereafter if you were to die at that

moment this you enjoyed your car you

enjoyed your house the air-conditioning

in it the perfume what else but what did

you do for the Hereafter did you just

get up for the early morning prayer did

you know well that was free free meaning

you just needed an effort that’s it we

can do better I promise you I am here to

encourage you to do something more and

myself about the day when we have to

meet the one who made us

you can enjoin your life no one is

saying don’t don’t get me wrong

you can have your wealth but I said

don’t get so attached that you become

miserly then to give people will know

you as a wealthy person who gave do you


that wealth is not yours until you spend

it no wealth belongs to you until you

use it if it’s in your pocket it’s not

yours you might be confused what do you

mean let me explain

” online quran majeed “

if I have a million twenty dollars in my

pockets I don’t know if they call that

but anyway in my pocket right

and I die is it mine where does it go to


he is or someone else steals if it’s

gone that’s it

as soon as an accident happens they say

the first people to get to the scene

what do they do

open the cubbyhole start pinching

everything look at the uncle in his

pockets yeah there everything else and

that’s it take everything and run away

and then report I seen an accident

somewhere so that the police can get

there after you stripped everyone that

happens in some countries but if that

didn’t happen your kids would be

fighting over the 10 million the 20 the

hundred million that you are masked they

are fighting over it killing each other

they stop talking to each other had you

not left anything they’d still be loved

in meaning they’d still be loving that

home it can’t happen

I’m not saying it’s generally I’m good

I’m welding it in a way that we think

about it but if I was with a million

dollars and I spent it I gave a poor

person I gave a charity I helped someone

I took some people out to eat I took my

family I bought something all of that my

name is written on it what happened he

spent the money if I haven’t spent it it

does not belong to me in the eyes of

Allah the wealth is yours when you spent

it your name is written that you did

this I drilled a borehole in Africa and

I did five of them in different parts of

Somalia and another five here and

another five in wherever else that was

with my money that’s my reward my name

is written next to it and that’s it

that’s what happened but if I kept the

wealth everyone will know me as the 10th

richest man in the world the 20th

richest man etc but it will not help me

in the Hereafter

the angels are not going to say how much

money did you leave behind that’s never

a question never the question is where

did you earn your money and where did

you spend it those are the questions you

know it go and read the books you’ll

find out where did you spend it that’s

also a question

but not how much did you leave behind

for your kids that’s for them may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us goodness

it’s not wrong to leave behind something

for your kids no not at all the Prophet

SAW solemn says in Mecca in Tatara

warith itaca edenia

Cairo like Amina and Tara whom I let any

attacker for fooling us he was telling

sad even though ABI Waqqas for the alarm

I know that for you to leave your

children wealthier is better than for

you to leave them so poor that they have

to beg from the people which means if

you have wealth PSU you don’t give

everything to charity but you give to

charity up to a third and you can leave

the rest for you for your kids no

problem so the point is let’s not get

too attached to that which we have in

terms of materialistic items you know

when I was young my kids used to tell me

now they tell me that when when we were

babies and you are much younger you used

to get so upset when we used to touch

the window of the vehicle that you used

to tell us what’s happening can’t you

guys see this you can update it the

glass and so on you missing it and so on

and we were not allowed to eat in the

vehicle we couldn’t not at all because

why dad would get upset you’re going to

miss his car with the comes and now they

can scratch it they can eat they can

drop they can do what they want there’s

liquid there is everything soon as we

get home it’s green spic and span but

they enjoyed themselves in the car what

happened we’ve developed over time we

become people who are more patient I

have a brother and he wouldn’t mind me

saying this he had a temper until he

started having children 1 2 3


Oh boys and what happened calmed him

cooled him because your child you can’t

scream and yell at your own children

sometimes they too small they’re

innocent then they might do anything to

you you know I’ve had some really really

embarrassing moments with the children

but he smiled because that’s a child

it’s not it’s not embarrassing unless

you want to make it embarrassing

otherwise even if they peed in the

airport in the middle of everyone

they’ve had an accident it’s an accident

that’s it and what do you do don’t worry

we’ll clean that up everyone’s watching

ah and the other women are look you see

you see that’s what you’re supposed to

do you see the subhanallah and get angry

upset we start yelling so much that the

child pees again what’s what happened

you made two mistakes all at once you

got to clean it it can happen it does

happen you say bismillah and you go for

it do the honorable thing do what you

have to because it’s a test Allah is

watching you and Allah knows and that is

your preparation for the hereafter we

are on earth for a short period of time

we’re going back to our maker all of us

the those who are more good-looking than

us have already gone and those who are

that doesn’t mean we’re all not

good-looking by the way those who are

wealthier than us also they’ve done

those who were stronger than us they’ve


we think we are not going just enjoy

enjoy but prepare for the hereafter by

enjoying within limits you don’t just go

and do what you want how you want No

you’ve got to do whatever you have to or

you would like to uncondition that it is

within certain limits

you don’t trample the toes of others and

you don’t displease your makeup someone

asked me I didn’t know you bald

this was now this morning okay

I didn’t know you don’t have hair I said

you know what I’m almost a grandpa he’s

telling me even where I you didn’t know

and I’m serious I’m almost a grandpa you

didn’t know I didn’t have any well now

how do you notice it when you put 10

pictures on Instagram from Barbados did

you see that from Barbados so there’s 10

pictures of us myself and brother Abdel

and a few others on the jetski and

wherever else and they say Oh have fun

have fun we went out there for one hour

and you guys are jealous one hour out of

this whole hectic schedule we went out

for an hour but why did I put that up

there is a question someone might say

you know you’re a chef you’re not

supposed to have done that why someone

actually said you know the prayer you

you showed on the beach that you guys

were praying why do you want to show

your acts of worship to the whole world

and the person taking the picture why

weren’t they praying

well the person taking the picture was

subhanAllah a kid

child subhanallah okay not planned no

one said we praying take pictures that’s

not how it works because I seen one of

the selfies go down and such that and

they’ve got this thing going up and

flicking it from the top tech app I just

made so dude that’s not how we operate

that’s not how we operate but it was

there and I saw these pictures and I

said you know what I would like to

encourage people who are enjoying

themselves outside outdoors that when it

comes to the time of prayer no matter

where you are

pray that’s the reason why I decided to

put it out to say look we are living in

the country where like Trinidad Barbados

Grenada whatever else it is where you

can have your little place and you

ensure that you don’t miss your prayer

we had fun

the fun did not have to stop because it

was prayer time but it had to pause

there’s a difference between the two you

pause for a while you you you fulfilled

your prayer in a beautiful way and you

carried on subhanAllah and that’s the

reason why that was posted secondly

sometimes people have this notion that

you know when you study religion and

when you become deep in faith and you

become closer to Allah then it’s

prohibited to have fun I promise you ask

those who are with miche’s Muslim and

the others I had the fastest jet ski and

I throttle the thing right to the end

that I almost you know took off and they

were whistling at me as a calm down slow

down and I’m like it’s okay that’s why

my knees are sold you saw me walking up

the stage here that’s the reason and I

was in the air most of the time you

hitting these huge waves

was me I’m a daring guy that’s all I

wouldn’t mind they they they wouldn’t do

it no the others were with me were

actually quite scared and frightened

don’t worry I swim well so it’s fine and

that’s what we we had to do but that

does not distance me from Allah if

anything it brings us closer doesn’t it

you know when you finally Eric what are

you coming down again subhanAllah it

does not distance you from Allah it

doesn’t mean because I’m 1/2 if I cannot

enjoy a little bit it doesn’t mean

because there are problems across the

globe and Muslims may be struggling and

suffering that I haven’t helped them it

doesn’t mean that it doesn’t mean I

haven’t reached out to them and it does

not mean that I’m not allowed to breathe

because they are suffering

across the globe people say look the

Muslims are dying across the globe and

this man is on on a jet ski Wow for one


who said that it means if someone is

struggling we all have to now stand in


or we all have to no one’s allowed to do

anything you cannot go out picnicking

you cannot smile and laugh that’s the

misunderstanding we have not forgotten

them we have reached out to them in a

bigger way than they who are criticizing

us would ever imagine and in a bigger

way that they would actually have got

I’ve reached out to them who knows only

Allah knows so don’t come and pick on

people it’s a test like I say you watch

someone do something don’t have the

worst thoughts you know I enjoy it

sometimes when I get a chance when I get

a chance and I’m sitting bored and I

don’t have much to do I sit and read

through comments

and I can tell you from a psychological

perspective who is depressed from among

those who comments and you will be able

to tell as well some people the only

comments they make us negative ones so

bad you know you can show them a

beautiful sunset and the only thing they

will say is you know

looks like someone’s dying why do you

say that look at it positively you show

them something they say why why not I

have a friend in Dubai his name is

Mahmoud his ill may Allah grant him cure

say I’m in and I visit him now and again

and we took a picture together and he

told me that I can put it up and give

people the story so that at least they

can number one pray for him like what we

did just now he’s paralyzed top to

bottom and number two is learn a lesson

from what he’s been through and perhaps

be grateful of what we have and if we

are going through something then at

least we can think that it’s nothing

compared to what others are going

through so when I put it up you get

people starting to comment how could you

do this how can you put a picture of a

sick person ill purse and so on and you

know they wouldn’t be happy if they’d

seen it do you think I’m so foolish that

I would put it up if that was the case

there must be a reason and the reason

must be very high the reason must be

look we are human beings we do make

mistakes but things like these they not

of that category where you pick on

someone and start looking at negatives

no look at everything positively I

promise you if if the lights go off

right here right now the whole stadium

” online quran majeed “

comes to a halt thank Allah and just

thank Allah you probably hear me calling

the Adhan and we will pray our salah

Phoenicia in in the dark subhanAllah you

know when we were young the electricity

did not use to just go away you know cut

back at home in Zimbabwe but as we grew

older it started doing that like

nowadays a few hours a day no

electricity so when we were young people

used to pay at restaurants to tell off

the lights and to bring in candles and

what do they call it dinner by

candlelight and they paid for it an

extra amount and I’m not offering it to

you free of charge the lights are gone

and you say what happened why bring the

candles and make it a romantic moment

come on subhanAllah think about it it

depends how you look at it some people

look at it as a disaster when you scream

you yell you get angry it’s not going to

bring the electricity back but when you

have dealt with it in a beautiful way

you can make the most of a difficult

scenario and situation such that those

around you are enlightened the burden is

less on them they don’t feel it as much

that’s what it’s all about



vehicle TCD seven four nine eight we

need to move it as soon as possible

there is a medical emergency and there

is a child that needs to be carried for

medical reasons and this car is blocking

the way t CD seven four nine eight

is that coming okay

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala bless you

and the owner of this vehicle and i’m

sure you’ll be able to come back and

listen to what we had to say i’m the

life so my brothers and sisters let’s

get back to the verse okay so allah says

he will test us with fear with hunger

with loss of i’m well loss of wealth and

that’s where i had stopped and he

continues to say loss of life he will

test you at loss of life that is

something that is probably one of the

most difficult tests ever loss of life

you lose your spouse you lose your child

nobody will ever understand the pain

you’re going through allah says don’t

worry it will happen to every single

person it will happen to every single

person without a single exception all of

you seated here all of you listening to


all of you who will listen later and

even those who haven’t heard me it will

happen to you where you will lose the

life of someone very very dear to you

and if you don’t they will lose you

there’s no third way

your husband dies he has to die you die

you have to die Oh both of you die


is there any fourth probability when I

said when I asked this once in one

country someone put up the hand and said

yes but we live forever and I’m like

yeah that’s in the hereafter but now

we’re talking out here so you have to go

so don’t get so depressed that you have

failed the test of Allah you have to get

up and move move on you have to try you

will miss your loved one you pray for


you may shed a few tears indeed you will

miss them indeed it’s normal to do that

but your life does not stop you know

when you lose one person from the team

the football carries on with ten min

doesn’t it

they don’t stop the match right one

person’s got a red card and they are out

and that’s it you have to still try and

win the match and you will win it and

guess what and that person will benefit

as a result of the two are you’ve made

as a result of the goodness you’ve done

as a result of subhanAllah the fact that

you prayed for them so you don’t need to

lose yourself and that’s it I’m

depressed and it’s over my life can

never be the same

sometimes you know I sit and I ask my

family members

if I were to die what will you do I say

look I encourage you I encourage you if

I die you need to get married you need

to marry no I won’t I can’t I won’t do

that and then I say those who say I

won’t they do

it’s good nothing to do with I won’t or

I will it’s going to do with a reality

sometimes if a proposition crops up it

does not mean you did not love your

first husband because you now married


no that is the plan of Allah it’s

permissible you can look into it

you may it’s got nothing to do with

faithfulness and loyalty to your first

husband someone asked me so who will I

be with if I marry another man but I

want to be with my first husband in

heaven you know what I said obviously

some scholars will say you’ll be with

the last one you were with and so on

based on the few nations but there is a

better way of answering it if you want

if there is really a person who needs

help from a psychological perspective

Allah says that when you get to Jenna he

will give you what you want it’s over

stop there someone asked me will my cat

be in paradise with me the answer is no

it won’t it won’t and I’m sorry to say

this but it won’t


I’ve been asked weird questions will my

dog be in paradise with me no I’m sorry

it won’t you know because it might

disturb the neighbors with a rapper

every little while Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala grant us is it won’t but

sometimes people nowadays have become so

attached to their pets because there are

no human beings they can confide in and

they know trustworthy human beings so

they are so attached to the cat and the

dog and so on when they ask you will my

kept be in Paradise a look if you get to

paradise Allah has promised you that if

you want something you will get it but I

don’t know if you will remember that cat

at the time that’s the thing because

Allah heats a verse of the Quran Allah

says regarding paradise fiamma

Tehillim for suet a little onion in


whatever the soul desires shall belong

to it it will be yours what you desire

is yours in this world that’s not the

case but in Paradise it will why must I

fight with someone to try and convince

them that they are not going to be

having X Y & Z in paradise

when I just need to say work towards

getting to paradise even if your cat was

going to be in paradise what if you

don’t make it there then your cat is

going to say who my master be in


I can just imagine all the euros every

little while may Allah forgive us so we

move look at how we lose focus the focus

is to end paradise but because we

worried about this and that and who am I

going to be with and if I’m going to be

with my husband I definitely don’t want

to go there I promise you that is the

wrong way of looking at things you

losing focus that husband of yours will

be the coolest dude around I swear he’s

going to be a different makeover

subhanAllah you need to get there first

but look how Shaytan comes to us and

makes us think about these things so

that we lose focus you don’t pray you

know you’re not charitable your

character and conduct is not even

acceptable you don’t even have a

relationship with your maker and you’re

busy arguing and fighting about who’s

going to be with you in a place that you

haven’t even worked for it’s like me

saying you know when I own the Hilton

I’m going to make sure the one whole

floor is just for me and my family and

I’ll make sure that they’re gonna cook

and I even tell my wife you know when I

get the Hilton I promise you you’re

never going to cook again and the wife

says but you can’t even afford the

one-bedroom house and you’re talking

about the Hilton and you’re unemployed

I am busy paying for you and how can you

that’s what we are doing with Jenna with

paradise when I get to heaven I promise

you I’m going to be with you but you’re

not working towards it you don’t even

think about it properly you just think

when I get when I get how on what

grounds are you going to get there some

and Allah well I guess through the mercy

of Allah so develop a relationship with


you work hard towards something now if

that building is costing 100 million and

you sitting at 99 million then you have

the right to say once I can afford this

I’m going to buy it and I promise you

I’ll make you the chef you’ll notice how

I change the statement before you have

the wealth you were telling her you will

never cook again now that the reality

has come you say no I make you the chef

don’t be unfair don’t be unfair you know

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala guide us

talking about death

so death overtakes a person death

overtakes you literally because you are

running in one direction and it comes at

a speed and it goes beyond that you’re

gone you’re gone so we need to prepare

for the day that we meet with allah

subhanahu wata’ala we need to make sure

that the day we meet our maker we are

the best of people this is why I ask you

to do something and this is probably the

most serious thing and I’m going to be

saying the whole evening every single

day when you get up make sure you say

your prayers make sure you pick up the

phone and read a little bit of it make

sure even if it’s one line one verse a

little bit of it seek the forgiveness of


early morning every single day if that

becomes your habit one day you will die

and that day that you die you would have

started the day in this beautiful way so

when you die that way you have a

relationship with a lot moments ago you

were talking to Allah and a few moments

later you died you actually went up back

to allah subhanahu wata’ala do you

really think he’s going to abandon you

do you really think the most merciful

most forgiving

the beneficent you anything is going to

throw you away when you were talking to

him moments before you died no so this

is why I say every day all of us make

sure you have developed a relationship

with your maker and make sure that your

relationship with the rest of the

creatures of the same maker is beautiful

that’s character and conduct because I

promise you when you are pious it shows

it shows through your character towards

other people did you hear what I said

when you are close to the Almighty

you become very respectful towards the

rest of the creatures of the same

” online quran majeed “

almighty because they are his creatures

when you become a really pious person it

softens you it does not make you heart

so when you see people hard and harsh

they’re not pious it’s just a show trust

me it’s a show what I will call tough of

an body of a local Meena from Bolin how

unique o Muhammad sallallaahu Salim had

you been harsh and hard-hearted

they would have dispersed from around

you nobody would have read what you were

what you had to say but because of the

mercy of Allah we made you lenient

towards others softened up

right close to allah subhanahu wata’ala

one of the signs is the person furthest

away from allah I’m thinking about how I

can reach him or her so that I can give

him some hope and let him remember that

he has a maker or she has a maker that

he or she will return to one day so that

he or she can inch closer to that maker

that’s my concern my concern is not just

the pious people if I am pious I’m not

just concerned about my clique and my

gang and the people who think like me

and the people who are as pious and as

holy now I am concerned about everyone

because we are all brothers and sisters

I’m concerned about humanity at large

and other creatures of the almighty and

I’m concerned about my environment as

well because I’m a true believer and I

am so close to the Almighty that I

respect everything he has made it’s

something nobody teaches us it’s

something very few people remind us


are you really a pious person

well in that case you need to know

that the test of it is how do you treat

those really hate you are you respectful

at least do you carry yourself well do

you speak good words someone swears at

you that’s the time when you actually

know that you’re only your bias when you

can smile back or perhaps say a word

look we don’t need that

have you read of city you know what this

city with iPhone try and swear her

the kids did it what does she say that’s

not a nice thing to say to me that’s

what she says sometimes

hmm so I’m a lot she won’t swear you

back as a Muslim and demote me you need

to know when your heart softens towards

others you’re closer to Allah when you

have a hard heart it’s filled with

hatred you’re not close to Allah you

hate everyone and anyone and it shows in

your face it shows in your character it

shows in the way you walk it shows in

your attitude that’s not a heavenly

person that’s a person with an attitude

who has a complex it’s a person who

needs desperate up because they think

they’re close to Allah and they’re not

that’s why the prophets are assalam

warned us so much about a person who

will pray so much they will be

charitable they will fast so much they

will give so much they will they will

make their pilgrimage and do whatever

else but they will still go into the

hell fire because they backbitten about

this one they cheated that one they

deceive that one they abuse that one

they ate the wealth of that one and they

did this to this one so on the day of

judgement all their good deeds would go

away to those whom they have harmed

until no more good deeds are left and

there will still be so many people who

would want their due back because of the

harm done by that person who prayed and

he was conscious about his duty unto

Allah but he was not conscious about his

duty unto the rest of the creatures of

the same Allah until the bad deeds of

those people are taken and put on his

shoulders because he doesn’t have a

payment nowhere payment and then he goes

into Hellfire that’s an idea that’s a

statement of the prophets all about a

son that’s what he says those are the

ones who pray they may pray so much but

they have hatred in their hearts

there are people they despise others the

hadith says Llyod who no gentleman

kanafeh can be with carla Hobart Ameen

heartily Minka Bri

he will not enter paradise in whose

heart is a mustard seeds wait worth of

pride you had Europe you have the Spry

so the companion said o messenger we

love to dress properly and so on the

conveyance we like it to be proper

he says that’s not pride pride is never

the quality of your motor vehicle or

your for your clothing or your abode

where you’re living you could have the

best it doesn’t make you proud I could

be driving an s-class and they could be

tomorrow a new Mercedes W class and if I

have it doesn’t make me a person who’s

proud No

so what pride shows in your attitude

the hadith says so they asked him so

what is it he says bottle haughty or

humbleness a person who rejects the

truth is arrogant and the person who

despises other people is arrogant so

even if you’re fulfilling your Salah in

the first serve and you may be outwardly

so pious

you know you might look like a person

who live if that has disturbed your

attitude towards others you could be

such that you may not be allowed access

into heaven according to this hadith

which says if you have an atom’s weight

of pride and pride is explained as

despising people you despise this one

and that one worried you’re a human just

like them Allah can cause you to go back

in such a way that you will lose

everything you had how many people have

built empires and before they died

they’ve lost everything and how many

people had nothing and before they died

they got so much subhanAllah the same

applies spiritually there are people who

were pious up to the end and right at

the end they spoiled everything

lost and there are people who were not

pious at all and right at the end they

decided to turn to Allah so Allah

forgave them and granted them an abode

that they would never regret so my

brothers and sis

don’t make a mistake I I am really

something serious I’m mentioning

something that a lot of people including

myself need to be reminded of constantly

if you’re a pious person you are not

arrogant you respect people you treat

them fairly

you are not hard-hearted you are not

filled with hatred for no default for no

reason when someone is a drunkard I hate

I hate the habit but the individual he’s

my brother perhaps I need to work on him

I need to try like I said earlier my

concern is how can I get to the brother

or the sister who is far away they might

have tattoos they might have big chains

they might have you know alcohol in

their hands they might be high on weed

and so many different things and they

might be you know walking with their

pence if they have any halfway down

their backsides and so on I don’t just

look at them as a sponsor Allah and walk


that is not a sign of piety not at all I

need to think to myself that’s my

brother that’s my sister let me say a

good word imagine when Allah sent the

prophet Moses Messiah is Salam may peace

be on him to the Pharaoh the Pharaoh was

the worst guy the worst he used to say

I’m the god and when Allah sends Moses

moosa aleihsalaam to the pharaoh moosa

aleihsalaam said look I need help my

brother is more eloquent so Allah says

okay the two of you go go to him and

tell him what listen to the words Fukuda


leva tada Coco Rocha

go and tell him a soft word perhaps he

may be reminded oh he may fear Allah

tell him something soft : leg inin some

lenient word beautiful word don’t go

with arrogance don’t go with hatred

don’t go in such a way that you

discourage him go on beautiful words

perhaps he might remember why is that

story mentioned in the Quran why one of

the reasons is for us to learn a lesson

nobody we’re ever going to talk to on

earth can be worse than that Pharaoh do

you know anyone worse than the Pharaoh

do you whoa whoa I see some women I hope

it’s not your mother-in-law by the way

Bella make it easy was it just the wind

maybe you were just fixing your hijab

nobody is worse than the Pharaoh no one

so how dare you speak to people as

though you are better than Moses strong

fear Allah

none of us are better than Moses and no

one is worse than the Pharaoh so we

should be speaking to others in an even

more lenient way we have no guarantee we

are going to end in this in a beautiful

way we’ve just got to keep trying and

keep trying and everyone else needs to

keep trying and you know what’s the

beauty the beauty of it all is the

Prophet salah salem says when you have

helped someone come closer to allah it’s

better for you than any materialistic

item this world can offer you if i

helped you come closer to your maker i

get a reward a big reward

subhanallah I don’t look at it that way

this guy is away from Allah that’s it

don’t ever talk to him don’t mix with

him don’t even look in his direction

don’t even try and you must just put it

all over Facebook that you know what he

is going to hell that’s it

he’s astray he’s a deviant he’s at the

center that and going rattle in front of

the whole world what you’ve done you’ve

wiped out his sins you’ve exposed

something here you’ve taken all of that

onto your shoulders you’ve given him

your good deeds and this is why you

better do your good deeds properly

because you don’t want to give other

people deeds that are like I’ve done you

know this is what I normally tell people

when I hear them talk a lot of rubbish

say you know what that’s a lie you did

just now please repeat it man just do it

nicely because you know when the reward

comes to me I don’t want like a Salah

that’s medium medium you know we want it

done nice and proper anyway that’s just

a sarcastic way of wording things but

someone has has been exposed we enjoy it

nowadays one of the biggest ways of

earning reward is via social media say

something good spread it you have a

million likes a thousand likes a hundred

likes or even one like you know what

happens if someone’s benefited from it

guess what you’re getting a reward the

bank balance increasing but one of the

quickest ways of any sin is exactly the

same social media what’s happened that’s

it we send a photo of someone innocently

walking past another person you know I

this was a real-life example okay in one

of the countries there was a lady who

came to me and told me you know my

husband’s having an affair husband’s

having an affair and I’m like okay

have you made two out for him have you

spoken to him have you tried addressing

the matter and so on you know do you

have evidence who is the the person

involved there the first line of

questions just to try and soften it to

try and make sure that you’re helping

correctly and you’ve understood it

properly so immediately the phone comes

out and the friends had forwarded her a

picture of him with a lady okay and I

looked at it and I said this doesn’t

look like it’s anything

it doesn’t look like anything but I

didn’t say that yet because you can’t

you cannot puncture somebody’s balloon

immediately I said look where was this

this was at the supermarket I didn’t say

the name of the supermarket because then

you’d know which country it was okay so

this was a supermarket so I said okay

what was happening here explained to me

you know he was what he was doing and so

he just before this and just after this

and it went so far I promise you this

husband was made out to be like a proper

womanizer and in all honesty I contacted

him and I told him look my brother there

is a picture of you that people have

just forwarded to your wife it’s causing

problems he says you know what that was

me at the till I was at the till I was

trying to buy something at the

” online quran majeed “

supermarket and somebody must have

clicked the picture there was a woman’s

face not too far from his but the angle

from which the picture was taken the

lady at the till and him and they were

laughing laughing about something that

happened and and the picture was cut at

a certain point so you cannot see what’s

below and I’m like people are trying to

break your marriage my sister the guy is

innocent no oh I’m sure because they’d

already said it so many times and the

friends were seeing fixing showing go

back home take the kids and go to this

file for divorce – come on keep the guy

a break

why break somebody’s marriage why go out

and forward pictures to create fitna so

the person who started off all this

imagine the type of sin they have earned

we may not do that but you know what we

do we love juicy news juicy news for

some reason it’s like the wet pulp

inside the coconut you cannot let go of

it cold feels like you know little

beautiful coconut ice pieces on a hot

day in Trinidad and we chewing on it one

after the other one after the other

sweet three you know that’s how we look

at juicy news when you hear juicy news

about the neighbour the other one delete

it message the person please my sister

my brother don’t send me these messages

ever again do that I will not entertain

the speech about anyone and when you do

that they won’t entertain speech about

you but we just fall and you know what

indemnity we put FWD Diaz received like

that’s going to sort of help you in the

grave forwarded as receive that’s Qasim

that’s what it is gossip a lot of it is

lies I’ve come across videos that are so

well doctored that they look so real so

real and later on you find out that

there was never ever I then that

actually played and the flowers actually

opened it was all a hoax and it was

actually made up to seem like it was on

main news and we as Muslim in wow we

were so impressed by it but it did not

make us fulfill our prayer do you

remember that could have says have you

seen it and then and they say the atom

is so powerful that the flowers begin to

open in Azerbaijan somewhere I don’t

know but I got to the bottom of it later

on I forwarded it initially I was guilty

because Iran is indeed powerful without

a joke

but when I found out it was doctored and

we saw how it was doctored I learned

about it because there was another video

about ketchup doing the rounds and it

was also doctored totally so you see the

original and then you see the fake and

it looks so so well done you cannot

believe it

assistive professional laughing at

everybody we have a habit we tend to

believe these things and we forward them

how do I know it’s a lie

it did not impacted on us at all how

many people forwarded this video about

the Adhan opening flowers but then

themselves never prayed before that or

after that it never made them better

muslimeen why it’s like us we read the

quran and nothing happens to us it

doesn’t develop us in any way my

brothers and sisters I think you know

where I’m going with this learn to

respect people learn to be concerned

about others you see someone you see

these little children you see a child

walking up the stage don’t get mad at

the child it could have been your child

it’s somebody else’s child the way you

treat that child today will impact upon

the child for the rest of that child’s

life it will change the life it can so

let that change be positive

I had it once in Singapore where there

was a child who walked on the stage and

tried to give me a rose

and I was speaking to a large crowd of

people and it did distract me so all I

did is I decided to turn around hug the

child take the rose pick the child up

and I had this child in my hand and I

kept on talking because I thought for a

moment what am I going to do here stop

the talk and say where’s the mother

can’t you look after this kid I could

have done that I think you guys got

frightened right but that’s the way I’m

reacting but it’s the wrong way it’s a

negative way that’s what we do a lot of

the times in our homes with our wives

and husbands and with our children we

just yell the worst thing that can come

out of our mouths is said in the worst

possible way we don’t ever say it in a

nice way but that’s your test and then

when Susan comes out and she’s our

little receptionist named Susan how’s

your day what’s up okay I brought you

some flowers

but those flowers were supposed to be

given to someone else I’m not saying

don’t be kind to those you work with but

you need to know a lot of us are guilty

of forgetting that charity begins at

home we say it but we don’t act upon it

you want to be kind go out of your way

to be kind and at home you know what

happens you are really tested because

not everyone is going to be in your mood

every day they’re going to be in

different moods different things may

happen you need to learn to work with it

that’s your challenge

allah subhanahu wata’ala helped us

and the last part of the verse allow

span analysis we will test you with loss

in terms of produce produce meaning here

the vegetation the rain will come Bowl

the rain will come less it may destroy

your crops

the cop might be destroyed for whatever

other reason the economy may come

crashing the dollar may go up it may go

down something might happen this way and

that way all of that is part of your

test analysis at the end what abashiri

saw being good news to those who are

patient to those who practice restraint

and to those who are forbearance those

whom when calamity strikes they remember

and they utter we indeed belong to allah

and we will return to him that’s the

verse a Bashir is sobbing in a La Nina

in al Sabatino Seva Khan

Nadia he won

Eleni audio

good news bad tidings to those who are

patient those whom when calamity strikes

when some difficulty affects them they

say in a lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajan

that means we indeed belong to allah all

of us and we will all return to him one

day my brothers and sisters i’ve spoken

quite a bit I’ve given you pieces of

advice but I’d like them to be of impact

to me to begin with and then to everyone

of us and I hope and pray that we can

learn to love one another for the sake

of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and be

concerned for the betterment of the

other for if you are concerned for the

betterment of the other Allah will grant

you betterment to begin with and Allah

will make sure that you have a good life

here and then in the hereafter may Allah

grant us all paradise and may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala bless you all I hope

to see you again tomorrow by the will of

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala until then I

could locally have that also allahu wa

sallim wa barik ala nabina muhammad

subhanAllah abraham de semana kalam OB

Hamdi kanishka do Allah Allah Island

nest on furigana to be a lake was Salam

alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh





but the whole

when you pull

the heartache in love


Ella fertile Archer
01:10:48,410 –> 00:00:00,000

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Kazim Bilawel
1 year ago

The legal Ruqyah protects from an Evil that descends from the sky and from an Evil which ascends to and from an Evil on the Earth. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Abir Farman
1 year ago

there are many Quranic verses about the Ruqyah [Exorcism ] and also in the prophetic traditions. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bader Kaif
1 year ago

A muslim may make his formal intention to fast the whole month of Ramadan or for every day time

Chan Daniyal
1 year ago

He should always tell him that indeed with hardship there will be ease. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Didar Khan
1 year ago

He should always tell him that indeed with hardship there will be ease. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Fahim Duaa
1 year ago

Quarelling , backbiting ,telling lies all of them lower the value of fasting

Arham Baabar
1 year ago

tion some verse of the Holy Quran necessitate to do the ablution at any time of the day. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Caleb Baber
1 year ago

because Islam has urged us to make the Exorcism for every muslim wether a male or a female the sticking with it has become significant affair. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bari Farooq
1 year ago

A Muslim shouldctake Iftar before performing the Maghrib prayer with jamaa’ah

Kafi Bismil
1 year ago

where through it, we will be safe from all intrigues
which are woven against us. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Bin Ayaan
1 year ago

The Exorcism might continue for a week and may be less than that or more according to the patient’s condition and the degree of his response, Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Khizar Cal
1 year ago

because Islam has urged us to make the Exorcism for every muslim wether a male or a female the sticking with it has become significant affair. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Azlan Diar
1 year ago

fasting is apart of Islam like the prayer and zakah it makes ones realize through onesown experiencehow it feels to be hungry
and thirsty and thus to gain true feels to be hungry and thirsty and thus to gain true appreciation of the needs of the poor

Khalifa Kamal
1 year ago

during alruqya touching women isn’t permissible except for those who are from their relatives. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Changez Faliq
1 year ago

Iseek refuge by all the words of Allah from what He has created. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Faizan Babu
1 year ago

the Muslims fast because Allah wants them to do so

Changez Arslan
1 year ago

The prophet [PBUH[ said, :take Sahoor for surely there is ablessing inSahoor

Dilbar Chand
1 year ago

mentioning to the patient that there are many cases like his/ her case have been healed. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Binyamin Azhaan
1 year ago

there are many Quranic verses about the Ruqyah [Exorcism ] and also in the prophetic traditions. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Babu Ammar
1 year ago

A muslim may make his formal intention to fast the whole month of Ramadan or for every day time

Kabeer Demir
1 year ago

mentioning to the patient that there are many cases like his/ her case have been healed. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Chambeli Darvesh
1 year ago

The legal Ruqyah protects from an Evil that descends from the sky and from an Evil which ascends to and from an Evil on the Earth.
Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Chohan Adil
1 year ago

the legal Ruqyah [Exorcism} requires invoking the devotion of both during the Exorcism so the heart attaches with great ability of Allah be He Exalted and Glorified and perfection of seeking refuge with Him. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Farouk Falak
1 year ago

mentioning to the patient that there are many cases like his/ her case have been healed. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Azan Cale
1 year ago

He should always tell him that indeed with hardship there will be ease. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Alam Fayaz
7 months ago

the legal Ruqyah [Exorcism} requires invoking the devotion of both during the Exorcism so the heart attaches with great ability of Allah be He Exalted and Glorified and perfection of seeking refuge with Him. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

1 auther


If Allah makes you stand up you will never fall, and if he lets you fall and leaves you to yourself, you will always fall.

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