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History muslim killed dracula

Published on March 21st, 2014 | by Admin | Views:


Muslims Defeated Dracula ᴴᴰ – Islamic Reminder

So the Ottoman Empire may Allah reward them, did an amazing job in establishing Islam. However it wasn’t just this, many of us already know about this. We know that they conquered Constantinople, but as I said, there is much that we don’t know.

For example many of us aren’t aware of the time of Muhammed Al Fatih (r) fought against DRACULA. You’ve heard of Dracula before? When I say Dracula you’re probably thinking of a Vampire. You’re saying. “Oh Musa, you’re telling me Muhammed Al Fatih fought a Vampire? what’s next he fought Superman? No! Dracula was a real man. He was a real man named Dracula, and he ruled over the southern part of a country of what we called today Romania.

Now Mohammed Al Fatih (r) as he began to advance into eastern Europe for example Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary… all of these lands, the people of Wallachia (Southern Romania) they wanted to fight against the Ottomans, however they were very weak and so they had to make a peace deal with them, so as part of this deal Muhammed Al Fatih (r) said to the ruler

‘You have to send me two of your sons and we will send them to Istanbul to be educated.’

So he sent his two sons. One was named Vlad and other one was named Radu. Now Vlad is the one who we know as Dracula because the word Dracula means ‘son of Dracul’ which was the name of his father. ‘Dracul’ means Shaytaan. It means a Devil.

So he is the ‘Son of Devil’ and this is actually quite relevant. It is rather fitting when you hear about this man. What happened was they went to Constantinople, they studied about Islam and his brother actually became Muslim. So the brother of Dracula, Radu, became a Muslim. He memorised the Quran, he studied so much, and even Dracula studied the Quran even though he wasn’t Muslim. He spoke Arabic, Persian, Turkish and of course Romanian and other languages, later on he was sent back to his country. While Radu remains.. and he became the ruler of his country…

The Ottomans realised they can’t send a Muslim to rule over the country because they’re Christians, they wanted to send Vlad (Dracula) so that they could get him there and then defeat him in a war, and then rule over the country.. However, Dracula decided that he wasn’t going to do what the Sultan (ruler) wanted so the Sultan sent him to emissaries to people who can come to speak with him and they said to him he must pay you the Jiz’yah (Tax). Now that you’re the ruler over the country you have to pay us Jiz’yah (Tax).

And so Dracula said to them, “If you want to step inside of my port, you have to take off your turban.” and so they said, ‘No, we won’t remove it for you, we are not going to remove it for a Kafir (Non-beliver)’ So he said, “Take it off” again they refused. So he commanded, he told someone to come with some very big nails and hammers and he (Dracula) said, “If they refuse to remove it for me then they will never remove it again.” And he commanded that their turbans be nailed into their heads.

And of course, this in effect killed them, so this was an act of war. Dracula had decided to go to war with the Islamic state and so Muhammed Al Fatih (r) sent a massive army to go and fight against them. But Dracula because of his tactics and the fact that he knew the Ottomans very well he was able to defeat them on some occasions.

Now what he did is what makes him stand out in being an absolute devil.

Dracula what he did is that when they would kill a person or sometimes they wouldn’t kill them they would capture them. He did something, which is called impaling. If you haven’t heard of impaling it’s a pretty gruesome thing to start to describe, what they would do is that they would get a very big stick, they would make sharp on one end they would insert it through your backsides past through your body until it comes out of your mouth. They would impale them, they would pass this through their body a lot of the time they would be alive as well and this is how they would kill them, and then they would put this into the ground and then they would impale the next person and put him next to him

The Ottoman army when they went to check on their troops they found that on one of the very long roads leading to the capital of this area were 20,000 Muslims impaled along the sides of these roads.

Imagine this and we suffer today no doubt we suffer as Muslims today but things like this you can’t really compare with 20,000 of them impaled. You can imagine how Muhammed Al Fatih (r) feels to see even one Muslim killed is too much, but to mutilate their bodies after this was something, which was beyond acceptable.

And so he decided to send Radu who was the brother of Dracula. He sent him to go fight against his own brother and eventually Radu (r) was able to eventually catch up with his brother. This is after he committed so many more atrocities. Even the Christians started to back off from him because what happened is that him being Romanian, he was orthodox, he wasn’t Catholic but he actually said to the Pope, “If you give me some more troops I’ll become a Catholic for you”.

Anything you want I’ll change my religion for you he couldn’t care. He wasn’t a man of true belief, he was only a man of pragmatism on the battlefields, and even the Christians started to distance themselves from him, however the Muslims they caught up with him and they faced him in battle and it’s unclear whether the Muslims killed him or if his own people turned upon him and killed him but either way Dracula was killed. And the Ottomans, the Muslims Army defeated Dracula,and what they did is that they removed his head and they took it to the city of Istanbul and put it on a very large stick. They impaled his head and put it at the gates of Constantinople where it stood for about 2 – 3 months to say. “If you want to be like these men then wage war against us”.

This was the demise of Dracula and again as Muslims, most of us won’t even know about this. How many people know that Dracula was a real man?

We as Muslims fought him and killed him. You know how they say garlic kills Dracula or a silver bullet through the heart or a wooden steak – none of these killed Dracula.

MUSLIMS KILLED DRACULA! So if anyone who wants to follow the way of Dracula they will face the same wrath from the Muslim Nation!

Source: TheMercifulServant


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