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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Admin | Views:

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Two Things You Need” learn tajweed lessons online”

the best of Crete

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh smilla hey rahmanir rahim’

alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam o allah

rasool allah who either

ally us hobbies money we always praise

allah subhanahu wa ta’ala we send

blessings and salutations upon muhammad

salallahu alayhi wasalam the best of

creation the most noble of all prophets

of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

we ask Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala to

bless him his household his companions

and we ask allah to bless every one of

us and all children or offspring those

to come up to the end Allah keep us

steadfast and grant us goodness my

beloved brothers sisters my dearest

children and parents at this beautiful

Shah Jalal Masjid in Burnley in the UK I

would like extremely important today and

it’s a topic and perhaps many people may

not have thought of deeply but it is

also a topic that if we were to ponder

over it there is never ever enough of it

that we would get each one of us has

been given life by Allah and every

single one of us that life is going to

be taken away by the same Allah so he

who gave you the life is going to take

it away before you were born

we’re ready you will where Allah wanted

you to be and during this life Allah

gives us certain freedoms within limits

within his power and Allah wants us to

do what he hasn’t shot the

and after a short period of time he will

take us away in the interim there are

two main things that we need to fulfill

number one is recognizing the one who

gave you the life and the one who’s

going to take it away same deity to

recognize he he gave you the life is one

of the most important reasons for you to

have been given the life I was given


I came unto earth why Allah wants me to

recognize him to worship Him alone he

says it in the Quran wonderful apple


no one here

sir ilaria boudoir

I have not created many kind of jinkind

except so that they worship me and many

of the young people when they read that

verse they don’t understand that it

actually means except that they live

their entire lives according to what I

have ordained that’s what it means

which means you’re sitting you’re

standing you’re moving you’re drinking

you’re eating your dealings everything

should be as per what Allah has

instructed and allowed and permitted

that’s what is meant by worshiping Allah

but in order to be able to worship Allah

correctly you need definitely to

recognize them you need to know who he

is he is the one who gave you the life a

friend of mine this morning in the early

hours of the morning his wife gave birth

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the excitement of that birth we make a


we congratulate there is happiness and

there is concern also what is the

concern the child should be healthy the

child should be good the child should be

obedient the child should not be a means

of our downfall the child should not

embarrass us the child should just the

judge with that but as we grow older we

all become independent right so we start

doing things that embarrass our parents

we do things that embarrass ourselves of

Panama we forget Allah in the process we

leave allah subhanahu wata’ala out of

the equation and what has happened

sometimes in some people’s lives is

allah blesses them by allowing them to

come back because of a reminder because

of something because of guidance that

was served to them by allah so when you

have drifted australia for some reason

due to you forgetting the power of allah

and who allah is and the fact that he is

in total control of your life and the

fact that he can take it away also this

morning in the City of Leicester I

received a message of a friend’s child

who or a friend’s grandchild who passed

away in a car accident last night

healthy young man what

happen perhaps probably lost control of

the vehicle and hit into a pillar or a

tree something of that nature passed

away the life in the hands of Allah may

Allah grant him Jenna and make it easy

for in spirits Allah grant every one of

our homey and the deceased genitals of

those but my brothers and sisters have

mercy on your parents have mercy on your

parents because Allah instructed you to

have mercy on your parents how number

one by making dua for them number two

part of that would be and we are Muslim

so we have to obey Allah’s instruction

but by being kind to them

number three is by one doing something

that would embarrass them subhanAllah

and if they were to instruct you to do

something that would embarrass you too

as a Muslim you excuse yourself if you

have parents who are not Muslim family

members who are not Muslim etc don’t be

harsh be kind you still have to be kind

there are no family members there are

your parents your brothers and sisters

who are chosen by Allah for you not by


your parents were chosen by Allah to younot by you so you have to be kind you

have to be courteous you have to be

helpful you have to be easygoing

you have to know they may not think the

way you think but remember to be

courteous and kind is something that is

your duty if you were to make them such

that their lives become a misery due to

your action you have traded this service

to them don’t do that no matter what we

do in our lives

don’t embarrass your parents very

important point sometimes if they are

wrong you may want to seek guidance for

yourself and for them and those of us

who are parents learn to be easygoing

don’t be too harsh and hard on your

children in this day and age the

harshness does not work Allah says in

the Quran to Muhammad sallallaahu Salam

while I walk

death of unholy value can be looming

Halleck if you were harsh and

hard-hearted the people from around you

have dispersed they wouldn’t even have

listened to you so if that is a message

to rasulullah saaw salaam who did not

really need the message because allah

says well in toto king having indeed you

are upon the highest level of character

and conduct he did not need that message

but Allah sent it to him for you and I

to learn a lesson your character your

conduct don’t be harsh and hard with

those around you or they will disperse

every other day I receive emails of

people who say I want to be home because

my folks are being harsh and hard and

they are not listening today I received

an email of someone saying that when I

want to fulfill Salah my mother laughs

at me when I want to do things correctly

and I want to obey Allah so instruction

just by going to the Masjid they scoff

at me so holla what do you want me to

say now what should I say may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala forgive us and grant

us goodness so as much as we need to be

kind and good to our parents and not

making them embarrassed by our actions

parents we also need to be sensitive

regarding how we choose to bring up

” learn tajweed lessons online”

those children communication is

something that is lacking so much in

today’s society not because technology

is not advanced but because we have not

put aside technology the moment we step

into the home that’s the problem we have

the latest phones if I ask you how many

of you have one of the s-series Samsung

or an iPhone one of the new you know

phones mashallah many of you might be

recording this right now as I can see

so that’s technology but remember when

you go into your home when you get into

your your the territory where your

family is learn to set limits with your

mobile devices if you don’t I promise

you what was the point what’s the point

of having family you have never spent

time with them

you have never sat with them they don’t

know the your problems and you don’t

know their problems and when you know

problems you don’t help you make it

difficult I’ve seen parents room because

of sins they are committing themselves

they become impatient so when the child

says I need help I want to marry this

person and the father starts blowing his

top such that it’s totally out of this

world but that father himself sometimes

is involved in adultery it has happened

many occasions the father himself or the

mother is involved in something

unacceptable but when the child wants to

do something

acceptable we won’t want to do so then

how do you want to be protected from the

embarrassment that we are talking about

today Allah make it easy for everyone of

us it’s a balance as much as we have to

respect our folks and our family members

we also asked women to respect us to

fulfil our rights and that’s why when it

comes to wives and women the Quran says

oh they have rights just like the rights

they have to deliver as well rights for

them and rights that they need to

fulfill just like the husband has rights

the wife has rights that’s what the

Quran says it’s not one-way traffic

it’s to interfere you need to respect

each other each other but that is now

connected to the first duty that we have

and that is the link we have with allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala the second duty and

that’s what I want to talk about here

more is the relationship we have with

one another one another when Allah made

me he wants me to recognize him like

that’s what we said at the beginning and

the second thing he wants me to

recognize everything else he has made so

Hannah a lot of us fail in this when

Allah made me guess what we made you

– so Panama when Allah made us as humans

guess what in fact before I get to human

beings when Allah made a race he made

another race as well another few races

and that term race I’ve never understood

it in the English language because it

always seems when they say what race I

said no it’s not 100 meter race we’re

talking of race as in racial lines and

it’s not a race we’re not in the

competition so for some reason that word

itself has a problem in it if you get

what I’m saying we’re not in a race no

one’s going to win the race no different

colors allows me different languages you

can speak Bengali

you can speak Pakistani or do you can

speak Gujarati you can speak Farsi you

can speak French but you are going to

communicate with a lot of people with

that language but I might not speak your

language guess what it doesn’t make you

any inferior nor does it make your

language any inferior the fact that

English is across the globe today

actually in the eyes of Allah doesn’t

make it superior at all if anything but

we would know as muslimeen that Arabic

is the language of the Quran the

language of the Navi so Allah


it has superiority in that sense

definitely if you don’t recognize the

fact that Allah has made what you others

you have a problem those others are as

important as you are every one of us

feels important if we were to dish out

hot biryani today and we were all hungry

we would all want to have a good plate

the way is he or she waits to serve the

elderly and others before he goes in why

because he’s recognized that Allah made

these people as well when you see the

disabled in a queue for you to be able

to let them go with an honor and dignity

is a sign of record

Allah when you see the women in the

elderly and you observe them for the

sake of Allah with respect and let them

perhaps get to the front of such a few

before you it is a sign that you’ve

recognized Allah some of the young

people would only do that if she was

quite prettiest goddess clean your

intention you do it when they’re old you

do it with me so that’s if you see

anyone in health sorry needing help

Allah says if you were to help them you

would get closer to Allah when you see

someone sick and if you were to visit

them genuinely to make them to happen

then Allah says you will find Allah why

because it proves what we are saying

your duty is to recognize what Allah

made with you with you together so with

me a mum review with us among the others

but they are all important give them

that do I love myself I need to love you

too that’s when I’m a winner but I love

myself and I hate you

I’ve lost I may be you may be different

from me the Prophet SAW still had people

who disagreed with him completely

he always prayed for them made – after

then he tried with them he continued

trying with them that was a Lulla some

are similar so thereafter Allah has made

with humankind other creatures

what are the creatures those creatures

that may benefit us and those that may

not benefit us and those that may harm


Allah made all of that what has all that

done for you has it brought you closer

to Allah if the answer is yes you’re a

winner if the answer is no well you will

learn as time passes when you see for

example a dog or a cat or a pig or a

lizard or a spider or a or a bird or a

fish or any other animal or an insane

a reptile no matter what it is what do

you think man naturally looks at the

animal or the creature of Allah and has

something preconceived already you see a

snake hit it you can see right you see

spiders spray something make sure they

bomb that’s what man thinks you see

birds enjoy them take a picture put it

up on Instagram

my shuttle especially the colorful ones

many things you see a crocodile you run

away right that’s men allah has kicked

within you and understanding but that

understanding is at times contaminated

by humankind in Islam we don’t just go

around harming animals if something is

about to harm you you save yourself

definitely but you don’t go out to look

for it in its own habitat and start

destroying it the world is only learning

that now but Muslims were taught that a

long time back reserved the animals

preserved this and preservation of what

not so many different things endangered

species and all those words that have

come about now the concern of the globe

is very recent but with Islam will be

taught this from the beginning you don’t

just go out in a destructive way and

start you know looking for snake holes

and killing the snakes in their own

habitat no but if it comes to you and

wants to harm you and attacks you you

have every right to save yourself even

if it means the snake lost its life so

we respect not just other human beings

we respect other creatures of Allah why

because the same creator has made them

that’s the reason if allah didn’t want

we wouldn’t have made those creatures he

is powerful he made it thing because he

wants to taste you and I how long are

you going to live on earth for how long

seventy years

if you’re above 70 million bonus

masha’Allah Allah is giving your bonus

and if you get into 70 tell yourself my

life is coming to an end

tell yourself what did you do don’t be

depressed have hope in the mercy of

Allah prepare for the meeting with Allah

two things how do you prepare for the

meeting with Allah engage in lots of

student additional fact-finding your

head in frustration that’s the closest

you could ever be to Allah and seek the

forgiveness of Allah he hears you he

listens he knows he answers you can hold

that statement for you on the day of

judgment he will hold it when you seek

the forgiveness of Allah it never goes

to waste

never it is an acknowledgment that oh

Allah my neck is in your hands now I’ve

seen a vehicle of what it’s about the

cross Allah Allah you are a total

control of us

you have us by the neck you can do what

you want with us if Allah once anything

can happen anywhere will not bless those

who are struggling with solutions to

their struggles may Allah grant is to

our brothers and sisters in Indonesia

who are struggling with the earthquakes

that are eating them right now as we



I’m sure nearly all of us have seen the

clip of the Imam who remained in Salah

and the ground was shaking I don’t know

what we would do the ground was shaking

and he made in Salah logic why they

asked him later on

what happened were you not afraid he

says I was ready to meet allah and the

best way to meet him would have been in

the condition of sana it was not wrong

for him to break the salon run it is

permissible in fact it is encouraged

when you see loss of life or something

dangerous that the prohibition of

allowing life

we lost is greater then you haven’t

broken your Salah so you break the Sun

and you’re supposed to go so much so

that in the books of fifty it actually

says if there is a blind man that you

notice with the corner of your eye about

to fall into a pit you break the Salah

and you save the man it’s known but if

someone has reached at a new level way

it’s not someone else’s how it’s my own

so if there was life to be saved we

would have told that Imam you are wrong

but it was his own life he’s got to a

stage where he surrender to Allah Allah

you want to take me if I am going to go

nothing’s gonna change it but I’d rather

go in Salah that Allah grant us the

ability before I move on to the next

point you see that point of passing away

this Allah my beloved youth who are here

today wouldn’t you love to pass away in

the condition of Sidhu

when the hadith says Aqaba my approval

abdullah of me he what who are surging

the closest that a slave could be to

allah is when he is incensed that when

he is in frustration we’d love to pass

away in that condition but we have one

major problem what’s the problem

we don’t even read salah we don’t even

teach sana and I remember a young boy

some of you might have heard this from

me before we just made – I passed away

in SOL I said but rather do you even

read salah is not really a sister then

how do you want to dance I said no if I

like sex that to I then you know if I

don’t reach Allah right now it’s okay

one day when I read it you take me we

have no guarantee the hadith says you

” learn tajweed lessons online”

die the way you lived and you will be

resurrected the way you died that’s what

the hodgins’s so you would die the way

you knew it if you lived in a bad way

Allah says don’t worry I used very still

go for you for as long as you turn

quickly to Allah to commit a sin

because none of us had ever committed a

sin out of defiance of Allah but we’ve

only committed sin out of the weakness

of our human nature that’s a man do you

want to know if you don’t want me you

can ask yourself you want to know you’re

a believer ask yourself when I’ve

committed the sin is it because of the

weakness of my human nature or is it

because I want to defy Allah

it’s never the matter now no one defines

a lot from the believers even those on

drugs and whatever else it’s terrible

now Allah grant us all Savior and I know

many brilliant people they have a

weakness they have an addiction whether

it’s pornography whether it’s drugs

whether it’s alcohol whether it’s

gambling so many other adultery

sometimes people are addicted they need

to get rid of their habits they need to

cut it down they need to cut it out and

how will you help yourself by

establishing your fine friends that is

the first thing we do on every single

Tamar every Friday every time you enter

the Masjid even if you don’t know the

Arabic language

you hear the verses right at the end of

the hood wa inna llaha ya’muru bil-

understanding what it is the code behind

in fashion you want one carry-on belly

yeah you do community Tara Cahoon you do

not share that what does it mean to you

young guys who say it means the end of

the hook


actually so powerful that’s why it’s

repeated so many times

Allah is instructing you to be just how

many of us are just the number is

diminishing right Ally instruct you to

be kind how many of us are kind the

number is becoming less every jhula

allows instructing you to be just a lot

instructing you to be kind allows

instructing you to gain

your relatives and others those in need

give how many of us are giving is

becoming less and less and a lot

prohibits you from immorality l-jamaa

Allah saying watch out don’t commit

adultery every human watch out don’t

watch pornography every do i watch out

be moral

lift up your values your morals to be

vulgar that’s what it means fashio

fracture is all immorality religions

abuse by the tongue by the mouth

anything tomorrow Allah says cut it out

when every Friday if you only heard that

one verse every Friday it was sufficient

to change your life if I got up industry

that person walked away it was enough to

save your life and mine the problem is

for us it means heavy I could go back to

my football that’s what it means a lot

of people sit outside you need Umar I

mean a lot more ability they quickly run

inside because they know now it’s about

to time it’s about to start

Salah Mucca Mucca is evil anything evil

Allah says whatever is evil quickly

cutting and burning transgression Allah

says don’t transgress don’t commit sin

cut it out what a powerful verse so this

is why Allah says in a solid that and


come indeed

Salah Salah has the capacity to stop you

from immorality and evil

if you fulfill your fire daily Salah and

complete properly and correctly it will

slowly but surely help you to cut back

the immoral behavior and the immoral

words and that which is evil because the

Quran says it will fill your Salah

correctly and he will find definitely

that it is going to help you quit your

bad habits

therefore I start off by saying my

brother’s my sisters establish your five

daily prayers come what may even if it

means you start off with your father

alone that’s not my aim my aim is to go

beyond that but i but I start off with

that I start off with that I started

would find a reason ah is that a promise

in sha Allah that was nice and loud

mashallah brothers and sisters of sha

Allah and Wendy we want to see Salah

Tunisia tonight with the same crowd

there is success very success there are

lots of Hana Italia except us all so we

respect each other we respect the

creatures of Allah like I said at the

beginning Allah wants us to recognize

him and Allah wants us to recognize

everything else that he has made because

if my relation is good with you it’s

because it should be primarily because

you are also made by Allah as much as I

feel important I need to give you the

importance to feel important is a

natural feeling but to give importance

to others is something your Iman will

help you to build and to give importance

to those who are different from you and

out a reason shows that you are even

closer to Allah I always say when you

are kind to a person who you are going

to benefit from sometimes your intention

might be contaminated but when you are

kindly to a person whom you don’t know

you may never know and you you are not

expecting any benefit from in that case

you are expecting the benefit from Allah

if I am good to you because I think

you’re a big man my intention is already

lost and good to you because I think

you’re a big man if I’m good to someone

because I think she’s a pretty woman my

intention is gone it’s lost but when I’m

good to you because I know you’re a

beloved creature of Allah now my

intention is a little bit better it’s

headed in the right direction when I

help you because I just want to please

Allah when I care for you when I don’t

speak bad about you because I know if I

did that I would displease Allah then my

connection of a my strong we don’t mind

speaking bad about each other any small

thing and the phone is made it easier

internet you know Twitter when I heard

that work the first time many years back

I was wondering what it was I didn’t

know and I thought what’s the name to

win the golden twits Allah protect us

but it became that everyone’s a twitter

name everyone beats the dopey twitter

and we have actually started tweeting

things that the angels will hold for us

or against us on the day of judgment we

don’t realize the power of social media

social media has allowed us to multiply

the sin of the sin that we’re going to

be committed because if I scold him in

the past about someone’s evil I was

backbiting I could come back to you and

say brother I’m sorry I was wrong I

thought to be out right

today you forward a whatsapp message in

a split second you don’t know how many

million it has already reached to

reverse that to say me impossible and

that thing carries on going keeps on


a year later it will come back someone

else will forward it to you initially I

don’t know how the scheme I started it

that’s why you say be careful as much as

the powers of the world today claim that

they have a button that can destroy

another nation we have buttons on our

phones that can destroy us allah

subhanahu wata’ala safeguard us now i

want to come to the one powerful message

that I have for you in this afternoon my

brothers my sisters

take a look at the condition of your

heart your heart does it have ain’t

jealousy envy hatred your feeling

selfishness if it does deal it if you

purify your heart you become a beautiful

family that will stand up for one

another but when your heart is impure

you won’t get any way when you have a

problem with someone go back to the

Sunnah as to how to deal with it and

we’re speaking to some brothers earlier

and I was saying sometimes the scholars

the olam are the people whom we look up

to because the generations have passed

sometimes we don’t realize and they

don’t realize that they need help to to

clean their hearts the amount of hatred

I’ve seen in my travels across the globe

among people who are supposed to be

scholarly they have not followings they

have people who look up to them but they

themselves have not yet dealt with their

own issues in their hearts they still

hatred in feeling jealousy selfishness

love of oneself these are qualities that

can affect the best from amongst us when

” learn tajweed lessons online”

I say love of oneself I’m talking about

giving yourself preference

others there’s something called first

new fun fashionable means to think good

of another person we think bad of others

a minute to see a person walking down

the road the worst thought comes in a

lot of our minds because we need help so

if that is the condition of the leaders

what do you think will be the condition

of those who are being made where are we

going and the only reason I’m saying

this is because this issue nobody is

saved from none of us fear can say I

have a pure heart not even myself but we

are trying to purify our hearts and

become better as the days pass I want

today to be better than yesterday and I

wanted tomorrow to be better than today

moving towards Allah but if I think

about myself alone and if I think to

myself you know what I am the person

these others are bad what he intended

was wrong what happens I won’t be able

to solve the problems of the Ummah if I

have an issue with you and I’m a leader

I should call you in private and I

should discuss the matter

instead of making a public announcement

to degrade and just and drop someone

else but that’s what will be so if that

is the case and that is what’s happening

every single leader that we have amongst

the Muslims has someone somehow

somewhere who has spoken evil about them

as a result of that the masses have lost

respect of all our leaders that’s where

we come when you mention someone’s name

to say but didn’t you hear X Y Z they

mention a negative thing

Rudy ma you mention another person’s

name who Lima you name me

one of our leaders scholars or our the

leaders of our society named me one who

has not a blemish next to their names

zero I don’t know of one I don’t

when I say blemish I mean someone else

has been speaking about them something

bad negative you know why this is

happening we are too impatient we love

to see the downfall of others it’s a

sickness of the heart when the Muslim

does well in business we suddenly have

the worst thoughts of him

we become jealous when someone gets a

propulsion they get a new job someone

buys a new car why do we get jealous of

them what did they steal of yours it’s a

sickness of the heart that’s the reason

why they’re failing as an Ummah

subhanAllah we want to think Reese in

salary but we don’t want it for the Imam

and the best people for example why he

gets an increases they know that Imam is

greedy but so far Allah but you have 10

times his salary and there’s nothing of

you’re not greedy right I’m working hard

for it he does has to be the Salam Allah

what do you think that Imams their work

is much more difficult than the rest of

us and they don’t get appreciated I was

one sitting at the seminar of Eman and

you were talking about some of these

issues and really interestingly one of

the scholars raised the point and he

says you know every time you go to

places you find the Imam is the lowest

thing and in the job the work expected

from him is the biggest and the the type

of people who shun instruction down his

throat it’s shocking and on top of that

they keep telling you but you’re working

for Allah but look at how blackmail is

good we just Batman

and religious blackmail you’re working

for Allah the most successful

communities that I’ve come across in my

travels are those whom the Imam is

better paid than the doctors outside

it’s the only time because then he he

can say what he wants he he is the

leader he doesn’t need to please this

one and that one he needs to please

Allah because what he has enough but the

minute it’s something meagre the boy

Imam even the children encounter said I

swear that’s what’s happening what is

notice prickly so one of the scholars

said well you know what in all honesty

Allah will give them in return on the

day of qiyama you know the odd thing in

the Messiah the one who calls out for

our done in a lot of cases the payment

is meager some people say you’re not

allowed to take a salary for this I

don’t know the situation I’m talking

about my own country so they say you’re

not allowed to take and whatever

whatever you know what Allah tells them

up to Illuminati are not a new multi AMA

and what they own the most conspicuous

people in rank on the day of judgment

will be the mod means they will have the

longest necks which means you just have

to look back to see all the wardens

faces in fact it’s wrong for me to say

you have to look back you probably be

looking forward they’ve in front of us

why because when the more admin says hi

we are hanging on asana

everyone who walks in the full reward of

that salah goes to the one man is reward

do define your event if anyone comes to

the Masjid with the beautiful event

because they heard a lovely other you

get the food reward of any bad that they

engaged in when they walked into the

Muslims that’s why Allah says so the

point today that I’d like to remind

myself and yourselves with is to clean

heart learn to love each other if you

have a problem with someone deal with it

personally with them like this you don’t

have to go to the rest of the world it’s

not announcing things that’s the wrong

way of doing things don’t be jealous

don’t be envious don’t have hatred don’t

speak without sound knowledge if you

have goodness teachings if you don’t

remain silent because the Prophet

Solomon says mankind you mean you’ll be

lucky well young we’ll ask him from

vehicle salem only us would whoever

believes in allah and the last day if

you really believe in allah and the last

day last day meaning you believe that

there is a day coming when they will be

reckoning happening I am accountable for

my deeds if you believe in Allah and the

last day what should you do the hadith

says I either say that which is good and

beneficial or keep quiet that’s my

message say that which is beneficial or

good keep quiet and when we say say that

which is beneficial or good it includes

typing writing forwarding messaging all

of that is included say what what is

good or keep quiet when you think before

you speak

you are more conscious of Allah most of

us more than 90% of us most of the time

we don’t think we just say what we have

to done we don’t think about what we’re

saying and how we are saying it we don’t

even choose good words when the hadith

speaks of

watching your tongue we walk into the

house and you just say what we want

subhanAllah yesterday we had an event in

black and some of you might have been

there I actually see some faces of some

of the people and I recognized that

there was a little point the brother was

calling out someone whose car was parked

wrongly he made a good announcement he

said whoever’s car versus you know an I

said brother brother brother hang up

manga there’s a way of saying things

there’s a way of saying things so then I

said and I’m not saying that I’m perfect

no I’m very far from it but I’m just

being an example of how if you think you

can come up with a good good way of

saying things instead of saying

something so abruptly in a way that the

person feels embarrassed so I said you

know masha’Allah we all make mistakes

it’s not we are human but to stay to you

know be to stay on that mistake is what

is wrong but inshallah if you get up

Allah bless you run to goodness open

your doors you get Baraka in your car

may Allah bless you your vehicle your

family your birth your bath and you know

what in no time the car was right at the

end it was tucked deep that we were

dishing out some prizes for some people

and one was missing so what we decided

to do is that one we gave it to the

person whose car crosses can I tell you

why people ask me why did you do that

you rewarding sin no what you would

incent I’m rewarding the bravery and the

courage to get up and admit and walk out

and solve your problem and come back

that’s what real rewarding if I told you

right now guys Rolls Royce up

they spark wrongly please send the

Prophet get up and go movies car and

don’t do it again I mean for a rich man

to get up in Stockton he might also

he’ll sit you wait in a lot of cases you

say we can see and when you finished

Allah the only time is gonna give you

some the key and say son rosewood dad

actually we can park in the same place

oh Allah forgive us melakartas wooden is

really I created a lot benefit me from

what I said and I pray that a lot

benefit all of us we’d like to increase

in the love we have for each other many

of us concentrate on a few differences

we may have and as a result we’ve split

the homer into the smallest piece we

went to do the opposite we want to bring

them were together and we want to try

our best to love each other in a way

that the swimmer can benefit once again

from its numbers and from our

togetherness may Allah bless you all

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4 years ago

Sobhan ALLAH,
Tabarak ALLAH

Ayan Daniyal
1 year ago

The Exorcist has to remember the prayers to give their good calls for the patients generally and privately. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Dalma Bayazid
1 year ago

The Exorcist has to remember the prayers to give their good calls for the patients generally and privately. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Charagh Afan
1 year ago

May Allah Bless you with Success Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Babi Kamran
1 year ago

for instance we skirt a round mentioning the Great name of Almighty Allah we intend to incept any work specially those magic has enormous impact. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Khurram Aayan
1 year ago

therefore all what Allah be He Exalted and Glorified has created on the Earth and the inflicts of the day and night the Rugyah keeps us safe from them. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Kamil Babu
1 year ago

lest not to spoil our fast we have to finfish Sahoor early

Kaleb Can
1 year ago

for the patient’s interest it’s alright to repeat both
The Dawn and the Mankind owing to their great impact on decompile the enchantment sweep harm
By permission of Allah . Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Kia Ahnaf
1 year ago

the Emit is a gentle puff with some saliva during the Recitation and post it doesn’t mind i’m leaving it. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Farid Kabeer
1 year ago

sawm or fasting in the month of Ramadan,it is the fourth pillar of Islam .

Arafat Ahil
1 year ago

Taraaweeh is the plural form of the Arabic word , It means apause for rest , At the conclusion of each rak’ahs

Kiyan Anas
1 year ago

the value of fasting can be loweredby lying , and Backbiting

Fahad Aman
1 year ago

Amuslim should begin his fast from the dawn the the following day when it is confirmed that the new of Ramadan has been sighted

Chohan Babi
1 year ago

significance of deliberation of the Exorcist and the sick one for the texts of the Exorcism, Imean the Exorcist shouldn’t say precipitately with their meanings and doesn’t speculate them. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Didar Aabid
1 year ago

The Exorcist should tranquilize him/ her and the relief will come in no time. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Kiyan Daniyal
1 year ago

the legal Ruqyah [Exorcism} requires invoking the devotion of both during the Exorcism so the heart attaches with great ability of Allah be He Exalted and Glorified and perfection of seeking refuge with Him. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Kamil Darek
1 year ago

the value of fasting can be loweredby lying , and Backbiting

Behram Cadi
1 year ago

mentioning to the patient that there are many cases like his/ her case have been healed. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Basel Bashir
1 year ago

those who break thier fast only fast the missed days when they are able to fast

Ahsan Diyan
1 year ago

when you are attackedor insulted by someone say iam fasting, Iam fasting

Darim Darim
1 year ago

The intention must not be expressed in any way ,because its place is the heart

Keyaan Darvesh
1 year ago

sawm is an Arabic word where it means obstaining eating and drinking from dawn to sun set.

Ahtisham Behram
1 year ago

because Islam has urged us to make the Exorcism for every muslim wether a male or a female the sticking with it has become significant affair. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Burhan Farhan
1 year ago

the legal Ruqyah [Exorcism} requires invoking the devotion of both during the Exorcism so the heart attaches with great ability of Allah be He Exalted and Glorified and perfection of seeking refuge with Him. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Charagh Kenan
1 year ago

Taraaweeh is the plural form of the Arabic word , It means apause for rest , At the conclusion of each rak’ahs

Behzad Dawood
1 year ago
Chohan Ayaz
1 year ago

I seek refuge by Allah The Most Gracious and by the absolute words of Allah which don’t exceeds

them a dutiful neither alibertine. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة”

Darim Daiyan
1 year ago

represents part and parcel of the legal treatment. Protect your self by your self by “Quranic recitation over patient الرُّقْيَة” ..

Aaron Khalil
7 months ago

Iftat is an Arabic wordmeans the breaking of the fast

1 auther


If Allah makes you stand up you will never fall, and if he lets you fall and leaves you to yourself, you will always fall.

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