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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 307

You Will Be Resurrected

I become an anthem either me to makhotin

to every woman and Kumu hey had a hate

animal – I do is he promising you that

when you die and you have become

decomposed that you are then going to be

resurrected far very far is that which

you are being promised it cannot be a

reality imagine they are saying how can

he tell you that when you go down and

you’re going to be decomposed that

you’re going to come up my beloved

brothers and sisters the lesson I learn

and you learn from this

sometimes we claim and we know we

believe that we are going to be

resurrected but the way we operate in

our lives as though there’s no day of

judgment the way we carry on with all

our bad ways we never better eyelid

sometimes we never sit back to think but

I am blinking and clapping I’m

committing adultery I’ve got all these

bad habits and at the same time I’m

claiming that there’s a life after death

power laws can that happen so sometimes

we join the ranks of these people

without knowing but then Allah has mercy

upon us he sends to us the month of

Ramadan he sends to us blessed days he

gives us a demurrer it is compulsory for

you to attend and try and listen to the

message llahu akbar why because the

message will be uttered to soften the

hearts to soften the hearts so whenever

we read these stories let’s not just

think that those people they said how

will we be resurrected we believe in

resurrection but sometimes our lives are

proving otherwise the way we leave them

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us a

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