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Published on January 15th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 202

You Only Die Once YODO (Motivational Reminder)


You Only Dieif you are intersted to learn Alot of Islamic knowledge you will find many sites and many videos in youtube, and the best important channel in youtube you will get every thing that you need in “FreeQuranEducation”. Once (YODO) – Yusha Evans”btScri

How you will meet your death,

 you’re deciding it today.


You Only Die Once (YODO) – Yusha Evans

How you will meet your death,

you’re deciding it today.

Which one of these two deaths wait for you (husnul khatimah and su’ul khatimah),

it’s being played out right now in your life.

Every choice you make.

Every decision you take.

You are setting yourself up for one of these two endings.

And only you,

and Allah AWJ know,

which one of those two you’re setting yourselves up for.

You need to ask yourselves every time you go to perform an action.

Will this action bring me the ending that I want?

Because if it doesn’t you should leave it alone,

should run away from it as much as you can.

You should run away from it,

because that ending is waiting for everyone.

One of two ways.

And these two people (the believer and the disbeliever), I want to tell you something about them.

These two people as they’re sitting in their graves,

one of them,

everyday will be making a du’a.

And the other one will be making a du’a.

The believer who has been promised the Mercy of Allah,

the pleasures of Jannah,

he has one du’a for Allah, everyday.

“رَبِّ أَقِم السَّاعَةَ” (hadith of Bara’ ibn Azib narrated by Abu Dawud, Al Hakim, and Imam Ahmad)

“My Lord established the Hour.”

“My Lord, bring the Day of Judgement quickly,”

“because I want what is promised to me.”

“رَبِّ أَقِم السَّاعَةَ”

And the other person in the grave is saying, “Ya Rabbi…”

“Never allow the Hour to be established.”

“Please. Never allow the Hour to be established.”

He would rather be tortured in his grave for eternity,

than face Allah on the Day of Judgement,

because he knows what’s waiting for him.

So these are two totally different…

ways to end your life.

There are many different ways to live your life.

You can live your life however you want,

to each his own as they say.

Eat, drink, and be merry.

Enjoy it while you got it.

You only live once,

No, No, No. You only die once.

You live forever.

You die only once.

So you can live your life however you want, but you will die one of two ways.

And that decision is all in your hands, you can’t blame anyone for that,

except for yourselves.

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