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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 809

online learn tajweed lessons

online learn tajweed lessons

“You Can Do Better!!”” online learn tajweed lessons “

” online learn tajweed lessons “
shame on you

assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh smell r-rahmani r-rahim

al-hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen wa

sallahu wa salam ala al anbiya wa

l-mursalin nabina muhammad wa ala alihi

wa sahbihi what happen in a moment 11 be

a son in Eli Almondine you abide beloved

brothers and sisters we thank Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala for giving us this

opportunity to be here today

we praise allah subhanahu wa ta’ala who

created us who provides everything for

us who has given us much more than we

deserve and at the same time we send

blessings and salutations upon muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa seldom the one who

was sent to us with all this goodness

that we have and we ask Allah Subhanahu

WA Ta’ala to bless all his companions

his household and every one of us

inshallah today I would like to speak on

a beautiful topic connected to the youth

and that is a topic that I have entitled

we can do better every one of us grows

as the days pass Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala says wa la ilaha kumamoto nyanma

hat income ladder muna Shia it is Allah

who took you out of the wombs of your

mothers and you knew nothing when we

were born did we suddenly come out and

say Salam alaikum I’m here is that what


no it didn’t when we were born we didn’t

even make a noise besides crying at a

certain stage it was just crying it’s

just the miracle of ISA or Jesus may

peace be upon him where when he was born

he actually spoke in the Abdullah

I am the worshipper of Allah and you

know that that is mentioned in Surat

Maryam we asked Allah Subhanahu WA Jalla

to guide those who have the incorrect


about Jesus may peace be upon him to

that which is correct I mean so when we

were born we came to this world without

really knowing how to speak there was no

sound that was made besides that which

did not make sense but do you know what

a mother who is experienced would be

able to differentiate between the cry of

a child so the mother will say this cry

is for hunger this cry is because the

child is perhaps weight this child this

cry is because the child is tired and

this cry I don’t know I’m worried let’s

go to the doctor subhanAllah so this was

a gift of Allah and it still continues

to be a gift but as we grew older we

began to say a few words

why because Allah has put within us the

development to a degree that he created

us from weakness and slowly we worked up

to the point of strength when we hit the

peak in certain ways we start slowing

down once again and this brings us to

another verse of the Quran where Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says Allah Allah

laughing so my daddy barfing kuma jalla

min ba ducati

laughs my Shiva Allah says it is Allah

who has created you in a condition of

weakness and from that weakness he has

brought you up to strength and after

that strength he has then taken you down

with two weakness and gray hair weakness

and gray hair something amazing is when

you are young and you are perhaps an

infant you are weak you depend on people

to do your things and the people around

you do it happily the parents will take

you to the doctors happily if you happen

to be sick they will carry you they will

lift you they will perhaps move you from

point A to point B they will feed you

they will change your nappies everything

happens happily and every day the one

who did all this for you will keep on

telling will keep on asking allah

subhanahu wata’ala

oh allah grant this child of mine good

health God this child long life let the

child this and let the child that and do

” online learn tajweed lessons “

you know when you grow very old what

might happen may Allah protect us all we

become dependent on someone once again

maybe it’s the same child that we looked

after when they were little kids and now

when we are old they feel lazy to look

after us so they say oh I took my dad to

the hospital

oh I’ve been holding my mother I carried

my mother I felt I did this and I did

that so many different things and at the

end of the day in the heart one asks a

question when is this going to end

Lovick what a mandala safeguard is I

hope it doesn’t happen to us but people

have said you know what Shaitaan does

come in and says you know how long am I

going to carry on with this paralyzed

mother of mine may Allah protect us all

so the issue the point I’m raising two

things one is the lesson we have to

learn from the verse obviously because

we read it and two is the fact that we

grow to a peak and at the peak after a

certain point we start dropping in

certain ways

when I say certain ways I mean

physically physically more than anything


and subhanAllah it’s it’s it’s a gift of

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala that he has

kept us so beautifully that as we’re

young and we growing we learn more every

day that’s a gift of Allah what does

this mean you know when you go to school

when you go to school subhanAllah you

learn right at the beginning ABC or I

lift that and so on when you get to the

next year you build on what you learnt

the first year and then the third year

you build on what you learnt the second

year so if you know 1+1 and you learnt

that the answer is 2 then we’ll help you

right up to the end of your life it’s

not like ok 1+1 was something we learnt

in grade 1 forget about it now now if

someone asks you watch 1+1 just tell

them I don’t know no it’s not a silly

question it is something that you will

need to know all along so we develop and

we grow and there is room for

improvement and everything we do we can

do better so as a Muslim where do we

start today we are talking to youth

mashallah mashallah the youth where do

you start

what can you do better in point number

one your link with Allah so Hanna hotel

you can do better you can do better you

can improve on your link with Allah I

tell you why our driving force as

muslimeen is the fact that we believe

that others don’t believe they do what

they want their first point of

improvement is perhaps how much money

they can earn so that’s their first

point of improvement but with us as

muslimeen our first point of improvement

is my link with Allah can be better

every one of us myself included my link

with Allah can be better do you read

your file Salah if you do on what time

do you read your file Salah you can

improve on the time if you don’t read

your file Salah oh that is something

dangerous you have to do something about

it I tell you why belief makes us

understand why we are in

if I were to ask you why are you in this

world what would you say let’s see what

you say here can some of the guys answer

me why are you in this world

what is the reason everyone says to

worship allah subhanahu wa ala quick

because allah says o my father paternal

gene now is in LAN ER boom i have not

created mankind or jinn kind except that

they worship me and muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam explained what is this

worship he explained worship in a

nutshell is to live your life in such a

way that all of it is a preparation for

the day you will meet with allah that’s

what it is that’s that’s the meaning to

worship Allah Subhanahu WA Jalla would

mean to lead your life in such a way

that you are preparing in the best

possible way to meet with Allah so it’s

still far is part of a bad worshipping

Allah alone is the primary item that we

look at to do the acts of worship in

accordance with what Muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam has taught is something

of prime importance but what you need to

know is from the point of birth right up

to the point of death I must be

conscious of the fact that I don’t know

when I’m going to die I have no clue

this might be your last few moments it

might be my last few moments I don’t

know so if I were to die now and say I

meet with allah subhanahu wata’ala what

will i say i said you know what we were

having fun I just went to school I

learned I was about to qualify I was

going to do this but then you took me

away that’s not good enough it’s not a

good enough answer he said you know what

I was I really I was earning a salary

and I earned so much and I got a

promotion and I learned much more and I

bought a car in the house and I was so

happy and I married the most pretty girl

on the face of the globe and you know

what we were about to have kids and then

you took me away all these answers are

material answers the proper answer is

Allah whatever opportunity you gave me I

seized it to develop a link

you forgive me wherever I have faulted I

tried my best this is the link and this

is why I say we can do better with our

link with Allah because we don’t know

when we are going that’s the difference

a lot of people running behind

materialism let me tell you your test is

your test is whilst you are in the world

look at what is happening to others and

learn a lesson for yourself let me give

you an example there are so many people

out there they were born they lived they

died what did they achieve nothing

absolutely nothing but the world says

this person was very successful why

because he was by the time he died he

was the CEO of a multi-million dollar

company while he did so well in his life

let’s be honest is that called doing

wealthier doing well in your life now

what will happen to him he died he did

not develop his link with Allah so Allah

sends us to the world for an examination

and then he takes us out once the

examination is over

he sends us in the world for an

examination and he takes us out you are

here and soon you will be out there are

others who came in and they are out

there are some who are still waiting to

come him and then they will come out

short period of time listen carefully

what I am saying is very very serious

you have a short space of time to pass

an examination and walk out you have a

very short space of time to pass your

examination and to walk up

what is the exam the exam is Allah has

put obstacles in your path watch out be

careful for them you know a lot of the

youngsters like to play games I don’t

know do you know what is the PSP 3 and

PSP 4 and so on I’m sure you’re aware of

it I see the smile so we shy to say yes

I know but anyway I know you know so you

have all these games that you play when

you play a game say for example it’s an

ordinary game that a person might be

playing and say racing cars ok so as you

are raising their obstacles they can


ever have a game that is just a straight

road you just have to press the

accelerator and switch over to see who

did the best

there’s no game like that that’s boring

they have to have bins and turns and

potholes and obstacles and something to

do it’s something else

you must avoid hitting here and then you

must go as fast as you can and you do

this so that you can finish and you have

protected yourself from the obstacles

and you are at the finish line first am

i right

so say you were at the finish line

number 10 what will you do let me see if

some of the youngsters know the answer

yet if for example you play the game for

the first time and you finished off

number 10 what what are you going to do

start again exactly what I wanted to

hear you’re going to try again why

because now you want to do a bit better

a bit better so I tell you in life life

is a test it’s not a game it’s reality

so Allah says look you die once there’s

no coming back there’s no coming back

but we do you a favor when you realize

that you’re coming out second and third

there is something known as Toba turn

back to us we will come we will let you

come out first are you following the

point but you remember you like I say

” online learn tajweed lessons “

your life is such you there will be

obstacles it will be a beautiful car

dangling in the front and you know what

you’ve got half the money to earn to buy

the vehicle you don’t have the other

half now it is a test of Allah are you

going to do something Haram to get that

car number one number two is is that car

your main focus in life very important

is that car your main focus in life if

it is you might have it then when you

die what will happen they know what is

going to bury that Lamborghini with you

in your grave to say Wow big achievement

the eighties baby this man that’s not

going to happen so understand that with

the link with allah subhanahu wata’ala

one of the most important things is to

know that there are so many tests that i

need to understand stay away from Haram

you know zina or adultery is very easily

committable depending on the environment

you staying in the winner is he who

protects she who protects himself or

herself from it the reason is and when

we talk of zina for those who don’t know

the English the Arabic language you

might be listening to us we’re talking

here of adultery for

example is just cited as an example so

to stay away from it you would be

protecting your wheels from hitting a

pothole imagine you’re driving and you

are in this race and you see a huge

pothole and you say let’s see if this

car can take it aren’t you a fool aren’t

you a big fool because you know there

are those big magnums you know those

wheels alloy wheels they cannot take

even the slightest of a bottle in my

part of the world they call it buckling

the wheel which means that RIM would

actually get bent in such a way that you

have to take all four out because you

cannot have three that look the same and

then one suddenly is a biscuit tire or

it is something totally different no you

change all of them or you repair the one

if you can so the point being raised is

when you see harm in your part consider

it an opportunity to get closeness to

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala by staying

away so when you see something that

you’re not supposed to look at to lower

your gaze for the sake of Allah you

should be happy to say I live passing my

test here somehow Allah time for Salah

you’re so lazy and you just get up and

you said you know what no matter what

I’m sitting and I’m not going to move

until I get out of my bed and I go and

read my Salah you say o Allah I thank

you for helping me pass the test as cozy

as the bed was because of the

air-conditioner because of whatever else

and as tired as I was I got up because

of you this might be the last salat

al-fajr that I will ever read it could

be and if you die you are such a happy

person imagine love whatever so why we

say you can do better is because as time

passes we have more and more obstacles

you know when a person grows older they

get a family family comes with many more

responsibilities you spend time with

your children your family you need to

earn and this test of the world is such

that Allah has kept in it things that

are beautiful for you to go and achieve

so sometimes people will for example you

know you’re living you grow up you get

your first job and your first pay

packets first salary I’m sure

you are working you remember the first

time you got an amount of money this is

your money and you looked at it I hope

you said that happily laughs but

sometimes people just look at it Wow now

I can go and buy this I can do this I

can do that whereas other people are

thinking let me save up as much as I can

one day I need to get married and one

day I need to have to look Allah puts it

in your sensible mind to say one day you

will get married and you will have

children do you know why it’s your duty

to have those children to pass them

pattern on so that the next generation

can be prepared through you so life is

not all about you you and you it is

about you yes but you’ll link with Allah

in such a way that you prepare the next

generation for having the same or a

better link with allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala this is why those fathers who

did not use to be religious and they

became religious and then they have

children they will always tell you I

want my son to be a half but they are

not happy right because they say we have

earned the world I know of

businesspeople who were away from the

deep when they came to the Dean and they

started reading their Salah and so on

and then they had children they started

saying you know what don’t worry my son

don’t worry about money we’ve got the

money you worry about your link with

Allah I want you to become a half if I

want you to learn the Deen I want you to

be a dye I want you to do this and to do

that all this is part and parcel of your

test from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala but

we need to know it’s not good enough to

only worry about the children when we

are not worried about ourselves this is

something that is extremely important so

going back to the first point that I was

raising and that is we can do better

when it comes to our link with allah

subhanahu wata’ala my way of looking at

this is to constantly remind yourself

that you are in a test it is a very

temporary test everything you are doing

it’s a temporary test you have your

beautiful phones your beautiful watches

your nice clothes beautiful perfume

whatever else you have masha’Allah all

this is Zeenat will highlight in dunya

all this is part of the beautification

of the world it is not the aim of your

existence here but it is by

way by the way your aim is to earn the

pleasure of Allah and you need to make

sure every day you learn more you put

law into practice you do not miss that

which is compulsory and obligatory upon

you some of us we earn wealth and we

don’t pay zakat because we think you

know what it’s time not yet ready I know

of people who have told me I’ve had

money for the last 20 years I haven’t

paid the cut I just used to give a few

charities here why this is a test of

Allah he gives you a thousand reality he

tells you do what I only need a little

small percentage back very small let’s

see if you can give it imagine you are

begging to someone a beggar and you are

begging to someone and you happen to say

give me $5 or $10 Oriya let’s use the

term rien give me 100 yen he gives you a

hundred and five and he tells you

now that you have 105 giving me back

five and you say I don’t want come on

lover who gave it to you he gave you

more than you asked for and he’s telling

you give me back the five and not even

five to be honest with you the

percentage in most cases is smaller than

that when I say most cases there are a

few exceptions where when it comes to

farming and when it comes to mining and

so on the percentage is slightly bigger

but Allah is asking you to give some

back and sometimes we find ourselves

dilly-dally so my brothers and sisters

remember one thing your link with allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala is something amazing

it is unique always develop it because

when you die don’t you want to die at

the time when your link with Allah is at

the best possible level you know a

friend of mine lost his child two weeks

ago may Allah grant agenda and I spoke

to the friend and I told him you know I

know your daughter not directly but from

what we hear and aren’t you happy at the

fact that her life moved in such a way

that the time she died from what we

understood she had a much better

with Allah then all of the previous days

which means she had she was at the best

possible position up to that time to

have gone and were lying the man nodded

his head now could use for such a person

when you die and when I die and we have

to talk about death you know some people

don’t like the topic did the minute you

say death this enough this guy is one of

them again you know the minute you say

you got to die they say now that’s the

only real thing it’s the only real topic

you can actually talk about so so what

happened is with me and you if we are

getting closer and closer and closer to

Allah and one of the days we die we

would be the closest we ever were to

allow them in the past this is what is

meant by you can do better do better

every single day this is why Muhammad

sallallahu alayhe wassallam used to say

that bad news to the one whom his two

days are equal imagine you to you

yesterday and your today are equal in

terms of spirituality and achievement

it’s the same bad news to you good news

to he whose two days are not the same

today is better than yesterday so there

are three types of people one those whom

today is worse than yesterday that is


the other is those whom yesterday and

today are the same that is bad news

because you can do better that’s our

topic and the one who is successful is

he whom yesterday and today today is

such that it’s much better than

yesterday and this is common logic

before I move on to the next point of

this particular subject I want to tell

you that Allah has kept it such in man

that man will never be satisfied totally

in terms of materialistic achievement no

matter what he gets he’ll always want

more lo annelid near Adam how low can a

leave me Adam Awad Deanna mean there

have been lapped aha Allah Hema that

even if the son of Adam had two valleys

full of gold he would want another one

so that’s just the system of nature it’s

a system of should I say contaminated

nature if we can even use that word what

that means is say for example you are

working right if you are working and

your salary is ten thousand we are a

decent I think that’s a decent salary

after some time you want 12 the next

following year you want it to be 15 you

are working young post you want a

promotion if your salary is the same

they won’t come a time when you get

bored and if your salary is going down I

think you’ll quit your job and find

another one right your salary is going

down you quit your job you say I need

another job and if you’re getting a

promotion and if you’re earning more and

more you’re happy

remember for us the test is that must

happen but with our link with Allah so

Hannah Hart an link with Allah what is

your link with Allah come on we can do

better we can be the best of people

fulfill your obligations unto Allah and

abstain from the prohibitions never ever

render a single act of worship to anyone

besides allah subhanahu wa ala because

that is like a major volcano that erupts

in the middle of the street that’s what

it’s like you know you have beautiful

car beautiful sleep beautiful everything

and suddenly being volcano everything is

gone that is sheikh may allah subhanahu

wata’ala protect us

letting a shark talaiya button a murukku

wallet akuna minal Huzur in Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala tells muhammad

sallallahu Salam and what a powerful

verse directed at rasulullah saaw


if you are to engage in Sheikh your

deeds will be wasted and you will be

from amongst the losers love Akbar he

was never going to do that but look the

message is directed to him and obviously

common logic it is directed to all of us

as well may Allah Subhanahu wa ta ala

grant His goodness what else can I do

much better in we sent the link with

Allah the second point and I must raise

this and I will not dwell on it too long

is your link with Rasulullah saw Allah

Allah the reason is he is the Nabi that

was sent to us we believe he is the best

of them the highest of them and we

respect him and love him to the highest

degree and we believe that the love of

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is

displayed by actions and not merely and

only by words so words are there yes you

read your Salah and abuse wa salam and

so many other words of praise and so on

but just words of praise is not enough

you know if a person says I really I

respect you and then whilst they’re

hugging you they take a knife and they

stab you at the back is that respect is

that love is that care if someone says

all this person is a wonderful purse

and they go behind the scenes and

they’re doing everything against what

” online learn tajweed lessons “

you say what wonderfulness is that so

this is why we believe that we can do

better with our link with mohammed salah

salem by learning what he taught learn

the zeal the serie is when we talk of

syria generally we are talking of the

life of muhammad sallallaahu salam

starting from just prior to his birth

right up to the point where he passed

away sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we

learned all of that with the idea of

looking at what he went through for for

the sake of allah allahu allah to convey

the deen to us it was done to convey to

us so is for us sake of allah but for us

in the sense then to pass the message to

us so how much are we prepared to

sacrifice how much do we learn from that

just his life story and number two is

something known as the hadith of

rasulullah sallallahu salam and that is

the statements and the hadith obviously

goes into much more than just the mere

statements it even goes into his

confirmations and it goes into various

qualities of his and so on what do we

learn from his instructions from the

hadith we will never be able to learn if

we don’t even know the hadith we have

not made an effort to learn it you know

the link with Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

there each one of us needs to also do

something about his link with the Quran

and the link with Muhammad SAW about a

cell of each one of us needs to do

better when it comes to the hadith of

rasulullah sallallahu salam have you

learnt it have you understood it

have you tried to memorize even of you

will you be able to quote 40 hadith for

me here and now and if not for me that

it is for your own self do you know a

minimum of 40 hadith of by heart the

reality is a lot of us don’t am i right

we cannot come on you love the man you

want his shafa and intercession on the

day of p amma we ask allah to give it to

us it’s definitely something that is

mentioned they are hadith that

rasulullah saaw salam will be granted a

special Shafa a special intercession and

so on so what we need to know is you

will only deserve it if you have taken a

keen interest in

message that the man brought so we can’t

do better by the will of allah subhanahu

wata’ala we can definitely do better by

the will of allah subhanahu wata’ala

let’s move on if you take a look at the

link with rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

wasallam it will automatically encompass

the companions of muhammad sallallahu

sallam what they went through and their

lives who they were and their names you

know speaking to the youth today we have

an issue where people are being

distracted by sport now sports is

something very important where you need

to keep fit

you need to perhaps something

recreational once in a while we will not

say that it’s Haram completely but how

you treat it your treatment of it can

become prohibited because if it is going

to distract you from your Salah from

your obligations unto Allah if it is

going to become an issue that becomes

your main aim in life and so on then the

ruling changes but the point I want to

raise is as much as it is important for

us to be fit and to be able to also have

a bit of recreational time and mix and

interact in that particular way we must

know that the importance given to it is

a test for us how much importance do you

give a line his Rasul and the Companions

of isola law sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

and how much of importance do you give

the football stars and the possibly the

golf stars and various other the cricket

stars and so on that might be living in

our times or before so if you were to be

able to name for me I think football is

quite big in my right foot ball is big

is football bigger than cricket here is

cricket bigger than football football

okay there you are football is quite big

so if you were to be able to name me 10

of the top footballers your favourite I

think you as a result you should be able

to name 20 of the top Sahaba as well for

the ala Hana it’s only faith it’s a

balance so nobody said to know Beckerman

is whole life history is wrong but if

it’s done as a primary duty that you

felt too

someone then perhaps was important you

need to know that what is primary is

actually the sahaba of the law I know

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in

his life story sometimes we do not know

the details of his own life then then we

do the details of the lives of the

others so remember this something very

important you can do better but you need

to pick up a book if you want to do

better you need to fight laziness

laziness is something that will really

destroy you if you are lazy your day

will go by and tomorrow you say ok I

will do this and you say bakra tomorrow

that’s not good enough

today it must happen here and it must

happen now so do not leave what you can

do today for tomorrow that is the rule

if you want to achieve in life never

ever no matter what the environment

might train you to become don’t allow

negative training no you do that which

is correct and I’m sure today when we

talk of human resources and we talk of

human resource development and so on

we talk of training of the staff of any

multi national you know corporation or

any company and so on we talk of

eradication of laziness don’t wait for

tomorrow you must fight your laziness

because all you have is your moment now

that’s all what happened yesterday

God what is going to come tomorrow

tomorrow may you might never see it but

right now you can do something so start

getting up and doing something this is

why Muhammad sallallaahu Salim said in

one hadith that if you have a seat that

you want to sew and qiyamah happens to

come try to show that seed you rather

die in that condition was your sowing

the seed why don’t say o team√∂ is here

let me put the see decided wait and see

what’s going on no no no no where allah

safeguard us obviously this the hadith

is speaking about VV how much how keen

we should be to get good done do it ASAP

you don’t know you know you’ve got

something you want to give out in sadaqa

do it today do it now do it as best as

you can because we don’t want to delay

in such a way that we do not end up

doing it if I die at least I know I

finished do whatever I could by

of allah subhanahu wa tada so to in

order to be able to do better we have to

fight laziness ok what are the other

points that we can do better in we can

do better in our relationships with one

another with one another and what this

means primarily when I meet you assalamu

alaikum how are you my brother

you either my brother in Islam or you

are my brother or sister in humanity and

if you are my brother a sister in Islam

there are so many rights that I owe you

and you owe me and if you are my brother

or sustain in humanity they are still

rights that I owe you and you owe me

primarily you can do better in your

character your character how you talk to

others look if I were to meet you for

whatever reason I need to ask myself

when I leave you what have I left you

with is it anything positive is it

something you achieved from if not I can

do better so if I meet you and I start

swearing and I start screaming and I

start yelling that’s not good enough

change them change that but if I meet

you and I am a person who spoke to you

very well I left you with a good warm

heart you became a happy person positive

energies I gave you some hope I tried to

speak to you nicely and I even though I

was a little bit tired I might have been

a little bit sick but the way I spoke to

you you actually felt welcome you felt

important and so on that is what is

supposed to be achieved and you got a

good message a good message of what a

reminder some people just by greeting

them you are reminded of Allah you know

that some people just by mixing with

them you are reminded of your duty as a

Muslim the brother says you know what my

brother I just need to pray give me two

minutes and you’re sitting together by

right he should say brother it’s time

for prayer let’s go and pray I know in

this country you can do that very easily

and even in other places you could but

sometimes people would say hey I’m not

ready to pray I’ve H happened to me

where I asked a certain brother I said

you know what you should

the time for prayer lists he says I’m

not yet ready you’re not you are you are

you excused or something

I thought that was only for women love

Allah Allah protect us really it’s

something that we need to understand

when you meet a person it the

interaction should be so positive that

we should never ever be losing an

opportunity to have a positive impact on

someone never lose the opportunity now

sometimes and there is a sickness that

occurs people are very good to strangers

but their own people they are bad to

them so you are a kind person you smile

to everyone but get home and your wife

is so scared she’s hoping that you

didn’t come because she says as soon as

this man comes there is a disaster

where’s my food why are these kids awake

they’re supposed to be sleeping they’re

disturbing these type of statements

happen believe me there are people like

this we go home instead of entering the

door with a broad smile and bringing

calmness to the home we will bring so

much of terror to the home where you

come in and everything is war may Allah

protect us that should not happen you

can do better your relation with your

family your spouse your wife your

husband whoever it is your children your

parent you can do much better but you

need to fight what is known as your

nerves you know what is the nerves your

soul your inner being you need to fight

it in order to become better don’t think

that is just going to come like a date

you know where you eat you have a you

have a medication you eat a tablet and

next thing I’m a very nice person lad I

sell much the tamarind and kill you who

there is an Arabic saying which says do

not think that the height or success is

just like a date you eat it and next

thing you will be successful it’s not a

date you will achieve something only by

working very very hard in that direction

so if you want to be a better person to

your wife go home and fight yourself to

smile at her to say good words to tell

her how much you love her today you know

I always say the term I love you there’s

so much we can learn from it so much we

can learn from it because a lot of the

times people who say I love you they

don’t actually mean it it’s just a way

it’s just a word and then people say


so so it’s something that’s unique

because if you look at it in the words

if they come from the right person to

the right person they mean a lot when

they come from the wrong person to the

wrong person they mean nothing they

actually mean zero may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala condors love for his sake and

this is why like I say we can do better

even with our children I know we’re

speaking to you but they are those who

have children who are listening to me

and believe me you can do better the

amount of time you spend with them the

guidance remember what we said at the

beginning of this talk you have to pass

the baton on to the next generation you

will become old yesterday when I flew

into the mum

I saw an elderly man who was being

pushed by another elderly man and the

other elderly man happened to be his son

so they were both elderly so the father

must have been in his 90s and the son

must have been in his 60s or 70s because

it looked like we must have had children

quite early and he refused for a worker

to push that wheelchair you know the

airline normally has a worker who will

push the wheelchair the man says no let

me push then I looked at him I didn’t

say anything but I understood what he is

trying to do he says my father this is

an opportunity for me to push him why

must I let someone else push him whilst

I am here and I’m alive I am here why

was this happen so he says you walk I

will push and I was it moved me to say

subhanAllah Allah help us all either we

don’t get to that age you know it’s not

easy to say I’m into that because

everyone wants to live very long you


but believe me the best death is when

you die once you are still a bit healthy

you know once you people have you

haven’t become a burden on someone

because you know when you become a

burden on someone it’s a test for them

but it’s a test for you too it is very

irritating I have spoken to some elderly

people who need help even to get a small

bottle like this from the corner they

they need help and they say there was a

day when I was the strongest in the

whole club and I was powerful

today I can’t even move my hand but

that’s a gift of Allah because you

prepared to meet with him but it’s an

irritation because no matter what you

want to do you are dependent on someone

and it’s a test for those people to say

are you going to help if you help

Allah will assist you but remember

passing the baton on to the next

generation will only happen if you have

the time and if you are going to use

whatever Allah has blessed you with in

order to help them and guide them to say

look son one day I will not be here you

know what you need to do you need to

make sure you do not miss a Salah when

you work work honestly do not be tempted

by corruption today corruption is very

easy anywhere you go on the globe there

are people who are corrupt why because

the pattern has not been passed on

properly or sometimes the baton was

passed on meaning from from parents

coming down sometimes it was passed on

but remember the way the fitna and the

tests and tribulations is advertised

today is very very vigorous very strong

everywhere you go there’s an advert

advertising what a woman advertising

something material a motor vehicle this

look at the billboards anyway in the

world what do they advertise they are

very few countries and mashallah this

country Saudi Arabia is one of them

where you find them advertising the

Quran advertising a dua I know when I

was young up to today

you’re traveling on the highway

sometimes you see Latin Siddiq Allah I’m

sure you’ve seen that isn’t it they say

Subhan Allah billboard now in South

Africa also we have a few of those

billboards Marshall away they say Subhan

” online learn tajweed lessons “

Allah and they have a translation in

English so it’s there but the point I’m

raising is 99% of the billboards you

know when I was younger I’m going to

tell you this it’s actually quite funny

I drove where we were driving from

monkey to Jeddah and there was a huge

billboard and it was a horse and I had

something you know the horses we were

always interested in masha’Allah forces

and horse riding and so on so there was

a big horse and he said they sleep high

and I said hey this horse is called

sleep high you know we were just and I

did not realize what they actually are

advertising is

a mattress a mattress Levi and they were

horse on it and I young and I’m telling

my father I said hey the advertising

always here and he started laughing he

says they advertising a mattress and I

said but there’s no sign of a mattress

he says that’s how they advertise it

it’s like for example when they want to

advertise say for example tires you know

ple your Bridgestone or something in

some countries they will have a woman

and there is no tire laid they just got

a woman smiling and they got at the

bottom it says Bridgestone come on you

know someone who’s to look up that woman

might Google Bridgestone and they don’t

you find the tires they’ll be wondering

what’s going on Allah save goddess so

the way the worldly items have been

advertised and are marketed a very

vigorous so your test is far greater and

your reward is bigger to be able to

streamline your life in a way yes you

make use of the dunya you make use of

the material items but only to bring you

closer to Allah and to help you to

fulfill your duty unto Allah I had a

case where there was a certain boy 13

years old he wrote me an email and he

told me you know what my father’s a very

religious man and he told me that to go

to a theme park is haram and to do this

is haram and to go to the park is haram

and to go out for this is haram and

that’s how and he says now you know I’m

cooped up in the house I don’t know what

to do please can you help so it so

happened that I knew the man’s father

then the boys found and when I met him I

told him I said you know what do me a

favor in this world all these items that

are available it depends how you use

them that makes them either Haram or

that keeps them within the confines of

Allah so say for example there is a

theme park theme park meaning you know

you have rides and maybe a rollercoaster

a big wheel and something else now one

might say okay to go there is Haram the

reality is no if you are their whole day

every day all the time no Salah no


a mixing with freely with the other

sexes and so on or with the opposite sex

and what-have-you

the truth is that is when the way you

are going there is what says what you

are doing is wrong

the facility is available but if you

happen to go there once in a while for a

fixed period of time bearing in mind

your dress code your your your duty on

to Allah so Allah time you stop what you

are doing you fulfill your Salah you eat

only that which is halal and so on

what’s wrong

you need recreation once in a while your

children need it because they need to

develop and it’s children you know it is

nature that they will play muhammed

sallalahu said i’m used to sometimes

encourage the little children within

certain limits to play yeah about my

Martha Ellen no veil you know there are

so many different hadith of rasulullah

saaw a solemn way he would even joke

with the little children and he would

spend a bit more time with them and he

sometimes they they used to have the

some of the Abyssinian slaves or the

little boys we used to come in and they

used to entertain by playing but it was

not every day and it was not whole day

it was very limited and it was part of

recreation so we need to understand and

realize that we need to develop as much

as we should be doing better in our link

with allah linked with rasulallah saw

seldom the link we have with the rest of

humanity at large the link with our

family members our parents and so on

remember to strike the correct balance

and we ask allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala to

help us with this beautiful balance so

my brothers and sisters we can do better

in every single thing in our lives no

matter what it is you know for example

today we are here we are dressed marshal

of the dress code is excellent it’s good

masha’Allah how you know we can’t do

better how can we do better go back and

check what are the confines of Islam

when it comes to my dress code what must

my face be looking like you know what

should I be looking like and so on and

you know what we can develop it I won’t

mention specifics because there are too

many things but we can develop if we

talk to the sisters for a moment one

thing you need to know is and as the

sisters we talk

sisters the development in dress code is

a beautiful opportunity to get close to

Allah beautiful chance and every day we

do better the worst would be the one who

goes backwards you know what is what

mood is meant by going backwards say

let’s take a look at the dress code so

you have a system a shower line she’s

put on her cloak and so on and the day

comes when that cloak is thrown away but

if you have another person who never

wore the cloak and suddenly it comes in

we would say my sister I would they

rather encourage someone who’s moving

closer to Allah than someone who’s

actually going back be careful see the

devil is there there is always still a

chance for as long as you have not died

this is why rasulullah sallallahu ylim

has told us in allah tala had to be

looted by the Labadie malum you heard

him allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accepts

the repentance of the slave or a

worshiper meaning any one of us Allah

accepts our repentance for as long as

that worshiper has not got to the point

of Hara Hara Hara is when your soul is

being removed from the body there is a

certain point where it’s actually coming

out now and it’s called the gara gara

some of the scholars say when the soul

has got tied to the top here where the

neck is roughly and how exactly that

happens a Lana’s best and we will all

taste it one day because Allah says :

olives : I’ve seen

the yukata Lord every soul shall taste

death it’s a taste every soul shall

taste death so when the Kirara when a

person gets to that point of Guerrera

the door of repentance is closed it’s

sealed what this means is you have a

chance you have a chance

when does the chance in a point of waha

at the point of the Hara going back to

our PlayStation games you die once you

die twice you die thrice then it says

game over

flashes isn’t it on the screen am i

right most of the time you have three

lives with us like I told you you have

one life but you have so many

opportunities you made a mistake say I

love forgive me I admit my error I

regret it I ask you to forgive me and I

promise you not to do it again and Allah

is forgiven here you are start a new

slate a terrible me not them be come on

LaVon manna a person who has sought

forgiveness from a sin is equivalent to

the one who has no son and there is one

beautiful condition that I always loved

to to reiterate and repeat and that is

the mercy of Allah so immense that Allah

” online learn tajweed lessons “

says if you repent and after that you

keep on doing good deeds we will go back

to the bad deeds that you did a long

long time ago and we will convert them

into good and bring them back onto the

scales in lamentable Allah

sorry house allah iike you but Dino

loves ie a team has an ad what

cannelloni man

Allah speaks of so many sins and how bad

they are and so on and how the people

will be punished because of their sins

then he says except for the one who

repents and after that does good deeds

so there’s two conditions when you

repent your sins are forgiven but if you

repent and then you do so many good

deeds then Allah says we won’t only

suffice by having forgiven your bad

deeds we will take them and convert them

into good and put them onto the right

side of the scale and here you go

subhanAllah you have bonus extra points

may Allah Subhanahu wa ta ala grant us

that opportunity so my brothers and

sisters we can do better keep telling

yourself every day in everything you do

you can do better even when you read

your Salah you know what we can do

better in our concentration and that

concentration is a beautiful gift of

Allah if I was reading about meditation

in the West and what they say is I was

reading and to be honest with you each

day if you google it and you check it

out you’ll find it they say you know at

least twice a day it’s very very healthy

to spend five minutes meditating so what

type of meditation so they will tell you

you know you you actually concentrate

you can close your eyes and concentrate

on your breathing concentrate on one

thing for five minutes and what it will

do it releases a lot of your stress and

it helps you focus again in your work

and so on and I said yeah so behind

Allah when we tell people to fulfill

Salah who sure at concentration they say

by the way but you tell them to do this

they will do it quickly because why dr.

Eddie from somewhere in the West has

told you this when Mohammed saw a lot I

said I’m told you the other thing you’re

not want it but in behind the scenes

they looked at what Muhammad sallallaahu

Selim said and they modified it in a way

that it does not seem

got it from there but they actually got

it from there that is salah your gift in

mind five times a day you know how

beautiful it is on a hot day you’re

working and you know what I read they

say during the morning you you wouldn’t

you’d you would not need it that much

but because later on during the day

you’ve already been away for so much you

would need to bring the you would need

to bring the gap between the two points

of meditation a little bit closer and I

said that is amazing that is amazing

because research according to them is

showing and proving to you that the gap

between hustle and maghrib and mother

Patricia is much smaller than the gap

between frontal and thoughts of Hannah

bah this is the beauty that’s why we say

the gift we have if they knew firstly if

we fulfill it properly that’s when we

will achieve the goodness of it and

that’s why when you are eating Salah

forget about everything else it’s you

and Allah forget about everything your

business can waive your meetings can

wait everything can way because if Allah

once he can take you away there and then

in such a way that that thing will

delete itself your meetings will cancel

everything will go this is something far

more important your link with Allah part

of your core test it’s the main paper

that you are writing in your exam is

Salah the main paper you know normally

it is about you have something known as

in the examinations you have something

known as orals and then you have

practicals and then you have the written

paper a lot of the times they will tell

you that the written paper is far more


you know the otto’s okay we can sort it

out we’ll see we can do it later we can

but the written paper you miss it you

got so for us the most important thing

is Allah you can do better by

concentrating bring back your

concentration so if you ask those gurus

of breathing they will tell you whenever

you lose your concentration bring it

back immediately bring it back

immediately back onto what onto your

breathing that’s what they say we have

something higher than that we tell you

bring it back until the words of Allah

the highest thing you ever have and

that’s why we say my brothers and

sisters if you are reading Salah and I’m

going to say this we are sitting here in


at the month and Saudi Arabia if you are

in this beautiful country and you have

not made an effort to learn the language

of the Quran you can do better that’s

why I did that we I worded it lightly

you can do better you will regret it a

day will come

imagine the word of Allah you don’t know

it come on you can do better you don’t

know the meaning of it

the a laughing polarization a laughing

him realtor schita

he was saying if you don’t know the

meaning of that there’s a problem I

don’t want to say put up your hands who

has a problem I don’t want to say that

because I know a lot of people have a


the reason is like I told you the

marketing of the worldly items is so

vigorous but the marketing of metals

which are of the move of the core is not

as vigorous yet that is the core that’s

your test your test is when you see all

the material items of the world being

promoted in so many different ways

through the whole media how is it that

you are going to protect yourself from

all those potholes so to speak or

obstacles and you’re still going to

drive your vehicle which is yourself

through the path in a way that you come

out in one piece

by the help of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

so you can do better bring yourself back

to concentration you know in when we are

in record what is the one of the main

doors that we say Subhan are up be an


am i right one of the main supplication

that is read read there when we are

bowing require some people do not know

the meaning of that and some people know

the meaning but they are not

concentrating on it so they say so I

don’t be allowing an honorable Adam so

Hannah Purim Sameach Allahu Liman

Hamidah you know the meaning but you you

should have taken the bother of a few

split seconds to think of it that is

when your salah will actually be much
00:52:24,420 –> 00:00:00,000
better so inshallah we can do better

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