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Published on December 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 600

You Can Do Better, Mufti Menk

assalamu alaykum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

smell r-rahmani r-rahimal-hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen wasallahu wa salam ala al anbiya wal-mursalin nabina muhammad wa ala alihiwa sahbihi what happen in a moment 11 bea son in Eli Almondine you abide belovedbrothers and sisters we thank AllahSubhanahu WA Ta’ala for giving us this opportunity to be here todaywe praise allah subhanahu wa ta’ala whocreated us who provides everything forus who has given us much more than wedeserve and at the same time we sendblessings and salutations upon muhammadsallallahu alayhi wa seldom the one whowas sent to us with all this goodnessthat we have and we ask Allah SubhanahuWA Ta’ala to bless all his companionshis household and every one of usinshallah today I would like to speak ona beautiful topic connected to the youthand that is a topic that I have entitledwe can do better every one of us growsas the days pass Allah Subhanahu WATa’ala says wa la ilaha kumamoto nyanmahat income ladder muna Shia it is Allahwho took you out of the wombs of yourmothers and you knew nothing when wewere born did we suddenly come out andsay Salam alaikum I’m here is that whathappenedno it didn’t when we were born we didn’teven make a noise besides crying at acertain stage it was just crying it’sjust the miracle of ISA or Jesus maypeace be upon him where when he was bornhe actually spoke in the AbdullahI am the worshipper of Allah and youknow that that is mentioned in SuratMaryam we asked Allah Subhanahu WA Jallato guide those who have the incorrectbeliefabout Jesus may peace be upon him tothat which is correct I mean so when wewere born we came to this world withoutreally knowing how to speak there was nosound that was made besides that whichdid not make sense but do you know whata mother who is experienced would beable to differentiate between the cry ofa child so the mother will say this cryis for hunger this cry is because thechild is perhaps weight this child thiscry is because the child is tired andthis cry I don’t know I’m worried let’sgo to the doctor subhanAllah so this wasa gift of Allah and it still continuesto be a gift but as we grew older webegan to say a few wordswhy because Allah has put within us thedevelopment to a degree that he createdus from weakness and slowly we worked upto the point of strength when we hit thepeak in certain ways we start slowingdown once again and this brings us toanother verse of the Quran where AllahSubhanahu WA Ta’ala says Allah Allahlaughing so my daddy barfing kuma jallamin ba ducatilaughs my Shiva Allah says it is Allahwho has created you in a condition ofweakness and from that weakness he hasbrought you up to strength and afterthat strength he has then taken you downwith two weakness and gray hair weaknessand gray hair something amazing is whenyou are young and you are perhaps aninfant you are weak you depend on peopleto do your things and the people aroundyou do it happily the parents will takeyou to the doctors happily if you happento be sick they will carry you they willlift you they will perhaps move you frompoint A to point B they will feed youthey will change your nappies everythinghappens happily and every day the onewho did all this for you will keep ontelling will keep on asking allahsubhanahu wata’alaoh allah grant this child of mine goodhealth God this child long life let thechild this and let the child that and doyou know when you grow very old whatmight happen may Allah protect us all webecome dependent on someone once againmaybe it’s the same child that we lookedafter when they were little kids and nowwhen we are old they feel lazy to lookafter us so they say oh I took my dad tothe hospitaloh I’ve been holding my mother I carriedmy mother I felt I did this and I didthat so many different things and at theend of the day in the heart one asks aquestion when is this going to endLovick what a mandala safeguard is Ihope it doesn’t happen to us but peoplehave said you know what Shaitaan doescome in and says you know how long am Igoing to carry on with this paralyzedmother of mine may Allah protect us allso the issue the point I’m raising twothings one is the lesson we have tolearn from the verse obviously becausewe read it and two is the fact that wegrow to a peak and at the peak after acertain point we start dropping incertain wayswhen I say certain ways I meanphysically physically more than anythingelseand subhanAllah it’s it’s it’s a gift ofallah subhanahu wa’ta’ala that he haskept us so beautifully that as we’reyoung and we growing we learn more everyday that’s a gift of Allah what doesthis mean you know when you go to schoolwhen you go to school subhanAllah youlearn right at the beginning ABC or Ilift that and so on when you get to thenext year you build on what you learntthe first year and then the third yearyou build on what you learnt the secondyear so if you know 1+1 and you learntthat the answer is 2 then we’ll help youright up to the end of your life it’snot like ok 1+1 was something we learntin grade 1 forget about it now now ifsomeone asks you watch 1+1 just tellthem I don’t know no it’s not a sillyquestion it is something that you willneed to know all along so we develop andwe grow and there is room forimprovement and everything we do we cando better so as a Muslim where do westart today we are talking to youthmashallah mashallah the youth where doyou startwhat can you do better in point numberone your link with Allah so Hanna hotelyou can do better you can do better youcan improve on your link with Allah Itell you why our driving force asmuslimeen is the fact that we believethat others don’t believe they do whatthey want their first point ofimprovement is perhaps how much moneythey can earn so that’s their firstpoint of improvement but with us asmuslimeen our first point of improvementis my link with Allah can be betterevery one of us myself included my linkwith Allah can be better do you readyour file Salah if you do on what timedo you read your file Salah you canimprove on the time if you don’t readyour file Salah oh that is somethingdangerous you have to do something aboutit I tell you why belief makes usunderstand why we are inif I were to ask you why are you in thisworld what would you say let’s see whatyou say here can some of the guys answerme why are you in this worldwhat is the reason everyone says toworship allah subhanahu wa ala quickbecause allah says o my father paternalgene now is in LAN ER boom i have notcreated mankind or jinn kind except thatthey worship me and muhammad sallallahualayhi wa sallam explained what is thisworship he explained worship in anutshell is to live your life in such away that all of it is a preparation forthe day you will meet with allah that’swhat it is that’s that’s the meaning toworship Allah Subhanahu WA Jalla wouldmean to lead your life in such a waythat you are preparing in the bestpossible way to meet with Allah so it’sstill far is part of a bad worshippingAllah alone is the primary item that welook at to do the acts of worship inaccordance with what Muhammad sallallahualayhi wa sallam has taught is somethingof prime importance but what you need toknow is from the point of birth right upto the point of death I must beconscious of the fact that I don’t knowwhen I’m going to die I have no cluethis might be your last few moments itmight be my last few moments I don’tknow so if I were to die now and say Imeet with allah subhanahu wata’ala whatwill i say i said you know what we werehaving fun I just went to school Ilearned I was about to qualify I wasgoing to do this but then you took meaway that’s not good enough it’s not agood enough answer he said you know whatI was I really I was earning a salaryand I earned so much and I got apromotion and I learned much more and Ibought a car in the house and I was sohappy and I married the most pretty girlon the face of the globe and you knowwhat we were about to have kids and thenyou took me away all these answers arematerial answers the proper answer isAllah whatever opportunity you gave me Iseized it to develop a linkyou forgive me wherever I have faulted Itried my best this is the link and thisis why I say we can do better with ourlink with Allah because we don’t knowwhen we are going that’s the differencea lot of people running behindmaterialism let me tell you your test isyour test is whilst you are in the worldlook at what is happening to others andlearn a lesson for yourself let me giveyou an example there are so many peopleout there they were born they lived theydied what did they achieve nothingabsolutely nothing but the world saysthis person was very successful whybecause he was by the time he died hewas the CEO of a multi-million dollarcompany while he did so well in his lifelet’s be honest is that called doingwealthier doing well in your life nowwhat will happen to him he died he didnot develop his link with Allah so Allahsends us to the world for an examinationand then he takes us out once theexamination is overhe sends us in the world for anexamination and he takes us out you arehere and soon you will be out there areothers who came in and they are outthere are some who are still waiting tocome him and then they will come outshort period of time listen carefullywhat I am saying is very very seriousyou have a short space of time to passan examination and walk out you have avery short space of time to pass yourexamination and to walk upwhat is the exam the exam is Allah hasput obstacles in your path watch out becareful for them you know a lot of theyoungsters like to play games I don’tknow do you know what is the PSP 3 andPSP 4 and so on I’m sure you’re aware ofit I see the smile so we shy to say yesI know but anyway I know you know so youhave all these games that you play whenyou play a game say for example it’s anordinary game that a person might beplaying and say racing cars ok so as youare raising their obstacles they canneverever have a game that is just a straightroad you just have to press theaccelerator and switch over to see whodid the bestthere’s no game like that that’s boringthey have to have bins and turns andpotholes and obstacles and something todo it’s something elseyou must avoid hitting here and then youmust go as fast as you can and you dothis so that you can finish and you haveprotected yourself from the obstaclesand you are at the finish line first ami rightso say you were at the finish linenumber 10 what will you do let me see ifsome of the youngsters know the answeryet if for example you play the game forthe first time and you finished offnumber 10 what what are you going to dostart again exactly what I wanted tohear you’re going to try again whybecause now you want to do a bit bettera bit better so I tell you in life lifeis a test it’s not a game it’s realityso Allah says look you die once there’sno coming back there’s no coming backbut we do you a favor when you realizethat you’re coming out second and thirdthere is something known as Toba turnback to us we will come we will let youcome out first are you following thepoint but you remember you like I sayyour life is such you there will beobstacles it will be a beautiful cardangling in the front and you know whatyou’ve got half the money to earn to buythe vehicle you don’t have the otherhalf now it is a test of Allah are yougoing to do something Haram to get thatcar number one number two is is that caryour main focus in life very importantis that car your main focus in life ifit is you might have it then when youdie what will happen they know what isgoing to bury that Lamborghini with youin your grave to say Wow big achievementthe eighties baby this man that’s notgoing to happen so understand that withthe link with allah subhanahu wata’alaone of the most important things is toknow that there are so many tests that ineed to understand stay away from Haramyou know zina or adultery is very easilycommittable depending on the environmentyou staying in the winner is he whoprotects she who protects himself orherself from it the reason is and whenwe talk of zina for those who don’t knowthe English the Arabic language youmight be listening to us we’re talkinghere of adultery forexample is just cited as an example soto stay away from it you would beprotecting your wheels from hitting apothole imagine you’re driving and youare in this race and you see a hugepothole and you say let’s see if thiscar can take it aren’t you a fool aren’tyou a big fool because you know thereare those big magnums you know thosewheels alloy wheels they cannot takeeven the slightest of a bottle in mypart of the world they call it bucklingthe wheel which means that RIM wouldactually get bent in such a way that youhave to take all four out because youcannot have three that look the same andthen one suddenly is a biscuit tire orit is something totally different no youchange all of them or you repair the oneif you can so the point being raised iswhen you see harm in your part considerit an opportunity to get closeness toallah subhanahu wa’ta’ala by stayingaway so when you see something thatyou’re not supposed to look at to loweryour gaze for the sake of Allah youshould be happy to say I live passing mytest here somehow Allah time for Salahyou’re so lazy and you just get up andyou said you know what no matter whatI’m sitting and I’m not going to moveuntil I get out of my bed and I go andread my Salah you say o Allah I thankyou for helping me pass the test as cozyas the bed was because of theair-conditioner because of whatever elseand as tired as I was I got up becauseof you this might be the last salatal-fajr that I will ever read it couldbe and if you die you are such a happyperson imagine love whatever so why wesay you can do better is because as timepasses we have more and more obstaclesyou know when a person grows older theyget a family family comes with many moreresponsibilities you spend time withyour children your family you need toearn and this test of the world is suchthat Allah has kept in it things thatare beautiful for you to go and achieveso sometimes people will for example youknow you’re living you grow up you getyour first job and your first paypackets first salary I’m sureyou are working you remember the firsttime you got an amount of money this isyour money and you looked at it I hopeyou said that happily laughs butsometimes people just look at it Wow nowI can go and buy this I can do this Ican do that whereas other people arethinking let me save up as much as I canone day I need to get married and oneday I need to have to look Allah puts itin your sensible mind to say one day youwill get married and you will havechildren do you know why it’s your dutyto have those children to pass thempattern on so that the next generationcan be prepared through you so life isnot all about you you and you it isabout you yes but you’ll link with Allahin such a way that you prepare the nextgeneration for having the same or abetter link with allah subhanahuwa’ta’ala this is why those fathers whodid not use to be religious and theybecame religious and then they havechildren they will always tell you Iwant my son to be a half but they arenot happy right because they say we haveearned the world I know ofbusinesspeople who were away from thedeep when they came to the Dean and theystarted reading their Salah and so onand then they had children they startedsaying you know what don’t worry my sondon’t worry about money we’ve got themoney you worry about your link withAllah I want you to become a half if Iwant you to learn the Deen I want you tobe a dye I want you to do this and to dothat all this is part and parcel of yourtest from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala butwe need to know it’s not good enough toonly worry about the children when weare not worried about ourselves this issomething that is extremely important sogoing back to the first point that I wasraising and that is we can do betterwhen it comes to our link with allahsubhanahu wata’ala my way of looking atthis is to constantly remind yourselfthat you are in a test it is a verytemporary test everything you are doingit’s a temporary test you have yourbeautiful phones your beautiful watchesyour nice clothes beautiful perfumewhatever else you have masha’Allah allthis is Zeenat will highlight in dunyaall this is part of the beautificationof the world it is not the aim of yourexistence here but it is byway by the way your aim is to earn thepleasure of Allah and you need to makesure every day you learn more you putlaw into practice you do not miss thatwhich is compulsory and obligatory uponyou some of us we earn wealth and wedon’t pay zakat because we think youknow what it’s time not yet ready I knowof people who have told me I’ve hadmoney for the last 20 years I haven’tpaid the cut I just used to give a fewcharities here why this is a test ofAllah he gives you a thousand reality hetells you do what I only need a littlesmall percentage back very small let’ssee if you can give it imagine you arebegging to someone a beggar and you arebegging to someone and you happen to saygive me $5 or $10 Oriya let’s use theterm rien give me 100 yen he gives you ahundred and five and he tells younow that you have 105 giving me backfive and you say I don’t want come onlover who gave it to you he gave youmore than you asked for and he’s tellingyou give me back the five and not evenfive to be honest with you thepercentage in most cases is smaller thanthat when I say most cases there are afew exceptions where when it comes tofarming and when it comes to mining andso on the percentage is slightly biggerbut Allah is asking you to give someback and sometimes we find ourselvesdilly-dally so my brothers and sistersremember one thing your link with allahsubhanahu wa’ta’ala is something amazingit is unique always develop it becausewhen you die don’t you want to die atthe time when your link with Allah is atthe best possible level you know afriend of mine lost his child two weeksago may Allah grant agenda and I spoketo the friend and I told him you know Iknow your daughter not directly but fromwhat we hear and aren’t you happy at thefact that her life moved in such a waythat the time she died from what weunderstood she had a much betterwith Allah then all of the previous dayswhich means she had she was at the bestpossible position up to that time tohave gone and were lying the man noddedhis head now could use for such a personwhen you die and when I die and we haveto talk about death you know some peopledon’t like the topic did the minute yousay death this enough this guy is one ofthem again you know the minute you sayyou got to die they say now that’s theonly real thing it’s the only real topicyou can actually talk about so so whathappened is with me and you if we aregetting closer and closer and closer toAllah and one of the days we die wewould be the closest we ever were toallow them in the past this is what ismeant by you can do better do betterevery single day this is why Muhammadsallallahu alayhe wassallam used to saythat bad news to the one whom his twodays are equal imagine you to youyesterday and your today are equal interms of spirituality and achievementit’s the same bad news to you good newsto he whose two days are not the sametoday is better than yesterday so thereare three types of people one those whomtoday is worse than yesterday that isdestructionthe other is those whom yesterday andtoday are the same that is bad newsbecause you can do better that’s ourtopic and the one who is successful ishe whom yesterday and today today issuch that it’s much better thanyesterday and this is common logicbefore I move on to the next point ofthis particular subject I want to tellyou that Allah has kept it such in manthat man will never be satisfied totallyin terms of materialistic achievement nomatter what he gets he’ll always wantmore lo annelid near Adam how low can aleave me Adam Awad Deanna mean therehave been lapped aha Allah Hema thateven if the son of Adam had two valleysfull of gold he would want another oneso that’s just the system of nature it’sa system of should I say contaminatednature if we can even use that word whatthat means is say for example you areworking right if you are working andyour salary is ten thousand we are adecent I think that’s a decent salaryafter some time you want 12 the nextfollowing year you want it to be 15 youare working young post you want apromotion if your salary is the samethey won’t come a time when you getbored and if your salary is going down Ithink you’ll quit your job and findanother one right your salary is goingdown you quit your job you say I needanother job and if you’re getting apromotion and if you’re earning more andmore you’re happyremember for us the test is that musthappen but with our link with Allah soHannah Hart an link with Allah what isyour link with Allah come on we can dobetter we can be the best of peoplefulfill your obligations unto Allah andabstain from the prohibitions never everrender a single act of worship to anyonebesides allah subhanahu wa ala becausethat is like a major volcano that eruptsin the middle of the street that’s whatit’s like you know you have beautifulcar beautiful sleep beautiful everythingand suddenly being volcano everything isgone that is sheikh may allah subhanahuwata’ala protect usletting a shark talaiya button a murukkuwallet akuna minal Huzur in AllahSubhanahu WA Ta’ala tells muhammadsallallahu Salam and what a powerfulverse directed at rasulullah saawassalamif you are to engage in Sheikh yourdeeds will be wasted and you will befrom amongst the losers love Akbar hewas never going to do that but look themessage is directed to him and obviouslycommon logic it is directed to all of usas well may Allah Subhanahu wa ta alagrant His goodness what else can I domuch better in we sent the link withAllah the second point and I must raisethis and I will not dwell on it too longis your link with Rasulullah saw AllahAllah the reason is he is the Nabi thatwas sent to us we believe he is the bestof them the highest of them and werespect him and love him to the highestdegree and we believe that the love ofMuhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam isdisplayed by actions and not merely andonly by words so words are there yes youread your Salah and abuse wa salam andso many other words of praise and so onbut just words of praise is not enoughyou know if a person says I really Irespect you and then whilst they’rehugging you they take a knife and theystab you at the back is that respect isthat love is that care if someone saysall this person is a wonderful purseand they go behind the scenes andthey’re doing everything against whatyou say what wonderfulness is that sothis is why we believe that we can dobetter with our link with mohammed salahsalem by learning what he taught learnthe zeal the serie is when we talk ofsyria generally we are talking of thelife of muhammad sallallaahu salamstarting from just prior to his birthright up to the point where he passedaway sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and welearned all of that with the idea oflooking at what he went through for forthe sake of allah allahu allah to conveythe deen to us it was done to convey tous so is for us sake of allah but for usin the sense then to pass the message tous so how much are we prepared tosacrifice how much do we learn from thatjust his life story and number two issomething known as the hadith ofrasulullah sallallahu salam and that isthe statements and the hadith obviouslygoes into much more than just the merestatements it even goes into hisconfirmations and it goes into variousqualities of his and so on what do welearn from his instructions from thehadith we will never be able to learn ifwe don’t even know the hadith we havenot made an effort to learn it you knowthe link with Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’alathere each one of us needs to also dosomething about his link with the Quranand the link with Muhammad SAW about acell of each one of us needs to dobetter when it comes to the hadith ofrasulullah sallallahu salam have youlearnt it have you understood ithave you tried to memorize even of youwill you be able to quote 40 hadith forme here and now and if not for me thatit is for your own self do you know aminimum of 40 hadith of by heart thereality is a lot of us don’t am i rightwe cannot come on you love the man youwant his shafa and intercession on theday of p amma we ask allah to give it tous it’s definitely something that ismentioned they are hadith thatrasulullah saaw salam will be granted aspecial Shafa a special intercession andso on so what we need to know is youwill only deserve it if you have taken akeen interest inmessage that the man brought so we can’tdo better by the will of allah subhanahuwata’ala we can definitely do better bythe will of allah subhanahu wata’alalet’s move on if you take a look at thelink with rasulullah sallallahu alayhiwasallam it will automatically encompassthe companions of muhammad sallallahusallam what they went through and theirlives who they were and their names youknow speaking to the youth today we havean issue where people are beingdistracted by sport now sports issomething very important where you needto keep fityou need to perhaps somethingrecreational once in a while we will notsay that it’s Haram completely but howyou treat it your treatment of it canbecome prohibited because if it is goingto distract you from your Salah fromyour obligations unto Allah if it isgoing to become an issue that becomesyour main aim in life and so on then theruling changes but the point I want toraise is as much as it is important forus to be fit and to be able to also havea bit of recreational time and mix andinteract in that particular way we mustknow that the importance given to it isa test for us how much importance do yougive a line his Rasul and the Companionsof isola law sallallahu alayhi wa sallamand how much of importance do you givethe football stars and the possibly thegolf stars and various other the cricketstars and so on that might be living inour times or before so if you were to beable to name for me I think football isquite big in my right foot ball is bigis football bigger than cricket here iscricket bigger than football footballokay there you are football is quite bigso if you were to be able to name me 10of the top footballers your favourite Ithink you as a result you should be ableto name 20 of the top Sahaba as well forthe ala Hana it’s only faith it’s abalance so nobody said to know Beckermanis whole life history is wrong but ifit’s done as a primary duty that youfelt toosomeone then perhaps was important youneed to know that what is primary isactually the sahaba of the law I knowmuhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inhis life story sometimes we do not knowthe details of his own life then then wedo the details of the lives of theothers so remember this something veryimportant you can do better but you needto pick up a book if you want to dobetter you need to fight lazinesslaziness is something that will reallydestroy you if you are lazy your daywill go by and tomorrow you say ok Iwill do this and you say bakra tomorrowthat’s not good enoughtoday it must happen here and it musthappen now so do not leave what you cando today for tomorrow that is the ruleif you want to achieve in life neverever no matter what the environmentmight train you to become don’t allownegative training no you do that whichis correct and I’m sure today when wetalk of human resources and we talk ofhuman resource development and so onwe talk of training of the staff of anymulti national you know corporation orany company and so on we talk oferadication of laziness don’t wait fortomorrow you must fight your lazinessbecause all you have is your moment nowthat’s all what happened yesterdayGod what is going to come tomorrowtomorrow may you might never see it butright now you can do something so startgetting up and doing something this iswhy Muhammad sallallaahu Salim said inone hadith that if you have a seat thatyou want to sew and qiyamah happens tocome try to show that seed you ratherdie in that condition was your sowingthe seed why don’t say o teamö is herelet me put the see decided wait and seewhat’s going on no no no no where allahsafeguard us obviously this the hadithis speaking about VV how much how keenwe should be to get good done do it ASAPyou don’t know you know you’ve gotsomething you want to give out in sadaqado it today do it now do it as best asyou can because we don’t want to delayin such a way that we do not end updoing it if I die at least I know Ifinished do whatever I could byof allah subhanahu wa tada so to inorder to be able to do better we have tofight laziness ok what are the otherpoints that we can do better in we cando better in our relationships with oneanother with one another and what thismeans primarily when I meet you assalamualaikum how are you my brotheryou either my brother in Islam or youare my brother or sister in humanity andif you are my brother a sister in Islamthere are so many rights that I owe youand you owe me and if you are my brotheror sustain in humanity they are stillrights that I owe you and you owe meprimarily you can do better in yourcharacter your character how you talk toothers look if I were to meet you forwhatever reason I need to ask myselfwhen I leave you what have I left youwith is it anything positive is itsomething you achieved from if not I cando better so if I meet you and I startswearing and I start screaming and Istart yelling that’s not good enoughchange them change that but if I meetyou and I am a person who spoke to youvery well I left you with a good warmheart you became a happy person positiveenergies I gave you some hope I tried tospeak to you nicely and I even though Iwas a little bit tired I might have beena little bit sick but the way I spoke toyou you actually felt welcome you feltimportant and so on that is what issupposed to be achieved and you got agood message a good message of what areminder some people just by greetingthem you are reminded of Allah you knowthat some people just by mixing withthem you are reminded of your duty as aMuslim the brother says you know what mybrother I just need to pray give me twominutes and you’re sitting together byright he should say brother it’s timefor prayer let’s go and pray I know inthis country you can do that very easilyand even in other places you could butsometimes people would say hey I’m notready to pray I’ve H happened to mewhere I asked a certain brother I saidyou know what you shouldthe time for prayer lists he says I’mnot yet ready you’re not you are you areyou excused or somethingI thought that was only for women loveAllah Allah protect us really it’ssomething that we need to understandwhen you meet a person it theinteraction should be so positive thatwe should never ever be losing anopportunity to have a positive impact onsomeone never lose the opportunity nowsometimes and there is a sickness thatoccurs people are very good to strangersbut their own people they are bad tothem so you are a kind person you smileto everyone but get home and your wifeis so scared she’s hoping that youdidn’t come because she says as soon asthis man comes there is a disasterwhere’s my food why are these kids awakethey’re supposed to be sleeping they’redisturbing these type of statementshappen believe me there are people likethis we go home instead of entering thedoor with a broad smile and bringingcalmness to the home we will bring somuch of terror to the home where youcome in and everything is war may Allahprotect us that should not happen youcan do better your relation with yourfamily your spouse your wife yourhusband whoever it is your children yourparent you can do much better but youneed to fight what is known as yournerves you know what is the nerves yoursoul your inner being you need to fightit in order to become better don’t thinkthat is just going to come like a dateyou know where you eat you have a youhave a medication you eat a tablet andnext thing I’m a very nice person lad Isell much the tamarind and kill you whothere is an Arabic saying which says donot think that the height or success isjust like a date you eat it and nextthing you will be successful it’s not adate you will achieve something only byworking very very hard in that directionso if you want to be a better person toyour wife go home and fight yourself tosmile at her to say good words to tellher how much you love her today you knowI always say the term I love you there’sso much we can learn from it so much wecan learn from it because a lot of thetimes people who say I love you theydon’t actually mean it it’s just a wayit’s just a word and then people sayreallyso so it’s something that’s uniquebecause if you look at it in the wordsif they come from the right person tothe right person they mean a lot whenthey come from the wrong person to thewrong person they mean nothing theyactually mean zero may allah subhanahuwa’ta’ala condors love for his sake andthis is why like I say we can do bettereven with our children I know we’respeaking to you but they are those whohave children who are listening to meand believe me you can do better theamount of time you spend with them theguidance remember what we said at thebeginning of this talk you have to passthe baton on to the next generation youwill become old yesterday when I flewinto the mumI saw an elderly man who was beingpushed by another elderly man and theother elderly man happened to be his sonso they were both elderly so the fathermust have been in his 90s and the sonmust have been in his 60s or 70s becauseit looked like we must have had childrenquite early and he refused for a workerto push that wheelchair you know theairline normally has a worker who willpush the wheelchair the man says no letme push then I looked at him I didn’tsay anything but I understood what he istrying to do he says my father this isan opportunity for me to push him whymust I let someone else push him whilstI am here and I’m alive I am here whywas this happen so he says you walk Iwill push and I was it moved me to saysubhanAllah Allah help us all either wedon’t get to that age you know it’s noteasy to say I’m into that becauseeveryone wants to live very long youknowbut believe me the best death is whenyou die once you are still a bit healthyyou know once you people have youhaven’t become a burden on someonebecause you know when you become aburden on someone it’s a test for thembut it’s a test for you too it is veryirritating I have spoken to some elderlypeople who need help even to get a smallbottle like this from the corner theythey need help and they say there was aday when I was the strongest in thewhole club and I was powerfultoday I can’t even move my hand butthat’s a gift of Allah because youprepared to meet with him but it’s anirritation because no matter what youwant to do you are dependent on someoneand it’s a test for those people to sayare you going to help if you helpAllah will assist you but rememberpassing the baton on to the nextgeneration will only happen if you havethe time and if you are going to usewhatever Allah has blessed you with inorder to help them and guide them to saylook son one day I will not be here youknow what you need to do you need tomake sure you do not miss a Salah whenyou work work honestly do not be temptedby corruption today corruption is veryeasy anywhere you go on the globe thereare people who are corrupt why becausethe pattern has not been passed onproperly or sometimes the baton waspassed on meaning from from parentscoming down sometimes it was passed onbut remember the way the fitna and thetests and tribulations is advertisedtoday is very very vigorous very strongeverywhere you go there’s an advertadvertising what a woman advertisingsomething material a motor vehicle thislook at the billboards anyway in theworld what do they advertise they arevery few countries and mashallah thiscountry Saudi Arabia is one of themwhere you find them advertising theQuran advertising a dua I know when Iwas young up to todayyou’re traveling on the highwaysometimes you see Latin Siddiq Allah I’msure you’ve seen that isn’t it they saySubhan Allah billboard now in SouthAfrica also we have a few of thosebillboards Marshall away they say SubhanAllah and they have a translation inEnglish so it’s there but the point I’mraising is 99% of the billboards youknow when I was younger I’m going totell you this it’s actually quite funnyI drove where we were driving frommonkey to Jeddah and there was a hugebillboard and it was a horse and I hadsomething you know the horses we werealways interested in masha’Allah forcesand horse riding and so on so there wasa big horse and he said they sleep highand I said hey this horse is calledsleep high you know we were just and Idid not realize what they actually areadvertising isa mattress a mattress Levi and they werehorse on it and I young and I’m tellingmy father I said hey the advertisingalways here and he started laughing hesays they advertising a mattress and Isaid but there’s no sign of a mattresshe says that’s how they advertise itit’s like for example when they want toadvertise say for example tires you knowple your Bridgestone or something insome countries they will have a womanand there is no tire laid they just gota woman smiling and they got at thebottom it says Bridgestone come on youknow someone who’s to look up that womanmight Google Bridgestone and they don’tyou find the tires they’ll be wonderingwhat’s going on Allah save goddess sothe way the worldly items have beenadvertised and are marketed a veryvigorous so your test is far greater andyour reward is bigger to be able tostreamline your life in a way yes youmake use of the dunya you make use ofthe material items but only to bring youcloser to Allah and to help you tofulfill your duty unto Allah I had acase where there was a certain boy 13years old he wrote me an email and hetold me you know what my father’s a veryreligious man and he told me that to goto a theme park is haram and to do thisis haram and to go to the park is haramand to go out for this is haram andthat’s how and he says now you know I’mcooped up in the house I don’t know whatto do please can you help so it sohappened that I knew the man’s fatherthen the boys found and when I met him Itold him I said you know what do me afavor in this world all these items thatare available it depends how you usethem that makes them either Haram orthat keeps them within the confines ofAllah so say for example there is atheme park theme park meaning you knowyou have rides and maybe a rollercoastera big wheel and something else now onemight say okay to go there is Haram thereality is no if you are their whole dayevery day all the time no Salah nonothinga mixing with freely with the othersexes and so on or with the opposite sexand what-have-youthe truth is that is when the way youare going there is what says what youare doing is wrongthe facility is available but if youhappen to go there once in a while for afixed period of time bearing in mindyour dress code your your your duty onto Allah so Allah time you stop what youare doing you fulfill your Salah you eatonly that which is halal and so onwhat’s wrongyou need recreation once in a while yourchildren need it because they need todevelop and it’s children you know it isnature that they will play muhammedsallalahu said i’m used to sometimesencourage the little children withincertain limits to play yeah about myMartha Ellen no veil you know there areso many different hadith of rasulullahsaaw a solemn way he would even jokewith the little children and he wouldspend a bit more time with them and hesometimes they they used to have thesome of the Abyssinian slaves or thelittle boys we used to come in and theyused to entertain by playing but it wasnot every day and it was not whole dayit was very limited and it was part ofrecreation so we need to understand andrealize that we need to develop as muchas we should be doing better in our linkwith allah linked with rasulallah sawseldom the link we have with the rest ofhumanity at large the link with ourfamily members our parents and so onremember to strike the correct balanceand we ask allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala tohelp us with this beautiful balance somy brothers and sisters we can do betterin every single thing in our lives nomatter what it is you know for exampletoday we are here we are dressed marshalof the dress code is excellent it’s goodmasha’Allah how you know we can’t dobetter how can we do better go back andcheck what are the confines of Islamwhen it comes to my dress code what mustmy face be looking like you know whatshould I be looking like and so on andyou know what we can develop it I won’tmention specifics because there are toomany things but we can develop if wetalk to the sisters for a moment onething you need to know is and as thesisters we talksisters the development in dress code isa beautiful opportunity to get close toAllah beautiful chance and every day wedo better the worst would be the one whogoes backwards you know what is whatmood is meant by going backwards saylet’s take a look at the dress code soyou have a system a shower line she’sput on her cloak and so on and the daycomes when that cloak is thrown away butif you have another person who neverwore the cloak and suddenly it comes inwe would say my sister I would theyrather encourage someone who’s movingcloser to Allah than someone who’sactually going back be careful see thedevil is there there is always still achance for as long as you have not diedthis is why rasulullah sallallahu ylimhas told us in allah tala had to belooted by the Labadie malum you heardhim allah subhanahu wa ta’ala acceptsthe repentance of the slave or aworshiper meaning any one of us Allahaccepts our repentance for as long asthat worshiper has not got to the pointof Hara Hara Hara is when your soul isbeing removed from the body there is acertain point where it’s actually comingout now and it’s called the gara garasome of the scholars say when the soulhas got tied to the top here where theneck is roughly and how exactly thathappens a Lana’s best and we will alltaste it one day because Allah says :olives : I’ve seenthe yukata Lord every soul shall tastedeath it’s a taste every soul shalltaste death so when the Kirara when aperson gets to that point of Guerrerathe door of repentance is closed it’ssealed what this means is you have achance you have a chancewhen does the chance in a point of wahaat the point of the Hara going back toour PlayStation games you die once youdie twice you die thrice then it saysgame overflashes isn’t it on the screen am iright most of the time you have threelives with us like I told you you haveone life but you have so manyopportunities you made a mistake say Ilove forgive me I admit my error Iregret it I ask you to forgive me and Ipromise you not to do it again and Allahis forgiven here you are start a newslate a terrible me not them be come onLaVon manna a person who has soughtforgiveness from a sin is equivalent tothe one who has no son and there is onebeautiful condition that I always lovedto to reiterate and repeat and that isthe mercy of Allah so immense that Allahsays if you repent and after that youkeep on doing good deeds we will go backto the bad deeds that you did a longlong time ago and we will convert theminto good and bring them back onto thescales in lamentable Allahsorry house allah iike you but Dinoloves ie a team has an ad whatcannelloni manAllah speaks of so many sins and how badthey are and so on and how the peoplewill be punished because of their sinsthen he says except for the one whorepents and after that does good deedsso there’s two conditions when yourepent your sins are forgiven but if yourepent and then you do so many gooddeeds then Allah says we won’t onlysuffice by having forgiven your baddeeds we will take them and convert theminto good and put them onto the rightside of the scale and here you gosubhanAllah you have bonus extra pointsmay Allah Subhanahu wa ta ala grant usthat opportunity so my brothers andsisters we can do better keep tellingyourself every day in everything you doyou can do better even when you readyour Salah you know what we can dobetter in our concentration and thatconcentration is a beautiful gift ofAllah if I was reading about meditationin the West and what they say is I wasreading and to be honest with you eachday if you google it and you check itout you’ll find it they say you know atleast twice a day it’s very very healthyto spend five minutes meditating so whattype of meditation so they will tell youyou know you you actually concentrateyou can close your eyes and concentrateon your breathing concentrate on onething for five minutes and what it willdo it releases a lot of your stress andit helps you focus again in your workand so on and I said yeah so behindAllah when we tell people to fulfillSalah who sure at concentration they sayby the way but you tell them to do thisthey will do it quickly because why dr.Eddie from somewhere in the West hastold you this when Mohammed saw a lot Isaid I’m told you the other thing you’renot want it but in behind the scenesthey looked at what Muhammad sallallaahuSelim said and they modified it in a waythat it does not seemgot it from there but they actually gotit from there that is salah your gift inmind five times a day you know howbeautiful it is on a hot day you’reworking and you know what I read theysay during the morning you you wouldn’tyou’d you would not need it that muchbut because later on during the dayyou’ve already been away for so much youwould need to bring the you would needto bring the gap between the two pointsof meditation a little bit closer and Isaid that is amazing that is amazingbecause research according to them isshowing and proving to you that the gapbetween hustle and maghrib and motherPatricia is much smaller than the gapbetween frontal and thoughts of Hannahbah this is the beauty that’s why we saythe gift we have if they knew firstly ifwe fulfill it properly that’s when wewill achieve the goodness of it andthat’s why when you are eating Salahforget about everything else it’s youand Allah forget about everything yourbusiness can waive your meetings canwait everything can way because if Allahonce he can take you away there and thenin such a way that that thing willdelete itself your meetings will canceleverything will go this is something farmore important your link with Allah partof your core test it’s the main paperthat you are writing in your exam isSalah the main paper you know normallyit is about you have something known asin the examinations you have somethingknown as orals and then you havepracticals and then you have the writtenpaper a lot of the times they will tellyou that the written paper is far moreimportantyou know the otto’s okay we can sort itout we’ll see we can do it later we canbut the written paper you miss it yougot so for us the most important thingis Allah you can do better byconcentrating bring back yourconcentration so if you ask those gurusof breathing they will tell you wheneveryou lose your concentration bring itback immediately bring it backimmediately back onto what onto yourbreathing that’s what they say we havesomething higher than that we tell youbring it back until the words of Allahthe highest thing you ever have andthat’s why we say my brothers andsisters if you are reading Salah and I’mgoing to say this we are sitting here intheat the month and Saudi Arabia if you arein this beautiful country and you havenot made an effort to learn the languageof the Quran you can do better that’swhy I did that we I worded it lightlyyou can do better you will regret it aday will comeimagine the word of Allah you don’t knowit come on you can do better you don’tknow the meaning of itthe a laughing polarization a laughinghim realtor schitahe was saying if you don’t know themeaning of that there’s a problem Idon’t want to say put up your hands whohas a problem I don’t want to say thatbecause I know a lot of people have aproblemthe reason is like I told you themarketing of the worldly items is sovigorous but the marketing of metalswhich are of the move of the core is notas vigorous yet that is the core that’syour test your test is when you see allthe material items of the world beingpromoted in so many different waysthrough the whole media how is it thatyou are going to protect yourself fromall those potholes so to speak orobstacles and you’re still going todrive your vehicle which is yourselfthrough the path in a way that you comeout in one pieceby the help of allah subhanahu wa’ta’alaso you can do better bring yourself backto concentration you know in when we arein record what is the one of the maindoors that we say Subhan are up be anallyam i right one of the main supplicationthat is read read there when we arebowing require some people do not knowthe meaning of that and some people knowthe meaning but they are notconcentrating on it so they say so Idon’t be allowing an honorable Adam soHannah Purim Sameach Allahu LimanHamidah you know the meaning but you youshould have taken the bother of a fewsplit seconds to think of it that iswhen your salah will actually be much better so inshallah we can do better

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