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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Admin | Views:

Yathrib, Medina & The Hypocrites : Linguistic Miracles of Quran

you know that both the names you see on
the screen yes Arab and Medina
are they names at the same city sure the
Quran speaks about the city of Medina
with the word Medina many times but it
only uses yesterday once yesterday was
used only in so that’s it there’s no
other place where yes rib is used in the
Quran by the way both our names of
Medina so you could argue from the
devil’s advocate point of view hey they
mean the same thing right so why don’t I
just change a trip to what Medina or why
don’t I change Medina to yes if you guys
keep talking about Quran is perfect
intricate word choice
you guys know too that yes ribbon Medina
is the same thing so why not put one in
the others place what’s the big deal
what difference does it make this is a
study more so of history before the
Prophet arrived sallallahu alayhi wa
sallam in medina what was its name
yes after he came to the city he was
unanimously declared the leader of that
city and the city was coined Medina tuna
be the city of the Prophet for short the
city Medina is short for what the city
of the Prophet because literally Medina
means what the city so Medina’s nickname
is Medina actually that’s the nickname
the actual name is yesterday or you
could think of it like this before the
Prophet came it was yesterday after he
came it is Medina but what’s interesting
is little ahzab surah number 33 actually
uses Medina and uses yesterday same
surah and what’s he what’s interesting
on top of that is Soto Assad is a Medina
surah what do you know about mother
what was the prophet in modern asuras
SOI certain he was in Medina so already
the city should have been called what
Medina but we see the word yesterday you
see the riddle here right now here’s the
thing Medina was short for Medina tuna
beach city of the Prophet SAW rosanna
when Medina was
rounded by enemy forces some Jewish
tribes got together they came and they
convinced the courage to come back and
rally after the loss of a hug they went
around and made alliances with smaller
tribes and turned it into a massive army
that surrounded the entire city of
Medina the city of Medina was being held
for weeks on end this scary situation
was even worsened because people on the
inside there were people on the inside
that were Muslims but some of them were
only Muslim by name and actually there
were wasn’t really a man in their hearts
what’s that group called the muna
fiyaquun’ the hypocrites right now these
some of these hypocrites before the
Prophet came salallahu alaihe sent them
they were the leaders of what city they
were the leaders of yesterday when the
Prophet came they had to give up their
positions they have to give up their
leadership because now who’s the leader
by default Muhammad SAW I saw them when
they were surrounded they saw it as an
opportunity to rally the forces and say
look what hit what his leadership got us
into right so they say wha do ya lamu
Kamala ku they said o people of
yesterday there’s no place left for you
Fangio let’s go back go back to what
let’s go back to making it yes they
began let’s go back to the way things
were before the Prophet SAW salaam had
leadership by using the word yesterday
you know what they exposed their true
allegiance because if they acknowledge
the messenger as their leader sallallahu
alayhi wa sallam what word would they
have used medina so just by using that
word Allah caught their word it’s you
know exposed it in the Quran and what we
learned from that is their allegiances
their aspirations were all one day it’ll
be back to you three began it won’t be a
Medina anymore
this becomes even more evident more
clear clearer when we go to other places
so Tolman avi upon the soul are
dedicated to who fabricates now the so
dedicated the hypocrites is interesting
it begins with the hypocrites going out
of their way to show allegiance to the
messenger salallahu alayhi wa said them
they go out of their way to show
allegiance to allah sallallahu sanim
Yamuna fiyaquun’ Kowloon ash hadu in
Caloris ooh-la-la when the hypocrites
come to you whenever they come to you
they say oh we bear witness no doubt you
are certainly the Messenger of Allah
now the Muslim doesn’t have to say that
to the messenger every time only when he
converts right when he accepts it and he
says it otherwise you know he’s the
Messenger of Allah but if you’re trying
to compensate for something you’re
feeling on the inside like a child who
says I didn’t do it by the way and you
said what did you not do right this is a
guilty conscience that speaks mr. guilty
conscience that makes them say we really
believe you’re the Messenger of Allah
and in that surah to show their
allegiance on the outside they said nah
Ln Medina the whole agenda assuming an
event right they said when we returned
to Medina because they were trying to
show their allegiance but when he came
to desperate times in surah ahzab the
wrong word came out of their mouths and
their true allegiance ‘as were exposed

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