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Published on February 4th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 424

Quran Teaching Online

“Quran Teaching Online “

Why it is important to Avoid Shamelessness & Major Sins?”Quran Teaching Online “


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these are people that are able to avoid major sins

and they’re able to avoid shamelessness

all forms of shamelessness

so Allah mentions major sins and shamelessness

you know – there are small things and there are big sins

there are sins like – you know

rushing through the prayer

not doing the best ablution

there are sins like

not lowering your eyes fast enough

there are sins like

maybe making fun of someone, not realizing you crossed a line

that’s a sin – it’s not good

you know – there are sins like

reciting the Quran, but not reciting it properly

small things

“Quran Teaching Online “

there are sins that you cannot even realize you’re doing

but then, there are major sins

the consumption of forbidden things – like you’re drinking a beer

you know – the adultery of the eyes

It’s pretty major

actual adultery

killing somebody

consuming usury

earning usury

you know – endorsing it

“Quran Teaching Online “

saying something that Allah has made forbidden

that’s no big deal

it’s OK – it’s allowed – Allah will understand

things like that – these are major sins

Allah says:

you want to be a people of the Afterlife?

#1 thing you give Me is “don’t do major sins”

كبائر الاثم – stay away from the big stuff

you can refine yourself and work on the smaller things over time

and become better and better and better as a Muslim

but the first order of priority is the major major sins

if you’re dating a girl

you’re in major sin

if you’re dating a guy

you’re in major sin

you need to stop before you worry about anything else in Islam

if you are addicted to pornography, you’re in a deep problem

this is a bad problem – deep deep spiritual problem

“Quran Teaching Online “

you need to get away from it because the adultery of the eyes will lead to other kinds of adultery

you need to stop

that is the first thing you have to address

if you are addicted to alcohol, if you’re taking drugs

if you’re smoking weed

if you’re doing pot

or worse

you know

if you’re doing this stuff, you need to stop

if you’re stealing money – if you’re stealing money from your parents

if you’re stealing money from your job

you need to stop

If you’re investing in what you know – forbidden industries

and you’re making money in a way that you know is not permissible by our religion

you know

even if you’re like “oh, I’m in an innocent business – I’m in real estate”

OK that’s innocent enough – but “I rent out my warehouse to a club”

OK, you’re not clubbing

you’re just renting it out to them

you are perpetuating evil

you may not be the facet – you may not be the corrupt one – but you are the cause of corruption

without you renting it out – it wouldn’t exist

so you’re complicit – you’re complicit in that

stop doing the major stuff first

and then the second line of defense personally

والفواحش – all forms of shamelessness –
you need to stop

and I particularly highlighted shamelessness

“Quran Teaching Online “

as I was talking about dating, pornography, this sort of thing – why?

because Allah took major sins

and immediately after, highlighted in particular, “shamelessness and all forms of it”

any act of it – any manifestation of it – anything that takes you close to it

avoid it altogether

“and when they get angry then they are able to forgive”

these are the things that we need to prioritize and these are the goals you need to set for yourself

how will you surround yourself with people that will help you avoid major sins

that will give you fresh fresh company – good company

“Quran Teaching Online “

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