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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 736

Why is “WE” used for Allah

the default that’s correct yeah what

about me like you guys have great

questions you know the answer is in this

course I call divine speech but I’ll

tell you anyway okay that’s why I really

like that course because all of these

questions I collected them and I made a

course out of them okay but let me give

you something about that inshallah this

will take seven or eight minutes but I

think you’ll appreciate it okay why is

we used for Allah in the Quran that’s

the question first of all let’s begin

with history the Torah the Hebrew Bible

that is still somewhat preserved with

all of its editing’s uses we for God in

the Quran we’re not the only one and I’m

not talking about the Christians I’m

talking about the Jews the Jews believe

God has a son no they don’t no no no no

no no no whores aw la is a very small

faction of Jews the Arab fraction of

Jews the vast majority of Jews do not

believe as it is the son of Allah they

do not I talked to rabbis I hang out

with them Ida bait evil Rahim ah they

said I’m with them I know okay Jewish

scholarship most of it does not

acknowledge or Zeta is the son of Allah

at all one fraction of it did the

fraction that lived in Arabia okay but

the Jewish tradition is much bigger than

what was in Arabia so Allah refers to

some Jews who said that not all Jews who

said that hi so Christians specifically

say God has a son yes but to Jews

overwhelmingly say God does not have a

son but even they have what for God in

their book we and I asked her about why

do you have we and he said well of

course God is royal he’s the king and

kings speak with the plural actually not

only kings speak in the plural even

presidents today speak in the plural my

our president in the United States

speaks in the plural we in this

administration have made

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba we won this

election we have made it this is one guy

man you you and all your Shelton or what


what’s the what’s the weave for her

butwe is used for what we is used for

the collective now next thing this is

important now in the Quran you will find

different kinds of pronouns used for

Allah and to understand this problem

logically first you have to understand

what is it what are the different kinds

of pronouns there is third person second

person and first person third person

means he and she and they I’ll make you

remember this because I’m not talking to

myself what is third person he and she

and they second person is you second

person is you

what’s the first person I and we what

was third person again he/she and they

and the second person is you and the

third first person is what I am we now

in the Arabic language there are six

kinds of you anta anta ma kuntum aunty

and there’s like you know underlies

twice so it’s six kinds of you you both

of you all of you you lady both you

ladies all you ladies there’s six use

okay now when in the third person Allah

uses he yes in the second person Allah

uses M tab which is the singular you

does Allah use they for himself they

know there’s all the use all of you for


no he uses the singular third-person the

singular second person the only time he

uses the plural is in which person first

person and then first person you find

Ana and you find happen now if this was

actually plural you should find it in

the first person

you should also find it in the second

person and you should also find it in

the third person but do you know you

only find it in the first person

which means it’s not literally plural if

it was literally plural it would be all

three person

that’s our first step to the answer you

would be so far okay because otherwise

you would have found home and I’m tone

and national it’s not the case that’s

just not the case now the second issue

nano is used let’s talk about how Allah

uses these persons when Allah is being

formal policies or Allah is distancing

himself from a group of people you will

find the word he who are in the Quran

why because the third person is the most

distant pronoun he’s over there he’s

over the he is used when there’s a

debate okay in bilasa there’s debate

when you when he distances himself he

uses he now we know where he’s used

where it is he use anta uses anti when

the slave of Allah talks to Allah anta

mawlana once Allah Allah will carefully

okay in naka unta wobble rahim when the

slave talks to Allah he becomes close to

Allah so he doesn’t say who uh he says

anta he talks to Allah so Allah gives us

the opportunity to address him using

anta then what’s left an eye and an eye

and we I and we let me start with I

because you question is he should have

always used I let me tell you there’s a

king well I heal my fellow Darla’s I

just want to get a point across there’s

a king or there’s a president we have

made certain policies we have decided

that uh and somebody starts talking

during his speech and it’s excuse me I’m


he doesn’t say excuse me

we are talking he says excuse me even

though the rest of his speech was what

we we we we we and when he got angry he

did what I okay same presidents talking

we made these policies we sanctioned

this we provided this and his baby walks

by hey come here I love you everything

was we but what happened I gets used

when there is extreme

case of love or extreme case of study

the Quran look for I you’ll find extreme

love or extreme anger you’ll find Toba

anatole al rahim ana Tobias an extreme

act of Allah’s love you’ll find for any

worldly boohoo our lab and that one who

I hadn’t made a dime I mean I will

torture him with a torture that I will

never tortured anybody ever with that

what is that that’s anger that’s anger

okay allah azza wajal

talks to police you refuse such de amar

naka Omar took a mother took I commanded

you that shows the anger of Allah get it

so actually alhamdulillah Allah does not

use an out all the time

so we can know which places are

extremely special like in Ramadan your

daughter being answered

Lamia cool Subhanahu WA Ta’ala you G

Buddha with a dye called mooji Buddha

hours a day at a time for innie Caribe

the miracle in an alley in Nika deep

bougie Buddha Oh today is a time that I

need Felicity who learn a lot for the

stage equally well you know be languages

cool ha de filma tackle him well move

read on a singular singular person first

person all for love because Ramadan is a

special love from Allah soprano Madonna

now what’s left the question the problem

word which is why back no nephew is used

when Allah speaks in the role of a king

in the role of majesty and when a king

especially when a king passes big

policies or when the King gives you a

lot of gifts then he demonstrates his

royalty so you will find more


when Allah talks about revelation of

Quran which is a great gift to humanity

you’ll find national in not known as

anodic Allah WA Allahu Allah Hafiz own

okay Angela a naked man anzalta aleyhi

al khattab alla Turca okay

Angela is used in cases where a lot Eman

straights his majesty but with Bonnie


he was really angry because they should

have accepted the Quran so he says what

Aminu bhima and zell – Mossad do condemn

American believe in what I sat down

well dr. Goodall what a confident be

don’t worry the first additionally you

want I when he’s extremely angry again

before his majesty

and not know for when he sends water

you’ll find a love we’ll be talking


he created a tree he did this he do this

and we sent water from the sky he’ll

switch over to we because water is a

special majesty from Allah al Shuhada

Allah Allah Allah

so you see whenever water comes up most

of the time it switches over to we to

demonstrate a less Majesty it’s awesome

it’s just so awesome here’s the last

part of this question we one of the

actually the most important concept in

the Book of Allah is the oneness of

Allah leisa kamila he shame la ilaha

illa Allah and I had a little emulate

well mu this this D concept of Islam

this is the concept of Islam so then how

does Allah protect this concept even

though the word lack know is there at

the end of all of my explanation nanu is

still plural isn’t it still plural so

how does he protect though he’d after

using I know

steady nanu we for Allah in the entire

Quran you will find something right

before or right after he will make sure

that you learned that he is just one

everytime in our play knock and Gotha we

gave you kotha who gave you go that we

the next ayah pray to us

no facade Lily or a big the vehicle for

suddenly Lana okay so that you never

forget that we is about one which is

immediately every time every time in

Angela who feel a little cuddle we sent

it down in little Cod Ria’s tanaan

saloon Malaika

initially I

today’s alumina iike to AHA the evening

with Lena with me Rob okay now it’s

clear just one run get it

so yeah this this is an amazing

phenomenon and over on the transitions

of pronouns and over on it’s a

remarkable study so it’s absolutely
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remarkable study yeah


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