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Published on February 9th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 371

Quran reading with tajweed

Quran reading with tajweed


Why do you want to Study? | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled” Quran reading with tajweed “


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I want to go to Saudi Arabia

I want to go to Syria

I want to go to Jordan

I want to go to Pakistan

I want to go somewhere to study

that’s great!

have you exhausted what’s available to you here?

and even a deeper question…

why do you want to study?


what is your goal?

your goal in studying is to become a slave of Allah

there are some things

Quran reading with tajweed “

that you already know that you have to do as Allah’s slave

and you’re hoping once you learn the language or learn more Deen

you will become a better slave of Allah

but what about the stuff you already know?

how much of you have that implemented in your life already?

that you want to take on more knowledge and be answerable to Allah even more

before you think about further knowledge

you need to think about action

you really do

you know

are you taking care of business at home?

what does it mean that you’re going to go and study?

what’s your family going to do?

are they depending on you?

what’s your mother going to go through?

and by the way

I tell you personally….

and this is not to show off or anything

I tell you personally, I had aspirations to go abroad and study too when I was younger

“man, I wish I could go”

I didn’t have much money – I couldn’t afford to go

I was in college full time – working full time – so I can pay for college full time

and there was really no way for me to get out of that cycle

so I decided to study 20 minutes a day

Quran reading with tajweed “

every day, I just made a promise to myself – 20 minutes a day every day

it’s been 12 years almost now

I kept my promise to myself

20 minutes a day, every day

I said

Quran reading with tajweed “

that was the institution

that’s what I did

I’m just being honest

you find teachers, Allah will bring teachers your way
you will be able to benefit from them

Quran reading with tajweed “

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