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Published on January 29th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 337

Iqraa quran with tajweed online

Iqraa quran with tajweed online

Whose Pleasure are you seeking? | Subtitled”Iqraa quran online”


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Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says in the Qur’an, “Dho’ufath-thoolibu walmathluub.” (QS. Al-Hajj verse 73)

“The one who is sought and the one that was seeking have become weak and have become small.”

Meaning what? Even if people approve of the way you look,

even if people think,

your new Facebook profile picture is awesome,

your cover photo is great,

your clothes are great, you look beautiful today.

Even if people say that about you,

what have you earned in life?

What have you got?

And subhanallah, you will weaken yourself because you’ll never be good enough.

Because they’ll always find something to point at.

You’ll never be able to satisfy everyone.

People will always find something wrong with you.

And at the same time whose approve, on pleasure are you seeking?

“Am man yujiibulmudhthorro idzaa da’aahu wa yaksyifussuuu’a.” (QS. An Naml verse 62)

Who’s gonna answer your call when you’re in need anyway?

Who’s gonna be there for you when you need them?

A ilaahum ma’allooh.” (QS. An-Naml ayah 62)
“Is there any God besides Allah?”

Meaning is there anyone to be sought other than Allah,

what are you getting out of it?

And the fact of the mattered is, in the 21st century,

people are more concern with the illusion of being happy than actually experiencing happiness.

It’s more important that people around me think I’m happy than actually being happy.

It’s more important that everyone around me thinks I’m beautiful than actually feeling beauty.

And so, you know I was reading an interesting study and it blew my mind, but I can see it’s true.

That one of the criteria, one of the things that you go through as you’re looking for a spouse,

a lot of people will actually think, this will actually part of the decision making process.

“Iqraa quran with tajweed online”

How good is he going to look with me on my Facebook cover photo?

What are people going to say?

How the wedding pictures gonna come out?

Can you imagine that people will actually think how the wedding pictures gonna come up?

What are people gonna say? Right?

When we get online and we have that “Think 1 and Think 2” shirt,

“I’m His and I’m Hers“, and all the weird corny stuff that happened in the first month of marriage.

And then all of the sudden all pictures disappeared.

It was like, “Uh man, what happened?” Right?

Because you’re putting your life out there, subhanallah.

And you know, at the end of the day that actually part of their decision making process.

“Iqraa quran with tajweed online”

What are people gonna say?

How many “likes” will I get for that?

What will people think of me? And you know we’re laughing about it, but it’s true!

And -you know-, it might be true for some of us as well.

And so what I want you all to think about, when you get up in the morning and you look at yourself.

The first question that comes to your mind should be,

“How does Allah see me right now?”

“How do I look in the side of Allah right now?”

When I wake up in the morning the first thing that goes to my head before what will people say,

and how in fashion am I,

and how will people approve of the way that I look, will people think I’m beautiful?

The first question should be, “Is Allah pleased with me right now?”

Allah is looking at me right now, “Is Allah pleased with me right now?”

“Does Allah like the way I look?”

And when you put on your cloth the first thing that should come to your mind is what?

“Alhamdulillaahil-ladzii kasaanii haadzaats-tsaub, min ghoiri haulin minnii wa laa quwwah.”

The first thing you do is thank Allah, before you say what’s wrong with it.

And like, “It’s not like what I expected it to be, and last time I put it in the washer or dryer it went through this… etc…”

The first thing that should come to your mind is, “Alhamdulillaahilladzii kasaanii haadzaatstsaub.”

“Iqraa quran with tajweed online”

“All praise is be to Allah who gave me this garment.”

“Min ghoiri haulin minnii wa laa quwwah.”

“With no doing or no power of my own.”

Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wa sallam said who ever said that when they put on their clothes,

“Ghufiro lahu maa taqoddamaa min dzanbihi.”

“He will be forgiven for all of his previous sins.”

That acknowledgment of Allah’s perfection

and Allah’s ni’mah upon you, His blessing upon you, not complaining about anything, just being grateful and thankful,

being conscious of Allah even as you wear your clothes as you start your day

and your image on the side of Allah is your greatest priority.
That is enough to have all of your previous sins forgiven.

“Iqraa quran with tajweed online”

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