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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 295

learning quran school

learning quran school

When You Decide to Change | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | “learning quran school “


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now maybe you were such a person maybe you were a person that wasn’t very religious at all and you were living life like the

Rest of your extended family but something came in your heart

And you said you know what I’m going to take this guidance seriously. I don’t know how it happened

Maybe Allah made it happen through some Youtube video

or It happened through some khutba you heard or a friend or however it happened

but you decided to make a change for the better in your life and

When you start changing the behavior in your life the first people to see a change in you will be your own family

They will notice it. They will notice that you’re not the same anymore

You don’t talk the same you don’t act the same you don’t go to the same places

“learning quran school “

You don’t even have the same friends anymore, and this necessarily happens when you take a turn towards islam

Necessarily you start losing friends

Because you’re old friends used to do pretty bad things and now you can’t do those things with them anymore

so you suffer a loss of friends and at the same time your family starts saying you’re acting a little too weird and

For the young man the family might even say what’s that thing on your face you forgot to shave?

what happened to you and

The girl starts wearing the job and the family might even be in shock

And this is a muslim family mind you they’ll say take that thing off your head, you’re gonna

Go out to the wedding looking like that? I can’t sit in the car with you like that

What do you think we are?

Who do you all of a sudden you’re the islamic role model who died and made you syeikh?

That all of a sudden, We should be looking up to you. Remember what you were like last year man, you were the party animal. Now, You’re going to go make salat? Yes? Seriously, please. We know what you’re really like

In other words this now don’t not only have you lost your friends

from your family you get the nastiest kinds of

Sarcasm and

Criticism all the time all the time

Every chance they get they say something to you they say something about your beard they say something about your habits of making salah they

say something about you going to the [igner] convention?

This is something about putting your children in islamic school they say something about sending your children to Sunday school

Are you getting up for fajr or isya‘ and going to the masjid they’ll have some comments for you

“learning quran school “

And those comments hurt they burn pretty good

This happens to young men in the audience where their parents start telling them to stop hanging out with their other Muslim friends

Don’t go to the Masjid don’t waste your time

I wallahei myself know of stories where the father found out that in between


The son used it because his classes were 3-4 hours apart in between classes he used to go to the masjid to pray dzuhr

And just study at the masjid instead of studying at the library where there’s plenty [of] things to look at

Might as well go make salah and pray in the masjid. I’ll be safer that way. Dad finds out

You’re becoming an extremist son

And what is the extremism in the eye of the father that the boy is making salah in the masjid that’s extremism for him

Subhanallah with Muslims themselves

You think non-Muslims are Averse [to] Islam have you seen what Muslim families are doing to their own?

What parents are doing to their children?

I know of cases myself where parents said we will not pay your college tuition

[we] will not look for a wedding made for you until you take that [hijab] off

We will not do it we do not accept you as our daughter until you take that thing off

We will not show our face in public with you, you can’t go with us anywhere

This is the mother telling and you know what they’ll say what’s amazing about that. They’ll make you feel bad [about] yourself

They’ll tell you what kind of daughter. Are you?

You should be ashamed to yourself. You’re embarrassing your parents. We’re Muslim, but we’re not Muslim Muslim

We’re not that we’re not those kind of Muslims. That’s not how we do things in our family

“learning quran school “

That’s what they’ll say our family [is] different

We don’t do things like that in our family that’s those masjid people don’t be like those masjid people

that’s what they’ll say, and you know what’s amazing about that if you look at a portrait of your


From back in the day good old great, Grandpa’s got a big old beard and you can’t even see grandma’s face

So who’s being true to the family and was an embarrassment to the family?

see this is Muslim families today and

You’re in the midst of all of this

And you know what happens because you’ve made a decision to turn towards islam if an enemy of Islam came to you and said

Abandon your religion you’d say oh yeah, I’m going to be even more committed

You would become energized in your zeal for the religion when the enemy attacks islam

We’d get even more fired up muslims get fired up in the craziest of ways

[if] somebody draws a cartoon about the messenger, sallallaahu, [Salaam] and Muslims go crazy, and they’ll burn some other [guy’s] car up or

Break somebody else because they’re really angry

But we get fired up when when something happens some something questions the dignity of our religion even [if] it makes sense or doesn’t make


But when your own family comes and says look, I love you. I’m worried about you. I don’t want you to become this way

This is [the] way of the people who fail out of college. You don’t have a career who have miserable lives

[I] don’t [want] you to fall into this extreme somebody is somebody’s putting you under their influence. You need to get away from them

They’re the ones pulling you away, so how do you deal with that? the most inappropriate

response to this pressure is Anger and

you know what that is the most common response to

Your parents start yelling at you for growing the beard and you’re a young, hot-blooded guy, what do you do? Oh, yeah?

It’s the sunnah you can’t tell me what to do you’re following culture, and I’m trying to follow islam

And you slam the door in their face way to go

because that’s what Allah wants you to do yell back at your parents and

they’re just take till they’re talking about your beard. What was it Ibraheem’s father talking about Alehissalaam?

was he talking about something small or something big

go make sajdah to the idols boy and

As he loses cool does he get angry?

we have to learn how to be with our parents as

Even when they call you away from deen, it doesn’t matter if they’re muslim or not

Allah Azza wajal tells us if they struggle against you to make you follow what they themselves have no knowledge of

Don’t obey them while at the same time

accompanying them in the most dignified fashion
Obeying them is separate respecting them [is] separate

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