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Published on January 15th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 467

learning quran online free

learning quran online free

When The Prophet PBUH Tells You To Be Patient


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The Only Thing To Ask In Large Quantity Is Knowledge – Yasir Qadhi

“Innama yakhsyallaha min ‘ibadihil ‘ulama.”

That indeed, the only beings who truly fear Allah from all of His creation are their ulama.

Ulama mentioned by name.

The only beings who truly fear Allah are their ulama.

That’s it.

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Nobody can reach that level of pure knowledge of Allah.

And fear of Allah, and love of Allah than their ulama.

This is because the worshiper might do the outward acts of worship.

He might pray, he might fast, he might avoid the sins.

But it is the ‘alim, who understands the spirituality behind it,

who understands the wisdoms behind it,

who is more conscious in that worship than the person who doesn’t have that ‘ilm.

Likewise in the entire Quran, Allah Azza wa Jalla only commands the Prophet S.A.W. to ask for one thing in a large quantity.

Not money, not, Allah doesn’t tell the Prophet S.A.W., “O… Rasulullah ask for more money.”

He never tells him ask for more health, ask for more wealth, NO.

Only one thing and that is, “Waqul rabbi zidniilma.”

And say, “Oh my Lord, increase me in my knowledge.”

The Prophet S.A.W. is being commanded by Allah to make regular do’a.

And this is the Rasul of Allah.

“O… Allah give me more knowledge, O… Allah increase my ‘ilm.”

Likewise, Allah Azza wa Jalla tells us,

that the very status that the Rasul has is primarily due to the knowledge that he has been given.

As Allah says in another verse,

“Wa anzalallohu ‘alaikal-kitaaba wal-hikmata wa ‘allamaka maa lam takun ta’lam wa kaana fadhlullohi ‘alaika ‘azhiimaa.”

That Allah Azza wa Jalla has given you the book and the wisdom – meaning the Quran and the Sunnah –

and He has taught you what you don’t know.

“Wa’alamaka ma’lam takum ta’lam.”

And because of that the blessings of Allah upon you are very manifest and great.

Through the knowledge the status and superiority of Adam was shown,

as it was shown through the status and superiority of the Prophet S.A.W. as well.

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He has that knowledge that none of us have.

He was blessed by Allah with blessings,

many blessings more than just knowledge but of the greatest of them, is the blessing of knowledge.

Likewise when we turn to the a hadith of the Prophet S.A.W.,

once again there are a huge quantity of hadith,

that instruct us, that guide us, that exhort us to learn knowledge.

Of them is the famous hadist of shohih Buchory, when the Prophet S.A.W. said,

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“Man yuridillahu bihi khoiron, yufaqqihu fiddin.”

Whoever Allah Subhannahu wa Ta’ala wants good for, He gives him “yufaqqihu fiq” of this knowledge, of this religion.

He gives him an understanding of this religion.

If Allah desires good for you, this translates into you having knowledge in Islam.

It’s that simple.

This is what the hadith means.

If Allah wishes good for you, then He will give you knowledge of this religion.

The cons verse also applies.

He who has no interest in Islam and Islamic sciences,

it is obvious that he’s share of blessing has been diminished and reduced.

If Allah Azza wa Jalla loves you and wants to show that love it will be done primarily through your knowledge of this religion.

” learning quran online free”


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