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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 356

When Shaytaan Enters Heart

the other beauty of this Ayah

Allah Azzawajal didn’t say: [fi suduri-him maradun]

He said: [fi quloobi-him maradun]
(Quran 2:10)

there’s a big difference between [sudur] and [quloob]

let me explain that to you

I think most of you know Surah An-Nas

[Allathee yuwaswisu fee sudoorin-nas]
(Quran 114:5)

we don’t say: [Allathee yuwaswisu fee quloobin-nas]

we say: [Allathee yuwaswisu fee sudoorin-nas]

if it said [quloobin-nas], you would have translated

“the one who whispers in the hearts of people”

that’s not what it says

it says “the one who whispers in the chests of people”

now, there’s a the difference between the heart and the chest

the chest is actually a place

the thing inside this place

the treasure inside this place

is the heart

Shaitan has access not to your heart

Shaitan has access to your chest

think of the heart as your home

and think of the chest as the fence around your home – the front porch – the backyard

Shaitan has access to your property

but he can’t walk in, until you open the door

You understand? the heart is your home -and that’s locked – you can’t let him in

but he will come and knock: “hey, hey!”

“you wanna listen to something?”

“hey, I got something for you”

People! our job is to sense when Shaitan is knocking on our hearts

because he’s close, he’s in the chest

he is in the chest

and he will whisper in the chest

and when someone’s knocking on the outside, can it be heard inside?

can it be?


and the thing is sometimes when people knock, you can shoo them away .. and sometimes people knock, and what happens?

you open the door

if you open the door enough times

he moves in

he just moves in

and when

an outsider move in, they start redecorating the place

you understand that, right?

and so what happens is: if you don’t let him in, you have your own sense of what is beautiful

you have your own sense of what is good

and what is not – which colors are nice – what furniture is nice

but when you let the intruder move in, you come one day

and the walls are pink

and the furniture is green

you know

and all the plates are purple
“what just happened here?!!”

“well, this is my taste, this is what I like”

you know – he’s turned the kitchen into a living room – and the bathroom into a guest room and

u know – “What is going on here?”

why am I telling you this?

because if you let Shaitan inside of your heart

inside of that home

then what used to be beautiful, becomes ugly

and what used to be ugly, becomes beautiful

and that’s why Allah says:
[Wa Zayyana Lahumu Ash-Shayţānu ‘A`mālahum]
(Quran 29:38)


beautified their deeds for them

Shaitan can not make anything ugly or beautiful to you – until he is – where??

inside of your hearts

now, if you don’t let Shaitan in your heart, what is still in your heart??


[walakinna Allaha habbaba ilaykumu aleemana wazayyanahu fee quloobikum]
(Quran 49:7)

“He beautified Emaan in your hearts “

you understand this imagery?

now, Allah says here:

[fi quloobi-him maradun]
(Quran 2:10)

“in their hearts, there’s a disease”

uh oh! this is a problem!

because it’s not limited outside to the chest – now it’s made its way into

the heart – now if an intruder comes into your heart

into your home

what are you supposed to do?

as soon as you realize this was a bad idea – you’re supposed to

kick him me out – so sometimes we do listen to Shaitan, don’t we?

sometimes we do open the door

and the moment your realization hits you, what should you do?

[A’udhu billahi min ash Shaytanir Rajim]
you seek refugee – you kick him out

you push him away

that’s what you’re supposed to do

but if you allow him to stay in

and you allow him to cook his way

and you allow him to stink up the place

then you know what? you’re going to start getting sick

you’re going to start getting sick

and by the way, this imagery is going to come full circle a few Ayat later

we’re going to find:

[waitha khalaw ila shayateenihim]
(Quran 2:14)

so now there’s a disease inside of their hearts

the thing is though, Allah empowered every single human being

[Inna ibadee laysa laka alayhim Sultan]
(Quran 15:42)

Shaitan was told to his face:

“My slaves – you will have no authority over them”

he can not force his way into your heart

and he can not force his way to stay

the moment you say: “get out!”

he has to get out

so if you let him in

and you let him stay, that’s not because he has control, it’s because you never kicked him out

and if you refuse – Allah gave you every tool possible to kick him out

just say: [A’udhu billah]
just make Istighfar, he’ll be gone


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