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Published on February 11th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 220

When Shaytaan Enters Heart | Part 2 – illustrated – Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled


How can a Muslim avoid sins ?”Free Quran Education“on Youtube” .


that even in the month of ramdan when the Shaytiin (Devils) What happens to them ?

They are chained

they have done such a redecoration inside of you

that you are operating as though he still there

you just auto-pilot

Shaytan is not in there but you are doing his work any way because there are shaytiin el enss (human Devils)

and the jinn (The Jinn Devils)

Devils of the human beings and the jinns

Devils are jinn…obviously

but how can Devils be human ?

you know that human beings will let shaytan inside of them and let them stay for a long time ?


they just become shaytiin

Subhan allah

Allah says about them “Munafiuun”

that they have a serious disease inside of their hearts

and their disease by the way that disease isn’t just doubt

that disease is also cowardness

they are cowards

they are not willing to stand-up for this religion

i told you their Hippocrates can’t be compared to our time

but we have the similar problem

not the same problem

but certainly a similar problem

there are going to be three reactions to Islam…even today

there are going to be people who say “there is no god except allah and mohamed is his prophet SAW”

and they will take bride in it

and they will see that they are honored that they are muslims

and no matter what

nothing is above allah’s word

nothing is above the words of the prophet SAW

the obidence to them is supreme

that guidance is beyond criticism

and they belive that in their heart of hearts , even when they make mistakes they know that their mistake are their’s

they can flawed they can be mistaken

but the dein (Religion) of allah is not mistaken

the dein of allah has no problem

the dein of allah has no criticism

on the other extreme you will get people who absloutley hate Islam and the muslims

you gonna get those people

they gonna be on the other extreme and guess who you gonna get in between ?

ummm you should have a Little “COMPROMISE”

I mean we don’t have to be that stern in our belive in the Quran we can take it slightly a little bit…after all it’s 2016

you just have to…you know…go with the times a little bit

that reaction of let’s just kinda…work both out a little bit

because you know if you really truly believe you might become too extreme so we have to balance both sides

that’s actually a new product of the hypocrisy that used to exist back then

our dein by definition is already balanced , thank you very much you don’t to come and offer your version of balance

It’s already got the best of this world and the next balanced for us by allah him self

so when you come along and i come along and say you know what let’s have a balanced approach to Islam


is it a new balance that you just came up with or is it your own cowardliness you fear you don’t want people to look at you funny

you are too afraid of them you wanna look good in terms of PR

you just wanna suck up to the people around you

and your own low self esteem is now being imposed to Islam

to this religion

thbat will happen now to
so as we study this we acctully have to look in the mirror to

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