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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 824

What Satan Will Say On The Day Of Judgement

the people who look for Shaitaan

defining terry’s please hobbies have

hollow restless tearing apart is him him

so they’ll come to him and I’ll say

please mr. big man the biggest of all

big man’s good man

you’re the one who created may let all

up dude all of us to John I’m about

today because of you he’s gonna say no I

believe he believes his it leads his

crafty but you can see how craft is on

the day of judgment he’s gonna say this

in Allah how are the cool model how to

go out to come love to whom allah

gave you promised and i gave you a


allah gave you the promise of the quran

and i gave you a promise of whispering

into your minds and your hearts i’m not

told you you will get general for this i

told you don’t worry about it just do it

just – it’s nice – nice enjoyable man

enjoy what i said that you want to come

fast love to come i gave you a wisp in

your hearts and I promised you don’t

worry don’t worry about it you didn’t

listen to Allah but you listened to me

philately Muni one who knew and for Suk

hoon who you’re gonna blame you’re gonna

blame me for leading you to Jahannam as

you let yourself you had the choice to

believe the rock man or the Shaitaan and

you chose the Shaitaan over the rock man

so don’t come to me today telling me

what I should do for you MA Anna Dimas

really come mama and to me ma sweetie

you cannot save me today and I cannot

save you today

I cannot come to your rescue today you

can’t come to my rescue today we both

here we both here in Jiangnan basically

what his motto is now we’re even-steven

because she can’t one stop he wants us
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to go to Jannah


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