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Published on February 11th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views:

Iqraa quran online

Iqraa quran online

WHAT LEGACY WILL YOU LEAVE BEHIND? – illustrated – Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled” Iqraa quran online “


How was the prophet PBUH with his wives?“Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


I want to give you a bit of encouragement.

From a different point of view.

You guys, alhamdulillah, you are in college or high school now.

And you have your entire careers ahead of you, your family lives ahead of you.

And you have a lot of major decisions around the corner in your life.

And what I would like you to think about for yourself. And you are just only doing this for yourself.

Is I want you to think about what legacy you’ll leave behind in the world.

” Iqraa quran online “

When you are about to get married.

I know she is pretty and you are crazy about her and all of that…

But beyond that, is she going to be a good mother?

Is she the kind of girl that you would want raising your children?

And will those be the kinds of children that long after you are gone…

They will be committing to the prayer, they will understand the truth of Islam,

and they will be torchbearers for justice and truth in that society no matter what is going on.

Will they be those kind of children?

A decision like marriage, a decision like what kind of career you are going to go into.

You have to recalibrate your thoughts.

And you have to really think at a higher plane.

That you are going to be leaving a mark.

And you sincerely ask Allah what is it that…

You ask Allah…

How can you be the of service to his deen.

How can you be a force of good.

A mark of good in the world.

” Iqraa quran online “

And insha’Allah Allah will open a door for you.

Whether it is the field of medicine or engineering it doesn’t matter.

Those are not irreligious fields.

And if you are going to go into a field be the best at it.

That’s what Islam asks of you.

If you are going to be a programmer don’t be a scrub programmer with dirty code.
Be the best there is at it. If you are go into medicine be the top of your class.

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