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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 220

What is Your Purpose in Life?

[Waallatheena hum lifuroojihim hafithoon]
(Quran 23:5)

“and they”

“guard their privates” – which actually means they guard their shame – because when you work

when you work for Islam – when you have a sense of purpose

there is one thing that you cannot

undistract yourself from – and that is temptation

that is attraction to the opposite gender

it’s very – it’s impossible for you to undo that

so Allah says – they take extra precaution

to be decent and moral and guard

mindful and protective of their own dignity

when they engage in the work

MSA students

MSA students: when you engage in MSA work

mind yourself

don’t be too chummy chummy with the brothers

don’t be too friendly with them

don’t do that

you have a higher purpose

you’re distracting yourself

this is not right

she is somebody’s future wife

you’re like: “but, what about me?”


Well, how many are you going to say that about man?

every 10 minutes, no?
“that one could work”



you also stop making small talk

have a sense of purpose

You know

Islam doesn’t let you become like this

it doesn’t let you have frivolous interactions

not because in it and of themselves, they’re evil and they lead to evil, that’s true

but actually because you have something much more important to do

you don’t have time for that

you know, there are schools where boys and girls – there are co-ed schools

in America

where there’s no dating

non-Muslim schools

there’s no dating

u know why?

because there, academic standards are so high

and they keep them so busy

that they don’t even have time

they’re so stressed with their studies

they don’t have time for that stuff

they don’t take off for Valentine’s Day -they don’t do that stuff

you know

the fact that you’re engaged in something like that

or you’re spending a little too much time looking at pictures on Facebook or

you know becoming somebody’s friend or commenting – this and that – you know what that means? you just haven’t found purpose yet

that’s what that means

forget halal and haram. I’m not even here to talk to you about that. I’m here to talk to u about – you…
you’re on a mission – you’re forgetting you’re on a mission


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