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Published on February 6th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 444

quran with tajweed

quran with tajweed

What is the Ultimate Gift of Iman? | Subtitled”quran with tajweed”


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there’s something that’s bothering you

and it’s eating away at you

and you think if that problem went away, you would have peace

everyone of us has some problem that keeps us up at night

we’re thinking about it, we’re saying:
“man, if that went away, I’d be alright”

guess what?

when that one goes away

there’s going to be another one

and when that one goes away

there’s going to be another one

and when the other one comes, you’re like:
“the last one was easier”

“where did this come from?”

“this is way a bigger problem!”

what does Allah give you when you can trust Him?

He doesn’t end your problems

in this life, problems will not go away

if problems were going to go away

they would have gone away for Yaqoob ؑ a lot sooner than for you and me

if no problems would have come

because we have Iman

then Maryam ؑ should not have had problems

Rasool Allah ﷺ should not have had problems

you study the people that are closest to Allah and all you’re studying are problems

really big ones

their entire life

that’s all you’re studying

you’re just learning about one problem, to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next

that’s all you’re learning

Yusuf ؑ a great profound messenger of Allah and

I mean, from childhood there are problems

from childhood

there are problems

so what – I keep asking that question

“quran with tajweed”

what is it that Allah is giving you?

what do you get when you completely put your trust in Allah in the middle

in the thick of a difficulty

when everybody else is telling you “Allah is…”

on the one hand, people are telling you:
“Allah is angry at you, that’s why this is happening”

“Allah hates you, that’s why this is

on the other hand, you start thinking:
“Allah is punishing me, that’s why this is happening”

at that moment

when you can have the best impression of Allah

and maintain your love and reliance and bond with Allah

that Allah has not let you go

He hasn’t

what does He give you?

يهدي قلبه

He guides this person’s heart

He gives their heart guidance

I can guarantee you

when your problem goes away –

if it’s a money problem, if money comes in

if it’s a health problem and health comes back

if it’s a family problem, the family problem goes away

none of the good things in this life are
worth anything

compared to that one gift

that one gift is يهدي قلبه

“quran with tajweed”

He’ll guide his heart

your heart will be at peace

no matter what is happening in

there’s still a smile on your face

and people are looking at you and saying

“why are you smiling?”

“why are you okay?”

“Look at what’s happened to you”

“Look at what’s going on!”

“Yeah, it’s OK”

“it’s fine”

“it’s cool”

when you can develop that

there are people that will have all the money in the world and they still can’t sleep

there are going to be people that have everything you ever imagined will bring happiness

they have it

and they don’t have peace

they don’t have

they are not happy with

they drown themselves in drugs and alcohol

to escape reality

they can’t face reality

and other people watch videos about how amazing their crib is

and how sweet their ride is

and they’re looking at it and saying “I want that”

يَا لَيْتَ لَنَا مِثْلَ مَا أُوتِيَ قَارُونُ
(Quran 28:79)

“quran with tajweed”

“I wish we had what Qaroon has”

“man, that’s some boss life he’s living!”

and yet, on the other hand, all Allah will give you

if you can turn to Him

He’ll give you the one thing that no amount of money

no amount of popularity

no amount of people not arguing with you or people liking you, people appreciating you

none of that will give you what this one gift that can only be given by Allah

يهدي قلبه

Allah will guide His heart

Allah will guide this person’s heart

this is the ultimate gift of Iman

this is the ultimate gift of مصيبه (calamity)

so now let’s finally, let me conclude

People are stuck

you’re stuck, I’m stuck in some situation

we don’t see a way out

those difficult situations are actually Allah’s way

“quran with tajweed”

His way of guiding our hearts

If we can just use those situations

to find Allah

in those situations

to talk to Allah in those situations

and you don’t have to know Arabic to do that,

you don’t have to know a lot of Quran to do that

you just turn to Allah and you say

ya Allah, you are the best of planners.”

ya Allah, nobody loves me like you do, nobody cares for me like you do.”

“I know this situation is best for me.”

“guide me, I need your guidance.”

there is no way that you will turn to Allah, genuinely asking him for guidance, and He will turn you away

you will ask Allah for a car, He may not give you

you can ask Allah for a house, He might not give you

you might ask Allah to cure
your disease, He might not

maybe He will, maybe He won’t because He knows what’s better for you

the one thing guaranteed He will give you, when you ask him sincerely is His guidance

that He will give you

and when He gives you that, everything else is solved

everything else is taken care of

may Allah (عزوجل) make us people who truly, genuinely beg for His guidance

and may Allah make all of our difficulties, all of the challenges we have in our life

a means by which we draw closer and
closer to Him and earn his priceless guidance
بارك الله لي ولكم في القرآن الحكيم ونفعني وإياكم بالآيات وزكرالحكيم

“quran with tajweed”

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