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Published on February 6th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 643

quran online with tajweed

quran online with tajweed


What is the Meaning of the word ‘Ar-Rahman’? | Subtitled”quran online with tajweed”


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You know, we use this word all the time

We say (Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem)

We say Fatiha all the time:

(Alhamdu lillaahi Rabbil ‘aalameen) (Qur’an 1:2)

(Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem) (Qur’an 1:3)

We use the word all the time

But what does it mean?

Can anybody give me an English translation that you’ve read before?

(Ar-Rahman), anybody?


Some people use “Beneficent”, right?


I don’t know, “beneficent”, have you ever used “beneficent” in a conversation with anybody before?

You don’t normally use the word “beneficent” in conversation, yes?

The purpose of translation

“quran online with tajweed”

The purpose of translation is so you and I can understand

And translation should be with words that you can actually use

That you actually relate to

If you translate with words that you can’t relate to

Then it defeats the purpose of translation

It defeats the purpose

And the other problem is

The easier word is “Merciful”

“Merciful” is easy to understand for most people who understand English

They know the word “merciful”

But the problem with the word –

There’s also a problem with this word –

is that it’s actually different from the word “Rahma”

“Mercy” is different from the word “Rahma”

And I first want to explain that difference to you

“Ar-Rahma” in Arabic comes from a few things, one of them is “Ar-Rahm”

“Ar-Rahm” is the stomach of the mother

When a woman is pregnant, her stomach is called “Rahm”

And it’s called “Rahm” because that baby is taken care of in every way

“Ar-Rahm” is-

The child inside the “Rahm” of the mother is taken care of in every way

Now there’s a relationship between the mother and the child

Does the child know the mother?


Does the mother already know the child? Something about the-

Does she already have love for the child?

Does the child have love for the mother yet?


“quran online with tajweed”

Is the mother taking care of the child already?

Yes! In every way.

In every way!

The entire world of the child is taken care of by the mother

And the child has no idea

No clue

that he is loved so much

that the mother is willing to do so much for this child

and protect it from every danger

protect it from every danger

You know, the-

Normally, human beings when they protect themselves

When they protect themselves, we protect our head

We protect our bodies

But a mother, before she protects anything else, what will she protect?

Her stomach, when she’s expecting

She’s going to be extra careful not to walk in a narrow place

or to stay away from corners at the table, you know?

She’s going to take extra caution

That word gives birth to the word “Rahma”

“Rahma” is not the same as “Mercy”

Because “mercy” in English is used when you spare someone

Like, for example, I was going to beat you up but I showed you mercy

Which means you were expecting punishment

And when I decided not to punish you, that means I showed you mercy

Maybe a police officer stops you on the road

The police man comes over to you

“Hey! You don’t know the speed limit?!”

“No, I was reciting Surat Ar-Rahman, sorry, I just-“

“quran online with tajweed”

“OK, OK, I’ll show you mercy, no ticket for you”

I don’t know if that’s going to happen, don’t try it


You were expecting punishment, yes?

You were expecting a ticket

and then you used the word m- “Oh, he showed me mercy”

meaning “He let me go”

In other words, in the English language, most of the time when we use the word “mercy”

We’re actually thinking about punishment

And then the punishment went away and we thought about mercy

But the word “Rahma” has nothing to do with punishment

The word shouldn’t even cross your mind, the thought shouldn’t even cross your mind

It has to do with complete care and love

Someone who has compassion towards you

Someone who wants to soft and easy with you

Someone who wants to make things delicate for you

They understand that you should be handled with care

You know, there are people who deal with other people delicately, nicely

And then there are people who are not very delicate, not very nice

Sometimes you want to get a visa to some country and the person you have to deal with is not very nice

They don’t have “Riqqa” (softness, gentleness)

But if they have “Rahma”, they treat you with repsect

They start with “Salaam”

They say “I’ll do everything I can to help you”

And you can notice they care about you

You’re trying to do Hajj (pilgrimage) or something and they care about you

You know?

They’re showing that “Riqqa” (gentleness), that’s Rahma!

When Allah calls Himself “Ar-Rahman”, He is saying that He loves you

He is saying that He cares for you

He is saying that He understands that you are very delicate and you must be handled with careAnd Allah will take care of every matter that you have.

“quran online with tajweed”

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