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Published on February 9th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 284

quran online for free

quran online for free

What is the Importance of Fajr and Isha? | Subtitled”quran online for free”


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you’ve made the time for them

and I know you can because you make time for 8-hour role-playing video games

you make time for five hours of basketball

when you have to make time, you make time

when you have to study for an exam you stay up the whole night – you do

and I even argue – please listen to this carefully

I even argue – the sin of missing Fajr doesn’t happen in the morning

the sin of missing Fajr happens when you’re staying up at late night

because you already know you’re not going to get up and you stay up anyway

you know – it has happened the last 1000 times

when you’re up that late, you’re not going to get up for Fajr

and you still choose to stay up late

you’ve just missed Fajr intentionally

you can’t say to yourself when you wake up at 9:00 a.m.

“oh well – I didn’t mean to – I was asleep -I couldn’t help myself”

no, actually that was on purpose

because you purposely – knowingly

stayed up to the point where it’s physically impossible for you to get up in the morning

even if your mother is kicking you in the stomach

nothing makes a difference to you -you know?

“quran online for free”

now – and this is very real guys

you have to stop kidding around

you have to stop having conversations about – you know

“when the Dajjal comes, I’m going to try to kill him”

“I’m gonna be like – I’m gonna be…”

you know – “I can’t wait till the black flags are raised and the army of the Mahdi and ….”

“yeah dude, pray Fajr first man!”

“quran online for free”

you know

pray Fajr first

and Isha – Ibadat guys

and we’re living in times – SubhanAllah

New York is very blessed in many ways

it’s very not blessed in many other ways

but it’s very blessed in many ways

and one of those ways is SubhanAllah – you have great halaqaas – study circles

programs – seminars – classes

speakers – scholars – so many masajid

there’s so much education going on in New York – it’s really cool – it’s great

it’s not happening in much of the country like this – not at this rate

so you’re very fortunate to have that

but you know what the danger with that is?

that you start glorifying learning and you start undermining worship – Ibadah itself

right – fundamental Ibadah – Fajr, Isha

young guys – young men in the audience today

Fajr – Isha

“quran online for free”

you have to get that together

you have to get that together

and if you care about serving this Deen

if you really care about serving this Deen

then you will want to make better Fajr and better Isha

“quran online for free”

and the way to do that to

start memorizing as much Quran as you can
as much as you can

“quran online for free”

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