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Published on February 5th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 351

online quran with tajweed

online quran with tajweed

What is the effect of bad intention? | Subtitled”online quran with tajweed”


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An excerpt from a story mentioned in surat Al-Qalam, the 68th surah (chapter)

There are a bunch of farmers and they are about to harvest the next morning

and it’s going to be a really fruitful harvest

and they want to make sure that they go early, early, early in the morning before poor people wake up

because the poor people in the village also know it’s harvest day

so they’re going to show up outside the farms and outside the gardens

hoping that they can throw some fruits their way, give them some of it and receive some charity

So they make a scheme that they’re going to try to get there before any of the poor people show up

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And so the language is [Al laa yadkhulannahal yawmaalaikum miskeen] –

Make sure that not a single poor person and a single bankrupt person enters upon you, meaning shows up in your vicinity

Just make sure you –

And make sure you speak in a low voice, not to wake anybody up and go in a sneaky way and get back

Now they didn’t push, you know, in other places in the Qur’an [yadu’ul-yateem] – He pushes the orphan

[la ya huddualaa ta’amil miskeen] – He doesn’t encourage the, you know, feeding of the poor

Other places you have people speaking ill or speaking harshly to the poor, right?

Or reminding them that you’re doing them a favor

But in this ayah (verse) they haven’t had any interaction with the poor, they haven’t

They weren’t mean to anyone, they didn’t yell at anyone

They simply talked to each other and said “Let’s avoid them”

“Let’s just have the intention of not helping them”

That’s all. I mean their speech doesn’t really amount to anything more than an intention to not help.

That’s it. That’s their crime.

And when they got to the garden there was nothing there. It was comp-

[Fataafa ‘alaihaa taaa’i fum mir rabbika wa hum naaa’imoon]

Allah sent a heavenly punishment to their garden

Where when they got there, they actually said [innaa ladaaalloon] – “we don’t even rec-“

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“Did we come to the right place?” “This can’t be the place”

“Wait.. this is our place?”

“How were we made bankrupt?”

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In other words, their denial – in their hearts – their desire to deny the bankrupt

blended them becoming bankrupt

Be careful how you think about those in need.

If you just simply think about them as a nuisance

If you simply think about them as a nuisance, that is a disease that lies deep inside your heart

And there are no bigger consequences in this life and in the next than diseases that are carried in our hearts

Actions are actually – they’re worth something

But the matters of the heart are worth way, way, way more

You may not have done – These people haven’t DONE an evil deed yet

They’ve just stated the INTENTION to not help

But that intention itself is enough to enrage Allah, when that intention was made with such commitment

May Allah (azza wa jal) keep us of those who have a clean heart towards other people

and not allow the corruptions inside of our hearts to manifest in things that are going to harm us in this life and harm us in the next.
Barakallahu Li Walakum, Wa-Salaamu alaikum Wa rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh

“online quran with tajweed”

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