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Published on November 18th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 223

What is Success

if I was going with a bunch of young men
and women on a bus and we drove by a

beautiful mansion

– just a gorgeous house on top of the
hill just an absolutely beautiful

stunning house and the the driveway into
the house there’s a gorgeous car parked

outside and on the back of the house
there’s this incredible backyard and a

swimming pool and all I mean whatever
you can imagine is there it’s like it’s

a piece of Jenna on earth and you see
the guy walking into his house

we’re driving on this bus and we see
this guy walking into his house and I

asked these young men and women do you
think that guy’s successful

do you think he’s successful
overwhelmingly what is going to be the


yeah that’s pretty successful in the
guide look at them look at what he’s

accomplished and I think that’s a pretty
successful person

ok when you take a picture of someone
graduating from college

they’re shaking hands with the president
of the university there being handed

their diploma and somebody asked you
would you think that successful

what are people going to say you know
it’s going to be Muslims and non-muslims

everybody’s going to say that that is a
kind of what success when somebody gets

the job is that a kind of success

sure we congratulate people when they
get a job when somebody buys a house

when somebody starts a business when
somebody gets a new car

when somebody gets married when people
accomplish things in life that we

celebrate them because these are
different kinds of small and big

successes isn’t that true

so the bus keeps driving and we see a

a man a homeless man who was living in a
cardboard box on the street and he looks

like he’s wearing clothes from a couple
of years and you don’t want to go close

to him because of the smell

and I ask my students do you think that
guy’ is successful

what do you say?
I say he’s not successful

now imagine if I was riding in this bus
but in this bus there were not Muslim

boys and girls but they were christian
boys and girls or Jewish boys and girls

or atheist boys and girls or agnostic boys
and girls or Buddhist boys and girls and

I asked him the same exact question do
you think their answers would be the same

yep their answers would be the same
that’s the problem the problem is the

way we think about success and the way
we think about failure for Muslims it’s

supposed to be different

all human beings can see it a certain
way that’s fine

they have the apparent view of success
and failure but honest Muslims Allah has

given us a clear glasses and once you
look at reality through these glasses

you see something other people cannot
see you see something other people

cannot see

so when you put those glasses on and you
start thinking about the book of a Allah

you realize that one of the most
beautiful captivating magnificent homes

that was ever built was the castle of it
down there is one of the most amazing

homes ever built and if our bus was
driving by the castle of pharon and people

was walking into his house and I asked
my Muslim children is that successful

is that guy successful what would your
answer be Pharon is not successfully is

the word that one of the worst losers in
all of human history is not the case

was the second kind of person we met we ran
into was one guy walking into a

engine was the other guy was all this

ok ibraheem alehissalaam what was kicked
out of his house he was told to leave

the house so he’s homeless

what was he successful

he was actually one of the most
successful human beings that ever lived

now the Quran is teaching me that a
homeless man is successful and an

incredibly wealthy man is what

a failure

you know what the Quran is teaching me
the Quran is teaching me

that success has nothing to do with
wealth and nothing and failure has

nothing to do with poverty success and
failure or different concepts for us

than they are for everybody else
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