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Published on February 16th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 284

memorization quran

memorization quran

What is Dawah? | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled”memorization quran “


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well now let’s talk about this word for
a few minutes

the word dawa
Dawa literally means invitation

now outside of calling people to the
religion have you ever given somebody an

invitation to your house for dinner? for

“memorization quran “

come over to my place we’ll talk
is it possible you insult

someone? make someone feel little
insignificant worthless and then invite

them to your house ?and even if you did
would they come?

it’s impossible ,isn’t it? the very word
dawa means that you have extended

respect courtesy kindness to somebody
else so much so that you’re ready to

invite them to your own home

that’s what dawa is if we forget that
basic meaning we’re not able to carry

this message to anybody

we’re not it’s not about the arguments
it’s not about proving whether God

exists or not or whether this is correct
that’s correct or this text of that that

all that later

all that stuff is the first thing is an
attitude of inviting people to something

beautiful just like you have a wonderful
meal at home I want you to share i want

to share it with you

“memorization quran “

there’s plenty to go around and what an
amazing meal the more we share the more

it increases instead of going town
,you know, that’s why I want you to share

I want more for myself and more for you

that’s the beauty of this religion and
we Muslims shouldn’t lose sight of that

it’s very tragic that we’re losing sight
of that

“memorization quran “

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