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Published on December 4th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 290

We Shall All Be Returned To Allah


my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam

the first piece of advice that I give

myself and yourselves is to be conscious

of allah subhanahu wata’ala to fear

allah at all times for indeed the one

who gave you life is the one who shall

take your life away and the one whom we

were with we shall return to him and

when we return to him those who remain

behind generally say in allahi wa inna

ilayhi raja odin it means indeed we all

belong unto allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

and we shall all be returned to allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala

my brothers and sisters I would like to

remind yourselves that your time on

earth is very limited the prophet

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has

instructed us regarding being dutiful

unto our maker who made us because when

we return to him it is only him who will

be able to have mercy upon us on earth

you might have your mother who has mercy

on you your father who may be merciful

upon you you might have those who love

you those family members and friends who

are merciful upon you but trust me when

we pass away and we are in our graves we

will only have our good deeds to be

there for us by the mercy of Allah and

Allah alone may Allah make our time in

the grave easy I mean my brothers and

sisters the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

salam speaks of the average lifespan of

a human being and he says Amaru almighty

Mabini Cetina

allah sabrine the average lifespan of

the members of my ummah between sixty

and seventy years which means there is

no guarantee that we will live up to 60

or 70 because when we speak of an

average there will be those who pass

away before and we have seen them

and there may be those who are granted a

bonus whereby they live beyond that

particular age for a few years for

specific reasons may Allah make it easy

for everyone of us so who is the winner

the winner is not the one who lives for

many years on earth nor is the winner

the one who doesn’t live much in this

troubled earth the winner is the one who

passes away in a condition that Allah is

pleased with him this is why we say wa

la tomatina allah wa anta muslim-owned

make sure that you don’t die except in

the condition of submission unto allah

one might argue I don’t know when I’m

going to die so how can I make sure that

I’m going to die in the submission of

Allah the answer is very simple

yes none of us knows when we are going

to die therefore make sure that you are

always a submitter unto Allah you will

never lose my brothers and sisters we

are human beings sometimes we commit

sins sometimes we make mistakes

sometimes we do things that we know are

wrong we do that which we know will

displease our maker but the mercy of the

most merciful is such that wallahi

wallahi he has taught us a way to clean

our slate every single day just like a

schoolteacher who writes on the

blackboard or the whiteboard what

happens is after they have expressed or

explained or taught a concept they will

erase what is on the board and make it

clean once again in order to put

something of a higher level on that

particular board when it comes to us

with our sins one llahi we have been

taught to wipe whatever we have done out

and it will become cleaner than that

blackboard of the whiteboard remember my

brothers and sisters at teri booming as

them become and Adam Bala

the one who seeks forgiveness from a sin

is equivalent to he or she who has not

committed the sin if you have

transgressed against Allah I invite you

today to seek the forgiveness of Allah

if you have been involved in adultery

fornication I invite you today to seek

the forgiveness of Allah to change your

life that is not going to help you the

evil ways and habits will not help you

you might achieve temporary pleasure but

long term it is definitely very

destructive for you and I may Allah

forgive our shortcomings brothers and

sisters if you have been involved in

intoxicants if you have been involved in

drugs if you have been involved in

drinking alcohol I invite you today to

quit this bad habit and to ask Allah to

forgive you he will definitely forgive

you if you have sought that forgiveness

truly and sincerely how long are you

going to continue in your bad ways when

Allah says your days are numbered if you

look at your heart and you put your hand

on your heart it pumps between 100 and

140 thousand beats a day if you were to

pay one small portion of a cent for each

time your heart pumped you would become

bankrupt the first day in the case of

most of us but through a Las mercy he

gives us the heartbeat and we should

remember every heartbeat is one

heartbeat less from the point of your

death it will stop one day if you take a

moment and put your hand on your heart

and you feel it pumping you will

definitely be able to realize the gift

of Allah there is no battery in this

organ yet it pumps before life was

pumped into your body or blown into you

that particular body we know that in the

womb of a mother at 120 days is when

life is blown in although the blood and

the heart begins to pump very early in

the pregnancy or in that phase where the

fetus is growing the heart will be

pumping as a muscle but not as an

individual who is alive whose heart is

pumping because life according to us is

blown at 120 days no battery it keeps


this is the kundra the power of allah

subhanahu wata’ala that same allah who

will cause it to stop

wallah he he will cause it to stop one

day in my case and in your case the

losers are those who used to run behind

this world in order to earn in a wrong

way in order to enjoy in the wrong way

when they die they will never be able to

enjoy thereafter Allah says do you want

a relationship with the opposite sex if

you do do it the proper way would you

like for example to achieve something if

you would like to do it the proper way

if there is no proper way of achieving

it then do not achieve it for example if

a person wants the the correct way of

drinking alcohol there is no correct way

because just like consuming that which

is filthy and dirty that which may not

be halal for us we know that we are not

allowed to consume it there is no way to

make halal a pig no matter how many

times one might say bismillah he when he

is trying to take the life away of that

pig it will never be considered halal so

Allah says what is the aim behind this

if it is to eat then Allah says yeah in

your Han su culo me my VIN are will be


eyyy oh you know people consume from

that which we have provided for you on

the earth

which is pure and halal good and pure in

order to consume so you know if I want

to eat I have that which is halal I have

that which I have earned in a correct

manner even if it means vegetables no

problem we thank Allah the same applies

if you want a relationship with the

opposite sex get married my brothers and

sisters I invite you to make it easy for

your sons and daughters to get married

if you make it easy for your sons and

daughters to get married you will get

general fear dose Allah will give you

Jenna why the reason is you made it easy

for them to do halal and to abstain from

Haram from sin many times it’s very easy

to sin someone wants to commit adultery

fornication someone wants to engage in

what we term zina it’s very easy very

simple to do Haram why is it that we

make it difficult to do halal why is it

that we hold back why do we become

people who hold barriers this one is

from this tribe and that one is from the

north and this one is from the south in

many countries this is happening where

people are looking at so many factors

that Islam did not look at if you would

like general make it easy for people to

engage in halal if you were to give a

lift to someone coming to the Masjid you

will get a full reward of their prayer

when they pray in the masjid because you

help them you help them to do that so in

the same way if you help people to

engage in a halal relationship you will

definitely have a very great reward for

helping them to do good and this is why

allah says what a little bit me what if

me well know there were any what helped

one another when it comes to or

cooperate with one another when it comes

to that which is good and that which is

goodness al bill is righteousness

de quoi is the consciousness of Allah

when there is something good happening

help one another and do not cooperate

when it comes to sin and evil that which

is destructive that which earns the

wrath of allah subhanahu wata’ala so my

brothers and sisters my message for you

today is to prepare for the grave

prepare for the day that we are going to

leave this world people have left before

us people are leaving today I’m sure

thousands of people if not more across

the globe have lost their lives

some of them unnecessarily due to war

and due to the doings of man and some of

them we ask Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala to

have mercy upon them and upon all of us

I mean so my brothers and sisters what

we need to know is on earth we have a

mission that mission is to please Allah

to fulfill your prayer my brothers and

sisters if you are lazy to involve in

Salah I would like to tell you that the

first thing that you will be taken

account of when you pass away is your

Salah if that prayer is in order

everything else will be in order

if the prayer is not in order nothing

else is going to be in order just like

if you have a bank account in order to

open it you need your identification

document and you need various other

things once the account is open whatever

money you deposit in that account shall

help you shall help you but if you don’t

have an account or if you have deposited

it in the wrong number even if that

number was wrong by one digit the money

will go elsewhere some of us do a lot of

good deeds but our salah is not in order

I invite you and myself to become more

regular with your Salah get up in the

morning for the sake of Allah he will

have mercy upon you pray for the sake of

Allah he will have mercy upon you seek

from Allah ask goodness not just for

yourself ask for others as well my

brothers and sisters we have a problem

whereby we become so selfish when it

comes to prayer that we only ask

goodness for ourselves we say oh Allah

give me oh allah grant me oh allah help

me oh allah make me this and oh allah

make me that

but we forget to pray for our neighbors

we forget to pray to those for those who

are suffering we forget to pray for our

neighbors and for those who are

suffering across the globe no matter

where they are and you need to know

carnal ah who Fiona lobbed American and

Abdul Fiona hehehe allah will continue

to help a worshipper for as long as that

worshipper continues to help another we

need to know this so if you want you

pray for others and the angels will pray

the same prayer for you when you want

goodness say or Allah my brother who is

my neighbor is suffering give him good

health the angels will say o Allah this

one who is asking give him good health

to which prayer is better yours for

yourself or the prayer of the angels for

you if you want the prayer of the Angels

you pray for others if you want your own

prayer for yourself you pray for

yourself Subhan Allah now one might be

thinking are we allowed them to pray for

ourselves the answer is yes you must

pray for yourselves but the point being

raised is do not forget other people as

well because it shows that you are

concerned about the welfare of your

brothers and sisters across the globe I

am here today in this beautiful country

of Sierra Leone in Freetown and I pray

from this sacred pulpit in this house of

allah subhanahu wata’ala to grant

alleviation to all of those who were

affected by the floods and the mudslides

may Allah grant him alleviation from

their suffering may Allah open their

doors may Allah grant them a recompense

those who’ve lost their loved ones may

allah subhanahu wata’ala have rama on

those and may allah subhanahu wata’ala

blessed the ummah of rasulullah he

sallallahu alayhi wasallam my brothers

and sisters we reach out to people we

are taught by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam that to reach out to a cat and

to reach out to a dog will earn you the

forgiveness of Allah to reach out to an

animal will earn you the forgiveness of

Allah we could leak up Eden Roc but in a

drone if you are to be kind to

any animal Allah will give you a reward

if you are to feed a an animal Allah

will give you a reward what do you think

the reward will be if you were to feed a

fellow human being

subhanAllah subhanAllah my brothers and

sisters never let someone miss preach

misquote misinterpret Islam for you

islam teaches us that we should be kind

to all human beings irrespective of

their faith their inclinations etc we

are kind to everyone we will reach out

to them in the most beautiful way we

will respect their rights and we will

fulfill the rights that they have upon

us remember this my brothers and sisters

we reach out to all and we make sure

that when they see us they have a clear

picture of who muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam was they have a clearer

picture of what allah has asked us to do

many people think that we need to go out

and harm those who don’t agree exactly

with our own ideas if that was the case

there would have been bloodshed from day

one and islam would never have spread

for your information islam has spread

through the good nature of the

businessmen and the traders and those

who came they intermarried and they

taught they were honest they were

upright and they were seemed to be

praying they were seen so cream they

were seen in such a beautiful way that

the people began to ask what is this all

about I want to also be a part of this

they were then invited in the most

beautiful way that is why today we are

seated here in this Masjid very very far

from Arabia in our thousands yet there

was no internet at the time of muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa salam there were no

telephones there was not even allowed

hailer today as I entered the Masjid

they told me something has gone wrong

with the sound and I said wallahi we are

muslimeen we are Muslim in

in ma kettle mukarrama you can have two

million Muslims doing different things

in 50 seconds those two million Muslims

will be so silent that you can hear a

pin drop and they will come together

standing according to their so foof and

their lines of salah facing the qibla

ready for Allah ho Akbar in 50 seconds

of a comma or takbir and therefore we

will be able to speak with everyone

hearing what I’m saying even without

that microphone because of the mercy of

Allah upon the muslimeen we are prepared

for pin-drop silence as we see right now

may Allah have mercy on us

subhanAllah I thank Allah for this

miracle it is only the Muslim in no

matter what we are doing wallahi in 50

seconds we can actually all be exactly

where we are supposed to be and

therefore I ask Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala to grant us forgiveness it is my

duty it is my duty to inform you and to

advise you that we worship Allah and

Allah alone we don’t worship a man we

don’t worship a human we don’t worship

that perhaps which we don’t worship a

human we don’t worship those deities

besides Allah we worship our maker alone

and we need to know this and realize


my brothers and sisters yes there is

excitement today subhanAllah there is a

lot of excitement but your gratitude

should be focused at allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala you should be getting excited

about allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will be

fun in Liberia he forbid early calf and

knee of Rahu who work on you

me miyajima


tell them o muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam before allah he will be remedy

the mercy of Allah the virtue of Allah

you are meaning that is what should make

you happy you are believers in allah it

is the relationship with allah the time

of fetcher Windom or i’ve been calls out

a Sunnah


– honey Roman and now we should be so

excited to get up and to go and meet

allah subhanahu wata’ala

then we are true Muslim in wallahi what

is the point of getting excited when a

man comes to you from Zimbabwe in a way

that we leave budget we leave the hall

we leave us or we leave Maghrib we leave

YCJA and then we claim we were happy on

this day that is a day of sadness that

is not a day of happiness Allah is the

one to be glorified Allah is the one to

be worshipped I can do nothing for you

if my message was not from Allah and his

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

you would not want to listen to what I

have to say but because I have a message

of Allah and Allah alone and that

message shall be carried by others and

not just me and when I am gone it will

be carried by so many others there might

be a time when no one on earth would

know me but they will continue to know

Allah and his Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam how many of you know people who

lived in your community 200 years ago I

don’t think you would know many and how

many of you know people who lived in

Sierra Leone 500 years ago I don’t think

you would know many it goes to show al

Baca Allah the that which remains is

Allah alone subhanAllah today we have a

message it is the message that is

powerful remember it is the message that

holds weight may Allah have mercy on us

so it is my duty to let you know contain

the excitement let that excitement be

focused upon Salah when you read over

with Jumeirah you should be very excited

you should be jumping in joy you have

done something great when you reach

salat al al

when your day passes and you have

fulfilled all five Salah for Allah that

is the day you have to rejoice it is the

day of eid subhanAllah subhanAllah so my

brothers and sisters I ask you and I ask

myself let us prepare for genital fear

dose I want to see you in general fear

dose and I’m sure you want to see me

there I have no guarantee whether I am

going to go there or not besides the

hope in the mercy of Allah and the same

applies to every one of you I ask Allah

o Allah through your mercy grant us

Jenna oh Allah through your mercy grant

us goodness in the dunya and the akhirah

oh allah we ask you to make us true

followers of muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wa sallam oh allah help those who are

sick and ill oh allah have mercy upon

those who have passed away oh allah

grant us growth and goodness my brothers

and sisters right now as i’m speaking

there are people across the globe who

are struggling there are people who

don’t have homes there are people being

driven out of their homes look at our

brothers and sisters in rohan ja in

Burma they are being cleansed in such

ethnic cleansing that has seen none

before it in recent history we ask Allah

to help them may Allah help them may

Allah grant them ease we are sitting far

away each one of us has our own problems

but we are created in such a way that we

will still look at the problems of

others and try and help them because

that is how Allah will help us so I call

upon you to pray for those who are

struggling not only in rural India if I

have to begin to take names the list is

endless you know the Muslim Ummah is

struggling my brothers and sisters

correct your relationship with Allah

stop your sins how long are you going to

wait for how many more messages would

you like before you would be able to

change your ways we cannot continue

forever let us become better people let

us promise Allah today in this beautiful

house of allah subhanahu wata’ala oh

allah whatever since we have done in the

past wiped them out forgive us we are

starting today and you

life a new beginning we will not sin

again here a la ilaha ilallah mean we

ask you goodness have mercy on all of us

my brothers and sisters let us

understand that the teachings of Islam

are great the teachings of Islam are

vast we need to make an effort to learn

these teachings and so you need to

promise that you will learn you will

learn the goodness with the idea of

putting it into practice and conveying

it to others imagine today we are seated

here very far away from the Middle East

where Muhammad sallallaahu Salim was

someone learnt the deme they were known

as Sahaba they put it into practice they

conveyed it to the tabi een they learnt

it they put it into practice conveyed

into the tablet a being they learnt it

they put it into practice conveyed it to

the next generation and so on until

today we are sitting in this beautiful

house of Allah people would never

imagine that far off in Sierra Leone

there are so many followers of Muhammad

sallallahu Salam learn to love one

another and learn to care for humanity

barakallahu li walakum feel for our

newest Sunnah whenever anyone here come

by Murphy him in an ayat evil hikmah aku

luckily hada what astaghfirullah honey o

alikum what is a hidden Muslim in a

festive ruin him

eternal Aegina


but hold on



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