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Published on February 28th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 316

Value of Acquiring Knowledge & Teaching Quran | illustrated


Dependence on Allahv“Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


Value of Acquiring Knowledge and Teaching Quran – Nouman Ali Khan

This about knowledge itself,
couple of hadith before we go on.

One hadith, it’s beautiful,

“Man salaka thoriiqon yaltamisu fiihi ‘ilmun,”

sahalalloohu lahuu thoriiqon ilaljannah.”


He says, “Whoever takes up a path,”

“in which he is trying to acquire knowledge,”

“Allah will facilitate for him a road to Jannah.”

So he’s taking a road to knowledge,

and Allah is making for him easy a road to Jannah.

May Allah makes us from those people.

Secondly, of course this hadith comes over and over again,

but now you understand the spirit of it,

“Khoirukum man ta’allamalqur`aana waallamahu.”

“The best of you are the one who learns Quran and teaches it.”

Learn Qur`an and teach it.

Learning the Quran is a sunnah of the Prophet sholalloohualaihi wasallam.

He’s the first one who learns Quran.

So, when you’re learning Quran,

you are doing what the Messenger sholalloohu’alaihi wasallam himself did.

Teaching the Quran is not only a sunnah of the Prophet,

it is the sunnah of Allah Himself.

“‘Allamal qur`aan.”
Allah did taught the Quran. Right.

So, imagine the power of learning and then also teaching the Quran,

and then you appreciate the beauty of these words.

“Khoirukum man ta’allamal-qur`aana wa ‘allamahu.”

What more noble task can there be.

That you’re mimicking the activity, not just of the Messenger,

but an act of mercy given by Allah Himself.

“Ar-rohmaanuallamalqur`aan.” (QS Ar Rahman: 1-2)
He’s the One who taught. He’s The Merciful,
is the One who taught the Quran.

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