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Published on November 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 267

Two kinds of Good

Does He really care?

Does He even care if I pray or not?

Now this question is actually more about does He need my prayer or not?

You’re forgetting

that the prayer isn’t for Allah

it’s for you

it’s not for Allah

If all the people in the world,

all they did with their life was pray to Allah,

it would not make Him any richer

and it wouln’t add to His Kingdom because He already owns all of Kingdom

And if no one mentioned Allah, ever again,

it doesn’t diminish His Dominion, His Kingdom, His Glory in any way

He doesn’t need us

We need Him

We need Him

So the question is: Do you feel like you need to pray?

Do you feel like that’s a need in your life?

and if it’s not, if you feel you’re free of,

you know,

begging Allah for His help,

turning to Allah and submitting before His commandments,

then that’s a serious problem with your faith,

it’s become weak. And this question only came up

because you’ve been distant from Allah for so long

that Shaitan can come to you and say:

“Yeah, I know, you used to feel bad about not praying.

“Let’s just get rid of that bad feeling and replace it with

‘Well, why do we have to pray anyway?’ “

That’s the next phase of that disease.

The first part was at least,

it was diagnosed

but at least you had some bad feeling,

guilt was still there

That’s a gift from Allah

That guilt even goes when you say

“Ah! Allah doesn’t need my prayers”

“It’s all good”

“So long as I’m doing good”

And that’s the last part I want to talk about this –

“So long as I’m doing good” part

Who defines what’s good?

There are 2 kinds of good in this world

Please remember this, okay?

There are 2 kinds of good:

There’s ethical good

“I’m good to my neighbor, I’m honest at work”

I’m nice to people, I don’t steal, I don’t cheat”

“you know, I’m ……… “

These are ethics – basic ethics – right?

that everybody “I tell the truth, I’m honest, I pay my taxes… blah blah blah”

These are ethical goods, okay?

and “I’m honest in business”

Then there are religious goods –

“I go to Hajj”

“I give Zakat”

“I pray 5 times a day”

“I fast in the month of Ramadan”

These aren’t ethical realities,

these are religious goods

Good deeds that are religious

and good deeds that are

ethical – moral – in nature

What happenss a lot of times,

with Muslims and with Non-Muslims

Especially it happens with Muslims,

is that we make a distinction between these 2 things

So in the Muslim world, you will find

people that are morally good

They’re nice to their family, they take care of their kids,

they’re responsible in their household,

they’re nice to their neighbors, they’re honest at work

Good people, but guess what?

No religion

” I don’t need religion to be good!”

is what they say

And on the other extreme, you have people that

pray, go to Hajj, give Zakah, have a long beard,

dress in a very religious garment

and yet

terrible to their family, cheating people in business –

highly immoral and unethical

So what’s happened is: We have separated the 2 dimensions of goodness

Moral goodness – ethical goodness

and religious goodness

What Allah does in the Quran is:

fuses them together

in the Ayah – it’s one Ayah – it’s called Ayatul Birr –

The Ayah of Goodness

What does it mean to be good?

If you study that Ayah, it is a combination of 2 things:

It’s a combination of ethical principles: like fulfilling your promises, being patient, perseverant

you know, and also religious goodness:

establishing the prayer, giving Zakah


So it’s a combination of both of those things in one place

So if you think you’re in a position to define what good is,

most likely, you’re sticking to moral goodness

and you’re undermining religious goodness

like the virtues that Allah taught us

But what Allah wants is for us to have both at the same time

This is when a person is truly good


you’re not really good

You are – you have defined

goodness for youself and you have rejected Allah’s definition of it

We turn to Allah for guidance because we can’t define things for ourself

we want Him to define it for us
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Insha’Allah o Ta’aala


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