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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 439

Trust The Plan Of ALLAH

no matter what situation we are faced

with we always turn to Allah we always

turn to allah subhanaw taala and we

reflect how am i supposed to respond in

this situation am i going to complain if

a bad calamity falls are we going to

complain and cry and make a big noise

about it or are we going to turn to

allah spanner Dada

similarly when good conditions come upon

you are we going to become lazy forget a

lot leave our players because we’re

happy no we’re going to make sugar to a

lost want Allah in every situation so

the last few days in this country that

we live in has not been very good for

the Muslims and the Muslims throughout

the country that feel very depressed

very down they don’t know what to do

they’re scared and rightfully so they’re

scared because what is going on in the

past 72 hours such Islamophobic

incidents have taken place that causes

fury in our hearts hate crime is on an

all-time high for the Muslims and this

is a fact more than 60 different

incidents have taken place in the past

48 to 72 hours regarding the Muslims

we’re sisters

he jobs are being pulled out where slurs

are giving to the Muslims that go back

to your country you don’t belong here

how are Muslims supposed to react to

this this is a time of confusion

this is a time of scare that we don’t

know what the future of Muslims in this

country is going to be and at times we

cave in to our fears and we react in a

manner which Allah small does not want

us to react and we have certain

individuals that they let go of the

religion the prophet sallallahu alayhi

wasallam when he was given the noble

message that you are the final prophet

and you must call mankind you must call

men crimes towards the one Allah

hanno Atala every single thing regarding

his life was attacked his honor was

attacked people are worn during gold

close to Mohammed he’s gone crazy he’s

going to give you such ideas and make it

confused his reputation went down the

security of his family went down the

security himself went down people were

spitting him people are throwing dirt

bunion causing inconvenience to him


his family members his daughters were

given a lock because of his father was

saying that he is the final prophet that

is a difficulty that he had to go

through so yes these times are testing

times these are testing times of Allah

smart Allah in suit of the YouTube we

all know about the story of Yusuf Ali

Salaam that as a child he sees a dream

and his brothers get jealous of him and

his brothers thrown in a well and he’s

in this role for a few days and the

caravan takes him and they take him to

Egypt and he’s sold in the market of

Egypt so much hardship Youssef had to go

through if any individual was in that

place you feel so depressed so down that

what is my life I am thrown away by my

own blood my own kin I’m thrown in a

wall not knowing if I’m ever going to

survive then I’m sold in a market as a

slave I am in an unknown land a person

life at the time sealed ultimate low and

on top of that then he is accused of

adultery he is innocent he’s accused of

adultery due to that he’s thrown in jail

negative after negativity after

negativity look at all that but what is

a loss of Hahnel at all reply this one

ayah one small fragment of ayah instead

of you so that is the crux of the entire

surah which allows one is at a level

ronamoon Ilah I’m repeat while lacking


allahu rani born ila

under he allah is in power of his

affairs allah is in charge of his


however majority the people don’t

realize this everything is a control

Allah so Allah took all the negativity

away and brought him all the way to the


beautiful Islam from the bottom of the

well he comes and becomes the key of his

ax and as Muslims we need to realize

Allah subhana Allah and hockey he is

wise well fairly Hakeem logical an

enigma that the action level wise person

was never free for wisdom is always has

wisdom whenever Allah does this wisdom

in it whether we realize their way or

not we might understand the wisdom we

might not understand the wisdom Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala and the quran says

that perhaps perhaps you hate a

situation or you hate something and that

is beneficial for you and perhaps you

love something a situation or a thing or

an issue and there might be harmful free

so there could be good in situations

would reassume to be bad and this is the

system of a loss of authority he shows

the world that when mccuddin women could

Allah Allah will hate on marketing they

plan and Allah plans that allows the

best of planners mankind plans whatever

they want to plan but Allah also pass

and no one could overpower the plans of

a la strada so if you go back a few

years go back 15 years or so any wonder

9/11 event happen when certain

individuals did a crime and the religion

of Islam had to pay unjustly for their

crime and they were blamed for their

crime crime and the Muslims are

prosecuted in America Islamophobia was

on a high at that time people were

afraid for their lives at the time but

the hidden system of the lowest didn’t

play the people that accept Islam after

9/11 was much more than people

aslam came into the media islam came on

the lips of people into the ears of

people people became curious many

non-muslims started to contact Islam’s

they bought the Quran they went to the

Masjid and they and they inquired about

Islam and people accepted Islam on huge

numbers because of the negativity that

others planned for Islam

well my guru one look at Allah they plan

to put his slum down they plan to put

Islam down Allah ones Islam to always

shine and Islam shine throughout the

country that in hordes people came in to

follow Islam people came into the fold

of Islam just to give an example that

ever since is last year lot of

negativity has come against Islam but

how many people have accepted Islam and

there have been documented cases that

people have come out and say that I did

not know about Islam but because of this

candidate he spoke so ill of Islam I

wanted to enquire and I became a Muslim

and I became a Muslim one woman who

accepted Islam she accepts Tom last year

she was not wearing the hijab but after

the selections he said in January I’m

officially going to write hijab every

single day this is the plan of Allah

smarter we’re not going on a local law

so we might see the negativity in this

but we have to make the positivity of

this this is a time for us to show what

Islam really is this is time for us to

show you who Muslims really are this is

not time to shy away from our Islam you

should not hide away and say no I’m not

a Muslim or don’t or don’t ask me about

my religion be proud of who you are

show your Islam so people can recognize

no these are the Muslims these are the

true Muslims whatever the

sale whatever the internet is saying

that is incorrect I know whistles my

neighbor is a Muslim he needs the best

of individuals I know Muslims my

coworkers and Muslims and is the best of

individuals don’t tell me what Islam is

I know what Islam is and this will bring
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people closer to Islam


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