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Published on November 20th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 731

They are NOT our Teachers

we’re all trying and we should we would

hope that you know Muslims just we need

to unite at least be united in

acknowledging that people come to

different conclusions about situations

we’re all trying you know for me I’m

teaching this stuff because I think this

is the most important things that

Muslims need to be thinking about

because I look at the Muslim world and I

see people cutting people’s heads off

and I see people riding in the streets

and I see angry people and I see people

taking a seventy-year-old ruler and and

sticking your knife up his backside

you know out of rage and anger and I and

I don’t see the Prophet coming into

Mecca I don’t see solid unit at UB

coming into Jerusalem I don’t see Emir

Abdul Qadir Jilani Amira I’m the father

of Josiah t dealing with French

prisoners with such dignity that they

even went back to France and had to

praise Him I don’t see that because the

Tavia that those men had was this Tavia

and this is this is what I want to see I

want to see when we do finally go into

Jerusalem that we don’t slaughter people

seriously that’s what I want to see when

we do finally go into Jerusalem that we

don’t slaughter people that we have the

prophetic character now we have the

power this is the time to show Rama when

you’re in power that’s the time to show

Rama they didn’t show it with us

they’re not our teachers will they do it

to us they’re not our teachers our

teacher is sallallahu alayhi wa salam wa

ma arsalnaka illa rahmatan anatomy

that’s our teacher lamar sanika

elemental illa ala mean it’s a mercy the

Prophet forgave people ohm Jamil used to

put thorns on his path and the wind

blow it away one day he came out there

were no thorns he went to see if she was

okay she was sick that day so he visited

her his aunt its Panama where is that

where is that a hollow where is the

o’clock when people spitting on and

throwing rocks at him his his feet are

bleeding and the angel comes and says

you want us to smash these two mountains

wipe them all out no I want to see their

children pray this is it it’s a

different it’s just a different

perspective that doesn’t come from peppa

than bull than HESA

does that’s how where it comes from

comes from something else you know that

you actually care about people even the

bad people you wish for them good the

Prophet didn’t wish for people

destruction he wanted their salvation

that’s what he was concerned about he

didn’t want to chop heads off he wanted

to enlighten heads he wanted to restore

them that’s who our prophet sal Ison is

and I don’t see it being represented

anywhere in our Ummah anymore I don’t

see it I wish I could I wish I could say

you know look this is Islam here it is

this this is Islam I can’t where can we

point to and tell these people in the

West he’s ignorant people there they’re

ignorant you know they’re really not

they don’t know anything

where can you point you can point to the

Taj Mahal to the Topkapi you know point

to the Blue Mosque those are stones

where at the hearts that built those

stones where are those hearts that that

beauty came out of where are they that

that’s what he’s talking about but it’s

not easy

he was so fed up with himself that he

had to go into retreat for ten years but

that’s why we’re here teaching his book

all those people that attacked him the

people that burnt his books were not

teaching their books you know what

reality the the mufti of Fez the Imam of

the Ottawa gained the steam scholar of

his age the one that gave the fatwa to

persecute the Jews he’s not the one

honored today it’s I was a rule that

said it’s it’s wrong we need to protect

the Jews he’s the one honored not the

one that said steal their goods go into

their houses that’s what they did is a

pogrom in Fez it’s one of the great

disgraces of Moroccan history but I’m in

Zurich said it’s wrong that’s who we

honored today everybody was against him

when he was alive and that’s why only

history history is going to you know

Allah will judge as but it’s the people

that come later that good that can sort

out all this mess not the people alive

today because everybody’s got enough

everybody wants to be on top everybody

wants their position but we’re all just

doing HT HOD that’s all it is

we’re all trying our best and just

acknowledge it in the other it’s not my

HT HOD I think you should be doing

something else but if that’s what you

think you’re doing it’s your life you
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have to live it


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