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Published on November 17th, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 364

The Word ‘Ar-Rahmaan’

is rockman the word itself is what’s

called Seattle mobile Allah in the

Arabic language what that means is

something that is excessive and unusual

like if you are thirsty if you are

thirsty that’s one thing or if you’re

angry that’s one thing love them even

out if you’re thirsty

but if you say outshine that means you

are dying of thirst that means if you

don’t drink you’re going to die

you could not be thirst here any more

thirsty than this and you will be dead

wildly busy in Arabic when you say hub

bond that means if you got any angrier

than now you’ll explode man

it will help top off your body you know

Allah says al Rahman you know what that

means the most extreme unlimited form of

mercy extreme earth beyond imagination

the other thing that comes from the

language of this word al rahman because

it’s a little mobile allah the origin

some grammarians argue of mobile arises

some file what that mean is that it is

happening right now it’s happening right


it’s one thing to say Allah cares it’s

one thing to say Allah is loving it’s

one thing to say Allah protects but it’s

another to say Allah is protecting me

when right now he’s caring about me

right now he’s concerned with me right


he is delicate with my situation right

now that is the realization inside al

Rahman it forces me to think and it

forces you to think how is Allah showing

me love right now immediately not

tomorrow not later every one of us has

problems every one of us and we think

about our problems

all the time and we don’t think about a

Rahman all the time we only think about

the problems we don’t think how many

problems Allah saved us from because

that’s human nature we don’t appreciate

the things that we have until they’re



is something that one should think about

every day just stop it over fun just

stop and just think what does that mean

what is a lot doing for me

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