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Published on February 7th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 224

The Story of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled


What is the importance of learning Arabic language?”Free Quran Education“on Youtube.


And so when they asked, I asked them, “Hey so you get people from all over, at your MSA?

They are like, “Yeah!”

I was like, “Wow that is gonna be amazing, I’m coming.”

And so I went to the first meeting of the MSA.

And when I went there, there were two, those two guys that put up the flyer and a box of Pizza and an empty room.

That’s all that was there.

And I thought that may be I came to the wrong room

Cause there was nothing really there was no real reason there was no details, no party, there was nothing going on!

And so I am about to walk out of there and these guys stopped me

They just sat me down and said “At least have some Pizza before you go!”

And I sit down and chat with them. We become a little bit friendly and start talking and…

One of those friends, later on, use to give me a ride home

And this friend of mine whom I won’t name today, eventually even when we were stuck in traffic, he pulled over at a masjid

He said, “If you don’t mind I’m just gonna go pray.”

He didn’t tell me to pray.

Because he didn’t, he he he used to hear me curse,

Use filthy language, criticize Islam, talk about How the Qur’an doesn’t make any sense

I use to all of these things

and use to sit in the car and go, “Uh Huh, Uh huh, yup, umm hmm

Nothing no response, no debate, nothing!

And when they were stuck in traffic on the ally and he pulls over,

Takes this exits.

Stops at some random Masjid, little building, old warehouse building.

And says, “If you don’t mind, I’m just go inside and pray.

And with all of my arguance about being agnostic or not believing in religion and all of it.

Something in me said, “I need to go too”.

And I went inside the masjid, it was Maghrib.

And when I prayed that Maghrib, It was the third rak’ah, I still remember. It was the third rak’ah that we joint.

But I hadn’t prayed in so long, I didn’t even know how to pray.

So I joined the third rak’ah and when everybody said salam, I said salam with them.

I didn’t finish the prayer, I didn’t know how know but it felt really good

And that entire conversation, the rest of that trip

I didn’t say anything.

I just went back home and started looking up how to pray again.

And started,

You know, thinking about how do I do this? I need to..That felt really amazing.

And I got into this habit of trying to pray and then I didn’t know how to pray?

So I would have him lead the prayer

So I could follow along.

He is the one who introduced me to, the Masajid around the queen’s area.

This brother is also the person who introduced me to what was going to be my Arabic teacher.

What was going to be my Qur’an teacher

What I’m trying to tell you right now is that had it not been for the MSA, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.

I find it pretty incredible, that I just led a prayer at the MSA national convention

And my journey started with MSA where I didn’t even know how to make Sal’ah

I didn’t even know

And so what I’m trying to tell you

Is that

The next

Nouman Ali Khan,

The next Yasir Qadhi

The next Sheikh Omar Suleiman, The next Hamza Yusuf

Are in a campus somewhere now, questioning God?

They are somewhere in, they are Muslim, they were born in the Muslim family

But their question haven’t been answered.

And they are in a campus in in New York,

And they are in a campus in New Jersey and in Wisconsin and in Virginia.

They are in all of these places

And they have no connections to any Masjid.

They have no connection to any scholar

They have no connection to any religious resources, whatsoever.

They know as much about Islam as a non-muslim would know.

And that’s not their fault!

The only possible human connection they might have to Islam might be another Muslim on campus


That might be it, That might be the only human connection they have.

I was raised in a way and I was, my thoughts develop in a way that the idea of approaching someone

Who even has a beard is scary.

These people are crazy

They’re extreme

This is before 9/11 by the way.

These people are crazy, they’re extreme, they’re scary, they’re judgmental

I want nothing to do with them.

I wanna stay away from them as far as possible.

But fellow students I can talk to

We don’t realize that the battle for Islam is not happening on a battlefield.

The battle for this religion and the struggle of this Ummah is not economic in nature.

It’s not political in nature, it’s not military in nature

The real battle of this Ummah

Are those young people, that are losing their Islam on college campuses around The United States,

Canda, Australia, across Europe and even in the Muslim world.

This is not just the story of what’s happening in America, it’s happening all over the world

It’s happening, All over the world.

What I am trying to tell is the struggle that you think you are having, happening in the deep, you know

having in the deep self.

But the University of Texas at Austin is not just the struggle of some 20, 30-40 Muslims in a campus

It’s the struggle of the entire Ummah.

These young people need our support

This is where Islam will, will come rise again.

The greatest thinkers of this Ummah will be the one’s

That were in the depths of doubts.

And they were on the verge of losing their faith and when they found it again,

There was no one who had stronger Iman than they did.

These young people are the future of this Ummah

And if we don’t invest in them, then I don’t care how big our Masajid get

I don’t care how how, fancy our, you know how much land we can buy.

how much institutions we can build

The only institution we need to concern ourself with is this next generation
That’s the only one!

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