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Published on February 28th, 2019 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 1085

zaky and friends

zaky and friends

The Story of A Father and A Crow | illustrated | Nouman Ali Khan | Subtitled” zaky and friends”


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My teacher told me a story when I was young.

A man who was walking with his son in a park.

And they were walking together, and..

his son, looked at a crow and


He said,


What’s that?”

A two year old kid.

Baba said, “It’s a crow!”

And he said,

“Baba…What’s that?”

And he went, “It’s a crow.”

“Oh, okay!”

“Baba! What’s that?”

“It’s a crow!”

“Wooow! Crow!.. What’s that?”

“It’s a crow!”

It went on for ten minutes!

He asked him 30 times, he counted!

Dad kept the score, and he put it in his new journal

My son today, we were walking in the park,

Asked me about a crow 30 times.

It was the cutest thing in the world.

” zaky and friends”

30 years go by,

The son is not- So he is about 30.

“Son,” So the father calls him, “Son, can I come over?”

“Dad, er.. It’s not a good time right now.”

“Just bear with me, I just need 10-15 minutes.”

“It’s all I need.”

” zaky and friends”

“Let’s go for a drive,”

“I need to talk to you about something.”

“Ah, whatever! You know what- Okay fine.”

He comes over,

gets in the car,

and both of them drive to the park.

“What’s this about, dad? Can you tell me quickly? I’ve got some things to do.”

“Just take a walk with me, son.”

They walked.

” zaky and friends”

And a crow came.

The dad said, “Son, what’s that?”

“Seriously, father?”

“It’s a crow.”



“..What’s that?”

“Is this a GAME?!”

“I have things to do, okay?!”


“It’s like, you can’t see? I just got you new glasses last week.”

“How is this- Why is this happening to me?”

“Dad, why are you so difficult?”

“I don’t understand what the problem is??”

“Just tell me what you really want!”

“I’m BUSY!! Okay?”

Dad pulls out his journal.

He says, “Son, uh- This is something that happened 30 years ago.”

“We were walking down this park..

“..You saw a crow.”

“..And you asked me 30 times,”

“..And I gave you a smile every time.”

“..You couldn’t handle twice.”

What are we giving to our parents?

I’m not even bringing Allah into the picture.

The fact thatAllah mentioned Himself, and then our parents is

Let us think about that.

What have they done for us, and what have we done for them?

What have we done?

How many parents see their children in ICU

And they stand there, hovering over this little glass box

with a baby inside.

” zaky and friends”

24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

standing in a hospital, not even sitting down. Standing in a hospital.

Eating off- Feeding off.. of like, vending machines.

And that same kid grows up, and doesn’t have the time to call.

The same kid.

You know, how many mothers almost die giving birth.

Almost die giving birth.

And now it is so difficult to respond to their call.

Just give her, just.. a couple of minutes a day.

Just let her feel a little important.

Do you know how unfair that is, that you were the most important thing to them,

but they are so insignificant to you?

How unfair that is?

You know, they carry their pain with them everyday.

that “I am nothing to my children.”

“I mean nothing to them, I am worthless to them.”

“They have no time for me.”

When something is worth something to you, it gets your time.

Most of you at this age, just want to get away from your parents.

You want to sit with you friends, you just want to be on your own.

You just don’t want to be with your parents.

That’s.. If you develop this.. Crooked habit now, it will only get worse over time.

Our parents, have very, very, VERY strong emotions.

They are very protective.

For them- You won’t know this until you become a parent.

For them, it doesn’t matter if you turned 60, you are still their baby.

They still remember changing your diaper.

They still remember feeding you milk.

They still remember burping you.

And cleaning up after you,

You know, even the backseat.

They still remember that.

You don’t remember that. They remember.

My son won’t remember that.

You say, I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go!

Then all of a sudden, he stops complaining, I am like -Oh.

(audience laughter)

..Time to roll down the windows. (laughs)


You know,

It’s like, next time I will put a toy for him in there, like okay,

This had not been a good day for the car!


But when he is graduating college,

And when you know, one day he is getting married,

And, one day when he has his own,

He is not going to remember anyone,

But guess who never forgets?

I will never forget.

I will never forget..

Carrying him from the bathroom,

cleaning him up,

changing his clothes,

Abah, put the spiderman pyjamas on..”

He wont– He won’t remember any of that. I will!

And that- That same kid,

When he is talking back to me one day,

He would say, “Dad, I just don’t understand you,

I don’t have time right now.”

I think that is going to hurt, man.

It is going to hurt.

That is what you did to your parents.

That is what I did to my parents.

They were our life.

They gave up their life for us.

Our parents gave up careers for us.

Our parents gave up vacations for us.

Our parents gave up friends for us.

You know that?

I know that now.

I didn’t know that then!

I mean, they had their entire lives planned until we came along.

And then, you became their friend.

You became everything.

And you,

have the nerve.

One thing doesn’t go your way,

You have one thing you don’t want to do,

You snap at them.

You see, we are not even talking about Islamic.

We are just talking about decency now.

It’s decency.

What have they done for you, and what you give them back.

It’s so unfair.

It is so unfair.

“My dad is so annoying, my mom is so,.. is always mad,

They are very happy, they just-“

What are you?

What about you?

I’m telling you

And I can’t say this enough times,

If you don’t earn your parents dua,

Nothing good will come up your life.

NOTHING good will come up your life..

If they are not happy.
You have, every single time.. to make them happy.

” zaky and friends”

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