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Published on November 23rd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 779

The Story Of 3 Pious People

so the Koran has left no loopholes and

the Quran also has not given the chance

to someone or for someone to say

continue oppressing him because he will

continue forgiving no problem do you

know there is a story where there were

three very pious people in the Masjid

and there was one youngster so the

youngster was told you know those people

are very pious the one in the left is

still young the one in the middle is

more pious than him and the one in the

right is extremely pious so he says how

can I know the difference between he who

is pious and he who is not biased so the

youngster was told well they concentrate

they concentrate a lot so he said all

right let me see he went to the first

one Salam alaikum no response he was

involved this man was involved in his

the Quran recitation of the Quran no

response so this youngster decided to

give him one clap on his face so the

poor pious person got one clap on his

face and as though nothing had happened

he continued reciting now the man says

yes truly this these people are pious

and the sign of it is that they don’t

even notice what goes on around them let

me go and see the one who is more pious

than him so he moved slightly to the

right and he greeted again no response

he gave this man 1 was solid clap the

man caught up it says is your hand ok


is your hand okay brother so this man

was shocked to say he is not conscious

of what happened to him but he is

conscious of the pain that came on my

hand Akbar look at how pious he is so

now this is obviously teaching people

how to forgive isn’t it they didn’t even

discuss that it was a sin so now this

youngsters thinking to himself whoa that

man on the right must be the most pious

let’s see what he does he went he

greeted him again no response he gave

him one solid clap that man got up and

gave the youngster two claps so the

youngster says but I thought you were

the most pious he says someone somewhere

needs to stop you clapping people

so this is why we need to study in Islam

we need to look at what is the best

remedy for that particular situation

sometimes you can forgive people but if

you continue forgiving them who’s going

to stop that operation this is why the

hadith says that if you do not stop an

oppressor from oppressing others then

chaos will overtake the whole community

and then you will make dua to allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala and he won’t respond

because you will be collectively guilty

of having allowed an oppressor to keep

on oppressing or keeping on oppressing

the rest of the people so it’s important

that we balance it as we have been

taught may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala
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grant that to us


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