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Published on December 2nd, 2018 | by Eaalim Institute | Views: 534

learn quran lessons

learn quran lessons

The Splendid Seven”learn quran lessons “

assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi


SMIL i have my man am i him in the name

of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala most

gracious most merciful

al-hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen all

praise is indeed due to allah subhanahu


the one who is created the one who

nourishes sustains provides protects

cures and the one who has absolute

control of every aspect of existence

salat wa salam ala Lashon villain ba 107

the beam Ahamed wa aalihi wa sahbihi

went Abilene complete blessings and

salutations upon muhammad sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam his entire household

all his companions without exception may

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala bless them all

and may allah subhanahu wata’ala bless

every one of you as well without

exception and may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala bless our offspring those two

come up to the end of time may allah

keep them all steadfast on the deen and

may allah subhanahu wa jalla grant us

all ease from whatever difficulties we

may be facing in our lives I mean my

brothers and sisters in Islam it is an

honor to be here this evening in Dubai

at this beautiful al-manar center I want

to start off by saying each one of us

goes through difficulties and hardship

we all have issues that we face

challenges and life is never just to

sail through you have to have things

challenges issues problems difficulties

sometimes disaster calamity and so on

and these are all part of the tests of

allah subhanahu wata’ala may Allah make

it easy for everyone of us who is indeed

the portion of a believer if you believe

in allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala you will

always have hope and you will always

know that there is a supreme maker who

is most merciful you and I know that we

repeat so between Fatih has so many

times a day so many times in every Salah

in every prayer and you and I do know

that allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has

chosen his qualities and names to be in

that particular surah those of mercy so

he says

alhamdulillah of Belial I mean oh man

you are

all praise is due to allah lord of the

worlds then he says Allah Allah him the

beneficent the most merciful

o the one who has a broad mercy and the

one who is the owner of a specified

mercy these are the qualities of allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala he wants us to be

hopeful don’t lose hope in the mercy of

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala no matter what

you are going through better days are

definitely to follow even if your entire

lifetime has been difficult remember

better days are to follow in the

hereafter it is the mercy of Allah the

more you go through and endure here in

the correct way as a believer through

what we would know as suburb or patients

you need to understand the reward of it

is so great that Allah says he will

recompense those who have gone through

endurance in a way that he alone knows

in one place in the Quran Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says without account

which means unlimited the reward is

unlimited it’s so big that you ask what

he want for it you know when we get to

paradise and we get to Jenna may Allah

grant us all paradise may Allah grant us

all Jenna I mean when we get there there

is no limit you can ask for what you

want you’ve been told that and so have I

you get whatever you want so there is no

limit to it you cannot be told you know

there’s a ration we’re only giving five

to you today know it’s unlimited you say

what you want it’s there so the

limitations are only for this dunya and

in this world but a loser is a one who

has struggled and suffered in this world

become depressed by becoming angry with

allah subhanahu wata’ala that means they

fail to engage in sabah and then they

die in a condition that they were

totally away from allah subhanahu wa

ta’ala and then they’ve lost their

hereafter we don’t want that to happen

to us and for this reason it’s important

for us to look at narrations that

mercy of allah subhanahu wata’ala

manifest in them clear in them yes it’s

also important to look at what Allah

says about the warnings to those who do

evil it’s something that we need to

strike a balance you know your child you

commend them you thanked them you

congratulate the child when the child

does well but at the same time you know

that once in a while you need to remind

them warn them hey you know if you’re

going to do this perhaps something else

is going to come in your direction that

you don’t like today I’d like to think

one of the most effective ways of

disciplining children is just to take

away a little bit of what they have in

terms of technology and I think a lot of

them would come right if you say you go

here I take over your iPad no please

don’t no dad

I don’t know I’ll be okay before it used

to be a little bit different when I was

young with the belt used to come out my


so times have changed the same applies

with us time has changed but Islam

doesn’t change the Quran doesn’t change

the Sharia doesn’t change the system of

Allah doesn’t change so when I say times

change with us I think we need more than

anything else because it’s quite

depressing just reading a newspaper it’s

quite depressing just looking at the

news it’s quite depressing sometimes

just to hear what one another have to

say it’s an age of materialism where

even if your salary is okay everything

is fine you have a car but because that

car happens to have been perhaps modeled

in 2000 and we are now sitting 16 years

later we are depressed but it gets you

from point A to point B you are

depressed and sad not because you don’t

have you have but you don’t have what

you want you’ve just got what you need

that’s why we become depressed a lot

Sivan you what you need but perhaps he’s

kept away what you want from you as part

of your tests so why am I starting this


yet we’re supposed to be talking about

the splendid seven for me I’ve learned

something crucial Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala looks for any excuse to forgive

you and to grant you general to grant

you paradise

give him something something when you

look at the doors of Jannah it’s

just one goal there are eight different

doors so many different doors and so

many different deeds that will earn you

Jenna they will get you into general so

Allah Subhanahu WA Tallis mercy dictates

that a specific single deed can at times

get you straight into paradise

if Allah loves it that doesn’t mean just

do one thing I can give you one example

you know there is a narration which

makes mention of how someone entered

paradise because of being compassionate

towards an animal a cat right so because

of being compassionate towards the cat

they were told okay that this person was

in Jannah in Jannah

so I remember meeting someone who told

me you know what I really have no hope I

don’t read Salah not dressed properly

either but I’ve kept a lot of cats I

kept a lot of cats because I know a lot

of cats how can you say that you’ve

misinterpreted the whole thing I’m not

saying Allah doesn’t love or loves the

cats no but the reality is there was

compassion Allah is showing you to be

compassionate towards others yes that

could lead towards your paradise it

doesn’t mean that you need to collect a

bunch of or you know a whole pack of

dogs for example because there is

another narration making mention of a

certain man who actually filled his

leather sock or his shoe with some water

in order to quench the thirst of a dog

and that deed was so loved by Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala so Allah forgave him

it is uniquely in your life your deeds

the moment you get to display to allah

subhanahu wata’ala that compassion

remember this so there are so many of

these deeds I give you another example

if it’s so difficult to dress Islamic

Lee especially for the sisters because

of what’s going on across the globe

because of the environment you may be

living in that may not be Islamic

because of whatever are the reason it’s

so difficult so many have contemplated

abandoning the hijab

based on what hooligans and those who

are not connected to Islam are

perpetrating in the name of Islam in

terms of violence and killings across

the globe or in some parts of the globe

and it has an

impact on every one of us so some

contemplate to abandon the a job because

it’s become difficult to catch for

example the public transport in certain

countries identifying yourself as a

Muslim my sister for you your paradise

lies in the remaining upright upright

for the sake of allah subhanhu attack as

difficult as it was you said o allah i

you know you can see how difficult it is

you know but i’m never going to

compromise something that is connected

to your pleasure that’s your general

that to me is more important than

anything else because it it’s that

moment that will determine what deed is

of value at the time when it’s extremely

difficult for you to do something and

you do it for the sake of Allah that is

what the value is all about for example

Salah it might be simple for you to be

it’s a lot of war because you work in

the midst of muslimeen and everyone’s

praying and you just simply can’t said

you know what I’ll give you the myth you

know I remember this is a true story ok

there was a group of people I children

as well and what happened is we were on

an outing and we said ok we’re praying

so you know some of the sisters are

exempt from praying on certain days so

someone was asking one of the sisters

was asking them come are you coming to

pray this is no I’m not praying I’m not

praying until they got to some of the

young boys and they also tried it I’m

not praying what do you mean I’m not

pray but how come they saying no what do

you mean how come they saying no it’s

not just they their choice anyway these

kids did not know what exactly was the

shari rulings I don’t even know some of

them I don’t even think some of them

might have known what actually happens

to females may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

bless all our sisters and make easy for

them whatever Allah has imposed upon

them and whatever they go through in the

same applies to the male’s whatever

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala has chosen for

us we are happy with and we

not competing with allah we asked allah

subhanahu wata’ala to make things easy

for us so when it’s difficult for you to

do something you do it for the pleasure

of allah that deed has value greater

value imagine you have just got to sleep

because of all the stress of the world

and all your worries and thoughts you’ve

been awake most of the night and an hour

before salat al-fajr your eye closes and

Michelle are you falling off beautiful

dream and then your alarm rings the

clock loud noise and you get up and you

sit up as much as you know you love that

sleep as much as you know it came after

such a great effort but you make sure

you realize and understand and you’ve

lived up to the fact that your prayer

comes before your sleep

then you know a salade to Hyomin and ohm

it will actually now hold that value

imagine Allah has asked us through

Mohammed Salim ala Salam to call people

to that prayer in the morning saying a

Salah to Hyrum in unknown indeed the

prayer is better than sleep so if you do

that you surely you will earn the

pleasure of allah subhanahu wata’ala

my brothers and sisters have hope like I

said everyone’s going through

difficulties not because Allah wants to

make your life difficult but because

Allah wants to give you opportunities to

get closer to him look at it that way

you have an illness you have a sickness

you may have arthritis you may have just

been for example diagnosed with

something you may be a person who

doesn’t have children you may be a

person who doesn’t have male or female

children depending you may be a person

who’s going through some marital crisis

some financial issue it’s not because

Allah wants to put you through a problem

it’s because Allah wants you to become

closer to him and to use these issues to

earn your journal he will give it to you

and if you are patient by the will of

Allah you will get that paradise so so

many different ways of entering gender

so many different deeds that please

allah subhanahu wa

not just one thing someone will enter

gender because of how much Allah gave

them well and they used it

someone will enter Jannah because Allah

gave him an expertise they used it

someone will enter Jannah because allah

subhanahu wa ta’ala blessed them with

strength they used it someone will enter

Jannah because perhaps Allah put them

somewhere at the place where or at the

time when there was a need for them and

they helped out look at the floods that

are happening across the globe in

Chennai and in South America and so on

those who are there and they are able

and capable to help and they are helping

and even from amongst us if you are able

and capable to reach out to those in

need and you have reached out at that

moment Allah is watching he knows it

would be wrong for you who can swim

perfectly well who is perhaps a very fit

person who knows how to dive and at the

same time people are drowning and you

say it’s ok you know

like what they do nowadays someone

promising yeah and they take out the big

cameras and they say ok one minute one

day I’m coming they take everyone wants

to take photos and someone says wait

wait wait don’t go and help them right

now one more one more

have you heard the word one more when

they’re taking pictures one more how can

you do that you need to know when to

take the photograph and when not to take

it people today are so obsessed that

when there is a dire desperate need of

you to rush to the assistance of a

person who’s dying you’re more

interested in taking the picture

documenting the scene may allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala forgive our

obsession with technology and trust me

it affects everyone every one of us can

do better when it comes to technology

every one of us and that’s just a broad

statement but it’s applicable to all

myself included may Allah grant me

goodness and make us all from among

those whom goodness is granted to I mean

so there are so many narrations that

make mention of these deeds that are not

by Allah this evening we want to talk

about a group of people that I usually

refer to as VIPs because in our language

VIP means a very important person

imagine today someone from the cow who’s

sitting there and desperately wants to

get to the front and suddenly your name

is called out from here think about it

for a minute

wouldn’t you be excited Wow hey I’m good

sit in the front mashaallah you’d need a

bit of a Jersey or something it’s a bit

nippy and cold here tonight but anyway

you’d be excited you know these young

men brothers who are sitting right here

I’m sure they were at the back now

thinking to themselves you know what the

place is full it’s crowded well to be

honest you alcohol right to the front

it doesn’t mean come late next time in

Java yeah it’s a bonus of coming late

isn’t it and lots of Hannibal Italia

help us and some others might be

thinking I came so early and I’m sitting

in the middle don’t worry I want to give

you an example if your name was called

out today you would be so excited as I

entered I saw some brothers and sisters

looking so excited I didn’t know what to

say I just had to carry on walking

salaam and i greeted them and walked and

i’m thinking to myself

may allah grant them such excitement on

the day of judgment that is the true

excitement to be excited in this world

is actually nothing what is the true

happiness what is the true competition

it’s to get to paradise it’s to be in

general that day when we are given our

books in the right hand that is the day

we will be super excited in order to get

it there we need to work in this world

in a way then whatever challenges are

lost put in our lives masha’Allah we

will carry on always looking happy you

won’t know what type of stress perhaps I

might have you won’t even know why

because we are trained to be true

believers who are smiling come what may

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help us so

this narration of VIP is very important

persons imagine if your name is called

on the day of judgement the Sun is so

low people are sweating so much

happening everyone’s worried enough CFC

each person’s worried about themselves

their deeds the day of exposure the day

when all wipes it out sockies maybe lay

bare may Allah help us Allah if you

don’t want your deeds to be laid bare

there is a way out seek forgiveness

Allah wipes it out such that even the

Angels don’t know what’s going on that’s

why I started off by saying Allah is

merciful have o imagine Allah Subhanahu

WA Ta’ala tells you they have you repent

and you do good

we will convert the bad you’ve done into

good subhanallah for the scales of the

day of judgment that’s a la in milolii

how can you but bill alongside him I

said what kind of a lummox mission of

the punishment of those who commit sin

and then he says the X of those who

repent and do good deeds thereafter so

if you repent the bad is wiped out if

you repent and do good deeds thereafter

and your life has changed then the bad

comes back in a different form what’s

the form it comes on to the scale of

good deeds because you have forsaken it

for the sake of Allah a person

committing adultery habitually and they

continue committing the sin one after

the other and it becomes a habit they

are piling up their evil isn’t it the

sins are being piled up and there comes

a day when they say oh Allah I’m cutting

it for your sake forgive me I admit I

regret I repent and I won’t do it again

if they replace that with good deeds

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says in this

particular verse we will replace the

evil that the people have done in the

past those people who have repented and

followed up with good deeds thereafter

we will we will replace that with good

on the right side of the scale

Allah Subhanahu WA Jalla grant us the

ability to give up the sins that we’ve

been committing for so long we’ve all

sinned differently some major some minor

let’s try and have a little bit of shame

let’s try and turn to allah subhanahu

wata’ala we call ourselves muslimeen we

want to see solutions to the problems

that we’re facing across the globe the

best way is to start off with ourselves

may Allah subhanAllah

to help us do that so imagine on that

day when it’s the day of exposure

everything is going to come to the fore

and allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala there is

an announcement being made saying

so-and-so there is a special place for

you today and suddenly it’s your name

your name and you’re excited and the

next thing the next best thing perhaps

is you’re so excited going to this place

that Allah has chosen for you and you’re

so proud of the fact that what you

didn’t on earth really has helped that’s

the day you’re allowed to be proud you

know pride is prohibited in this world

when I say pride a I am talking of the

arrogant pride I’m not talking about

when someone says I’m proud to be a

Muslim they are not arrogant to be a

Muslim they’re proud means they’re happy

so if you say I’m proud to be a Muslim

it means I’m happy to be a Muslim I

don’t need to hide the fact that I’m a

Muslim you say I’m a proud Muslim it

doesn’t mean I’m an arrogant Muslim

because the two do not go hand in hand

in hand the two are opposite poles pride

and Islam they don’t really live ups

they don’t really come together Llyod

illusion that a man can if it’ll be him

at all I have met him in Harlem in

Kimball the prophet sallallaahu salami

is reported to have said a person will

not enter paradise if they have even a

mustard seeds weight worth of pride in

their heart so it’s just to show us that

you need to deal with the pride that is

arrogance within the heart may Allah

protect us from it so the beautiful deed

here that we are talking about is when

the person is happy to be a Muslim such

that you don’t have to hide your

identity you know people say it’s so

hard to be Muslim today well there are

billions of us if everyone of us happens

to be living Islam we will send the

correct image across the globe and it

will become easier to live as a Muslim

but if everyone of us is going to hide

our identity when people look at us do

good deeds they won’t even know Muslims

are doing good deeds why because the

names have changed they become names

that nobody can recognize as muslimeen

and the identity has changed completely

may allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us

the shade on the day of judgment I mean

so these VIPs will be called into what

they will be called into an area a place

what is that place Allah knows best what

exactly is that shade it’s a special

shade from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

the details regarding matters of belief

should stop exactly where the vs. stop

or the authentic narrations stop you

need to know that I cannot add one

sentence and I cannot deduct one

sentence that is what we believe so if

someone says give me the details of the

shame I can only give you what the

messenger has said in authentic

narrations and if someone has disputed

the authenticity of a narration I can

tell you look I can go this far but I

don’t know beyond this there’s no point

in entering territory of the that which

is unseen from your own whims and

fancies because it’s not left to you and

I to decide it’s up to Allah and the

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

who delivered the message of allah

subhanahu wata’ala they let us know and

whatever they told us is enough for us

we don’t need to know more it’s not

difficult for us to say look I don’t

know someone asks me for example give me

more details of the shade I want to know

what temperatures are going to be like

I’ve got no clue I don’t even know if

they’re going to be measuring the

temperature on that day to be honest and

that’s not a wrong answer I don’t know

but imagine someone says I’m sure it’ll

be long term reach 23 degrees where did

you get that from just because you’re

comfortable with 23 degrees you think

that that’s going to be okay there so we

don’t know these details let’s

understand people get entrapped by the

details juicy details that are given by

people sometimes with beards and that’s

no way to be found so the man says yes


“learn quran lessons “

you look on your left you’ll see a

bottle of coke it’s no fool ah where is

that just because you like Coke does not

necessarily mean you’re going to get it

in heaven not at all

who knows may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

forgive us the reason I make mention of

this is just to highlight the fact that

we are sometimes in tracked by matters

or in matters of belief by narrations

that don’t exist sometimes people want

to add details just to make you say wow

did you hear that but where did you get

the detail from my brother stopped at

the Hadean stop at the Quranic verse

these are matters of the unseen may

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala protect us so

we are being told or we were told that

this is the shade of Allah so when we

say the shade of Allah it’s actually the

shade created by Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala some narrations say say it’s the

shade of the house of Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta’ala I do not have the capacity of

giving you greater detail all I know is

that it is definitely a shame that Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala will have on that

particular day which will protect the

people which will give them a very very

high status it will definitely make them

feel that they have been honored on that

day you know when a child works hard

throughout the year at the end of the

year they want to see a prize at the

school and when they are called out the

names of the people are called out the

child is excited the child is so excited

going up while prize-giving

they are honored on that day for what

for the hard work that they have engaged

in throughout the year you and I have a

life it’s hard trust me it is difficult

many of us myself included there are

days when you feel so low but you keep

on going when people look at you they

think wow

this person doesn’t seem like they’ve

got any problems in life you don’t know

I probably have a ton of problems more

than you do it’s just the way you handle


that’s life it’s a challenge this is

your school you have to work hard

through the life and at the end of it

you know what will happen you will get a

reward you will get a recompense by

Allah you will be definitely given

something you will be happy with from

your maker so these are the categories

of people starting off a lot of Hannah


Darla’s tells us through the blessed

lips of muhammad sallallahu alayhi

wasallam he makes mention of it he says

seven categories of people will be given

a special shape this does not mean that

there are only seven categories of

people who will be honoured of the Day

of Judgment know there are so many other

categories that will be honored in so

many different ways there are certain

groups of people who will be granted

entry without reckoning into general no

reckoning that’s a bigger honor that’s a

huge honor imagine if you are told

listen we know that there’s so much

you’ve done but we want to give you

paradise without even looking at your

deeds just walk straight through you

know when you walk through and I’ve

always given this example because it

affects us all when we travel you’re

walking through the customs whether you

have something or you don’t have

something who likes to be stopped no one

you want to be told you know what just

proceed they look at you they smile they

greet you sometimes I hope they do and

then at the end of the day you walk out

and you’re so excited you are not

excited because you had something and it

was not declared or you’re excited

because you didn’t have something and

people were being stopped and you will

not stop so much Allah what what were

you wearing maybe I should wear that

clothing the next time I walk through

some panel ah don’t worry in this world

that doesn’t mean much although it makes

us happy when it happens to you and I on

the day of judgment may Allah make it

happen I mean you know that I mean could

just have been the moment subhanAllah so

don’t lose out on saying these are means

may Allah let it happen to us that we

are given Jannah without reckoning

I mean imagine you to listen we just

love this one deed you’ve done so much

we want to give you general nori no he

said no have nothing no punishment no

account walk straight through and you

say I don’t even know him that would

happen because I don’t think we’d have

the time to even think about it we just

be sailing straight through may allah

subhanahu wa ala give it to us so there

are so many categories of people who

will be honored today we are only

talking of a specific narration of abu


and who may mention off in the most

authentic books of hadith it is

narration with the family which means

it’s a narration that is agreed upon

it’s of the highest level of

authenticity and I want to make mention

to you something very interesting if you

look at the qualities I’m about to make

mention of you will notice something

amazing these are qualities of people

who have sacrificed there are people who

like yourselves and myself who have

tried on earth to do things imagine if

there was only one thing and we were out

of it we would feel hopeless but it can

include any one of us as you will notice

in a few moments don’t you want a

special shade on the day of judgement I

do we all do so listen the prophet

salaallah 7 says the first of those

people is imam on hardened Imam Adam now

there was an Egyptian actor known as

Idol Imam I don’t have you heard him or

if you heard about him I think he died

some time back and there was one man who

actually said well he died what are you

talking about he died I see this is

talking of equality if you don’t know

the Arabic language don’t just jump two

meanings please go and ask people who

know and the reason I say this is some

of us don’t have a clue and we just

think this is what it means and that

what it means no go back to the

authentic sources in order to learn what

it means

Imam means a leader Idol means just a

ruler who is just and the scholars have

included in that category anyone given

any form of leadership or authority who

fulfils it with justice Allah says you

deserve you deserve to have a VIP status

on the day of judgement you deserve to

have this special shade on the day of

judgement because you had authority you

could have done whatever you wanted

while you were in authority but you

didn’t you were fearful of Allah you

were just when your own family members

did wrong you made sure you stood up and

told them you’re doing wrong when your

enemies did what was right you made sure

that you acknowledged it even though

they were your enemies today will

people and we say or this person is not

a Muslim you know what I don’t need to

even look I don’t can I tell you you’re

reaching out to those who are non-muslim

could also be your ticket to heaven it

could like I always say somewhere up the

ladder our forefathers were not Muslim

someone worked on them someone spoke to

them someone did something good to them

by the will of Allah by the permission

of Allah

that’s how they turn to Islam and so

generations later we are Muslim or

sometimes we ourselves have reverted to

Islam because of that because of someone

doing good to us imagine if we were not

imagine if we were not in interaction

with Muslims and if we were not Muslim

in how would we have known about Islam

and the goodness especially with it

being bombarded on on a global level

like I said due to the actions of a few

misguided ones how may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala grant us the ability to be

kind to one and all I always like to

give an example of the animals and I say

if Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala has said

that paradise shall be given to certain

people who were kind to animals and if

allah has written that you should be

compassionate towards animals don’t you

think for a moment that that compassion

when directed to fellow human beings who

perhaps follow a different faith would

be far far more important and much

greater in reward if quenching the

thirst of a dog can earn you paradise

then what about quenching the thirst of

a human being

surely it will earn you paradise in an

even quicker way may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala have mercy on us so the first

category imam is a leader

idol means a person who is just it

teaches us the importance of justice and

it teaches us this even if you’re not a

leader in our lives every one of us has

a certain type of leadership you know

the Hadees days could look amar what

could look a much

each one of you each one of you is a

leader or here would refer to a person

who is responsible each one of you is

responsible you have certain duties to

fulfill and each one of you is

responsible for the way you fulfill

those duties imagine you’re a mother in

the home

you’re a father you the manager you the

boss you the CEO you’re a person whom a

few people work under or you just an

ordinary individual working you could

have cheated you could have done things

against what was right or against the

instruction of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

but guess what you didn’t and you were

honest you are upright because you knew

that if Allah is saying a leader who is

just gets such a high status on the day

of judgment then surely justice is

something great you follow the point I

need to be just I need to be fair I need

to be a person who stands firm and

upright upon that which is balanced and

correct no matter who it is

sometimes we side with family members in

a dispute just because for us blood is

thicker than water

as they say but we are taught that even

if you’re all family members are wrong

you have to acknowledge it you have to

say listen you know what you are my son

you are my brother you are whoever you

are my family but you know what in this

issue you are wrong it’s not easy it’s

not easy to be just when Allah tells you

you have paradise for a deed you need to

know that deed is not just to walk

through the park know it’s going to be

difficult imagine leadership starting

from the highest level meaning if you’re

a leader of a nation it includes that

definitely and it seeps down and in fact

as a lesson it gets to all of us the

lesson the importance of justice in

Islam Wow

Allah says if you are just then you

deserve a special VIP status now pause

there for a moment when you have leaders

on earth no matter who they are you have

someone who you look up to and then they

have leadership

in the malleus bestowed upon them some

form of leadership they are normally

VIPs right in this world who would want

that VIP status snatched away from them

nobody imagined you tasted what it feels

like to have Wow authority but of power

and a sail clouds and suddenly you the


subhanAllah you know you’re the person

you know the woman so to speak

everything happens according to you

would you like that to be snatched away

from you the answer is No well that loss

is hanging on you might be a VIP on

earth but there is one way of getting

VIP status in the hereafter as well and

that is while you are a VIP on earth you

need to make sure you use those days to

humble yourself to be just to be fair

with everyone to be concerned about

someone standing right at the back there

the same way you are concerned about

those who are seated in the front I’m

just giving you an example it’s unfair

for me to just say you know what how’s

it guys you guys okay and I’m

concentrating on these few faces again

they came later than those and look

where they are sitting

my son wow that’s just from allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala so it’s unfair for

me to ignore the rest i feel in my heart

that if I could have given each one of

the people a little bit of time I would

have but honestly we’re human beings

they need to be understanding on both

sides but at the same time let’s leave

that we are just mere mortals Rehan

beings let’s talk about allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala he loves justice so much that

definitely that quality if we were to

instill it in our own lives and if we

were to try and be as just as possible

come what may the VIP status will never

be snatched away from us those who in

authority will remain on a high pedestal

even on the day of judgement because

nobody in authority wants that to be

snatched away in a way that they are

disgraced imagine a person was a huge

leader and suddenly

is grace they cannot even walk on the

street who wants then may Allah protect

us we don’t want that to happen in the

hereafter you might have had it in the

world you want to preserve it and

continue it and take it further it’s

quite simple you need to be just may

allah subhanahu wa ala grant us goodness

let’s move to the next quality now it

includes most of us the hadith says

gives hope and imagine if the hadith

stuff today ok there’s one person who

Allah will give us you know the special

shade on the day of judgement and that

is a just ruler and it stopped there we

would look at the narration and say well

it doesn’t apply to me

I’m sure people would say doesn’t apply

to me although I’ve just proven to you

that it does apply because it it depicts

the importance of justice doesn’t it it

does it shows you how important justice

is if that’s what a person will get then

definitely justice is something grand

however the Allah’s mercy dictates that

he won’t just stop at one category he

wants to give you a chance also you know

today to rub shoulders with the VIPs is

a big mission it’s an issue you want to

meet someone you either meet them by

chance by luck or you know when we say

luck here I better clarify we’re not

talking of something an Islamic I just

mean something chosen by Allah and you

had absolutely no role to play in that

you know tonight Allah gave you a role

to play in attending or in watching if

you’re watching the livestream

what was that role Allah gave you the

energy and so on and so forth you had to

make the effort to come that effort was


Allah gave you the ability and then he

allowed you to do it right so yes this

was planned by Allah but imagine if

nobody planned I was sitting in an

aircraft and I sat next to a really

really important person whom I wanted to

meet that wasn’t planned by me it was

totally and absolutely planned by Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

and it was a moment i got that was

something i’m sure you eaching to know

who that was anyway let’s leave that but

at the same time it was something from

Allah this is I’m just showing you

difference between the two so when I say

it was just luck I’m not talking of the

Una’s lamech thing where people say oh

you know lots are not to be drawn and

you know this luck and we don’t believe

in luck and so on everything is planned

by Allah nobody’s contesting that all

we’re saying is it was something where

Allah alone without any role of yours to

be played with your energy your effort

had decided and chosen there’s a

difference between the two it’s always

Allah alone but sometimes Allah gives

you the ability if you don’t do it you

won’t get it if you do it you get it and

Allah already knew what would happen but

you had to play the role I mean nobody

can sit at home and say I want to go to

Al Manar Center but if Allah wills I’ll

get there for now I’m just in bed I hope

you’re still listening of an ice cream

when we have lots of Hannibal Angela

granted goodness so my brothers and

sisters it’s something that’s there

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala once all of us

to have hope

so he’s included more categories if he

wanted he could have taught us six

categories 20 categories 50 categories 5

categories but we have several

categories who chose that Allah

subhanAllah water

who brought it to us the messenger

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so

the second category

Shaboom naturally badet allahi ta’ala

the youth a young male or female female

is included in this

it’s the Arabic terminology sha bon it’s

referring to a specific youth a youth a

young person who grows up in the

obedience of Allah I see the silence a

lot of people are saying when I’m

already grown up

don’t worry you are also going to have

more categories where you will be

included a las mercy includes them but

let’s pause for a moment and take a look

at this as you’re growing older you get

to your teen age you know nowadays it

starts a little bit earlier the

irritations because of perhaps I think

technology and so many other things the

way we eat and whatever else it is so

many other reasons you know normally

when you get to about 2012 and 13 13

they say these are the teenagers that’s

what they call teenagers why because at

the lesson two years none of a difficult

transformation from childhood to

adulthood the transformation some never

transform I called one man I said how

old are you he said 60 I said I think

you are 60 teen he said why are you

acting like a teenager man

some people never transform have you

noticed their childish they behave they

misbehave throughout their lives

they never settle down may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help us settle and

some you don’t even notice they so

matured from a young age 12 13 14

they’re okay and 13 sometimes the young

and but they still masha’Allah however

there is a transformation even

physically and Allah knows that and

Allah knows you will be going through

challenges hormonal changes Allah knows

you will be having days where you might

be frustrated there might be things

happening you think you’re the most

powerful person on earth a lot of the

young people at a certain age think they

can beat up Mike Tyson and everybody put

together that’s how they think because

why you bubbling bursting with energies

everything happening and Allah says

obviously such a young person if it grow

up in the obedience of Allah they are

sowing the seeds of a day when they will

be given the shade of allah subhanahu

attend a special shade this would have

to include parental involvement oh it

would have to involve the parents or

guardians or someone who teaches you who

tells you who speaks to you and keeps

reminding you in a beautiful way because

if you’re a young person and you’re

growing up you would need to know that

allah subhanahu wa ta’ala said listen in

these year

if you’re calm if you’re cool you try

your best to grow up in the obedience of

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala you don’t just

let loose you know you have these urges

like I said hormonal changes perhaps

levels of testosterone

you know fluctuating and so on you don’t

just go out and start doing what you


so the clubs have you registered every

day you know ticked off yes this guy is

there he’s dead he’s dead no sins to be

committed well I he they’re available

it’s anyone who wants to commit a sin

the sons are available what makes you

better is when you can control yourself

for the sake of Allah being a human

being don’t just release yourself I tell

you sins come with a lot of depression

they bring about regret if not today

then tomorrow and Allah says you can cut

it by repenting you can see the last

forgiveness so panama it’s amazing

you just say oh Allah I’ve had my bad

ways my bad habits I’ve committed this

and that’s it I admit I regret I seek

your forgiveness I won’t do it again

and Allah says the sin is wiped out

guess what you do not ever need to

confess a sin to anyone no matter who

they are

besides Allah Subhanahu WA tan Allah I

confess to Allah that’s what makes me a

Muslim you don’t need to tell a soul

what you’ve done that’s part of Islam

your respect is intact Allah covered you

when you were singing do you think he’s

going to expose you when you’ve been

repenting subhanAllah

so the hadith says a young person and

yeah you here means people with energy I

don’t think there’s a cap to it you know

I can’t just tell you look it’s from 13

to 30 I cannot say that youth someone

was growing up you grow up in the

obedience of Allah so as you’re young

you’ve matured guess what your books are

now opened you know the hadith says

Ruthie Alcala Morant Allah the pen is

lifted from three people that means the

Angels do not record the deeds of three

people whatever you see in your dream

you are not responsible for

allah subhanahu wata’ala so if a person

went in his dream and he did something

he’s not responsible she’s not

responsible for what she dreamed he

dreamt that’s part of this hadith the

first category of people similarly a

person who is insane they’re not in the

right frame of mind or they’re not that

they’re mad so to speak you know they’re

not in their mind they will not be held

responsible for their utterances and

their actions for as long as certain

conditions are met I’m just saying that

a person who’s not in their mind they’re

not held responsible accountable for

deeds and actions and the third category

is a sabi yo hot day I tell him a child

until the child becomes physically

sexually mature child is mature now so

you’ve got to an age once you get to

that age the angels begin to write your

deed so your salah better have been in

order before that this is why the hadith

speaks of encouraging your kids to

fulfill their prayer at the age of seven

and disciplining them in that regard at

the age of ten and so on

the hadith continues because by the time

they get to that age where they they are

now considered having arrived at the age

of puberty and the books are opened what

would happen you want all their prayers

to be written from day one so this

person grew up in the obedience of Allah

may Allah make it easy for us as parents

to look after our children and may Allah

“learn quran lessons “

Subhanahu Allah make it easy for our

children and you know like I said

earlier the environment sometimes it’s

very difficult and it’s the same applies

to the television and various other

forms of media as much as it’s important

to know what’s going on it’s important

to also know whether you’re being

brainwashed or not very important to

also know whether what you are watching

and seeing and believing is actually the

facts may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help

us I mean so a young person growing up

in the obedience of Allah they kept

themselves clean they kept themselves

with a good slate as best as possible

they avoided major sin

and they tried their best to obey

Allah’s instruction and so on Allah says

you know what because you controlled the

bubbling energy and the bursting energy

that was there and you made sure you

channel it towards the obedience of

allah subhanahu wata’ala we want to give

you a VIP status on the day of judgment

so Han Allah it’s worth it now let’s go

back to the lesson I drew when we spoke

about justice from this what I am also

is the importance of controlling your

energies and your desires control them

it’s better for you control it if Allah

says he’s going to give you the you

those who grow up having controlled

themselves a special place on the day of

judgment then surely that controlling

itself must be such an important thing

and it is so now comes the people who

say well you know what I either fell

during these years so I’m not included

in this category or I’m already old so

I’m not included in this category and I

did whatever I wanted to when I was

younger so the mercy of Allah dictates

that there will be more categories that

will be spoken about Raja Lulu whom I

love whom Bill masajid a man whose heart

is hanging in the house of Allah in the

Masjid that’s the literal translation

let’s go further the women might say

what about us that’s a very good

question what about you that’s right you

have the right to ask that question well

this is to do with the importance of the

prayer turning to Allah the houses of

Allah when it comes to the men and the

Salah itself when it comes to the

females but they’re both included in it

indeed if it’s a sister and she’s

concerned about the next prayer the

moment she finishes the current prayer

then her heart is hanging at the place

of worship and this is why the term

masjid linguistically refers to a place

of salute did you know that masjid it’s

a place where you put your head down so

generally you have a said yeah that they

call it a Sajjad a meaning it’s the term

used to refer to the piece of cloth or


carpet or whatever you would like to lay

down in order to put your head down to

such that such that means prostration in

the Arabic language so said yeah that

taken from such day

so dude message it also from the same

root it’s where you put your head down

to the ground so the sisters are

included if their hearts were hanging to

the place of Prayer the next time they

had to make the prayer what is meant by

my the heart is hanging in the house of

Allah or in the Masjid imagine that Adi

didn’t say baytullah but it includes

baytullah meaning the house of Allah if

you read salat will fetch all for

example in the house of Allah and as you

come out you’re wondering where am I

going to make my love today am I going

to be here okay I will go to that

machine because I’m going to work and I

have an errand and I’m going to be at

that place for example so I’m going to

go there

what happened your concern for the next

prayer will lead you to this VIP status

on the day of judgment I’m concerned so

I’m not talking about the current prayer

I’m talking about your concern for the

next one because your heart is literally

stuck there you need to go there you

know when you’re in love and they say

where’s your heart oh my heart is in and

then you mention the country where your

wife is for example I hope allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala make it clean and

halal my heart is there what does that


what love to go there my son why someone

I love is there isn’t it so how Allah

exciting we get so excited when it comes

to something of that nature

what about where if someone says where’s

your heart stuck in the machine

why hey I don’t want to miss my next

trail Wow Wow mashallah it means I just

love Allah so much I can’t wait to be in

communication with me once again in a

specific way known as prayer at this

place where he asked me to go how I want

to go for Allah so I want to go again

brothers and sisters make an effort to

fulfill your prayer one time one of the

biggest traps of the devil and perhaps

we may speak about it tomorrow we have a

topic connected to this – the prayers is

him convincing you that there is still

time for your brain

that’s the first trap the biggest trap a

person who’s regular with their prayers

for example Shaitaan says hang on you

just heard the Athan there’s still

another two hours to go for the ending

of the time you say yeah you’re right

and you cannot do in your work suddenly

two hours five minutes finished and you

say oh no I missed the prayer so if your

heart is always hanging in the masjid

for example or the place where so do

this supposed to be and like we said the

proper meaning here referring to the

message the house of allah subhanahu

wata’ala but for the sisters it would

obviously include the place where you’re

going to make it a Saturday I’m

interested in the next one so therefore

you deserve the status my connection

with the one who is the owner of the Day

of Judgment was more important to me

than my connection with anyone else

therefore he on the day of judgment

decided that I will get a VIP status you

follow the point someone might say why

why does Allah want to give a status to

such a person

well they were interested in Allah this

is why there’s a powerful narration that

it raises the hair you know what it says

man I have ballot ah Allah

I have bôla’ who live ah whoever loves

to meet with Allah looking forward to it

guess what Allah loves to meet with you

and looking forward to into you love to

meet with Allah you want to meet with

your maker well your maker wants to meet

with you too

subhanAllah hadith says whoever goes

close to Allah a hands fan Allah

gets closer to him a whole foot more

than that whoever walks towards Allah

Allah comes to him rushing which means

Allah comes even quicker then you can

allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant us his


like not as Jenna so this is the the

third category we spoke about Imam


I’m sure you’ve understood what that

means right Shaboom nasha I feel bad

that allah tala the young person who

grew up in the obedience of allah Raja


alikom will massage a person whose heart

is hanging the place of saloon the

message in who gives importance to Salah

brothers and sisters before I move to

the fourth let me inform you or let me

remind yourselves and myself we can

improve when it comes to prayer timing

quality and then quantity we can improve

if your timing is right you can improve

on your quality if your quality is right

then you can improve on your quantity

there’s no point in making so many units

of prayer you know they are known as

Ricard so many units of prayer so many

Ricard but each one of them is just like

you know there was there were two kids

reading Salah to tear away you know tear

away he’s known for you know Ferrari and

so on speed up I’m sure you’ve seen it

on the internet I saw it and Allah it’s

an embarrassment that’s not an act of


that’s an insult to Allah I’d rather you

don’t pray that in that way insulting

allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

how can you reduce salah that is

voluntary to something that is such a

big burden on your shoulders that you

just want to get down within and move is

that how you teach your makeup come on

imagine if you were if your loved one

had to treat you like that yeah it’s


stop it Allah you wouldn’t like it so

why would you like to treat Allah like

that take your time in prayer you need

to feel the calmness of the prayer you

need to feel the goodness in that prayer

this is when you one achieve so these

kids were reading their salat Akhtar

away at one of the schools one of the

mattresses and they were being told you

know what we’re going to be watching

everyone’s gonna be leaving because you

guys you you’re studying the Quran and

you guys are memorizing so you need to

you know – three – three guys need to

read the Salah so that you can memorize

and you can revise the piranha so this

one guys reading and in fact they were

sitting and chatting and as the teacher

walks in and they hear the footsteps and

they don’t know their work they don’t

know what to read the only thing they

know is what I’m about to say and so the

youngster gets of a decision

a la hook and the next time he says that

love moon allah and the next time he

says yet upon allah how can you treat

Allah like that yeah and I won’t that

the kuntala moon is that what it’s all

about anyway those who are kids there

are some adults who literally follow the

quickest mosque a lot of us are guilty

of this am i right am i right

be honest am i right they all said yes

themselves did you gather may Allah

forgive us all myself included wallahi

when you when you are close to Allah in

prayer time means nothing if you want to

know that you are close to Allah ask

yourself am i concerned about the timing

when it comes to prayer those of us who

are Imams from amongst us here or those

who might hear this later

I’m not saying test the patience of

those behind you please we’re not saying

that you know they complained to

mohammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

hadith mildly jameelah el-amin who when

he was sent to kuba to lead and there

was a complaint about the fact that he

used to read long salah wrong so the

prophets are solemn says hey are you

trying to cause a problem here stick to

these sewers and he gave him you know

roughly how much you should read don’t

prolong it so long that subhanAllah

people become so angry I’m sure you’ve

heard the one about the new Muslim who

entered a and he was reading his Salah

and suddenly the Imam continued leading

and he continued reading and this he’s

standing in prayer and the Imam

continued and everybody is standing and

easting in himself you know what this is

just salat al-fajr it’s the beginning of

the day and this man is reading it’s

been 20 minutes and he’s carrying on

anyway he was patient because he didn’t

know much when he finished he asks hey

hey hey tell me something what was

so the guy next tip says no this is an

importance all right sir

it’s a surah in the Piranha what’s it

called its called baqara what does that


it means the cow it means the cow so the

guy says okay Wow okay I know it’s long

it’s a long Sula so he knows now when he

comes over he’s gonna ask a what’s was

being read if it’s the cow he says hey

you know what

so he arrives at allotted money and the

Imam starts off me

and I’m Tarek I have a file on of Boca

beers handle field so he asks hey what

surprise this someone says no no don’t

worry don’t worry what do you mean don’t

worry what’s the soil he says it’s all

that field what does that mean elephant

if the car was so long imagine what the

elephant will be like foolish behavior

is that how you treat a large star

gorilla that’s terrible unacceptable

when it comes to time and your prayer

especially when it comes to voluntary

prayers don’t spoil the reward of your

voluntary Tara wait for example by

running after that which is the quickest

you don’t do that your heart should be

with your Salah I’m going I want to

correct recitation that I can follow and

at the same time it’s not too slow that

it educates people and not too fast that

the words are being minced now people

might say well you know what that’s a

tough one for me to be included in the

category of those whose hearts are stuck

to the next Salah or to the prayer or

two the message it and so on it’s a bit

of a tough one so hang on promise

yourself you will work towards it that’s

good enough

promise yourself you will work towards

it that’s good enough as a beginning but

if you’re sitting anything now I don’t

think I can make that you’ve given up

before you’ve even started don’t do that

so let’s go to the next category

Moho rasool allahö more unlockable

massager then we have Raja Lani

Taha bar fillet each time

what a follow-up are having two men the

term men is used but it would also

include two sisters two females who love

each other for the sake of Allah love

each other for the pleasure of Allah

they come together in the pleasure of

Allah they leave each other in the

pleasure of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

allah says you love each other for the

sake of allah you love each other for my

sake Allah says well you deserve a VIP

status on the day of judgement you know

what it’s not easy to love someone for

the sake of Allah what brings us

together it’s only Allah why are you

here tonight I hope it’s only unlocked I

love you for the pleasure of Allah yes

indeed you do and so do I what that

means let me inform you of something

interesting the love or the pleasure of

Allah is very broad you feel it when you

see people trying to obey Allah

instruction in one way or another and

that makes you feel the connection so

I’m walking in the streets of London for

example and I see a sister dressed like

a proper Muslim ah I’ve got no clue who

she is and I see her perhaps pushing her

little kids stroller and so on and I

know how difficult it is to dress that

way and I will never know who she was

and in my mind I say Subhan Allah I feel

the connection she will never know me I

will never know her what’s connecting me

to her the fact that she’s trying to

please Allah she’s doing something to

please Allah o Allah help her

Allah grant her goodness

make it easy for them this can happen at

an airport at a public place Muslim

country non-muslim country imagine you

get into the Masjid now if it is a

person of the opposite sex you do not

have to tell them that you know what I

love you for the pleasure of Allah but

if it’s a person of the same sex it’s

assumed that to actually tell them if

you can you know I recall these people

and it happens a lot of the times where

you have youngsters they say they tell

some girl I love you for the pleasure of

Allah okay

is that like a password you know for the

pleasure of Allah does that make the

first part of it allowed you know relax

take it easy you can just make dua for

them Allah knows that you care for them

the pleasure of Allah and you love them

there’s nothing wrong in loving your

sisters in Islam for the pleasure of

Allah but there’s something wrong in

what you do with it if it really is for

the pleasure of Allah you know its

limits you know it’s lions you know what

to do with it you know what to say you

know when to say you know if you have to

say things how to say them and so on I

remember I told this one young couple

who said no no no I said how did you get

to know each other interesting question

no you know we were we were studying

together the same year Oh marshal and

you know she was such a good child

masha’Allah well you you are a child

holding her a child as well that’s what

it is but at the same time how did it

develop well I told her that you know

what I love you for the pleasure of

Allah and that’s where it started okay

so love for the pleasure of Allah became

love for my own pleasure that’s what

happened love for the pleasure of Allah

became love for my own pleasure

make it halal that will continue love

for the pleasure of Allah you can love

your family members for the pleasure of

Allah but Allah has given you a

different type of love when it comes to

your father and mother I can love my

father for the pleasure of Allah and I

can dislike him for the pleasure of

Allah but I have a different type of a

love a filial love for example I have a


her love and the connection that is

there that would make me fulfill his

rights even if he was not a Muslim

because of allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala so

when it comes to others yes i love you

for the pleasure of allah and that’s it

subhanAllah however you happen to now do

business with the person you happen to

now do so much more with the person no

problem you still love them for the

pleasure of Allah and you will still

guide them you will still help them when

they guide you you will take the

guidance you know if you love someone

for the sake of Allah when they correct

you you take the correction because you

know hey this person told me what’s

right and wrong and I need to this is

for the sake of Allah and when they tell

you something subhanAllah the other way

around if you were to tell them

something they should be ready to take

it subhanAllah so let’s understand that

when you see someone for example in the

Masjid in the house of allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala you enter and you see an old

man in one corner reading Salah and he’s

trying his institude don’t tell yourself

this man is boasting his arrogant is

showing off this lady for example

started wearing with this hijab and so

on she just wants to show off no have a

good thought that look this person is

trying to obey Allah so I love them I

mean I’m so I wish I was in that hand I

mean I was in that position where I

could also read Salah in such a way and

at this age when I am so old like him

perhaps Allah may Allah grant me the

ability to do that it encourages us it

motivates us to do good that’s what is

the benefit of love in Allah is it will

motivate us and help us collectively to

do good and encourage us to head in the

right direction this is why it is so

important like I said when Allah says

you’re going to get something big in

return for a deed that deed is something

serious it’s not just a minor thing it

has some broad grave benefit you love

for the sake of allah subhanahu wata’ala

imagine you’re at work and you speak to

your colleagues about Allah and about

Islam and they show such a keen interest

and suddenly against all odds they enter

the fold of Islam now when people enter

the fold of his

for example they have challenges what

are the challenges their family members

their workplace their dress code their

prayer place so many other things their

friends a lot changes and it changes

dramatically and drastically and many of

them have a vacuum that is not filled

properly that only Allah can fill

because a lot of us take ten steps back

we’re interested in someone reverting

and after the reversion what happened

well I don’t know the last I saw them

was the day they reverted what did you


you should love them enough for the sake

of Allah to follow through to say

subhanAllah they are as clean as ever I

was in Nigeria two days back and there

was someone went at the fault of Islam a

system and I told her I said you know

what you are cleaner than us who are

born muslimeen because your slate in

your book is just opened now so please

pray for us and she was like what do you

mean and I had to explain that Islam

deletes whatever was before it if you

revert it to Islam everything bad you

did in the past is gone it’s cut so

you’ve got the best of slates at the

moment and I encourage the brothers and

sisters to follow up with them to say

listen don’t just abandon them and leave

them so love for the sake of Allah you

will reach out for the sake of Allah you

will do things for the pleasure of Allah

you will do things in order to earn a

reward from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

and i want to clarify one point I’ve

come across some people sometimes even

wealthy people they tell you look I’m

doing this but I don’t want a reward

I don’t want acknowledgement I don’t

want anything what do you mean you don’t

want to reward no I’m just doing it

because I’ve got this money who gave you

the money to do it well Allah

well then Allah wants you to do this

expecting a reward from Allah

subhanAllah water but I don’t understand

it I just want to do it from the

goodness of my heart that heart belongs

to allah subhanahu wata’ala he wants you

to do it to him the reward if he wanted

he could have removed you from the

equation he did not need you so much

good is happening without you and me I

mean the floods in Chennai for example

who’s helping if you’re not helping no

problem others are helping people are

helping and assisting it’s not like

nobody’s gonna assist be everyone’s

going to sit back and relax and watch it

on TV even if it means five dollars two

dollars people are giving


may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala make it

easy for us may he grant us goodness you

love people for the sake of Allah you

reach out to them you care for them so

much so that the hadith says that

al-amin unical bunyan you know the

believers are like a building you know

building the bricks are all together go

and see how it is and another narration

says like one body – the Camino Rogan

tada Allahu sir it’ll just say the

becerril hama if a single organ of the

body is complaining of pain the entire

body is restless and suffers insomnia

because it’s just one little nail on the

baby finger that’s affected what

happened or what is effective concern

concern your love for someone for the

pleasure of Allah would definitely be

displayed through concern you have for

them as well

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala help us

and guide us and may we learn to love

one another for the sake of Allah there

is an issue and the problem that we face

today you see someone trying to obey

Allah instruction the first thing that

some people’s minds are driven to you

don’t like the person you look at for a

difference between you and them don’t do

that don’t go out hunting for

differences and don’t just dislike

someone because perhaps they read Sall

are slightly different from you or they

have their finger in tahir slightly

different from yours

no that’s the devil’s plan to make you

hate one another today one of the

biggest reasons that we are being or we

are struggling and suffering the way we

are is because even those who are

like-minded have become disunited over

small items minor matters petty things

have divided us I don’t like your

brother why because of the way you have

a mustache it’s got nothing to do with

you come on man so panelist did I steal

the hair from your face or something

subhanAllah what a silly silly example

but that’s how pity people have become

we dislike it we look for a reason why

we don’t like the system ok the sister

for example struggled through her life

you don’t know her struggles and now

mashallah she’s putting on something

she’s trying to cover herself and you

pass a cutting comment and you don’t

even know you’ve just you know thrown

everything away at least they’re putting

on some not everyone’s on your level

no they won’t be on your level of piety

and guess what when you start thinking

that you are more pious than them that’s

where the problem is I always say when

someone thinks they’re holier than you

yes they’re not talking about piety

they’re talking about holes Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala forgive us they have

holes in their heart they have holes in

their minds they have holes all over

there are lots of hannahsz Allah not let

that happen to us let’s move on so we

spoke about those two who love each

other for the sake of Allah the pleasure

of Allah what brought you together was

Allah or for example you tenderly you

that there was a link that became strong

because of Allah this person is doing

good this person obeys Allah this person

is trying this person has quit sin this

person is trying to read salade so on

and I care for them I love them for the

sake of Allah alhamdulillah beautiful

then there is an issue that is of

extreme importance and what I love about

this hadith it is straight to the point

no coverings no candy-coating you know

no I think the hadith says evangeline –

Who am I to invert two months of in a

German Allah in me 1/2 Allah a man

who was called to commit adultery or to

fornicate by a woman who was so

beautiful and she had a high status

everything was there facilitation

there was no way that there was an

obstacle between the two except the

consciousness of Allah

so the man says I fear Allah I won’t do

this and the same applies in the other

way if a man happens to call a woman to

commit the same sin and it’s all

facilitated and the man is a big boss

and he’s a top person and for example

he’s a good-looking guy as well and

everything is there and it’s going to be

done in secret nobody’s going to know

and the woman says I fear Allah I’d

rather lose my job than to sleep with my

boss Allah Akbar

the hadith is so direct can you believe

so direct imagine if this is the status

of a person who turned down an offer

only for the sake of Allah what do you

think is the crime of a person who makes

the offer and on the globe at the moment

how much have we heard of women being

abused they are told you know what you

have a problem with something whether

it’s your permit whether it’s your

something else your work your job is at

stake but you know what if you do me a

sexual favor I get it done to him as

easy as then the choice is yours now you

can walk out of that door and the woman

is kind and she’s literally depressed

how can this happen

this man I’ve respected him he has

respect he enjoys it in society he is

the boss if he wants he can sign it but

he’s won something dirty from me to take

my honor my dignity Allah says if you

say no you will be a VIP on the day of

judgement now do you know why you

deserve it you might have lost your job

you might have lost your status you

might have had your permit revoked

you might have had everything Allah says

I’m watching that was your one ticket to

heaven loved and I’m quite sure this

problem is becoming more and more common

because we are living in an immoral

indecent world at the moment which is

becoming more and more immoral and

indecent didn’t I tell you the hadith

was straight to the point we could say

plant which means you know it just came


brothers and sisters fear Allah those

who are calling towards this what will

you get from a moment of pleasure

dishonouring a female or the other way


the hadith speaks about a man saying no

someone might ask why why didn’t he say

the woman saying no I tell you why women

will generally in fact for a man when

everything is facilitated it becomes

difficult to say no people no women

would probably hold back a man he’s a

man he’d say yes why not

it’s all facilitated he needs more power

to say no than a woman a woman by nature

she wouldn’t move into this type of

immorality so quickly with a man you and

I know it’s different that’s why the

women say those are men I know they look

at you and they keep on looking at you

they keep on looking at you and the

man’s got a beard to the ground and he’s

still looking at you and then he gives

you evidence from the hadith to prove

that his look is okay it’s still the

first look how dare you number one is

you doing wrong number two is you

embarrassing the people and number three

is you want to present your religious

evidence to suit what you’ve just done


selfie laughs you know I was in Nigeria

two days ago and we sat with some of the

panelists and one of them a local

Nigerian chick and he was speaking about

“learn quran lessons “

how when something comes on your screen

as you are on your phone or laptop and

it happens to be Haram you know you have

a nude image you have someone you’re not

supposed to be looking at so what are

you supposed to do he said look the

first glance is yours which means you

can how did you know it was bad because

you looked at instead of stuff who and

you quickly either changed the page or

did something but he says nowadays the

same stuff you do la look at this guy

checking this now look how allah

w’allahu words end up in the movie

wasn’t God

guys you know and you spend 20 minutes

saying is that we love you’ve defeated

the purpose one lie that’s the reality

it’s happening

you saw it delete it and carry on don’t

invest your mind with it and don’t use

the religious excuse and keep on

uttering a last name and keep on looking

at that that’s blasphemy that’s

insulting Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

it’s a reality people are doing it

that’s why I’m talking about it I found

it really funny when he said it’s I’m

sharing it with you today so this is the

thing if you can hold yourself back

control yourself your sexual desires

control them it’s a direct indication

direct instruction to say control

yourself now people might say you know

what I’ve fallen in the past’s well go

back to the Quran and the Sunnah of a

sort of loss of Allah Salaam and you

will find narrations that make it clear

that you can still be forgiven when

ladina in a fire no fire a shot and now


for some vaca Mustafa who little more be

those who have committed immorality

adultery fornication whatever other

amaura immorality it is those who have

committed immorality or oppressed

themselves in one way or another and

then remember Allah and that leads them

to seeking allah forgiveness the rest of

the verses say allah will forgive them

who is going to forgive them besides

allah who forgives sins besides allah so

then allah says o

ikujiro to me or be margin


for them there will be forgiveness from

their Lord and there will be gardens of

paradise who are those those who

committed the sin they committed

adultery they committed fornication they

committed so many different types of

immoral deeds but they turned to Allah

they sought forgiveness they came back

to Allah they asked his forgiveness

Allah says we will forgive them and

grant them paradise still Wow didn’t I

start off by saying have hope in the

mercy of allah shaitaan comes to you and

makes you depressed even after you’ve

asked us forgiveness and Shaitaan comes

to make you ask yourself would I ever be

forgiven the answer is you’ve already

been forgiven perhaps by Allah why

depress yourself move on that don’t let

the past bog you down with regret that

leads to depression no you regret in

order to repent you don’t regret in

order to become depressed you have to

carry on with your life none of us

seated here can say we’re perfect we

haven’t sinned yes the nature of sin

differs from person to person but those

warm tears that roll down the cheeks

seeking the forgiveness of Allah that’s

what will earn you Jenna and paradise

and the pleasure of allah subhanahu


so take it easy turn to allah subhana WA

Ta’ala ask his forgiveness and remember

always control yourself try your best

wherever you faulted turn that to a lot


it starts off sometimes by a mere

message the message is either on

whatsapp or perhaps bbm or maybe social

media a little DM on Instagram or

something and then it goes further and

it goes further and further until Chafin

makes sure that he gets you exactly

where he wants to get you what I tell

you if you have already fallen come out

of it you can snap out of it come out of

it for the sake of Allah and if you’re a

man and you’d like to get it he’ll trust

me there are ways of getting each other

you have no excuse in front of Allah


nothing whatsoever Allah says I made it

simple for you and easy for you to get

it done legitimately legally you chose

the devil’s way why may Allah strengthen

us all may Allah help us honor one

another I told you this applies both

ways male to female and female to me the

reason why the Editha makes mention of

one is obviously for reasons there are

reasons i’ve mentioned some of them it

doesn’t mean the other is not included

then the same narration continues like i

said such a person deserves the VIP

status you have held back something that

was clearly you were able to do your

whole body wanted it your mind wanted if

your heart wanted it there was nothing

stopping you and you just said you know

what I can’t do this I just can’t do

this I feel a lot you deserve the VIP

status on the day of judgment may Allah

Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

help us then in the narration continues

and the prophets of allah salam says

Roger una camisa de fátima Farfalla

hottelet a Lama shimamu who madame

foucault yamino a person who spins in

the cause of Allah they are charitable

they give and they hide their charity in

a way that the left hand does not know

what the right hand is given for them we

will also give them a special shape look

it’s getting easier isn’t it we started

off with him on a dildo sharpener

Shafi’i bandit allahi ta’ala raja learn

a lot from will massage it a lot to

learn it a half-bath elastomer la pata

Fateh Ali Raja learned a lot from that

woman sobbing og Ahmad fathanah in near

half Allah I hope you now know those

five categories the sixth one is

becoming easier to give a charity and to

be secretive about it

no one knows because when you give

wealth you want acknowledgement it comes

naturally sometimes and sometimes you

don’t know I don’t want acknowledgement

please don’t tell anyone anything okay

okay fine but can we mention your name

in the vote of thanks

okay that’s fine well there we are both

of thanks we want to thank if

the vote of thanks came without you

saying anything no problem but you

should have gone out of your way to say

listen I’m donating three million here

and I don’t even want to know in fact

you can send someone else to donate the

three million is that okay make sure he

did it because sometimes in the way it

might disappear imagine a person wants

to donate a huge amount and you don’t

even know it was them and they keep on

coming and greeting you and you keep on

treating them the way you treat but is

the rest of the Muslim in this is why do

not underestimate who’s sitting right

next to you right now including you guys

here masha’Allah

they are VIPs in eyes of Allah who might

be sitting right next to you and you

don’t know you treat them in an inner in

a way oh this guy’s complexion is darker

than mine

this guy looks cooler than mine oh he’s

“learn quran lessons “

smelling of perspiration when I’ve got

the latest boss perfume what that’s not

the height in the eyes of Allah this

person could be closer to Allah that you

can imagine they are all the beautiful

greeting with the beautiful smile even

the sisters amongst yourselves sometimes

there’s a lot of arrogance you see a

person of a different nationality you

see a person who might not be exactly

like you no greeting no Salam no Kalam

we went to a proper Islamic talk get to

know those seated next to you in a

beautiful way bleed smile make the

people feel good they will want to come

next time because they will say wow we

enjoyed ourselves but you go there and

you sit and you move away why because

the person next to you

perhaps comes from some other part of

the world that you don’t consider as

high tea Thai tea as yours stahma stahma

you are a Muslim you should be feeling

this why do we want to become higher

than others for what like I said you

don’t know who’s next to you perhaps one

day you may need them in this world

before the next by the will of Allah

imagine if there was a huge accident and

the person who was sitting right next to

his sister it’s you and you look at them

and you think to yourself wow this was

the sustain if used to greet I refuse

but she’s so kind she still helped me

she still continued now we became

friends why because she helped you let

it be for the sake of Allah from the

beginning that’s what it is learn to

greet one another don’t be arrogant

and you know what if someone is asking

you something that you cannot deliver

tell them I can’t deliver this I cannot

deliver this but let it happen

for example sources brother will you

visit me at my home look I can’t I’m so

sorry I can’t I love you but I can’t

visit you you know can you give me

please five minutes of your time you

know what I can give you a few seconds

because if I could give everyone five

word you have to be honest you have to

be open and if they think about it they

will understand they will know that yes

there is there are limitations the

problem is and like I’ve done this in

one of the masajid once way I asked them

to greet one another to get to know one

another perhaps you know the brothers to

exchange details of what you’re doing

and so on and one of them came back to

me and said please don’t ever do that


and I said why he says I got so many

Muslims coming to my business now that

they know what I’m doing

begging for discounts it’s embarrassing

me man is that what we said get to know

each other for don’t just to get your

own benefit I’m there and I asked people

the way do you work I’m the CEO of this


Oh Allah sees you here man they won’t

come next time because they’re going to

think to themselves you know I’m sure

they are really important people sitting

in our much quietly I’m convinced

they’re even among the sisters I’m

convinced there are really important

people seated around you all are

important but if I have some people who

have gone out of their way to be here I

acknowledge them may Allah bless you may

Allah grant you the best of this world

in the next this is what makes the Ummah

people don’t know that what you’ve done

in order to be here for example


this is why we say when you give when

you do you don’t have to brag about it I

tell you there was someone who did

something for me for me and every time

he reminds me he says you know what

don’t forget I did this I did that

shouldn t know what brother I’ll

calculate the amount and I’ll give it

back to you

what do you mean I said I don’t want you

to talk about that and to be honest

later on I actually took that amount and

gave it to a charity and

listen your amount I’ve given it to the

charity I’m telling you about my own

example and I did it in a nice way

because it became too much do you want

to do something for someone do it for

the sake of a lot not to get you know to

brag about it for the rest of your life

you know remember you here because of me

remember that what you’re talking about

it’s Allah yes I might acknowledge I’m

not saying don’t thank people don’t

thank them but the giver is whom we are

speaking about today the giver should be

a one who does not want to clock mileage

out of his giving besides the pleasure

of Allah no mileage it oh you don’t know

I was at a run competition in

Johannesburg some time back and someone

who was watching from overseas happen to

say that you know what I want to donate

and Umrah for the person who wins and so

much and so much for all these and an

extra amount of cash for all these

people who is it anonymous who is this

anonymous system it’s good sometimes to

say brother or sister because sisters

can also be encouraged anonymous system

donating huge amounts who is she no one

has a clue well one or two people might

know who might be you know have

collected the thing she doesn’t want to

clock mileage she did it from one part

of the world to people in another part

of the world who she probably will never

ever meet but it was for the sake of

Allah this is just an example

are you ready you build an institution

and you don’t say it’s my Institute you

build a Masjid you don’t say my mosque I

got the money no it’s for allah

subhanahu wa’ta’ala

now last panel words Allah help us so

you want the special status you gotta

fight that human desire of one thing to

be known as a big boss Subhan Allah

I have known some really really

important people who have taught me some

huge lessons I knew a ship called the

chefs Alejandra Ceja to Loyola he passed

away he was responsible on the haramein

he was the head of the Harlem but he’s

shown a haramein but Ken Medina he wore

slippers worth 10 years he never had a

car he used

taxi and you wouldn’t even guess it was

him yes when he had to rise to the

occasion he did but I asked him


why don’t you have a car he says he

already you know he spoke in Arabic sing

you know my son if I have a car I need

to worry about parking and he 20 about

this and it worried about that as so

many things on my head I jump anyway my

street has so many taxis I jump in ten

we have 20 di line where I want to be

and I don’t need to worry I just jump

out and I’m there and I’m thinking wow

we all want cars we want a vehicle I

just earned my first few thousand first

thing Kia the cheapest car sorry I no

offense to those who work for Kia over

my bday it’s a lovely car although I’ve

never driven one more never driven in

one but I’m sure it’s okay at least a

lot of people do but the point I’m

raising is something else it’s to show

simplicity the man taught me a lesson

and I’m talking about it because he’s

passed away unlike in general he won the

King faced an award for our he wants so

many awards in his life humble man

Sheikh Saleh here now saying those of

you who might know a little bit of

Arabic going Google check some of these

clips look at the simplicity of the man

you won’t believe that he was a minister

at one stage in Saudi Arabia and later

on he became sure over issues and

haramein he was the one who selected a

lot of the Imams what part of the

procedure or the process powerful man

but he was humble some of us don’t even

have one tenth or one twentieth of

opposition of some of those people and

we want to lead a life full of

extravagance bigger than anyone else we

will hire vehicles to make like we’re

the biggest buses because you know why

they say in the way is who you are

you’re gonna pretend to be who you are

not in order to be said hello to come on

what type of a trend is that I hope

that’s not true may allah subhanahu

wa’ta’ala bless us mainly strengthen us

give things for the sake of allah give

things without one thing

to be known so this is the hadith and

that it beautifully makes mention of the

hands here

that the left hand does not know what

the right hand will spend and one of the

reasons is it is assumed that to use the

right hand to do good things so when

you’re giving a donation try to give

even if it’s a little person on the

street or some box you’re putting it in

to try to use that right hand to put it

in and we would have derived that even

from this beautiful hadith among many

other narrations of us all of a sudden

the last one is probably one where we

all become hopeful we roll into life

once again of mercy you know we

mentioned all these people who are going

to get a special place on the day of

judgment right and sometimes we might

still be feeling yeah one day if I’m

going to fall into one of these

categories I wonder if I’m going to fall

into one of these categories but I tell

you the last one will make us all think

inshallah we will shout what’s the last


Rajoy on that car allah lien for father

died now a man and the woman is included

in it you know the Arabic language

obviously there’s something known as

steadily sometimes one is made mention

of which includes the other it’s its

linguistic I’m not going to go into it

but it includes a female a man or a


who remembers Allah all alone and the

eyes are filled with tears

subhanAllah doesn’t it happen to you and

I sometimes we sitting with thinking of

Allah we’re thinking of something and

the greatness of Allah what Allah has

done or even just the tests of Allah and

so much in suddenly which is kind crying

to who just might ear just came in

because of Allah I’m just crying

am I so merciful so great I was kept us

going or last testing me was so much and

we crying these tears are loved by Allah

clearly loved by Allah a person who’s

committed sin for example and suddenly

somehow they just cry – or not sometimes

they burst up the hadith doesn’t even

speak about the tear dropping down it

says your eyes were full

the tears a person whose eyes were

filled with the tears or perhaps

overflowed with the tears so this is

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala

and this is the gift of allah subhanahu

wata’ala how beautiful a gift thank

Allah my beloved brothers and sisters

we’ve indeed had a lot that we’ve spoken

about this evening I’m sure we fit in

some way and I’m sure we’ve learned a

lot of lessons I hope and I pray that

each one of us can develop to become

better people this evening promise

yourself I will I promise myself that I

will try my best to be a better person

from now and I usually say don’t say

from tomorrow morning from the new year

from here that’s all a waste of time say

from now everything will change by the

will of Allah my brothers and sisters

it’s been an honor to be speaking to you

this evening and I hope I haven’t taken

up too much of your time I actually just

spoke until I completed whatever I

wanted to say and at the same time the

weather’s been absolutely awesome don’t

you agree how to live that so to get

this type of natural air conditioned is

quite rare in this part of the world

except in the season so let’s make the

most of it each Allah we hope to see you

all again tomorrow if Allah wills

until then what sallallaahu wa sallim wa

barik ala nabina muhammad subpanel i

have the cephalic allah only gonna show

you an island the stuff look i wanna
01:33:32,150 –> 00:00:00,000

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